‘Anonymous’ hacks security firm that probed its membership‎

Monday, February 7, 2011 10:01 EDT
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The online group of hacktivists known as “Anonymous” infiltrated the network and websites of an Internet security company after learning the company planned to sell information about the group to the FBI.

The website of Washington DC-based HBGary Federal was hijacked Sunday along with the Twitter account of CEO Aaron Barr. The company’s website was defaced with a message that read, “This domain seized by Anonymous under section #14 of the rules of the Internet.”

“Your recent claims of ‘infiltrating’ Anonymous amuse us, and so do your attempts at using Anonymous as a means to garner press attention for yourself,” the messaged continued. “How’s this for attention?”

Barr told the Financial Times over the weekend that he had identified the “core leaders” of the group and had information that could lead to their arrest.

He told the Times he infiltrated “Anonymous” to demonstrate the security risks to organizations from social media and networking.

In addition to hacking the company’s website and Twitter account, “Anonymous” gained access to more than 44,000 company e-mails, which were released to the public in a 4.71 gigabyte Torrent file. The group also gained access to the report that was allegedly going to be sold to the FBI and posted it online (.pdf).

“Anonymous” claims that most of the information gathered was either publicly available or inaccurate.

“The lack of quality in Aaron Barr’s undertaken research is worth noting,” the group said in a statement. “Aaron Barr missed a great deal of information that has been available online, and in fact failed to identify some of those whose identities were never intended to be hidden. People such as DailyKos’ diarist blogger Barrett Brown, and the administrator of anonnews.org, joepie91, whose identities could have been found in under a minute with a simple Google search.”

“Anonymous does not have leaders,” the statement added. “We are not a group, we are not an organization. We are just an idea. What we have done today will appear harsh. It is harsh. We will respond to those who seek to threaten us. We understand that our participants have been concerned about recent FBI raids and companies such as HBGary Federal lurking and logging our chats, so we’ve given all of Anonymous a message: we will fight back.”

Burr reportedly talked to members of “Anonymous” in an IRC chatroom, claiming he never intended to sell the information he gathered to the FBI.

“Ok I am going to say this one more time,” he told the room. “I did this for research. The FBI called me because of my research. The email you are referring to about selling data was about a model built on this type of research. It was not to sell specifically this data. I was going to use it to describe the process of how social media exploitation works.”

“Do I regret it now? Sure,” he told Forbes on Monday. “I’m getting personal threats from people, and I have two kids. I have two four-year old kids. Nothing is worth that.”

“I had expected some potential retribution,” he said. “I knew some folks would take my research as some kind of personal attack which it absolutely was not. I thought they might take down our Web site with a DDoS attack. I did not prepare for them to do what they did.”

Barr told Forbes he had to unplug his router at home because “Anonymous” was trying to crack it.

Three teenagers aged 15, 16 and 19 along with two men, aged 20 and 26, were arrested by British authorities January 27 for their involvement in “recent and ongoing” attacks by “Anonymous.” The FBI announced mass raids across the United States on the same day, executing more than 40 search warrants throughout the nation.

In a campaign known as “Operation Payback” those participating in “Anonymous” succeeded in taking down the online operations of PayPal, MasterCard Worldwide, Visa, Swiss bank PostFinance and others using a technique called “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks. The companies were targeted after they dropped their financial services to WikiLeaks.

The group has also targeted the websites of a number of governments, including Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Yemen, and Italy.

Updated Feb 7, 2011 at 3:50pm EST.

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  • http://twitter.com/llotek1 Daniel Enright

    Big men, attacking a bunch of kids, who are more organized than the businesses that are trying to attack them, funny, sad and pathetic. but good to see American tax payer dollars hard at work, putting kids in jail, for fighting for their messed up adults freedom.. Maybe we should hack, reveal and arrest the cookie monster too…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U4CB4JMBKUBO6NL2RNREZDZUEA Freeky_Fried_Chicken


    A lot of young people aren’t buying into The Lie: what’s my credit score? blah blah blah.

    Unmask The Evil Ones and destroy them.

  • RottenJohnny

    Internet security firm: Priceless!!!’

    I wonder if they’re offering an IPO? Penny stock anyone?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7BZRSB7L5J2XTOMVEBBRH5SAUU freedom watcher

    boys with box cutters collapsed 3 skyscrapers with 2 jets…..the media is so reliable in getting to the bottom of a story……maybe everything should be turned over to the 8th grade journalism class……

  • Anonymous

    I hope they plant a virus in Carnivore that releases everything Carnivore has on Congress, the Supreme Court and the executive branch since it went online.

  • http://twitter.com/RavenWytch RavenWytch

    Wow. Go Anonymous.

  • ProgressiveInNewYork

    Go Anonymous!
    All organizations that seek tyranny are fair game. Civil disobedience is a viable option.
    Be they the cult of scientology, security firms or our own government.
    We, the people, own them. Time we told them what is.

  • antiM

    i had forgotten about carnivore… creepy stuff.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ Stumptownhero

    If you need a reminder of the seriousness of the situation realize that participants in Anonymous could be charged under the provisions of the un-Patriot Act.

    Watch out Anonymous participants big biznus boyz don’t take kindly to the nerds getting between them and their end of year bonuses!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZIIRJENPZTIPRDKHQLZWPQIXZA virgo47tp

    lol they think venus project and zeitgeist movement are hacker forums

  • Anonymous

    We are in trouble, all of us.
    I can’t even post without BP on the site

  • Anonymous

    It won’t matter if they catch every member of this group and toss them in jail. Another group will simply take it’s place.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    That is just great! Kudos to these kids! They’re punking the punk. Way to go!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yep. In the meantime, their CEOs are stealing the carpet from under us.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that Aaron Barr and his company wanted some of that huge US intelligence slush fund, so he thought he’d do a little spec work on Anonymous and sell it to the Feebs. And now Anonymous has yanked Barr’s shorts off very publicly. Anonymous wins; Barr is to be mocked. But it puts Anonymous into a more dangerous situation, because the government doesn’t care about justice; it just wants to look competent while being as sleazy as it wants. Anonymous is actually competent and that pisses off the suits.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “The group has also…”

    Correction: The individuals who felt compelled to be a part of the Anonymous efforts at the time have also…

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Now watch as Anonymous and other cyber revolutionaries get crushed by COINTELPRO like conditions.

    The government vigilantes know who they are. So it’s already the beginning of the end. They might not be arrested for this incident but you can be sure they are under intense scrutiny and investigation.

    The whole “hacking websites” and DDOS is incredibly naive. Although hacking the Egyptian government was not naive and might have been politically smart, some of the stuff they did involving the banks and WIkileaks was incredibly naive.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Thats not whats going to happen. These guys don’t get paid by the government, they are vigilante “patriot” hackers. They wanted these names and addresses to give it to the “patriotic” hackers who will then use the information to get extrajudicial justice.

