Report: Wal-Mart actually kills jobs, creates taxpayer burdens

By Reuters
Thursday, February 10, 2011 12:12 EDT
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NEW YORK – Wal-Mart’s lengthy struggle to open in New York City has hit fresh problems — a controversial report that said America’s biggest discounter does not just sell cheap, it makes neighborhoods poorer.

The report concludes that Wal-Mart, the biggest U.S. private employer, kills jobs rather than creates them, drives down wages and is a tax burden because it does not give health and other benefits to many part-time employees, leaving a burden on Medicaid and other public programs.

The New York City Council will hold a public hearing on Thursday on the impact a Wal-Mart would have but the retailer has declined to attend.

Wal-Mart dismisses the critical report — released in January by City University of New York’s Hunter College Center for Community Planning — as “randomly selected statements from … flawed studies.”

The report is based on 50 studies of Wal-Mart openings and comes as the company tries to gain a foothold in some of New York’s poorest neighborhoods.

“The overwhelming weight of the independent research on the impact of Wal-Mart stores … shows that Wal-Mart depresses area wages and labor benefits … pushes out more retail jobs than it creates, and results in more retail vacancies,” the report concluded.

Wal-Mart spokesman Steven Restivo said a store would bring good jobs and good shopping for fresh food to locals. To push its case, Wal-Mart launched a public relations blitz in mid-January with radio and newspaper ads and a website, www.WalMartNYC.com, which features positive coverage of the company.

New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio calls a possible Wal-Mart store in New York “a Trojan horse.”

“It looks appealing to a lot of families who are hurting but it turns into a big problem in the long term because of the net elimination of jobs,” de Blasio said.

Wal-Mart has been trying to open in New York since 2005 but various plans floundered on objections from the community and union activists. Now the company is reported to be looking at locations including East New York and Brownsville — Brooklyn neighborhoods known for high unemployment, crime and drugs.

Dilapidated buildings and empty lots are common and many residents live in public housing in these neighborhoods. The U.S. Census data for 2007-2009 show the median family income in the East New York neighborhood is $33,485; in Brownsville it is $26,802. The median family income in all of New York City is $55,562.

Planned Wal-Mart stores have long met opposition in places such as Chicago, where last year Wal-Mart secured approval to build two new stores after agreeing to use union labor.

Despite the poverty in East New York and Brownsville, many residents are against the stores setting up here.

“It would be a disaster,” said Mark Tanis, owner of an East New York shopping market about three miles from a proposed sites. “It would have a detrimental impact on our area.”

Tanis said he fears a product he sells for $20 could sell for as little as $12 at Wal-Mart and drive him out of business.

East New York resident Darryl Williams, 43, echoed the view of many, saying, “Cheap things would be nice but if it’s true that we’ll end up with even fewer jobs, that’s not good.”

Courtney Laidlaw, 22, who lives near the two possible locations said, “We have become a society of bargain shoppers and having a Wal-Mart locally will definitely be beneficial.

“The small businesses that can adapt to the socioeconomic times that we live in will find a way to survive. Wal-Mart is just an alternative destination, not the only destination.”

In Brooklyn, one of the loudest anti-Wal-Mart voices has been City Councilman Charles Barron from East New York, who has been leading demonstrations.

“We don’t need Wal-Mart (which) has a history of destroying the local economy and hurting it, not helping it,” he said.

(Reporting by Bernd Debusmann Jr.; Editing by Mark Egan and Bill Trott)

Source: Reuters

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  • Anonymous

    At last, a holistic approach to battling megastore blight.

  • Anonymous

    Lie: “The small businesses that can adapt to the socioeconomic times that we live in will find a way to survive. Wal-Mart is just an alternative destination, not the only destination.”

    Everything they spout out of their greedy corporate mouths is a lie… Isn’t/wasn’t Hillary on their BoD?

    On the day of Judgment, they will be condemned to live under the same circumstances they have bestowed upon their slaves…

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, because… Whatsoever you do to others shall be done to you J.C. —

    Instant karma’s gonna get you, it’s gonna knock you right in the head, better get yourself together, pretty soon you’re gonna be dead…J.L. May that day come very soon (the Day of Judgment that is)… Are we there yet?

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually impressed that a governmental body seems to be doing its job which is to work for the people’s best interests. Wow, what a concept.

  • Guest

    “a controversial report that said America’s biggest discounter does not just sell cheap, it makes neighborhoods poorer.”

    If this is news to you then you’ve either been living on URANUS for the last few decades or have your head “up it”!

  • Guest

    For your viewing pleasure, sunshipway:


  • Anonymous

    Hillary… 6 years on the Walmart Board:

    See Youtube Video: Hillary Clinton on Walmart…


  • Anonymous

    The 22 year old BIMBO doesn’t know the first thing about how business functions. If she thinks that ANY small business can compete with those who have DESTROYED our retail manufacturing sector and have decimated small business everywhere it’s allowed to fester, she is a TOTAL idiot. She is thinking with her wallet, not with her brain.

    Anyone who lives with such delusions should be FORCED to watch the Frontline episode on Walmart, and how they have DESTROYED this country’s ability to take care of itself. It shows clearly how Rubbermaid, a 75 year old AMERICAN company, was run into the ground and destroyed by Walmart, SINGLE HANDEDLY. 300 American jobs and a factory that employed more people in their New Hampshire factory than any other employer in town. The end of the show had the employees at the auction where their factory was out sourced to China.

    To hell with WalMart. I won’t go in one, I won’t buy anything there, and I refuse to have ANYTHING to do with them. And there are TWO in my town, but I will go to another town a few miles away to shop, rather than give those fuckers a goddamned penny. GREAT move for ANY community thin king that these greedy fucks will help your town. IT WON’T. It will hurt you , and you will be giving them tax breaks that NO ONE WHO LIVES THERE will ever get. They will NOT do a damned thing to help your community, just take the money OUT of it.

    Fuck WalMart. And fuck the Wall family. They are so fucking greedy, it’s disgusting. Sam had a soul, the rest of them are just eaten up with greed and selfishness. May they rot in hell.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PSKROFVS7E4PVTI2CEPLFWEJII John

    We are so concerned with SNAFU…

    we haven’t even noticed that we are FUBAR.

