Obama to cut services to poor urban Americans, budget director notes

By Reuters
Sunday, February 6, 2011 18:34 EDT
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WASHINGTON – The White House budget director offered clues on Sunday to some cuts that President Barack Obama will offer in his fiscal 2012 budget proposal to answer Republican demands for deep spending reductions.

Obama is under strong pressure to cut spending and the U.S. budget deficit after Republicans routed Democrats in last November’s congressional elections by pressing for spending cuts.

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob “Jack” Lew wrote in an opinion article for The New York Times that Obama is willing to cut financing in half, saving $350 million, for community service block grants that cities and towns that allocate to grassroots groups for them to provide basic necessities for poor people.

This is the kind of work Obama did as a community organizer at the outset of his political career, so “this cut is not easy for him,” Lew wrote.

“Yet for the past 30 years, these grants have been allocated using a formula that does not consider how good a job the recipients are doing,” Lew said.

He said Obama would propose reforming the remaining half of the block grant program to allow communities to compete for the funds, so the money goes to the most needy.

Obama will also propose cutting by a quarter, or $125 million, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative which supports environmental cleanup and protection in those giants lakes.

Lew told Reuters last week the U.S. budget deficit would grow this year and next year because of tax cut extensions, but that Obama would lay out a credible plan to reduce the funding gap.

Obama will offer his fiscal 2012 budget proposal next week, and has already proposed a five-year freeze in some domestic spending, which Republicans declared insufficient.

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  • Anonymous

    The rich get a tax cut, the poor get poorer. It seems appropriate this article came out on Reagan’s birthday.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Welcome to the New Weird Odor. Atlas continues to shrug!!!

  • Anonymous

    the jews don need 100 billion $$$$ of America tax dollars
    that where they need to take it from

  • Anonymous

    The deficit will grow this year and next year because of tax extensions. But communities must compete in a race to the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    They also get to compete to be poorer.

  • Guest

    What astounds me about this and all the related cuts to us poor is; what do they think will happen next? Granted we have no representation, but are we supposed to just die, disappear, beg, incorporate?

    Cairo! Cairo! Cairo!

  • Anonymous

    Bye the way. Why are we celebrating the 100 yr. birthday of a guy who is already dead?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UR4DHHC3P6RRXIUP4LWX54YN7I hu

    “this cut is not easy for him,” YEAH RIGHT!

    Obama could get the money by cutting free money to Israel or Egypt. Obama WANTS to do this.

  • Anonymous

    Time to cut some more. I hear Israel can use the money to build some more shelters for the victims of human trafficking being perpetrated by their citizens. Yes, yes, folks. Israel has quite the little tidy business going with human trafficking. Somehow, they traffic the women and workers and we American tax paying suckers pick up the bill. Not bad, eh?

  • Anonymous

    “…but are we supposed to just die, disappear, beg, incorporate?”

    Yes, yes, yes and yes. Don’t think for one second that they care.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Read “Atlas Shrugged.” Some propose that this is the globalists playbook for the US. It reads like today’s headlines.

  • Anonymous

    Is this another concession to the “right wing” that the Obama administration has accepted to the exclusion of his base???? I guess he is really working hard at becoming a “One Term President”

  • ofb2632

    Way to go Obama…. We voted for you, supported you and you give in and let the rich get all the breaks and shoulder all the responsibilities on those that actually need help.
    I do not know how the white house nor ANY democrat that supports this can look themselves in the mirror. Actually, i do.. That mirror is laced in gold from the ‘donations’ they have been receiving from the Corporations.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave

    No way am i voting for that dirtbag again.

    He is almost the perfectly wrong president for this time.

    There’s a good chance he’s not gonna get reelected anyway since the economy isn’t recovering.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, they need our money. They’re not making enough on organ-transplant trafficking.

  • Ma’at

    Yeah. He’s a Socialist alright.

  • http://twitter.com/hollywoodnc1 B. Mac

    I’m hoping sooner rather than later, I’m on a Caribbean beach sipping on a Mai Tai and smoking a fatass joint.

    I want out of here! This country fucking sucks now.
    There are better and less expensive places to live than here.

    Gov’t officials don’t give a rats ass about anyone but themselves…that’s a FACT.

  • Anonymous

    Well thank goodness he’s cutting from the bottom end of the economic ladder.
    I’m sure you all will be comforted just knowing the top 2 percent will not be inconvenienced by the starvation of those who can afford it the least. HEAVY SNARK INTENDED To keep me from screaming insults into the night…

    However Mr.President I have learned, oh yes, I have learned.