    It’s not necessarily activities I agree with. I think most of the anonymous folks don’t really know what they got themselves into. Once they are put on the target list it will essentially ruin their lives as all sorts of complete strangers will use gang stalking and mobbing tactics on them, to be honest prison for hacking might be a more humane punishment than what could happen to some of them.

    The Stasi called the process disintegration. That is when the government just stops protecting or enforcing the law and turns a blind eye while vigilantes and cyber bullies are given the green light to do any illegal action to you. Of course should child pornography or something like that be mysteriously discovered on any of their computers then they’ll be made into sex offenders.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    You don’t understand. They can do more than just toss people in jail. They’ll possibly ruin some of these peoples lives. Basically if you have tens of thousands of vigilantes around the globe who know who you are and where you live, it’s not going to jail that you have to worry about. You have to worry about all your enemies who hate you and everything you stand for dishing out extrajudicial justice vigilante style.

    And if you’ve pissed off the governments theres nobody for you to turn to. These vigilantes will have the power to mob you to death literally. You go to the cops and they’ll say you have schizophrenia or are crazy, they’ll laugh you out of court. The same sort of thing happened in East Germany with the Stasi. When the Stasi wanted to disintegrate someone they would just give that person a series of accidents which would look like really bad luck, but their life would socially fall apart.

    Their friendships, their family, all will be turned against them. Then of course they could lose their job. Until finally they end up in a mental hospital where the government has complete control of them and can treat them anyway they want.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    If they pissed off the intelligence agencies they’ll be more than charged, they’ll be liquidated or disintegrated. They’ll become targeted individuals.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    But they will also release everything carnivore has on you. can you live with that?

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Jail? If they are sent to jail thats one thing, but there is no guarantee that the people they pissed off want them to go to jail. They might want to turn them into informants, or completely destroy them totally.

    Remember these anonymous people have pissed off so many folks now that they could be treated not as ordinary cyber criminals but as some sort of cyber terrorist group.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing to hide… my naked pictures would only serve as a comparison embarrassment to the men viewing them. Especially to the Republicans and their teeny weenies.

  • Anonymous

    If you think revolution is naive, then you are truly lost indeed. Go back to your factory job, prole, and stop complaining.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_77YHXHQ3QSMZEVWM2BFV2YR2ZA Anonymous

    puzzles me how some people still think that the fbi and the cia have as much intelligence gathering muscle as they make out….anybody see the ex cia officer giving his spiel on youtube?……they got money behind them maybe, and a shitload of paperwork and forms to slow them down….annonymous have little overheads, are not a fixed entity, dont have to fill out paperwork and are probably quite proficient at hiding individuals identities…..its the governments own case of the swine flu virus…..little is known about it, it mutates, and can cause infection in all sorts of unlikely places…..personally i think the government is screwed as its under siege from all angles

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Anonymous are not revolutionaries, they are wannabes and are naive.
    Real revolutions don’t take place on the internet.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Everyone has something to hide, and even if you don’t, the government can set you up into a compromising situation and give you something to hide.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    In so far as I understand the matter, some Anonymous volunteers were a bit sloppy with their own security when implementing DOS attacks on the financial institutions, and that is why a few of them were caught. Perhaps other volunteers will learn from this mistake and make themselves more anonymous.

    The smart kids are the ones working in Anonymous – the government hackers are necessarily less bright and less competent because they have to either believe bullshit government propaganda, or be evil rich fucks, when they choose sides. Vigilantes who target Anonymous are in turn targeted by Anonymous, so I think you overestimate the danger. .

  • Anonymous

    True, everyone has something to hide. I just realize that the public will forget anything after 15 minutes. But I fully expect the government to set me up sometime – I’m ready.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LGXBU6LPYPHV5KZ7WA4FMVY2DM J

    You’re consistently an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    They are standing up for your liberty. Should we idly sit back while money transfer agents make the decisions who can transfer money to whom, that they alone make the decision to cut off money to wikileaks, with no legal action of any sort involved? People need to stand up to this sort of abuse, and somebody had the courage to do it. The bankers who did this should be the subject of investigation, not the protesters.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    prove it.

  • Anonymous

    This would be an accurate description for what the bankers did to wikileaks, disintegration.

  • Anonymous

    I think we’re seeing more and more that you are wrong here. Look at Egypt and Tunisia. Why do you think the authorities are arguing about a kill switch on the internet, even in the U.S.? It makes possible political organizing without hierarchy. In the past the authorities would just cut off the head of the snake. Now that snake is Medusa-like. Anonymous is an idea that transcends the particularities of those who share it. It’s about decentralization of decision making, at all levels. This does not mean disorder. Witness a flight of birds, a school of fish, the social aspects of all species that live in communities and practice the division of labor.

  • Anonymous

    A good number of these people are in countries where the people well have the good sense to revere them, and it could be a positive distinction. Personally I think more of a person when they have shown the courage to stand up.

  • Facebook User

    Real revolutions begin from the ideas of individuals. The Internet is how these individuals communicate anonymously (or openly). Why do you think that Egypt shut down communications?

  • Anonymous

    What puzzles me is the number of Americans who still can’t comprehend that the American intel community (or the Financial-Intelligence-Complex which has been ruling America since at least the end of WWII) is about anything other than the gathering of financial intelligence for the plutocrats (read Wall Street) and the control of the populace.

    A perfect example is Obama’s recent “special envoy” Frank Wisner, Jr., son of Frank Wisner, Sr., one of the founders of the Financial-Intelligence-Complex. Now Frankie Jr. has been a vice chair, or chair, of AIG. Frankie Jr. was a director at Enron during the biggest money laundering operations (and essentially, that is all Enron was, a colossal money laundering operation).

    Jr. is still at director at Hakluyt & Company, an international business intel outfit, with some seriously questionable past activities, which is also a cutout for the UK’s MI6.

    Junior is also related to President Sarkozy of France via marriage, and least of all a member of the global neolib/neocon PR firm, Patton Boggs, which is works on behalf of Mubarak.

    Junior was also at an intel foundation, the Franco-American Foundation, where he worked for John Negroponte. Not a coincidence Junior was Bush’s (Geo. H.W.) envoy to Kosovo, as well as (Geo. W.) Wolfowitz’s replacement at Defense when Wolfowitz was shifted to head the World Bank.

    Fewer still realize we’ve had the same bankster stooge — although the names, and quite recently, skin color, may change — in the White House for the past 30 to 40 years.

    America needs a real reality show entitled: “Where’s my vagina?”

  • Anonymous

    The oligarchs are in desperate need of their Internet kill switch. To shutdown dissent and silence opposition.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “It’s not necessarily activities I agree with.”

    Of course not, Ameritard, you agree with the decriminalization of financial fraud by the plutocrats with the passage of predatory legislation by the absolutely corrupt US congress over the past thirty years. You are a criminal.