  • Guest

    I got that translated. (-:)

  • Anonymous

    .. amen brother john , it will be interesting to see what follows FUBAR …

  • Guest

    Much better than what I posted plus it also shows the lies and hypocrisies of she-who-would-be-Prez.

  • Guest

    WELL SAID (As usual), WJM51!

  • Anonymous

    Walmart both functionally and psychologically is emblematic of what has gone wrong in this country. It aggregated great wealth to a few at the expense of small businesses, communities, and workers. Cheap now is better, nurtured our worst angels. Buy because we can not because we need. Consumption became our God. Conservation and patience were cast aside.

    Listen, reason, respond.
    Do as you would have done.
    First do no harm.
    Love one another.

  • Anonymous

    I made a choice 25 years ago when I witnessed the predatory marketing practices of WALLY-WORLD to never set foot in any of their stores. This BTW was even before the offspring of the old man decided that China would be their sole source for product. AFAIC any community that stands up to keep them out deserves our support to protect their local businesses.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, but the family is Walton vs. Wall. Just look on the Forbes richest families list and you’ll note that Sam Walton’s kids make up 4 of the top ten richest persons. They care not whether their precious family business destroys American communities and jobs. They got theirs and you are screwed. Tickle down doesn’t work!

  • enorceht

    just one of the main reasons i campaigned against hillary

    Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has come under fire recently for her time spent on the Wal-Mart board of directors.

    Wal-Mart’s First Lady

    glad to see it isn’t “completely” swept under the rug

  • Pollgera

    I can think of only one thing to say: Well DUH!

  • http://twitter.com/aipfan aipfan

    They didn’t seem to analyze the benefits brought to consumers who are able to buy cheap products at a time of prolonged economic crisis in our country.

  • Guest

    What’s the trade-off?

  • Pollgera

    Are you kidding me? Cheap products made by Chinese slave labor so that the Waltons could pocket more obscene profits? Have you checked on all the recalls of those ‘product’s from Wally-worlds lately? I won’t even get into all the other issues – I don’t have that much time… and I’d need a LOT of time.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not even military, but I understood it all. And he’s right on.

  • Anonymous

    A link to the study or at least the name of the study so readers can find it would be helpful.

  • Anonymous

    When I first read this I said to myself gee, this was already widely known. Then I got to this sentence, “The report is based on 50 studies of Wal-Mart openings and comes as the company tries to gain a foothold in some of New York’s poorest neighborhoods.” It’s long been well known that Wal-Mart decimates small towns where they establish their megastores, many times not only decimating the area’s other retail establishments but sometimes even being forced to close themselves when they can’t sell enough to keep their own doors open. It is also widely known that they are masters at the business practice known as “externalities,” the practice of foisting as much of the actual cost of doing business on the municipalities and states where they operate in the form of health care for workers who can’t afford to buy insurance and aren’t covered, in the form of food stamps and other welfare type programs because their workers often times don’t make enough even when employed to support their families without state subsidies, and in the form of such things as new roads, sewer, water and tax subsidies that they demand from the communities where they bring their blight!

    Slowly communities are waking up to the mass destruction and devastation that Wal-Mart stores leave in their wake, but it has taken years for this to occur. And the message has still gotten through to many people who are driven by their own individual greed to think Wal-Mart a good thing as witnessed by the statements here coming from “Courtney”!

    When Wal-Mart comes to town, the whole nature of things changes. Small businesses can’t compete. And almost all of their products are made in China, they actively aid the people who yearly come to them with new products to manufacture and sell to get their products made for the lowest possible labor costs in China. But these horror stories about Wal-Mart have been well known for years and these studies that this report is based on have been circulating for some time.

    The family are billionaires many times over. But anyone who thinks that old Sam was some kind of hero or that the family has gone astray since he ran the place is just plain misguided, he started the whole damn process.

    They also systematically censor films, recordings, books, and other cultural materials that they sell and they are big enough to control the content of the films that they sell. Some films even have a Wal-Mart family friendly version; and their are films that they will not sell because of the content; and they are not just concerned with pornographic or sexually explicit content either. They are to retail what Huffpo is to free expression.

    Wal-Mart are a cause, symptom and example of everything that is wrong with the American economy today, I have never been in a Wal-Mart store in my life and I will never step inside one ever. Along with the Holocaust, Wal-Mart is one of my primary pieces of evidence that shows there is no god! An all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect being could never have allowed either of these two scourges to humanity to have occurred.

  • Anonymous

    Wal-mart the wealthiest family using the welfare program as a subsidy to their operation.

    Wal-mart is proof that Frank Luntz is a bullshitter and Republicans ran with the bullshit when they conned the people into using the word, “entitlement” rather than welfare.

    The name of the welfare program should be subsidy to the rich because it’s the welfare that is helping Wal-mart get by with not providing their employees health care and not paying their employees a decent living standard of wages.

    The cheap prices are possible because Wal-mart puts the burden on tax payers, a huge burden. Currently 1 in 7 Americans are on food stamps which is a subsidy to the rich in America, because the rich can avoid paying a decent wage.

    Wal-mart is also proof that Ronald Reagan is a bullshit liar about trickle down. Nothing is trickling down to Wal-mart employees and Wal-mart is putting the burden on tax payers.

    To all you Conservatives how to you explain Wal-mart sucking off the country? What happened to free market? Please don’t give us that crap that Wal-mart can’t pay a decent wage. Don’t even go down that road.

    Ronald Reagan lied to the People with his fake welfare story. What is no lie is Wal-mart is the entitlement queen aka Wal-mart is making govt add to Wal-mart’s profit and this addition to Wal-mart’s profit comes in the form of not providing Wal-mart employees a decent living wage and not providing health care. Low wages and no health care is the profit.

    Reagan you are a loser which is not surprising because you are a Conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, you’re looking at it exactly BACKWARDS. The very reason why we are in a crisis is THANKS TO Walmart. What the hell good is a cheap item, when first off, you will have to replace it within 3 years, costing yourself DOUBLE, and when you don’t have a job BECAUSE Walmart ran every other store in the area out of business? And then let’s add on to that the fact that Walmart doesn’t provide ANY health care for it’s “employees”, but TELLS THEM to go on welfare for it. Then lets talk about the tax breaks that Walmart gets from EVERY COMMUNITY that it goes into (or it doesn’t go), which means that they get to profit without contributing a damned thing back to the community itself. So, between the effects of losing 47,000 of our factories during W’s time ALONE, the tax breaks, the welfare increases, the closed mom & Pop stores (read as LOCAL BUSINESSES) and the level of quality that Chinese goods hold (melamine in baby formula, anti freeze in toothpaste, lead in children’s toys paint just to mention a few), yeah, that is a GREAT payoff, isn’t it?