  • Anonymous

    At this point I would vote for a box of maggots and feel secure in my decision.

  • http://twitter.com/Howieisright Howieisright

    Every time Israel disagrees with something America does they start media whining hasbara.
    This is the latest of the many

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

    You see, when he was talking about a “redistribution of wealth” he actually meant from the poor to his rich backers like the insurance corporations and banksters.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ hounddogg

    do you mean ..”they (Israel) start THE media whining hasbara”…?

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Whose idea was that? Henry III?
    I hope this provokes a real uprising. It’s immoral. A community organizer…..My Aunt Fannie. He must have lied about that too.
    All Obama want to organize is a lot of corporate $$$$$ to keep him in power or another 4 miserable, years.

  • Alice Mechler

    What a concept! Take from the poor and give to the rich! While America spends more on “Defense” than the rest of the world ADDED TOGETHER…..on fraudulent contractors, $25,000 screwdrivers, $900 trash cans, substandard materials and obsolete parts, our children and poor pay the bill. Cut SNAP, ADFC, Medicaid, transplants (AZ), and other programs, WHO GETS HURT AND WHO BENEFITS?? The ones least equipped to handle it! It seems to me to be an easy choice on what to cut….but I guess I am just another dumb Texas Democrat.

  • http://twitter.com/Howieisright Howieisright

    Yes sir! Little superbowl buzz going on.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a self aggrandizing ego freak.

    He said whatever platitudes he had to come up with to buffalo the young voters who thought he was cool and made the Blacks think he was the reincarnate of Martin Luther King. He parroted Hillary Clinton all through the primaries and through the debates, was never challenged and talked in circular bullshit that most people bought.

    This is a devious,scheming and plotting con artist that bought his way to the presidency. And he will start his act all over again to mold and make promises to all the sheep he can to stay there in 2012.

    There is not one bit of difference between him and a Pit Bull that turns on its master. They’re both dogs and you can’t trust either one.

    Do everything you can to primary this bastard.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave

    There will be one very good side effect to an Obama defeat. It will be clear that when Dems act like Repubs they can expect to lose big and the economy won’t recover.

    Now there is a slight chance the economy will experience a significant recovery and he will get reelected but there are ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS of that happening now .Oh yeah you can point to cooked numbers and say it looks like things are very slowly getting better on paper. But for the average voter on Main Street things are showing zero improvement and the last thing you do is cut money for the poor in a depression. That is completely brain dead.

    It’s the economy stupid.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRCGTVH7SXIVAQMN6VHRMIG6ZM john wilson

    Genocide by another name! Adolf would be so proud. After all those poor people aren’t generating any bank or insurance revenue. Besides it’s so annoying the way they stand by the interstate exits and confuse our drivers.

  • Taleisin

    At least they are not willing to cut funding to Egypt.
    I guess it all depends on who is important and who is not.

  • Anonymous

    It’s ok, in 2012 we won’t even remember this. Have a cookie and you’ll feel fine. And remember, keep voting Democrat or Republican. Whatever you do, don’t vote for Nader. That would just be throwing your vote away.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave

    How did that voting for Nader in 2000 work out ? The third party prople just never have been able to accept the reality of third party voting in america.

  • Anonymous

    We could cut banker bailouts and get the money back but that won’t happen, we just printed 600 billion recently to bail out banks. Just think, with Ron Paul he said he wouldn’t cut the domestic spending but he would cut the FAR MORE EXPENSIVE BAILOUTS THEY CALL QUANTITATIVE EASING! You are paying higher prices because of it, then there is the wars, secret torture operations, drugs. cia..etc.

    Then there is the aide to Israel and Egypt, that would end, most of the money goes to criminals, not the people.

    When will people leave the LEFT/RIGHT bullshit die and just vote in who is not corrupt. Even Hamilton voted for Jefferson because he knew he was better than the corrupt guy. I guess we the people of the world will have to continue to suffer till Americans wake up..too bad that is like going to mars right now.

  • arianna issa

    If dees poor peoples juss go get some boots day can pull dem self up by da boot strap. Preverably day buy da work boot. Dis Obama better find money from somevhere to pay for tax cut for us Have’s. If he not do dees thingks ve tell hiem ve not like hiem no more andt hurt hist feelingks. As boy friend alvays says to me all time “They wouldn’t be poor if they had money, fuck em, let them eat cake”. Andt he shouldt know dees thingks, he billionaire congressman.