    America can no longer afford such a huge criminal class.

  • Anonymous

    Not only that, but if you’d ever happen to meet Aaron Barr you would know he is one arrogant, unethical sleazebag.

  • Anonymous

    Time for you, ThatBostonMan, to begin searching for your vagina.

  • http://twitter.com/dcmoses Dylan Moses

    The people who actually contribute to anonymous in meaningful ways are much harder to identify than you imagine. In many instances they have little or no contact with others participating in anonymous. The hack on this security firm may have taken place on a fresh computer operating under a shell account who’s ip had been scattered etc etc by only ONE person.

    After the hack the computer was tossed, location fled, shell account abandoned, etc etc.. Good luck finding these people.

  • Anonymous

    Really, this is what is in store for our kids. They are going underground to attempt to fix all the sh*t we f*cked up for them. Teach your children, folks.

  • http://twitter.com/samwirah Sam Street


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BRFWNCTTN4GI6JTDUNV7AZ3WWM annalisa

    I just looked at the document, with the “names” of the Anonymous members they have identified, and it is most amusing. They include:

    Guy Fawkes
    Mizzy Links
    Sue Verinity
    Facelottery Italiia
    Kygon Infraction

    Ha! I would not hire that security firm to identify threats…

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/GQQIJ5U6H3BDGSXIMPCJSHHUPY Pee Pee

    I think the dreaded “Mike Hawk” and “UV Gina” are also on it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never thought of myself as anything approaching an anarchist, but the corporate world seems hell-bent on subjugating us into modern serfs, without the privacy that medieval serfs had (along with with bad teeth and scurvy). What’s next, a new “droit de seigneur?” I’m starting to warm to “Anonymous.”

    The corporation rules. It rules us, it rules American politricks, the dollar is God. And fuck us if we don’t go along with that.

  • CozmicSeer

    Another corporatist who wants to stick his hand in the Tax trough and, at the same time, attack those who are trying to stand up for what democracy should be. As someone who believes in the ideals of America and what the founding fathers wanted, I can only see this Aaron Barr in the same light as Benedict Arnold.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Zentrails/100001475536421 Bob Zentrails

    I find this absolutely hilarious for some reason. LOL

    A “security providing” company that just got pwned big time by having really, really lousy security in their very own system. I think their stock share prices might be taking a pretty heavy dip right about now. LOL

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JM7SJGKIYEAWVLMVTMBRA2UTWM John the Awesome

    I read through the linked PDF… pretty unprofessional. This is what the FBI goes on? Yikes.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    wham bam thank you ma’am
    Suffragette City
    Suffragette City

  • Pollgera

    Long live Anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    Fear can be a useful emotion when there is a real tiger on your tail. Other than that, paper tigers deserve to be strung up in a mobile or something. That is the only useful purpose for fears that just hold you back. Julian Assange said “Courage is Contagious.” I suggest everyone take a page from Julian and do something courageous like speaking truth to power. When you know fear is the reptilian MO then fear should become your paper tiger.

  • http://twitter.com/pharmokan Pharmokan

    i love how easily anon can pull off a site hack and distribute all personal information like that. hats off to them!

  • hegesias


    (Despite my user id, I, regrettably, have nothing to do with the heroic organization Anonymous.)

  • hegesias

    Yup. That what the whole Department of Homeland $ecurity is all about. Handouts for MIC cronies.

  • http://twitter.com/waterheart776 waterheart776

    Depends on your perspective. If you’re stuck in the past with your perspective (looking at the way things were as opposed to the way things are), then you’re right. But you’re not correct in this instance, as you’re not taking into account the role internet plays in maintaining a credible business infrastructure. The internet also exists as an infrastructure, an infrastructure for information. If you lived in the present moment, you would see that actions like this are more far-reaching than you realize. Anonymous are revolutionaries, because their actions are revolutionary, and, by definition, fit the term you’re so eager to segue into a rant about irresponsible actions. I would argue whether or not you had a conscience, or a sense of morals. Whether or not real revolutions take place on the internet is a matter of perspective, plain and simple. If they truly don’t take place on the internet (according to YOUR perspective), then it must be noted that they sure do make a marked difference. Carrying that line of logic further, if real revolutions don’t take place on the internet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t start there.

  • H.P. Loathecraft

    And most likely the notorious Mike Hunt and the irascible Haywood Jablowme.

  • H.P. Loathecraft

    “What puzzles me is the number of Americans who still can’t comprehend that the American intel community (or the Financial-Intelligence-Complex which has been ruling America since at least the end of WWII)…”
    I’m guessing before that it was the Pinkertons, since the robber barons have been continuously playing this game of rich vs poor since the beginning of the industrial revolution at least and they have always had the requisite henchmen at their disposal.

  • Jaimie11

    That is sexist – you think women are not courageous, smart, fierce, strong?

    You project doom! You probably aren’t man enough to have an ounce of self confidence or esteem.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    If these volunteers happen to have or know the identities of the other volunteers they’ll be interrogated and bullied into giving it up. And the feds will just bully their way to the top with informants.

    And no I don’t think you are right about the skill level of the vigilantes. I’ve seen both sides, the anonymous side and the government sponsored hackers. The government sponsored hackers appear to be a lot more skilled and experienced at it.

    What happens is some anonymous kids get set up, entrapped, usually these are the best hackers of the group, and they get turned into informants who hack for the feds. The other way to look at it is some hackers who you say are being brainwashed are actually being threatened by undercover feds.

    So it’s not a situation where a “brainwashed” person on the fed side always has a choice. It could be a situation where they are just doing it or else, or else they’ll go to jail or the government will do something they wont want.

    Just watch. In a few months we can have this debate again and I guarantee you’ll see it from a new perspective once you see what cards the government has. Right now anonymous is being allowed to think they have the best hackers in the world when they don’t, and are being allowed to think they have the best equipment and so on and so forth when they don’t, in reality the difference maker will be the ruthlessness level of the government. If threatened to be put in a cell along with Bradley Manning for 23 hour lockdown, some of the best hackers in the country will hack anonymous because they fear the government more than they fear anonymous.
    Read these stories

    See what the government and corporations do and tell me the anonymous volunteers are prepared for that?

    As far as I know those volunteers aren’t professional spies, they haven’t been trained, they don’t and wont know how to deal with being tortured psychologically, or bullied. They just don’t have a clue.

    I really don’t think anonymous or any group of hackers has what it takes to go up against the US military hackers because the military hackers don’t fight fair and there are no rules. They treat it like war. They will use levels of technology which might be secret, to their advantage and that is the part that will catch these anonymous kids by surprise. The level of technology that they never had any idea even existed which will be employed against them.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    You are underestimating the ruthlessness of your adversary the government and the banks. They have the ruthlessness to use torture, to assassinate, to use secret technology that you don’t know about, or that you know about but you can’t afford. They have every single advantage.