    Are you a fool ALL the time, of is this just a part time gig for you? Cheap does NOT mean benefit. Sometimes it’s a straight shot to the bottom, which is EXACTLY what the righties want for this country. Too bad that means that the whole country goes to hell while they fiddle.

  • Anonymous


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M5FLH5JI4ZXJM422NAD6M5SS7U wc fields

    old news.
    they wanted to open one in our community here in northern california. i did some online research to bring to the council meetings. a few things i found;

    A Substantial Number of Wal-Mart Associates earn far below the poverty line
    Wal-Mart Associates don’t earn enough to support a family
    Wal-Mart forces employees to work off-the-clock
    Wal-Mart executives did not act on warnings they were violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    Wal-Mart’s Health Insurance Falls Far Short of Other Large Companies
    All of Wal-Mart’s Health Plan’s Are Too Costly for Its Workers to Use
    Wal-Mart hurts other businesses when it comes to town.
    Wal-Mart destroys the environment
    Wal-Mart increases vehicle traffic
    Wal-Mart’s empty stores are blighting communities
    Wal-Mart buys much of its merchandise from China
    Wal-Mart’s Chinese factory workers are treated poorly
    Wal-Mart takes a combative approach to workers’ compensation claims
    Wal-Mart fails to provide a secure retirement benefit for its employees.
    Wal-Mart shares little of its $11 billion profits with employees.
    Wal-Mart shifts retirement costs onto communities
    Wal-Mart closes down stores and departments that unionize
    Wal-Mart is committed to an anti-union policy
    Wal-Mart discriminates against women
    Wal-Mart violates Child Labor Laws

    these are just a few headings that i copied. they are the largest retail polluter, have more environmental and workplace safety violations, train their employees on how to apply for welfare and food stamps, drive local businesses under, pressure distributers to drop competitor’s products, etc, ad nauseum. details can easily be found online. anyone can google walmart info and find this out. again, this is old news. i have never set foot in one, and never will.

  • http://twitter.com/honorablelordk Karim Walker

    Everywhere Wal-Mart goes, it brings little, if any, good. NYC needs to have the stones to say “No” to Wal-Mart.

  • Anonymous

    They have destroyed small businesses and main streets all over the US. The small business men are crushed by the price undercutting when Walmart moves in. Where I live they won’t let Walmart in and we have a thriving small business community. I try to stay away from the big boxes and shop mom and pop’s because they are the true American businesses. Or you can shop at local flea markets, swap meets, second hand stores etc and you can help your fellow American. Walmart is destroying America. And puts a burden on state and local budgets because the workers have to get public assistance for health care because Walmart only gives a pittance toward health care and makes sure people don’t get the hours scheduled to qualify.

  • godistwaddle

    I hate to mention this, but this is not news.

  • Anonymous

    NO SH!T!!! I’m not sure how many letters I sent that said the exact thing! That as long as corporations take over areas as monopolies then no one can sell cheap enough to undercut them. This is fkn insane that these non-antitrust supporting policies have continued to exist! When is congress and the senate and ESPECIALLY that corporate wh0re president of ours going to fkn realize this.

    The corporations have gotten so fkn big that it’s insane to go against them but if not now, when?!!! Going against the corporations is like shooting a guy who is holding a gun to your leg. FUCKING DO IT NOW!!! We’re going to die anyway if nothing gets done – at least let us limp away from certain death!

  • Walt

    How ironic. Americans love shopping at Wal-Mart because of it’s one stop for all shopping of low cost items produced from outsourced slavery from a Totalitarian nation. They love shopping at Wal-Mart whose emloyees make substandard wages and benefits while at the same time forcing small owned business to go under just so that the children of Sam Walton can sit around the pool and collect their multi-billion dollar dividend checks.

    Okay, so I am being a little facetious… about the Walton kids sitting around the pool. But it is still very ironic as Wal-Mart has grown into this giant retail power while at the same time the middle class has been dying and wages are going down while the very rich (1 percent) have been getting more grotesquely richer.

    Of course the modern conservative movement has always been about destroying the middle class because the conservative oligarchy elitists don’t believe the “the people” can govern themselves. They don’t believe in Democracy. That is why they will always support the dictators before the people’s freedom. You want to no what a joke is? People who read books like Mark Levins’ “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” and don’t even know they are being repressed by fears and lies from a repressed little man like Mark Levin. You can exchange Mark Levin’s name with Michael Savage, or Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, etc. It doesn’t matter… it’s all the same message. Am I being fair? Have they?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M5FLH5JI4ZXJM422NAD6M5SS7U wc fields

    ‘free market’ means, you work for free.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, I didn’t remember Walton. I try NOT to think about them much. It was WORKING, too. Thanks a LOT!

  • http://twitter.com/oldivory OLD IVORY

    Ms. Anyone USA could have written this blurb years ago. Not dissing anyone. Has been apparent from the get-go.

  • http://twitter.com/oldivory OLD IVORY

    Don’t ya lov-it. Like this is news?!? This was obvious when the first Wal was put up.

  • Anonymous

    The only time I go to either Walmart or Home Depot is either to buy something for under 50 cents and pay by credit card. This way Walmart loses money on the credit card transaction fee. The other reason is to rearrange their inventory.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, but did we get anything better then Clinton?

    The Clinton-Obama race was all for show – and all to divert everyone’s attention from the truth of the election.

    The DNC/DLC got everyone all caught up in ‘this historic election’: Would we have the first black president or the first woman president? The true question was simply, ‘Would you prefer Democratic militarist-corporatist A or B’? (Or alternatively, you could have phrased it, ‘Would you like your next George Bush to be darker-skinned or to come wearing a skirt?’)

    There were several not-so-old white guys that would have better presidents – but the Democratic ‘leadership’ blocked them. And those of us who spoke out against Clinton or Obama (or both) were branded sexist or racist (or both) by would-be liberals/ progressives.