  • Anonymous

    this talk of cutting millions for the poor while they spend close to 750 million a day for the war effort
    WTF is going on here?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes


    Why on earth would Obama, supposed champion of the left, start hacking away at the poor instead of cutting the Warfare State? And make sure that you do not forget the TRILLIONS he has handed out to the elite Banksters of the U.S. and a few in Europe. TRILLIONS of dollars printed up by the Fed and handed over by Obama for the Wall Street bailouts.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YXXC2SVHOCUQV52DRHXNSEGYM Renne Martin

    In a perfect world I would vote third party. There is ZERO chance that I will do anything but remove my vote from the system if I do it now. Use your vote to change the candidates that have a shot at winning.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YXXC2SVHOCUQV52DRHXNSEGYM Renne Martin

    Dramatic much?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YXXC2SVHOCUQV52DRHXNSEGYM Renne Martin

    That adds up to 2 billion. Peanuts. There are hard decisions to be made. Don’t hate Obama for making them.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YXXC2SVHOCUQV52DRHXNSEGYM Renne Martin

    The right is completely over the moon for the myth of the man who would now be considered a conservative democrat. They do not care about facts. They care only about the myth they have built up in their own minds. He has reached Jesus status. Hannity can’t stop masterbating.

  • Anonymous

    Obushbama is a snake oil salesman.

    He’s the greatest bait and switch president in US history.

    I’m SO glad I voted Green. And will from now on.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    Yes, Obama sold out everyone who supported him along the way: Constitutionalists (since he was a scholar on the subject), 911 (because many of us hoped for a REAL investigation into 911, torture (because many of us hoped to see Bush/Cheney prosecuted), relations with the rest of the world (imploded due to double dealing against Britain with Russia as revealed by WikiLeaks), and much more. Whether Ron Paul is on the next ticket or not, he is getting my vote rather than the Establishment choices of Romney v. Obama.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    As I already explained to everyone on here and in conservative forums: he, just like Bush before him, is another Corporate Socialist…this means he pilfers money from the citizenry/taxpayers to redistribute it to the already wealthy and powerful. Nader calls it Corporatism but I mean essentially the same thing.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    Yeah, they may end up needing those fema camp coffins from the Jesse Ventura episode for the starving poor. Apparently no one cares. This is very sad.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    Yep, his top donors: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BP, Google, Microsoft and others.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    Brilliant, so you say we MUST vote for Romney or Obama and just like what we get? The lesser of evils is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE!

    I am voting Ron Paul whether or not he is on the ticket next time. Many people do not bother to vote at all and I think that is the ultimate vote of no confidence in the system since there are no decent choices among the Establishment’s offerings of a garbage two party state.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of cutting services to the poor, how about cutting the incomes of the Republicans? Most of them have fat cat supporters anyway, so they’ll be just fine.

  • Guest

    Ayn Rand’s extended tantrums were a purposely self-inflicted chore I suffered through years ago. As you intimated, know thine enemy. The right’s hijacking of what was once a left movement is one of American politics’ great crimes. I may not have agreed with everything that was proposed when we had them, but at least they were on our side. They do still live in modified form with some contemporary anarchists.

  • Guest

    Our rallying cry:
    Give me incorporation or give me death!

    That just does have the right ring to it.

    (OK, now I’m just being silly. Sorry)

  • Anonymous

    yeah. The rich need the money so much more than the poor (or the rest of us)…. (sarcasm off)

    O is one of the worst, governs like a damn Republican.

    I will be disenrolling as a Democrat along with many others on 2/16.

  • Guest

    More like a one note President.

  • http://twitter.com/OMGWhatDidWeDo Trevinla

    There is more than enough cash in the congressional, judicial and executive budgets to cut that much $!!

    Then you can tell all the military contractors that they will now be getting 1/2 the $ for the same amount work/product…

    Then you can go after every single grant or tax break or any way the gov’t gives money to multi national corporations…

    To increas income, redefine small business and cut all tax loopholes… Increase capital gains so that the money you EARN is valued more and taxes less than money you gamble with (invest)!

  • Anonymous

    $350 Million? Not even a Wall St. bonus. Pigs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RWXIMJ6YSDB3M5GHYBMDFNJAI scoop

    Obama 2012: Spare Change…. You Can Believe In!!!

  • Anonymous

    never thought of that…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DLLRFLTILUE3KLHQGM6WPK6VJU Brat!

    If he wants to save money he can disband the TSA, DHS, FBI and CIA. There ya go! Billions in the bank every year.