    These kid hackers at anonymous aren’t trained in paramilitary. They might not even all be good with information security. So far from the looks at how they are running things they aren’t acting very skilled at all. I’m not going to give any advice because I don’t want to get in trouble with the government and labeled as a sympathizer, but I can say based on my own level of knowledge that they don’t seem to be the most skilled.

    The most skilled hack they claimed to pull off was breaking into credit card processing and releasing the credit card numbers. That was a skilled hack if it was real.(breaking into Gawker was skilled also) DDOSing websites however is not impressive.

    What you have to understand is that the government is just using anonymous to train it’s cyber army. The anonymous group is being allowed to do what they do so the government can test out it’s new technology and cyber warfare techniques on them, but also so the government can turn some of them into informants.

    But they aren’t sophisticated enough to be considered a revolutionary group. At least as they are right now. And strategically their targets are the kinds of targets designed to help the government fund it’s cyber warfare agenda. Yeah attacking the banks and the FBI website, and getting involved in Wikileaks, now it wont be hard to get the domestic agenda funded.

    But the truth is the government has the technology and the vigilante hackers with skills to completely decimate anonymous’s leadership. Anonymous has made themselves too high profile to be effective and now the governments of the world have made them into targeted individuals which means theres not a lot they can do.

    It’s just not going to work, but I welcome you to follow the events just like I have and if I’m wrong, then 3 months from now I’ll say I’m wrong and that anonymous has had an effect.

    But I predict that at least as I’m seeing this chain of events, the government has the upper hand and anonymous is truly at risk of being infiltrated and crushed, not necessary through vigilantes alone but mainly through secret technology the corporate and government vigilantes have that anonymous wont be able to compete with. It’s like taking a knife to a gun fight.

    Government controls the air. Has drones. Has surveillance drones which can monitor computers from the air. Anonymous kids in IRC can be seen from the goddamn air by surveillance drones flown over their house by the government or corporate sponsored vigilantes. But the anonymous don’t have unmanned surveillance drones to do that same thing, because these drones require a level of skill that most anonymous members don’t have, or require money that most of them can’t afford to work with.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    OK That was disturbing. Not saying I accept all of that stuff at face value, but I think I’ll look into this a bit further. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Anonymous

    i’ll tip a few tonight for “Guy Fawkes” ….

    and V….

    and Anonymous…

  • Anonymous

    Try not to stumble over your Tor button, provocateur.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    If you are so brave, and so bold, why do you still pay your federal taxes?

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    I believe you actually know your shit. Unfortunately those people who came here begging people on this site to download some strange DDOS software and use it to do a cyber protest, those sorts of people are the provocateur types who just as well could be the FBI.

    So while you make sense and if it’s just random vigilante hackers as you describe it then I’d say it tactically would have a chance, from what I hear they were dumb enough to go to an IRC chatroom to coordinate.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Prudence is not the same thing as fear. I don’t have fear, I have prudence.
    When I know the feds are monitoring the situation, and someone offers me an opportunity to break the law and join in the ‘cyber riot’ or real riot, I will decline out of prudence.

  • Anonymous

    Just a head’s up… This “Gang Stalking” and “Target Individuals” stuff has been going on for 2 years. I don’t mean it’s actually been happening, but the phenomena of a group of people believing this and believing they may be targeted was written about in the mainstream press.

    Apparently these sites attract people with mental disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia and there has been debate about whether they are helpful to such people or whether it makes them worse by validating the unsubstanciated.

    I’ve responded to ThatBostonMan in the past, debunking some of his overzealous assumptions but he keeps on posting the same crap over and over. Just thought I should let you know about the questionable validity of his claims and that this gang-stalking-belief cult thing is nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    “And the feds will just bully their way to the top with informants.”
    You err in your assumption of such a heirarchy. The sphere has no discernable top. There is no leader to the current concept/idea that is Anonymous. There doesn’t need to be an outright leader, there just needs to be a critical mass that mutually agree upon an action. Calls to actions can be initiated by anyone, execution of such action can only be initiated if enough people support it. – That is the beauty of Anonymous.

    “I really don’t think anonymous or any group of hackers has what it takes to go up against the US military hackers because the military hackers don’t fight fair and there are no rules.”
    You really think hackers give a fuck about rules? That’s the whole purpose of a real hacker, to breach the rules for the purpose of gaining unauthorised access to information or unauthroised control of systems. – Anonymous’s public calls to action haven’t been about hacking, they’ve been about mass-volunteer-driven DDoS attacks akin to picketing/blockading. The hacking has just come from the more over-zealous volunteers.

    “I’ve seen both sides, the anonymous side and the government sponsored hackers.”
    My black-hat experiences gave me unauthorised power and access to a level that scared me. You… have seen nothing.

    “and are being allowed to think they have the best equipment and so on and so forth when they don’t”
    It’s not the quality of the equipment that matters, it’s the sheer amount of equipment.

    “As far as I know those volunteers aren’t professional spies, they haven’t been trained, they don’t and wont know how to deal with being tortured psychologically, or bullied. They just don’t have a clue.”
    Don’t worry, the individual volunteers typically don’t have a clue who the leaders are (lack of heirarchy helps), they know who the loudest cheerleaders are perhaps, but that’s all. As such, there’s little to be gained from disproportionately punishing those who are such small cogs in what could become a behemoth, other than to teach others to employ better “anonymizing” procedures.

    “They will use levels of technology which might be secret, to their advantage and that is the part that will catch these anonymous kids by surprise. The level of technology that they never had any idea even existed which will be employed against them.”
    You are a RIOT!!! :) – Well, when you have some information on this spooky, super-secret weapon (one that is more special than a distributed computing network ), you come back to us and let us know.

    For now though, this hydra-like, social phenomena we call “Anonymous”, lives on.

  • Anonymous

    You’re talking this serious about a group of people that go to a website and post pictures of cats. The website just happens to be HUGE that is all. It’s not a hacking cadre like you make it out to me. There is a saying on said site “None of us is as stupid as all of us.”. Try looking up “crowdsourcing” and “hivemind”.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry for Mr Barr’s fear. Unnecessary.
    The left can be as immature ( & over-react) as the right, sometimes.
    I’m sure he’ll be more judicious, in the future.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    I tend to agree. I heard an interview a few months ago on this topic and my sense at the time was that I was listening to a load of bull, and after taking a good look at http://www.targetedindididuals I get the same feeling. Maybe there are cases of FBI agents going off the rails and doing some illegal and vindictive stuff, and child protective services in the UK can be pretty bloody awful but I don’t believe this is widespread. Government agents do stupid and transparently fake terrorism that a nine year old can see is bullshit, that the same people would be capable of super hi-tech vigilantism beggars belief. This looks more like Hollywood than Langley. .

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sorry for his fear….

  • Anonymous

    Note to board: This guy sounds like a government TOUT. If you’re not familiar with the term, read “Killing Rage” by Eamon Collins, or any other good book about the IRA. In any case, be careful….