    How many millions fell for that ‘historic election’ routine? Pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, after WALMART drives the company they work for out of business they can shop there with their unemployment benefits.It’s like building your house with poor quality materials. It just comes back to bite you in the ass. Will we never stop in our race to the bottom?

  • WitsEnd66

    I have to tell you that I was listening to C-Span the other morning and Rep Hinslee (D), Washington, was the guest talking about the proposed “bad air act”. I loved the name. It is about time the Dems picked up on using Luntz-type semantics. I personally would have preferred the “gag your children and grandchildren act”, but I will settle for anything close to what Luntz uses. Perhaps we could refer to Wal-Mart as ShaftMe-Mart.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ Stumptownhero
  • Anonymous

    Wal-Mart is one of the primary culprits for the out-sourcing of jobs in this country because it demands from its and vendors/suppliers the lowest wholesale prices possible in order to do business with them. In order to meet this demand, American companies are strong-armed by Wal-Mart to facilitate the manufacture of their products in China and other cheap labor countries to accommodate its low prices.

    It is imperative that people in this country realize the power of their wallets and pocket books and began boycotting all Wal-Mart stores immediately. I guarantee you if people stop shopping at Wal-Mart store for 30 to 45 days the trend of jobs going abroad will cease and began returning to this country upon demand.

    Sadly, Americans are not willing to make sacrifices or inconvenience themselves for the greater good. We have no one but ourselves to blame for own demise buy continuing to support Wal-Mart, airlines, banks, oil companies, etc, with our hard earned dollars.

    BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!. You have the power, it’s in your pockets.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping it won’t be long until those corporate presidents and chairmans and executives, who feed through their corpora-incestuous relations, will be strung up with their families. If we can’t kill corporations legally, that may be the only alternative.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4VA6TTNAMEOUHHG7Y556VY5BM4 Carol Ashley

    In our small rural town, about 4000 people but serving a population of about 8000, what I have found so far that as WalMart has pushed small businesses out, I can no longer get everything I need in our town. Some small businesses have gotten very creative and managed to stay afloat. So far the net gain in employment is probably there but not by much. I have gone to WalMart when I can’t find the product I need elsewhere, but most often it’s of such poor quality that I have emded up taking it back and gone online instead.

    I hope New Yorkers do the right thing and keep WalMart out.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    This is old news. The Walmart effect has been know for at least a decade. Robert Greenwald made a film about it. City University just confirmed what citizen have been touting for a decade.
    Our government is in denial. Meanwhile the evil Walmart continues to gobble up communities and profit from the misery of exploited foreign workers.

  • DesertSun59

    “…a controversial report that said America’s biggest discounter does not just sell cheap, it makes neighborhoods poorer…”

    ‘Controversial’ means it invokes public dispute or debate. But that is incorrect. This report is FACT BASED and thus is not about debate or disputes. It’s about how Walmart kills jobs and increases the tax burden. Facts. Not beliefs. FACTS.

  • DesertSun59

    Altho you are correct, that will never happen. Ma and Pa Kettle are incapable of connecting dots and are not making enough money to shop anywhere else but WalMart. This is a self-perpetuating cycle now and is totally unstoppable.

  • Anonymous

    I used to work at Sams Club (a subsidiary of Walmart) I can tell you that all the controversies about how they treat their employees are all true. They send workers home, unpaid, if business is slow that day. They also hire people for lower positions (janitor) and make them work in a higher paying (cashier, specialty department) yet the employee is still paid at the lower level. Want to complain about it? The have a policy that if you refuse to take a drug test, they can fire you right on the spot. So if (and this DID happen several times) you complain about something to your manager, they accuse you of using drugs and tell you to go take a drug test immediately. If you think that is absolutely ridiculous and refuse, they fire you. Thanks for listening to the rant.

  • Anonymous

    It’s news to Mr. & Mrs. Conservative Middle America.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this “controversial”? It’s obvious and evident on the face of it. But ANYTHING that shows the drawbacks of monopolization, killing small businesses, crushing local business: that’s ‘controversial’?

  • ghostof911

    Equating the Holocaust with Wal*Mart? That’s ingenious! Hitler would be turning over in his pile of ashes if he read that.

  • Anonymous

    You are exactly right. It doesn’t matter how cheap the goods are if you don’t have a J O B to help pay for said goods. Just ask anyone in NC who used to work in textiles. As my firstborn so eloquently put it— Wal-Mart has driven a stake in the heart of small town America.

    Only the folks in Wal-Mart Corporate have any kind of decent salaries. Our local Wal-Mart has the monopoly in our town. I go there only in dire emergencies. I’ve not yet had one dire enough.

  • ghostof911

    Be sure to stock up on lots of fake rice made from plastic on your next trip to your favorite WallyWorld.


  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

    No great surprise.
    Hillary used to be on their board, but now she’s working for another organization that screws middle class workers.

  • ghostof911

    Appreciate your rant. I wasn’t aware the business practices like that occurred anywhere. They are repulsive even by banana republic standards.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, good job holding out against the machine and spending your money elsewhere… freedom isn’t free…

  • Anonymous

    But redneckkked republican white America loves them!

  • Anonymous

    What spider hole did you climb out of? Go back to Fox Nation where all the nut jobs are.

  • Guest

    Duh, we already knew this.

    They’re at the top of the race to the bottom. Glad someone decided to put it in a report which the corporate media will conveniently forget, just like everything else that affects the vast majority of Americans.

    But hey, if it’s something involving rich people, they’re on it!

  • Guest

    But Thebes is telling the truth. Hillary was one of their paid hacks for a while. Her hubby also strongly agrees with Wal-Mart’s practices adn values, as does President Obambi, I’m sad to say. It’s all about the money.

    One is not a nutjob or a Pox/Fauxnewsbot for pointing this reality out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TTCYMSQW7E5EVBYYMS2YSNCSAM Anonymous

    I’ve seen the impact of Wal-Mart. I visited a small town in Indiana several years ago where a Wal-Mart was built on the edge of town. Almost every shop in downtown is closed, and Wal-Mart has become the virtual hub of civic life there.