  • Greg Eckhart

    Kinda Clinton in the 90s….except in slo-mo on endless repeat.

    Who buys this shit anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah sure but keep spending billions on a bat winged drone bomber. Are those priorities we can believe in?

  • Anonymous

    Let them eat cake.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called provoking an uprising that will necessitate the ratcheting of the police state.
    We are going to see our tax dollars at work with the massive population of the FEMA camps.

  • Anonymous

    The similarity to Hitlers approach is eerie where the SS started with cleaning out the ghettos Obama is starting with those on welfare.

  • Anonymous

    Change you can believe in: Cuts for the poor and most vulnerable; bailouts for Wall Street.

  • TheDevilCanDance

    Obama being Obama……

  • Anonymous

    I was recently contacted by my local OFA, and asked to join them in community action activities, however, I told the nice lady that I had a hard time supporting an organization that only fights and supports approved “Democratic” policies. This news is another reason not support this President. His Wall Street economic lords determine to fix the deficit on the backs of the middle class, the working class, and the poor. Instead of cutting community grants lets get rid of corporate and wealthy elite welfare.

  • ce2756

    Cut the military, start taxing the banks and rich. Stop stealing food from the poor. Balancing the budget is not that hard.

  • ce2756

    And stop paying other nations to be our ‘friends.’
    Stop putting up military bases at hundreds of millions of dollars each in sovereign nations.
    Stop trying to protect borders that can’t be sealed and start fining employers who hire undocumented immigrants.
    Start seizing corporations who defraud the US government instead of rewarding them with more contracts.
    There are a lot of responsible and sensible things Obama can do. Instead he toes the conservative line.
    Democracy is dead, long live the Dictator. (Can we call him Dick for short?)

  • Anonymous

    This goes way beyond petty and is decidedly spiteful.

  • http://twitter.com/SanJoseCitizen San Jose Citizen

    i wonder why san jose residents don’t cut the 4 billion a day americans give to the military industrial complex (dual citizenship) je(x)ish bankers to get rich buying war toys… americans get nothing ..despite the hard work of their ancestors.. they are about to do to the cities what they have been doing in DC since kenndy threatened to close the dual citizenship run fed. reserve – then they (the commnists) shot him… now they are moving their evil into the cities.. we must wake up la familia.. there is some things to do

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZDBCUTOR7XW24NTIF7XEHLJ34Q Oz

    How about cutting the DoD back to fy-2000 levels – that would save $350 billion!

    And enough of his “community organizer” history – Obama moved on to the corporatist agenda long ago.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Progs turning on their Messiah.


  • Anonymous

    I saw that yesterday and was disgusted. Not because of the article itself which is business at usual in Tel Aviv but because it was Gideon Levy who wrote it. Shame on him! The dark forces have invaded his brain. I also noticed that, while at the beginning of the revolt in Egypt they were all shitting in their pants, things are very, very quiet over there now. Another sure sign that the Egyptians have been screwed again.

    This came out this morning:


  • Anonymous

    They’re making a killing on both, human organ trafficking and human trafficking (with all the organs still inside of them). Look here:

    “Call to Order / How much does the state earn from trafficking in women?”


  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave


    God you are about as stupid as they come.

    If you had a fucking brain in your head you would understand that the blind faith that cons showed towards Bush was their fatal weakness that got them tossed out of all electable branches of government.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave

    Well your posts here have made it clear you are not very bright so i wouldn’t expect any less from you.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave

    Oh yeah you geniuses really showed how you stood up to power when you handed the 2000 election to Bush. Yeah that was brilliant.

    And here it is 11 years later and you still won’t accept responsibility for that. Not accepting responsibility for your actions is trait you share with republicans.

  • cannotvote

    Sellout! So now who will rise to satiate the Progressives – Huffpo just self destructed by selling out to the enemy for profit – but then AH always a flip flopper and opportunist – leopards don’t change their spots do they – now she’s become a huge festering pustule!?
    But then there’s opportunity, for who – Wonkette, WRH, Poorrichard – we know rawstory has already been compromised – who will it be I wonder ???????? Any Ideas????????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    The left-right three card monty game is controlled by the same hidden hand.

  • D.Crockett

    sure lets just cut all the senior benefits we seniors have put America in space, we have helped to make America the most productive country’s in the world. Why don’t you just line us all up at the edge of the grand canyon and shoot us in the back! In most country’s seniors are most respected and are used to teach there youth. F***k! Y*u! Mr. O***a!

