To appease US, Yemen arrested dozens sans evidence, cable reveals

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 14:42 EDT
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Diplomatic cables released by secrets outlet WikiLeaks reveal that the Republic of Yemen detained 28 alleged Al Qaeda members on behalf of the United States, despite an investigation that found no evidence they were involved in terrorist acts.

The 28 detained Yemeni citizens were arrested after returning to Yemen from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, according to a cable dated December 6, 2004. The detainees were meant to be released during the Ramadan amnesty, but the Republic of Yemen agreed to continue to hold them based on objections from the US.

“We are waiting for information from you,” Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh was quoted as saying.

The cable also shows that President Saleh vowed to increase cooperation with the US in return for military assistance and wanted to be among the first leaders to personally congratulate President Bush on his reelection.

“Where is the money for the Army and what about my spare (F-5) parts?” the president is said to have asked.

Another diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks in December showed that the US military covered up the killing of dozens of civilians during a cruise missile strike in southern Yemen.

On December 17, 2009, an alleged Al Qaeda training camp in Abyan was hit by a cruise missile, killing 41 local residents, including 14 women, 21 children, and 14 alleged al Qaeda members.

Yemen was said to be home to Al Qaeda operatives, who claimed responsibility for the failed bid on December 25, 2009, to blow up a US-bound airliner.

The secret cable from January 2010 corroborated images released earlier this year by Amnesty International, implicating the US in the use of cluster bombs during the incident. According to the cable, President Saleh told US General David Petraeus that his government would “continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours.”

President Saleh, who has been in power for 30 years, faced large protests in the past weeks urging him to quit. Apparently relenting to popular sentiment, Saleh pledged February 2 that he would leave office when his term ends in 2013 and that his son would not succeed him.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s not the worst thing this bastard has done either. He has also taken money from the US in exchange for allowing the CIA to go inside Yemen and bomb his people to death. The people of Yemen should take this tin-pot dictator and do what the other good US friend, the dictator of Uzbekistan does to his opponents and boil him to death.

    The people of Tunisia made a mistake by letting their dictator go. The people of Egypt made a mistake by not killing theirs. I hope the people of Yemen are paying attention.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-J-Derrick/1023318038 David J. Derrick

    Frank Zappa – Thingfish – The ‘Torchum’ Never Stops

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    The fake war on terror has to have fake arrests to support the false notion. Wake up people. It is a total fraud.

  • http://twitter.com/honorablelordk Karim Walker

    And then people want to know why the Middle East hates us.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KLF5SUA5RDYXG54WWF5SHMVRAI X

    Obama’s just another dictator now, no better than Mubarak.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2NPRPRYZC3RF424Y4G4NKPY3FM Anya O

    Its no wonder the “terrorists” want to kill us all. I don’t understand why the right acts as if they’re attacks are without any justification whatsoever. I’m not saying what they are doing is right. Of course killing people, especially in such a brutal fashion, is wrong. But we do the same thing over there. We just call it a “casualty of war”. We’ve been terrorizing the Middle East for decades and the response of the “terrorists” on 9/11 was they aren’t taking it anymore. Like many say, it makes perfect sense that they attacked the WTC and Pentagon on that day. If they hated our freedom, it would have been the Statue of Liberty, for example.

    What makes this situation worse is that fact that they use their religion to recruit people. But this is much in the same fashion as the Christian Right in our country using their religion to get people to vote against gay marriage, abortion rights, etc. Religion is a very powerful tool and the “terrorists” use theirs to convince others it is their duty to Allah to fight back against the Western civilizations for what they have done to the people’s of the Middle East. They’re fighting fire with fire, in my opinion.

    Please don’t twist anything I say as being FOR terrorism or even sympathetic to it. I am simple pointing out the obvious that most people ignore and is a reason why we will continue to be in these wars until people pull their head out of their butt and come to terms with what the US has done to those people for decades.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure if we arrest and kill enough innocent people the rest will start to love us. That’s the way it works right?

  • Guest

    The Reverend Wright was right.

  • Guest

    I rather think of him as more of a puppet to the corporate oligarchy than an actual dick-tater.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s time we overthrow all these bastards.

  • Anonymous

    Why do these tin-pot dictators always want to resign (and flee to another country). They all need to make a stop at the International War Crimes Office, turn themselves in for a free trial, get themselves cleaned up, and then flee after naming names. This includes US politicians who hide in gated communities in Texas. I’ll bet peace would break out all over the world.

  • Anonymous

    As they used to troll on AOL back in the ’90′s:


  • Anonymous

    Puppet my Aunt Fanny!

    He’s a willing partner.

    I’m tired of people downplaying his guilt and/or making excuses for him.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U4CB4JMBKUBO6NL2RNREZDZUEA Freeky_Fried_Chicken

    Carrot on a stick – works for the states, works for foreign countries too.

  • Sandi

    U.S. politicians rely on us not knowing much about Yemen (a former British Colony). That’s why all “terrorists” seem to be trained there. Now that Yemen is also teetering on the brink of a real revolution, perhaps it’s time to find out why the U.S. has so much interest in it. . . oil perhaps?

  • Sandi

    No, the People cannot resort to the same tactics as their cruel leaders. As history shows (see Stalin), a revolution that results in the murder of the ousted government only allows another murderous regime to take its place. You can’t fight fire with fire–two wrongs don’t make a right–you can’t fight hate with hate–live by the sword die by the sword. Tyranny can only be defeated by mercy.

  • overdoneputaforkinit

    So if these countries turn democratic, the US won’t be able to bribe some head-honcho plantation boss who calls himself president of that country. What democracy hypocrites those who run US foreign policy are.

  • overdoneputaforkinit

    We can save them from themselves by killing them. And they’ll be like the Grateful Dead.

  • Anonymous

    Crap….Mercy only encourages more of the same! An example must be made for all to see, that no matter how high up the food chain,Justice must be meted out in good measure.A boys club of free pardons and get out of jail free cards,is no example for future generations !It`s no example for anyone!Once and for all evil must be ,first acknowledged.Then eliminated!

  • Anonymous

    What a load of total crap.Do the crime ,do the time