    Small shops cannot compete against Wal-Mart where price is concerned. I’ve spoken to shop owners who tell me Wal-Mart buys in such incredible bulk for such deep discounts that, for some items, the shop owners can’t even buy their product for the price Wal-Mart is selling them at.

    I’ve seen what they do to public resources, too, with my own eyes. When they say most Wal-Mart employees have to seek Medicaid, they are NOT kidding. I know for a fact, too, that Wal-Mart encourages employees to accept at least some of their wages as credit for shopping at Wal-Mart (I’ve met the people who were accepting it).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PS3ZJ2DB5BBCUXTGVCIECDZT64 One Species

    Has anyone that works at Mal-Wart, ever actually passed a drug test?

  • Anonymous

    What a laugh. The bosses in the most corrupt (except perhaps LA and Chicago) city in the country is envious of the goodwill an good deeds that Wal Mart has brought to so many communities — jobs galore, low prices, flexible hours, and not one employee who is forced to work there or one customer who is forced to shop there. Why does the Left join the corrupt? Is the competition too good? Does the Inner Party want everyone to love only Big Brother, who brings only crass cynicism and economic collapse?

    I don’t like Wal Mart, but I won’t diss the good they’ve done for a lot of my rural poor neighbors.Inexpensive goods and coveted jobs. What has the New York City Council done for us lately? ?? Zilch.

    Long live Wal Mart!

  • Anonymous

    What condescending, odious, contemptible bigotry. And what white superior elite do you belong to? Poor white folk don’t qualify for any minority set-asides, they have to work for a living. You find that distasteful?

    Shame on you.

    Grow up, get a job, and go look at the Ma and Pa Kettles who are working hard at low wages across rural America and thank God for them.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ Stumptownhero

    Chris you need to RE-read the story. They KILL jobs and thus take INCOME out of RURAL communities. True they sell stuff cheap but at what price to YOUR community? More UN-employment, LESS income tax revenue, MORE welfare, LESS healthcare for employees, MORE unemployment claims via laid off workers.

    Just because it SEEMs like there is less money coming out of your pocket does not mean that you are going to pay MORE in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    A very well thought out and well-worded comment. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    True but I don’t think the Clintons knew back they the damage being done that we see today.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3ETFGMQ3B7VD4AAMILBBEVMCWE JasonA

    Wal-Mart is a criminal corporation. Its executives and BOD should be hanged. I would include all living members of the Walton family and every executive who had a hand in the business model of exporting jobs, and importing everything from China. Anyone who shops there is cutting the throat of middle America.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3ETFGMQ3B7VD4AAMILBBEVMCWE JasonA

    You are a complete idiot and have apparently been asleep for twenty years. What you say is complete nonsense. What a fool!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3ETFGMQ3B7VD4AAMILBBEVMCWE JasonA

    Yes, it is called the US Government.

  • enorceht

    so what have you done lately other than complain … you are pitiful

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    I bet no one who works for Raw Story nor anyone reading this article has ever shopped at a Wal-Mart. rofl

  • Anonymous

    In other amazing news, the sky was discovered to be blue.

  • Anonymous

    Hit a sore spot, did I?

    Too bad.

    As for what I’ve done: None of your bloody business!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PF4BRQDF4633RPXV5TPFG7KV7Y LarryM

    well, we used to…after Palin visited the local store for a book signing..we said: NO MORE…haven’t been back since and that’s a few monts ago! horrah for us!

  • Anonymous

    Walmart does not belong in NYC, it would ruin the neighborhood continuity. But who again gets to decide if smokes and transfats are allowed in the city? the people? uhhhh, no that is is not it. Plato-like philosopher kings make those decisions. Wonderful place to visit, but….

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/XZOZFUWR3YKJ25ZUAQQZWO7R6I SR

    Are consumers just morons? Hello people, Wal-mart sells CHEAP, but they also sell JUNK. Hell, dont be surprised if the products you buy there arrive at your home ALREADY BROKEN. Nice of them to save that extra step, eh? I used to have to break things myself. Now I save both time and worry buying cheap chinese junk at Wal-Mart.

    The only real savings you see there is in name brand products, but you’d be much better off just paying the $50 for a Costco membership. Wal-mart will never be able to compete on quality – EVER- as that is the natural result of sourcing your products from overseas slave labor. And there are better run organizations that compete just fine against them in terms of price, such as Costco.

  • Anonymous

    my only intelligent response to this article:


  • Anonymous

    This story just summarizes everything we already knew about Walmart. Most of our real problems are well known to people that don’t delude themselves and watch Fox News and listen to crap conservative radio.

    Some examples of stuff we have known for years but ignore:
    Deficits are bad
    Social Security was/is becoming insolvent
    Our health care system is excellent for the rich, sucks for the poor, it’s worse than most industrial countries.
    Outsourcing of jobs is bad for employment
    Trade agreements that send US companies away from the US is bad
    We don’t need to invade countries preemptively for made-up reasons and then occupy them permanently.
    The government shouldn’t borrow money with no viable plan to ever pay it back.
    Evolution is science, the other is religion
    And finally, Walmart sucks.

  • Anonymous

    The Walmart annual conferences are like revivalist conventions – to the new god of crass consumerism. Buy cheap goods, lose US jobs, create jobs for the Chinese….

  • DriveBy

    You need a study like this when you’re too blind to see Walmart killing off local small businesses, and thus killing off entire neighborhoods, for yourself.

  • cannotvote

    Nobody in their right mind shops at wAlmart – lot of loons out there!

  • Anonymous

    If ANYONE out there doubts the viciousness of Wal-Mart just log on to walmartwatch.com and listen to some of the horror stories present and former employees.This company is a national disgrace.Not one of my family members shop at their bastard stores.

  • Anonymous

    Chrisinva,do you like supplementing the healthcare benefits with taxpayer money via medicaid?Well,if you do continue shopping there.The Chinese warehouse is in for a rude awakening one of these days.The Canadian government won’t let them bulid there.They did build one strore and the employees tried to organize,and walmart bailed out.

  • http://voxxrocks.com/blog/ HIStory Indeed

    Anyway you slice it, when looking over Hillary and Slick Willie, you can’t not take into account the continually growing Clinton Body Count.

  • enorceht

    Hit a sore spot, did I?