  • http://twitter.com/cryptographrix cryptographrix

    because anon /really/ has ‘core leaders.’ Immature little twit.

  • nycplayboy78

    Go Hackivists Go =D

  • Anonymous

    I love it when the people stand up for themselves and the machine has to go into overdrive to paint them as radicals when in reality it’s the other way around.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    I’m not a member of the IRA or of the government. I don’t know what you are trying to imply.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    I dont use tor.

    And if I’m the provocateur why am I the one arguing against revolution while you are the one arguing in favor of it?

    Think before you speak.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    I’m saying it doesn’t work in practice.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    You’ll find out when you start messing with the government what the government is capable of.

    Or why don’t you ask Julian Assange about gangstalking if you have contact with him, or any actual hackers if you know anyone under investigation or who has actually gone through it.

    If you’ve never actually done anything to piss off the government, of course you’ll think it’s a myth or all bull and I don’t blame you for thinking that. But this gang stalking thing has been going on since long before 2 years ago. The black panthers, the weather underground, the feminist movement, Martin Luther King, and the civil rights movement, the communist party, were all gang stalked, witch hunted, all throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, while people like you chose to believe the government would never do such a thing.

    It’s your arrogance, your credulity that allows the government to get away with it. You’ll say all the people persecuted have some brain disease or some mental illness and you’ll ultimately exacerbate the situation in favor of the government by provoking people to piss off the government and then ditching them when they face the consequences of doing that.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    It’s not government agents. We are talking about private mercenary armies and volunteer vigilantes. That is the difference. But since you don’t really believe the links, because they don’t name the names of the government projects, or programs, I will let you watch these videos:
    which names the names of the individuals who started it, the names of the projects which you can research yourself, and more. Research for yourself and stop listening to other people. Don’t listen to retaliate and don’t listen to me. Gather the evidence and form your own opinion and if you truly don’t believe the government is capable of the stuff I’ve shown you, then go ahead and join the revolution and find out for yourself. I’m just trying to warn you because you seem to be a good person, as most people who want change are.

    Google Cointelpro
    Google MKUltra
    Google Project Monarch
    Google Project Gladio
    Google Project Chaos

  • Anonymous

    I don’t post much on this form, but I am amazed at the fear of authority you promote epically when our government is supposed to be empowered by the consent of the governed.

    My concern about someone hating me is not a big fear, I always thank them and tell them I am relived, as I thought they had no feelings for me at all.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    “You really think hackers give a fuck about rules? That’s the whole purpose of a real hacker, to breach the rules for the purpose of gaining unauthorised access to information or unauthroised control of systems. – Anonymous’s public calls to action haven’t been about hacking, they’ve been about mass-volunteer-driven DDoS attacks akin to picketing/blockading. The hacking has just come from the more over-zealous volunteers.”

    The government has trained it’s counter intelligence paramilitary troops to go after foreign spies. These hackers don’t have the training of a foreign government. The majority of them wont stand a chance. Amateur revolutionaries don’t stand a chance against professional assassins and professional counter revolutionaries. The professionals get trained by governments, given secret equipment and software, with access to various backdoors into all sorts of different networks. They receive intelligence information and assistance from the NSA, from the FBI, from the government.

    These amateurs have no support. That is why they wont be able to accomplish much. They don’t have generals and they don’t have the support.

    My black-hat experiences gave me unauthorised power and access to a level that scared me. You… have seen nothing.

    You don’t know my experience. I’m saying if the stuff I see in the news is the best anonymous can do, they wont last long. I’ve known guilds and clans who had more skill. They aren’t a hacker clan. Some people might hack for them and tack on the name anonymous but there are agent provocateurs within anonymous too. The people who hacked banks and credit card companies were probably the provocateurs. The people who hacked Egypt’s website were probably the social activists.

    Don’t worry, the individual volunteers typically don’t have a clue who the leaders are (lack of heirarchy helps), they know who the loudest cheerleaders are perhaps, but that’s all. As such, there’s little to be gained from disproportionately punishing those who are such small cogs in what could become a behemoth, other than to teach others to employ better “anonymizing” procedures.

    But like I said the government has Tempest technology, and unmanned drones, look it up if you don’t know. The government knows more than they allow the public to know they know, and has more technology than they allow the public to know. Their vigilantes have access to the secret knowledge and intelligence which can give their vigilantes the edge. The anonymous vigilantes don’t have access to that and it’s this in my opinion which is the key difference maker in a cyber war. The side which has better intelligence, better technology, better trained force, typically wins. Sure if theres just hundreds of millions of members of anonymous then the tide could turn but I don’t think it will ever get to that point.

    Anonymous is going to be taken down like the Ku Klux Klan. The government will start treating them as a terror group.

    You are a RIOT!!! :) – Well, when you have some information on this spooky, super-secret weapon (one that is more special than a distributed computing network ), you come back to us and let us know.

    For now though, this hydra-like, social phenomena we call “Anonymous”, lives on.

    Electromagnetic warfare weaponry. High frequency radio based weaponry. These sorts of weapons can disrupt the functioning of computers. Emissions based surveillance can see what you do on a computer from a satellite in space or from an unmanned drone because everything you do in the computer emits an emission, from the emission on your computer monitor producing a signature revealing what your screen looks like from a distance, to the emissions from the motherboard itself.

    Since most of these people aren’t smart enough to dispose of their computers after using them, or to go into an underground bunker, it’s going to be very easy for the government to see through walls, windows, and gain all sorts of intelligence. Not to mention the government wouldn’t even have to use all that in most cases and can just go to the ISP and find out which people through traffic analysis had anything to do with the DDOS attacks.

    If you have hacked in the 90s, it’s not the 90s anymore. I’m not saying there aren’t hackers out there who wont be caught, I’m saying that the vast majority will, and the punishment for being caught can be so severe that it could be worse than going to jail. You go to jail, you serve your time, it’s over. You piss off government, it’s over when they say it is.

  • http://twitter.com/waterheart776 waterheart776

    “It’s not the quality of the equipment that matters, it’s the sheer amount of equipment.”


    Does everyone here know what you can do with a 6-year-old P4 2.8 HT POS HP machine with 1GB of RAM, 2 Network Cards, and a 40GB HD running Gentoo Linux? Let’s see:

    –A damn good router/firewall (if configured correctly; –install a 3rd network card and now you’ve got another leg added to your network)
    –A File server
    –A web host/server
    –A Radius Server (for hosting Wireless access)
    –A VPN server
    –etc, etc….

    And did anyone know that you can more than likely run all of these on the same machine, at the same time????

    Did you also know that you can encrypt the whole damn thing, using LVM2 (and whatever encryption algorithm you like), making it a big pain in the ass for anyone that takes it? Did you know that, unlike Microsh– WinBlows, you don’t have to purchase said encryption software, as it’s built in to the OS itself?