  • Guest
  • http://harry-canary.myopenid.com/ Harry Canary

    The saddest part is you cons still believe your overentitled spoiled brat bushjunior did a good job, a heckuva job.

  • Anonymous

    Amen! Bravo!

    It’s like how we can’t talk about Clinton’s booming economy anymore seeing as his deregulation cost US, taxpayers, more than his economy benefited us.

    If I have to choose between 2 RethugliKlans, the genuine Rethug and Obushma, I’m voting for Nader.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AFULHQYIXBD5BG7RI6AVX4L2DU Michael

    where are all the obama supporters? the silence is deafening…

  • Anonymous

    I want to comment to this but scapegoating Jews is so offensive I can’t get past it to put you in your place.

    It’s not worth my time to educate a bigot.

  • Anonymous

    Well it’s hard when you’re counting on raising $1Bn to keep your job and you don’t want to piss off the powerful interests who bankroll the political duopoly.

    When Obushma calls expanding monopolies and leaving Too Big To Fail, unregulated derivatives, etc. “historic reform” he’s not only not on our side and lying to our faces, he never was *really* on our side… he’s on HIS side.

  • Anonymous

    From your keyboard to God’s internet browser.. :)

    I’ve given up on Democrats because Democrats have given up on being Democrats and have surrendered to being servile “lesser evil” voters… who get wet hearing RethugliKlan talking points when Obushma regurgitates them.

  • Anonymous

    What took you so long? LOL

    I’ve been an Independent Liberal since BEFORE 2004′s Skull v. Bones “election” where Skull conceded less than 12 hours after the election as “irregularities” (put nicely) were rampant.

    In 2008 I was a Kucinich guy… but the Democrat Party Establishment went to court to kick him off the primary for being “not serious” as an open mic at Detroit’s 2007 NAACP debate caught Clinton and Edwards conspiring to “limit the field”. Kucinich was deemed “not serious” due to the lack of millions upon millions in funds from LOBBYISTS and PACs the “serious” candidates had from selling their souls and their party out to the highest bidder.

  • Anonymous

    Try “Obushma”… it flows better than Obushbama…. :)

    2008 was the last “lesser evil” vote I ever cast and I’ll vote Green, Nader or write in Lassie before I vote Obushma again.

    Odd that I lost friends campaigning for Obusma against Clinton… under the illusion that defeating Clinton would stave off Clinton’s 3rd term of corporate cronyism only to get Clinton’s 3rd term of trickle down tyranny on Human Growth Hormone despite beating the actual “Clinton”.

    Green is it. We just got to build the party so it can be viable… and we can’t count on servile Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Obushma supports are posting on HuffPo. LOL

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    I wanted impeachment. Why did your Prog masters fold like a deck chair?

    Let me know.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    They are only getting $10 billion a year in aid.


    I vote for cutting all foreign aid to non-impoverished countries by 50%. Places with rampant poverty and starving populations, we can keep sending them food and clothes and medicine, but stop sending billions to nuclear armed terrorist states. It’s scandalous.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    You’re kidding, right? We give $10 billion a year to Israel, and near that much to Pakistan (the guys that helped fund the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks through their ISI). Not to mention the untold billions to other nations around the world. .. cutting all of those 1% would allow for continued funding for the poor that they are looking to cut.

    Obama is Reagan, but black.. that’s what burns the right-wing I think.. having to see Reagen reincarnated in a black man.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    Obama is a black Reagen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    The SCOTUS handed the election to Bush.

    And the MSM is why elections are rigged (that and the bought and paid for national leadership groups).

    Too bad so many people figure the “reality” of the two party lie is all we can do; it keeps us locked in the lie.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    No worries, Straw-man.. the black Reagen will spark the uprising and we’ll be rid of pompous fucks like you.

  • cannotvote

    Because they’re run by the same people! http://video.godlikeproductions.com/video/NWO_Insider_-_How_They_Will_Kill_YOU
    This will scare the living crap out of your tiny construed rethuglian intestines – watch and squirm, hahahaha!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Scare me? You’re reporting ancient news, son.

    I love when Progs think they’re on the cutting edge. LOL

  • cannotvote

    But you watched it and proved yourself an insensitive idjiot by your pathetic retort – I love it when a maroon rethuglian septic shows their true colour – that as callous, and a dimmer shade of brown(fecal brown) – with nuts!

  • cannotvote

    Here are those ten most horrible things that rethugs love about ronald raygun!