    Too bad.

    rigt back at you

  • Anonymous

    Surprise surprise, Monopoly is bad. And Hillary Clinton was on their Board of Directors as their Empire started to explode…
    Outsourced (and not so outsourced) Slave Labour = Cheap Prices (insert brainwash smiley face here)
    WalMart is a good case study for Econ 101 students- “The evils of Monopoly”. Keep ‘em out of your town! But it’s too late, isn’t it?

  • paddles57

    Delusional much?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t shop at Walmart, eat at Chick-fil-a, or tug on Superman’s cape.

  • paddles57

    Forget to put on your tin foil hat today?

  • paddles57

    If it’s not on Fox it isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Alas, there are all too many WalMart stores in Canada and imbeciles shopping there–even union workers. Every time someone shops at WalMart, he or she is condoning slave labour. I

  • Anonymous

    I have never shopped at WalMart. Never will. I also don’t watch the corporate McNews or read its newspapers and magazines.I shop as ethically and as locally as I can, without going naked. My wardrobe, as you can imagine, is very limited;))

  • Stina

    I’m so glad I stopped shopping there 2 years ago. I don’t miss it a single bit and hope more communities collectively say NO to Walmart

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, most people are non-sentient, as I suspect chrisinva is.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry,chrisinva dear, but you do need to develop critical thought and think things all the way through. Read something else besides the mainstream press and People Magazine. Naom Chomsky. Ralph Nader, at the very least. Jerry West. There are lots of people with brains out there, so read their stuff and maybe their thought-processes will rub off on you. Avoid watching shows like, Let’s Make a Deal and other flaff. I’ve worked damn hard all my life, sometimes 2-3 jobs at once. Demanding jobs. I made a good living enough to support myself and my kids, and am retired now. There are few jobs like mine out there now, thanks to “guest immigrant workers” (in reality, scabs who undercut resident workers’ salaries), and sweatshops abroad, also undercutting wages and jobs here. So don’t cater to these companies! A bankrupt WalMart would be a good thing for your neighbourhood and your country.

  • Anonymous

    ..and thereby ensuring their continued downward plight. Geez, think things all the way through!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t go there at all–do without. There is nothing that dire to shop at WalMart!

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t that what the Guillotine was supposed to do, way back when in France? Best to just not shop at Walmart, EVER. Kill ‘em off, one corporation at a time. Take away their corporate personhood. Mass-sue them. Infiltrate them and orgainze to destroy them from the inside. But most of all, educate the people. Get involved in the schools. Teach the teachers to THINK. Unrabinwash people. Most are painfully ignorant to the point of sheer stupidity, incapable of critical thought. It’s a wonder they can stand upright.

  • http://voxxrocks.com/blog/ HIStory Indeed

    Ha… I guess one old one-liner deserves another…

    Still drinking the Kool-Aid?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve NEVER shopped there. And never will.

  • paddles57

    You appear to be the one doing all the drinking. Have a nice day!

  • http://voxxrocks.com/blog/ HIStory Indeed

    Oh geeze. Do you apply this much thought to your replies in general? This contributes nothing to the thread.

    Not to mention that is says something when all you can do is say na, na, na poo, poo, can’t be, can’t be, instead of considering a point someone has made that goes outside of your comfort zone.

    PS, I don’t “have” a nice day, I make one, big difference from a mental standpoint. Think about that and forget all of this jib jab nonsense that is by far less important…

  • Anonymous

    “randomly selected statements from … flawed studies.”
    Talk about calling the Kettle black. Sam Walton Jr, financed the “Oceans of Abundance ” report for EDF(environmental defence fund) that was used as a tool to sell their ocean policy to Obama. They, thanks to the generous philanthropist, have been destroying your seafood industry, and wiil become the Sealord. The big corporate fishing entity, at the cost of thousands of small familly fishing operations, and thousands of job’s. Walmart in English mean’s DESTRUCTION.

  • Anonymous

    How very endearing, Marysue. Congratulations on your work experience, I’m sure you made a good living enchanting your customers all day with your sparkling wit and scintillating personality. Oh, and spying on our house, too! That is a very original and succinct dig! Should I write it down?

    Or — don’t tell me, let me guess — you’re and Episcopalian priestess. That’s gotta be it, you wear their harridan homiletic style on your sleeve. Which is why the pews are, well, empty, I suppose.

    Moving right along: Chomsky is wrong about language and right about the wars (because they were perpetrated by lies, which is his forte). However, I haven’t seen him complain about Obama’s wars lately, I hope he’s not just a partisan hack (I supported impeachment of Bush and Cheney then, and Obama and Biden now, my principles don’t change with the political tides). When Chomsky gives as good to the goose as to the gander, I’ll take him more seriously. Since he’s such a fan of competition in the workplace, does he support abolishing tenure, I wonder?

    Condescension seems to abound on Raw, which implies that the readers here are some kind of elite. What qualifies you, though, besides schoolyard taunts masquerading as argument? There are actually constitutional and moral arguments available to criticize “scab” (illegal) workers, as well as shipping America’s industrial jobs abroad (which major corporate donors to both parties support and perpetuate, in true bipartisan spirit). Use them, they actually persuade, rather than demean some imaginary caricature constructed at your pleasure.

    Who are “those companies”? What computer do you use? How many of its components were manufactured in the USA? What manufacturers, apart from the Pentagon and Homeland Security suppliers, are actually left in America any more? These are serious questions, you can’t blow them off with idle twaddle.

    As far as Wal Mart is concerned, you apparently putting out of business the largest single private employer in America. Do you want to replace it with government-run stores? The Soviets had a real good one, GUM — its shelves, alas, were always empty.

  • ladygeek

    When I was that age, I did things that horrify me today. I busted unions for a living as a Human Resources Manager. But I was even questioning my ethics at that time as well. A colleage told me one time: if there’s bad management it’s like an open door to union organizing and they brought it on themselves. Companies who practice good management and good employee relations (including pay & benefits) is a good thing to do because they’ll get questions like: How do you keep the union organizing activity so low?

    I wouldn’t fault Hillary for that. I worked in Labor Relations for about the same length of time.

  • paddles57

    Get off of your high horse and leave me alone.You posted an item that reeks of “conspiracy theory” and you wonder why I commented. That’s not outside of my comfort zone-it’s out of this world.