    Wanna know how much it costs to do any of the stuff these guys do?

    $0.00! (and I really mean that. Do you know that people throw these kinds of computers away everyday? You can probably get one for free, if you know where to look. )

    Oh, and as an aside….you can also turn it into a Windows Domain Server, with full AD support, and everything else, using Samba 4.

    So, it’s like retaliate said, it’s not the quality of equipment that matters, it’s the sheer amount of equipment. Take 3 of the above aforementioned machines, put them in concert, and you’ve got yourself a nice corporate network (or whatever) that cost NOTHING to build (other than your time and expertise).

    And to ThatBostonMan: I want to see some information you have on this “spooky, super-secret weapon”. Knowing what I know, I can tell you with a near 100% certainty that we as a nation have NOTHING, equipment-wise that fits the profile of being able to do what you suggested (catch them by surprise. There’s no super-secret big-honking space-gun computer/server/piece of technology that they can push a button and dissolve anonymous). And as retaliate suggested: “You….have seen nothing”. While you certainly seem to know a thing or two about government projects, conspiracy theories, and fear-mongering; when it comes to the technology, and what can TRULY be accomplished, I say again: “You…..have seen NOTHING.” No offense, but your information is tired old cherry-hacker bulls–t. We’ve heard it all before. While I respect you for the information you’ve provided, I think we all have to question your motives in releasing it.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ Mark (MarkusGarvey) Estrada

    If you want to promote your blog, please contact Raw Story’s advertising dept. If you continue to post to promote your blog, your posts will be considered spam and your account will be blocked. Thanks, Raw moderators


  • Anonymous

    All I’m saying is, you seem to do an awful lot of cheerleading for the capabilities of the U.S. intelligence community, something that–as I’m sure you can understand–might not go over very well on a site full of people who have very little use for the U.S. intelligence community. Just being prudent, as you like to say….

  • http://twitter.com/waterheart776 waterheart776

  • http://twitter.com/waterheart776 waterheart776

    “Amateur revolutionaries don’t stand a chance against professional assassins and professional counter revolutionaries.” (the most important statement in this post)

    Oh yes, that’s definitely true, but there’s just one thing:

    There’s more of the former than there is of the latter. And that’s an immutable fact!

    Strength in numbers.

    Do you remember an old English writer by the name of Edward Bulwer-Lytton?

    “Patience is the courage of the conqueror, the strength of man against destiny.”

    At some point, your training as a professional gets in the way of your effectiveness as said same.

    As far as tempest technology goes, the only thing special about it, is that it’s a standard by which ordinary equipment can be made immune to electronic eavesdropping. The standard was originally developed by ARC (Atlantic Research Corporation) for DARPA, a LONG time ago. The standard has been around for quite some time. You have tempest-certified laptops, tempest-certified televisions, tempest-certified cables, tempest-certified computers, etc, etc. that are EM shielded, and so on. So you’re trying to say that a “standard” is what’s going to help bring these guys down? Really? A standard that the government uses on a daily basis to secure their own equipment, to prevent exactly the sort of thing you mention in your next Q&A response? Isn’t that a little backwards?

    And as far as the ISP’s being able to help. Their ability to do so is limited, at best. This is why you have departments in the gov’t that pay their people to fill in the gaps that ISPs can’t for this sort of thing. And from experience, I can tell you that they really don’t do a good job. They mainly push paper. Threat response outside of gov’t systems isn’t really up to par; it’s not where it could be. But I have a feeling that you already know that……

    “The anonymous vigilantes don’t have access to that and it’s this in my opinion which is the key difference maker in a cyber war.”

    But, you don’t know that for sure. I only hope that this isn’t the way counter-intelligence really works, by making other people believe assumptions. Show us the causality. Show us some hard information to back this statement up.

  • Anonymous

    retaliate… and the Bostonman too…Let us not forget, if all these claims of stalking and personality sabotage are true it completely justifies the actions of Anonymous. We should be encouraged to join the fight against this tyranny.

    We all need to stand up for what we believe in, cowering in fear is not the answer. Sure there is a possibility you will be harmed even killed but that is the cost of freedom. If you are not willing to pay the price of freedom you won’t have it.

    Mr Boston is not being prudent he is being a coward, his fears have taken control of him. We all die at some point in time. We all have skeletons in our closet. We learn to deal with it, not spread our fears around and hope they go away.

    Explore ever legal defense and protection you can, but if your opponent is not playing by the rules there is no need to play by the rules, that is just how life works.

    Mr Boston needs a testosterone shot.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    I know what I’m doing. I know I’m on a site which is populated by anarchists. I don’t disagree with their anger or feelings on 95% of issues. It’s just a matter of a line which ought not be crossed not because I agree with what governments do, but because when that line is crossed it will have negative and sometimes permanently negative results.

    It’s not that this site or the US in general has little use for the intelligence community. I would not put it that way. I think it’s more that people are angry at the abuses by or decisions made, rather than the existence of. The intelligence communities have to exist for the same reason that an airforce or army has to exist. To hate the intelligence community is to hate America itself, and it doesn’t really make the world any better to hate the government.

    If there is actual abuse going on, or if we disagree with the Iraq war for example, that is worth talking about and debating. The gangstalking vigilante stuff is worth discussing because it could be an indicator of actual abuse. The wars are worth discussing because they cost so much money and we haven’t gained anything from the Iraq war economically.

    But this talk of revolution, and talk of taking it to the streets and criminal activism/protesting, does not help in my opinion. Because the government has billions of dollars invested in fighting the war on terror, has the prisons and camps already constructed and are just waiting for an excuse or trigger to start assassinating American citizens and treating them like terrorists. That is a situation nobody in their right mind would want. So no I don’t think it’s good to talk with excessive or extreme rhetoric and expect it to solve anything.

    If these people truly believed in revolution they’d stop paying their taxes. But they have to pay taxes because they work a legit job, so once again they aren’t going to get very far in terms of revolutionaries if every bit of money they earn the government takes a share.


  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this idea

  • Anonymous

    “Because the government has billions of dollars invested in fighting the war on terror, has the prisons and camps already constructed and are just waiting for an excuse or trigger to start assassinating American citizens and treating them like terrorists.”

    The problem, unfortunately, is that if the above scenario is indeed the case (and I don’t doubt that it is), then the government has simply created a self-fulfilling prophecy–it has created conditions under which the American public will eventually have no choice but to revolt. The die has been cast….

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    But you forget, if you break the law they can lock you up. If they break the law it’s as if you are crazy for even reporting the fact that they are breaking it.

    So when you consider the actual situation, if you think being a criminal is the way to get ahead why don’t you talk to some of the people sitting in prison right now because they thought the exact same thing? They formed gangs, they committed crimes, and they are sitting in prison now and you are doing what about that?

    There are many legal actions you can take. If the current political prisoners are your heroes, you can send your support to them and nobody is stopping you. Not the government, not me, nobody. Now if you want to fight against the government thats another story entirely, and you’ll be fighting against the US military and security establishment. I’m saying that if you look at history everyone who has fought the government has ended up dead or in jail, and all throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s when minority individuals were fighting the government, or communists, or liberals, or whomever, there was no internet.

    Now there is an internet and you can see cointelpro in real time. If you actually see what is happening then you know the next step will be they will start a war on piracy, which will be used like the war on drugs to take down all these pirates aka members of anonymous. They also have the child pornography laws, and other laws to work with. The basic point is, not many people want their entire life destroyed by going to prison on a child pornography charge, and once they get to prison then all these members of anonymous wont be there to support them or to protect them from being ass raped. So tell me why anyone with common sense would have faith in anonymous as an organization when anonymous does not protect it’s own members?

    Maybe if anonymous were protecting it’s own members, including the ones locked up, raided, etc, then anonymous would be taken more seriously. But all I see anonymous doing is encouraging people to break the law and acting as provocateurs rather than actually going to prisons and talking to convicted hackers, and going to prisons and talking to gang members, and educating, or doing any form of positive activism. I just see a lot of hacking, and stuff like attacking Scientology, and honestly if that is all anonymous is going to do then it’s only going to attract the wrong kind of attention and result in anonymous being treated as just another gang no different than how any street gang has been treated.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    I know what I’m talking about with regard to technology. Look at the FCC labels on your laptop, your modem, your devices. It specifically says this ” Operation is subject to the following two conditions 1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.”

    That is vague enough to mean many things, from signal jamming to signal interception. Since most of us have no clue as to the level of signal detection that the government has, for all we know every single device might emit signals which can’t be shielded from certain kinds of detection.

    I’m not someone who knows what the government has, but I would not underestimate a government that has nuclear physicists on their payroll. Does anonymous have nuclear physicists developing shielding? Yes I know there are sprays which can be bought and paints, but I’m saying the majority of these anonymous hackers do not have the sophistication or training to know.

    I’m not claiming I know everything. I’m not a nuclear physicist. But when we are dealing with discussions on emissions, radiation, and electromagnetic frequency then we are talking about topics which graduate students learn about but which most of these teenagers wont know about. I can’t even say I know about all the dangerous kinds of radiation, but I know that the government and it’s vigilantes know enough about it to make use of it in terrifying ways.

    Since radiation is hard to detect, and typically only the government has the equipment to detect it, there is little that anyone can do to defend against it. Radio waves and other types of emissions are probably detected by the NSA, and because of this it’s not reasonable to believe the government just doesn’t know what some of these people are doing. It’s more likely that the government simply can’t organize and analyze all the information collected.

    And when I say anonymous doesn’t have access to the same level of technology and equipment, some of this technology is classified and only governments have it. It’s not like the best most sophisticated computers and technologies are available for civilian purposes. I highly doubt anonymous has intelligence satellites, and I highly doubt anonymous has remote controlled drones, or low emitting military grade laptops, or military grade encryption, but the government might have quantum computers which can break encryption used in tor, it’s not like they’d tell anyone if they did. It’s this level of advantage, that anonymous just does not seem to have.

    If anonymous starts inventing new technology that is sophisticated then I’ll take them more seriously but so far they haven’t invented anything to reveal to me that they are capable of anything revolutionary other than crashing a server or cracking a password, stuff I could do as a teenager and that isn’t anything near as effective as say onion routing, or software to hide from traffic analysis. So they don’t appear to have the minds you think they have, while at the same time you have the government developing the software most of them probably are using, like tor for instance.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    Yes but this is how the government will justify the next big boost in spending on surveillance and control technologies. I’m not happy about the situation, as I think the government allows anonymous and other groups to thrive merely so they can make the case to lawmakers that these cyber vigilantes are a problem. They did the same thing with the “gang problem” of the 80s. Those gangs of the 80s formed because of the cointelpro of the 60s and 70s which crushed the black panthers and revolutionary organizations. After the leadership was killed and put in prison, all the role models and heroes were gone and the boys growing up without fathers formed gangs, which were then targeted via the war on drugs and locked up along with their fathers, so now generation after generation are locked up, and now we have the internet generation falling into the exact same dumbass pattern.

    The government is going to let these groups build up, and build some confidence, and then it will pass laws outlawing piracy and cyber bullying related offenses, and then it will use these laws to arrest the leadership of these groups. And then you’ll have another generation of fathers locked up in prison, and another generation of boys who will be fatherless.

    It’s just an endless cycle. It’s pointless. Why would this revolt be any better than the revolt of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s? The government exists to maintain order so when citizens act this way it only gives the government more power and citizens less rights.

  • http://twitter.com/savagelight ThatBostonMan

    And to ThatBostonMan: I want to see some information you have on this “spooky, super-secret weapon”. Knowing what I know, I can tell you with a near 100% certainty that we as a nation have NOTHING, equipment-wise that fits the profile of being able to do what you suggested (catch them by surprise. There’s no super-secret big-honking space-gun computer/server/piece of technology that they can push a button and dissolve anonymous).

    Irrelevant hyperbole. I never claimed it was anything fantastical. It’s called a spy satellite. It’s aimed right at anonymous and anyone who talks like them, agrees with them, or behaves like them. In essence when you talk like a revolutionary, you get put under surveillance by the counter revolutionary forces. These forces are also known as counter intelligence agents.

    These agents have top secret satellites. Do you know what these satellites can do? No you don’t. But you do know what Google earth can do. So let’s try and estimate what a satellite could do, lets see it could have infrared, this would allow it to see through all levels of light, it could sense heat so it can see through walls and find your beating heart, all levels of light could be detected. Its possibly that it could detect brainwave patterns as the brain emits just as much as a computer or anything else and there is no shielding for that is there? Just what the brain emits could be detected by an EEG or FMRI.

    It’s possible that there could be radio antennas which can detect conversations. There could be laser based surveillance or light based surveillance which can detect the changes in the light to detect sound waves and once again just pointing a light into someones window is enough to capture the conversations in the room. There could be unknown bugs in cellphones which hackers don’t know about, and when they discuss their revolutionary activity the FBI could possibly hear that too.

    And there could be RFID chips in everything from their cars, to their clothes, which would reveal their location. Once again I’m not saying the government would have the money to track hundreds of millions of people, but there aren’t hundreds of millions of hackers within anonymous. There are probably only thousands of them who have the skill level necessary to even be tracked.

    Encryption can be cracked. So while you say the harddrive can be encrypted, the government might know of a backdoor and that software might be rendered useless if the backdoor is in the random number generator or the kernel. There also might be traces of the key in the ram itself if the computer is not shut off properly and the ram is not wiped out beforehand.