  • Anonymous

    I started reading from the bottom of the thread but after I read your first post much lower here about Chomsky and what he was right about (wars) and wrong about (language) (which I may agree with depending on the details); concerning Obama, Chomsky has been critical of Obama and sees the Obama administration as a continuation of Bush administration and long term American foreign policy goals. Chomsky was recently interviewed by both TruthOut and Amy Goodman at DemocracyNow–this interview can currently be found at AlterNet.

    I assume from your language usage and writing skills that you work in management at Wal-Mart and are here to give the company position in what is obviously enemy territory. That’s fine, I just thought I would drop that into the mix so that people don’t get confused about what is going on here.

    The same sort of thing happens when people start bad-mouthing Comcast, in the middle of the conversation some happy Comcast customer shows up out of the blue to talk about how great their Comcast service is and how wonderful they think the company is and what great things Conmast is doing. This crap you posted here is nothing but company propaganda and I want everyone here to be fully aware of that.

    I like the “I don’t like Wal Mart” touch, in the second paragraph; after spending all this time here attacking those who have attacked Wal-Mart and those who shop there and writing the first paragraph, that claim rings as hollow as an empty barrel. How much are they paying you to write this crap?

  • http://voxxrocks.com/blog/ HIStory Indeed

    This is not about being on a high horse it’s a comment about a list of people who died under odd circumstances that are all in one way or another related to someone historically important. It is not conspiracy theory at all, it is simply information.

    Some might find this information interesting given a little something called the law of probability.

  • paddles57

    Please forgive me-it just seemed to be the same old rant that the right-wingers always bring up. I will look into it-but granted-you could probably find a number of the same coincidences involving a lot of politicians. Again-sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Your superego is outrunning your ignorance, which is a feat indeed.

    All your successful working life, you accused anyone you disagree with to be a whore, right? Won you lots of friends? Again, having admitted you were wrong in your first post, admit you’re wrong this time too and get back to the argument (dare i call it that), which is, who has the right to decide that a private company should go belly up because she doesn’t like it and thinks that people who work there (hundreds of thousands) are whores?

    What about their customers? Are they whores too?

    I read Raw for fun, since the “conservative” sewage is too hard to take sometime. I want the Left, which was so able in dissing Bush’s illegal wars, so wise up and realize it has some good ideas — even Marx correctly analyzed serious problems of capitalism from a sociological point of view, altho his economics were atrocious. You are living your intellectual life on a unidimensional template (unless you’re just adopting various personae to pass the time). The ad hominem (the hominus is missing, by the way) is just tiresome. Buck up, as the gals out west say, and dig into a rational argument where you actually grasp a principle and use it as a basis for persuasion. I dare you – no name calling, no crystal balls, no slimy guesses, just “Raw” rational thinking.


    Chris in VA

  • Anonymous

    I thought you were an idiot before, now I’m sure. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    WalMart has been accused and lost in court damn near every time of illegal business practices. They just lost a sex discrimination suit, for instance, because they had a company wide policy of not promoting women or paying the same as they did their mail employees. There have been other cases, where night workers were locked in the buildings, unable to leave, and many have had to work OFF the clock for NO wages at all. Yeah, that kind of treatment is great for your poor neighbors, who, if they work there, can’t afford to raise any concerns, or they could be fired immediately. Then lets talk about how WalMart pays NO health care, in fact, they openly counsel their workers to go and file for welfare. This, combined with the massive tax cuts that WalMart DEMANDS in order to move into a community, means that WalMart is a DRAIN on the system, NOT the savior they proclaim themselves to be.

    It would be far better to put a factory into your town, and give people REAL jobs that they can raise a family on, would it not? A factory that makes things to sell to others in the community, or around the country? It might be a start to replace those 47,000 FACTORIES that this country allowed to be shipped overseas just during W’s 8 years. And that would mean FAR more to your poor neighbors than all the cheap assed crap that WalMart could sell them, regardless of the low prices. And it would mean more to this country, too.

    When you talk about big brother, WalMart is who should come to mind. They are as much big brother as the feds will ever be, especially now that big business has neutered the gov’t. With gov’t, you at least have SOME say. With big business, you get NOTHING. You get to shovel your money at them, and they just keep taking more and more of it. Meanwhile, they get rich, and you lose ground every month, year and decade.

    And for the record, that crass cynicism and economic collapse are due to people like you who seem to think that those with too much money can be trusted to be something OTHER than crooks. They ARE crooks, they are just the successful ones. Why you would trust THEM over those who are SUPPOSED to be your protectors is beyond me. Why does the party of NO think that money makes one trustworthy?

    BTW, I get the impression that you are in VA, what the hell are you doing bitching about the NYC city council not doing anything for you? You’re not even in their state, let alone their city, why should they give a flying rat’s ass about you?

    May WalMart die and take the Walton family down with it. I hope they die in a warehouse full of cheap Chinese crap that no one wants. And may it be full of melamine, antifreeze, and lead.

  • Anonymous

    Or spit into the wind.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike you I actually posted a rational argument against Wal-Mart instead of a pro Wal-Mart comment that could have been taken right from their website, commercials or news releases. If you aren’t being paid by them for your sentiment you might want to contact them, I’m sure they might be interested in hiring you.

    I didn’t use the word “whore” anywhere in my comment. So if you are going to accuse someone of saying something you might at least stick with their words instead of just making shit up!!

  • Anonymous

    This is old news! So.,….why do so many underpaid and overworked idiots still shop there—to save $3 on a barbeque grill?

    It depresses me to drive past the WalMart in my neighborhood where the parking lot is invariably packed. Do people remain unaware that WalMart has a toxic effect on their local communities’ economies, or do they simply not care?

  • Anonymous

    Of course you called me a whore — a paid liar. There are enough of them in northern VA, to be sure, but selling one’s honor is a graver sin even than selling one’s body, and you constantly fabricate realities that suit your opinions (hardly arguments, sorry, but I’m a patient man) our of your imagination.

    The bst way to advance your apparent goal is to use the freedom of the marketplace and persuade people to boycott WalMart. Your persuasive powers are rather negative right now. I encourage you to change your M.O. and maybe you can make it happen..

  • Anonymous

    Man, I guess you represent the kind of people who pack the WalMart parking lot that I drive past in my neighborhood. Get a clue. Get several.