    You also have the situation where if they can’t crack your key, then they’ll literally torture you until you give them the key. Since most people aren’t trained to withstand torture they’ll give up the key eventually. The government calls this enhanced interrogation, but this is what they’d do.

    It’s not really fear mongering at all. It’s just that Americans have never actually been through a revolution recently and don’t really know much about the capabilities of the US government because usually the US government is busy fighting in places like Iraq. When Americans hear about terrorists being tortured they don’t think it could ever happen to them. But if Americans start playing the role of terrorist then it could start happening to Americans.

    In my speculation on technology it’s all just speculation based on patents, based on consumer technology we know about. So here is a list of stuff you can Google to prove that I’m not making anything up on technology and that I know what I’m talking about.
    Google Quantum Radar
    Google FMRI
    Google Microwave Weaponry
    Google Radio Wave Weaponry
    Google Voice to Skull
    Google US Spy Satellite
    Google Tor (yes the US Government developed it)
    Google Law Enforcement Access Satellite

    There are probably more but the more you Google on these topics the more surprising or shocking research you find. You will find the government is working on some really exotic shit, and the stuff you see on Google is the stuff which isn’t entirely classified.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a newb here but I think you folks miss the real point. Anon’s actions prove that it is still possible to “vote from the rooftops” even in 2011. They set an example for us all that is much more important than their actions. What have they shown? They have shown that we don’t have to sit there and take it from corporations or the government.

    Thanks to Anon the future looks brighter. Even if they go up in flames tomorrow the point has been made and millions have heard it. The future isn’t the past.

  • Anonymous

    well, I just sent em 5 euros. unfortunately I had to paypal it :( double unfortunately I had to send euros, which thanks to Bushies means I had to pay a 31% premium because they f ed up the dollar so badly.

  • Anonymous

    kudos to anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Na, we are safe in our basements.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really mean to offed you, but I was raised by a psychopath full of fear and hearing voices her entire life, I am taking care of her now she is 91 years old, the voices are strong and the conversation of impending doom are 24/7.

    I am not worried about going to prison, the fact that it will cost the government lots of money to torture me is solace enough. I am not going to live forever; better to die for a reason then cowering in fear. I live one day at a time, my future is dawn.

    Fear of pain and hurt reside in us all, many lives have been lost to get us to this point in time. There will be more deaths on the horizon to get us to where we need to be. Brave people protest in the streets of Egypt their lives on the line fighting for what they believe, while most people type words on a computer screen fearful of showing their face.

    My issue is the promotion of fear, the listing of reasons why things can not be done, F.D.R had a great quote; “the only thing we have to fear is fear it’s self.”

    Having grown up in a dysfunctional environment I recognize behavior patterns of attention seeking behavior. There is no possibility of convincing you to change you mind, no words anyone could say, even if they were indisputable facts, you would not budge from your position. It is the attention of continued argument which drives your conversation, it give you purpose but it wastes everyone else’s time.

    You made your statement that if you challenge authority “they will come and get you and destroy your life”, that is nothing new, no secret revelation that you have discovered, it is a fear that everyone has but must be overcome.

    I am amazed that I am even saying this and I regret it a bit as it feeds into the attention you so desire, but your avatar and your words reflect paranoia not reason.

  • Anonymous

    No, they didn’t used to happen on the internet, they do now. The revolt in Tunisia sprang from a wikileak. The revolt in Egypt was being organized on facebook and twitter. Governments will get more sophisticated in their reprisals, they will start intercepting and modifying individual pages and messages so groups can’t coordinate. We will need to develop more secure and anonymous communication channels, real security will be difficult or impossible.

  • Anonymous

    Oh nos!!!! Let’s all just give up and go home now. They has won :-(

  • http://twitter.com/dcmoses Dylan Moses

    They also aren’t contributing to Anonymous in any meaningful ways. A cleverly designed computer virus programmed by one person can infect millions of computers. This cleaver virus acts, although not in the same way, shape, or form, much like the DDOS software that probably 2 or 3 thousand idiots downloaded.

    Those “people” who posted on these forums could also have been intentionality creating an ingenious distraction for the police.

    The true advantage is the evidence of things not seen. You don’t see if you see what your allowed to see.

  • hourglass1

    “Mr Boston needs a testosterone shot.”

    his posts are long and often packed with information to follow-up on if so inclined, but your statement sums up pretty well what can be sussed from the aggregate of his posts … he is quite afraid (as we all are these days, aren’t we?) and seems to want to prove to others just how afraid they really should be. nearly to the point to where we need to be either catatonic with suspicion and awe of the powerful or just die.

    to your dose of testosterone (or even estrogen) i might add half doses of:

    Abilify / aripiprazole
    Clozaril / clozapine
    Geodon / ziprasidone
    Invega / paliperidone
    Risperdal / risperidone
    Seroquel / quetiapine
    Symbyax / olanzapine (Zyprexa) plus fluoxetine (Prozac)
    Zyprexa / olanzapine

  • ThatBostonMan

    You quote a President? Don’t you get it that if you go against the government you’ll be at war with the President too? I don’t understand what your cause is but if you are willing to die for it and don’t mind being treated as a terrorists thats on you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/More-Fear-Us/668701526 More Fear Us


  • Anonymous

    The anon members that are skilled hackers know how to hide themselves well. With a chain of exploited nodes and a few anti-detection techniques (random transaction delays, re-shaping, re-encryption, ensuring the route of nodes goes through a country hostile to those likely to attempt the trace, etc), the potential point of origin for a transaction can end up covering so many nodes that the chances of identifying the right person (rather than someone completely innocent) can potentially be less than one in a million. – If it’s even possible to trace all the way to all potential points of origin.

    And that’s without even bothering with the onion routing via networks like TOR, etc., which the Anons with anything significant to conceal already will be well aware of.

    Look, I’ll concede that those who are engaging in pingwars that don’t have experience – are likely to expose themselves by not taking precautions. But the Feds aren’t retarded enough to think some punk in their basement running a copy of LOIC is really THAT significant.

    The experienced hackers that the FBI will really be interested in, will know not to just account for the technology that is known to exist – but to try to account for technology they suspect could exist… it is a part of a hacker’s psyche… to think outside the box – not just in terms of intrusion but to pre-empt potential detection and tracing too.

    And experienced hackers know that there are efforts underway to force ISPs, etc. to keep logs, that some countries have data-storage facilities for mass-recording all transactions through various forms of telecomms, etc. that VPNs are weak in terms of a hacker’s requirements for anonymity, etc.

    As for talk of satellites and drones, anon targets are typically Internet-based and only require intellect to successfully attack – funding from crooks and weapons of murder are not required. Additionally, military grade encryption (and deletion, etc. technologies) are available to everyone.

    Even with an assumption that all of the nodes used for a transaction will have the traffic in/out logged and that such information will be available to an investigation, a professional hacker can still retain their anonymity, even starting off with a domestic connection and an account tied directly to their name!!! ;)