    First of all, you claim “no one is forced to shop at WalMart.” Actually, dear, when WalMart moves into a town and promptly puts all the small retailers and Mom and Pops out of business, that is EXACTLY what happens. People ARE forced to shop there because there is no place left to shop! And it goes without saying that with so many retailers going belly up thanks to slave-labor produced ultra-cheapo goods, people who are retailer workers ARE forced to throw themselves on the mercy of WalMart for employment. So yes, in many cases people ARE forced to work for WalMart, even people who (justifiably) despise the company.

    It would be nice if WalMart cared as much about the concept of freedom as you apparently do. Do you know that WalMart–and this is a matter of public record—routinely FORCES its employees to put in additional time “off the clock” (otherwise known as slavery)? Did you know that WalMart LOCKS IN employers during their shifts? Did you know that WalMart dictates personal grooming, socializing and dating policies for its workers—even when they are on their OWN TIME and not work time? Did you know that WalMart routinely keeps so much of its work force on 29 hour or less schedules (and thereby ineligible for health benefits) so that these workers are forced to show up at local hospital emergency rooms for health care–which is a burden on EVERY taxpayer and worker (including you, because your costs and taxes rise because of this)? Did you know that since WalMart twists the arm of local governments for tax breaks (in exchange for providing all those wonderful lousy “jobs”), your property and sales taxes are higher as a result? Smell like “freedom” to you?

    I could fill a whole page of RawStory educating you on the deleterious effect this corporation has had on our economy. But it is YOUR job to educate yourself. The information is out there. Google it and get it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen a lot of rightwing blather about how the success of WalMart is “the fault of unions” who gredily demanded salaries that were too high and thus forced so much manufacturing out of the country so those poor business owners could make a profit, boo hoo! I once read a 3-part series on WalMart that ran in the LA Times a few years back. One of WalMart’s suppliers confided to the journalist that WalMart demanded that he sell to them at such low prices that he couldn’t meet them even if he paid his workers NOTHING AT ALL. So what do rightwingers suggest—that all workers become slaves? This is the future of the work place in this country—unless we organize to stop it. It has simply become a race to the bottom. In real dollars, the American worker’s income actually peaked in 1973. It has gone down hill ever since and is taking the entire economy with it.

  • Anonymous

    Hell, if I had to work for WalMart I’d take drugs too.

  • Anonymous

    This is a classic “straw man” technique: setting up a false dichotomy. We have only two choices, folks: WalMart or Communism!

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. I myself am continually strapped for cash. Not only do I drive by my WalMart and shop at (only slightly) higher local stores, I rejoice in doing so. The prices may be a bit higher, but you can make up for that by buying and using less. So no, I don’t by a lot of cheap crap. It’s amazing how much you can do without.

  • Anonymous

    Do not fear, there’s a third way. Consider: 50 years ago, General Motors was the best stock in the world to own. The free market has a way of moving inefficiencies to the bottom of the heap. It’s very demanding and requires risk-taking. These days a lot of people avoid those two features of the economy in their own work.

    That’s why, where I live, everybody wants a government job. All security, little work, you can’t get fired, innovation is avoided, and you don’t have to please the consumer because you’re a monopoly.

    Wal Mart and every other retailer has to please their consumer because she can go elsewhere. The government doesn’t give you an option. From a drivers license to an army, there’s only one source, right?

  • lilyannerose

    I don’t support WalMart because they are good for nothing but poor pay and lack of benefits. They keep their employees so underpaid that our tax dollars have to support their workers. I feel it would only be fair to require those who shop and support this useless retail giant to pay an “employee benefit surcharge” in order to get WalMart employees off of government programs. It should also be mandated that the surcharge receipt state how much profit is being paid out to the WalMart Heirs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GH53MAGRQMGBXI2L3IOEGBQHQM David

    Ahhh…so much ignorance (not stupidity…ignorance!) on these Walmart bashing sites. Walmart puts mom and pop businesses on Main Street out of business? I have never been forced to go to Walmart to purchase anything and I am not aware of any other person who has ever been forced to do so. I have gone to Walmart many times to purchase items at lower prices than the mom and pop store. The mom and pop store was simply too small or inefficient or poorly managed to sell the item at a lower price. Thus, evidently it was I (and all the other Walmart shoppers) that put mom and pop out of business…not Walmart.
    What about killing jobs when I shop at Walmart? Not so! The money I save by paying less at Walmart allows me to purchase something I would not have been able to purchase if I had paid a higher price at the mom and pop. Somebody must have gotten a job somewhere (maybe at a different mom and pop on Main Street?) to provide me with the additional item I was able to purchase with my savings. So…by shopping at Walmart, not only was I better off because I ended up with two products to enrich my life instead of one but I helped create a job for someone by purchasing the second item.
    Stop listening to the ignorant politicians preaching class warfare and the union organizers who only want power and your union dues and you will be better off now and in the future!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GH53MAGRQMGBXI2L3IOEGBQHQM David

    Because with the $3 I save on the barbeque grill I can buy some hot dogs or hamburgers to cook on it!
    Creating jobs that pay wages comparable to other retail businesses and selling products for less is a toxic effect? Hmmm…I’m having trouble with that logic.

  • lilyannerose

    Good, why don’t you start the WalMart employee health care fund as a tax payer and one who does not shop WalMart I feel it only fair that WalMart supporters bear the cost of health care and other benefits for WalMart employees. I wonder if 10% surcharge on purchases by WalMart shoppers would cover it? Or would it take more?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M4LWTHUWGUHFZS4UX4V6YXXGZU James

    So paying high union wages and benefits is best for the company? And how much is GM stock worth?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M4LWTHUWGUHFZS4UX4V6YXXGZU James

    You think the loss of “redneck” dollars is what has caused the downfall of this nation? I didn’t know we were that powerful.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M4LWTHUWGUHFZS4UX4V6YXXGZU James

    How about no one takes a job that pays less ten $10 an hour with full benefits, then all employers would have to pay up or else have no employees to work for them. The government could stop paying medicare and welfare so taxes would be lower and business would have more money to pay their employees. The Navy could blockade the coast so no foreign manufactured goods could come in then all our dollars would stay here. And if any scab takes a low paying job, break their legs! The Army can secure the Southern border and keep out those exploitable Hispanics and stop the money flow south.