Anti-tax activist forgot his past alliances with progressives

By Nathan Diebenow
Saturday, February 12, 2011 12:13 EDT
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An anti-tax activist told an audience at a conservative forum recently that the left on the political spectrum consisted of nothing more than “competing parasites,” not “friends and allies” of the right.

“If we say no to tax increases, stop throwing money, they will cheerfully gnaw at the guy sitting next to them,” Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said in his talk during the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday.

Norquist described the left as “the takings coalition” as opposed to “the leave-us-alone coalition” on the right.

The left consisted of “labor unions, trial lawyers, big city political machines” and people who in government welfare programs and people who manage those welfare programs, he explained.

“Usually, they want money. Yours. And it goes to them,” Norquist said of the left.

The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone,” he said, insisting, “We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.”

“We just want to run our lives and have liberty,” he added.

Norquist then likened those on the left to bank robbers in the movies, sitting around a table splitting the stolen loot amongst them. And a part of their so-called heist consisted of those federal funds that bailed out Wall Street during the financial crisis in 2008.

“You notice that the first thing [President] Obama did when he showed up was take $800 billion and throw it in the center of the table and $350 billion from TARP and set it on the table,” he said.

Norquist continued, “And you got a $1 trillion-plus on the center of the table, and our friends on the left can get along.”

However, Norquist ignored the fact that the cause of the financial crisis — the housing bubble — started under President Bill Clinton and deteriorated under President George W. Bush. Moreover, the key legislative issue for the US labor unions — the Employee Free Choice Act — failed to pass the Democratically-controlled Congress during the first half of Obama’s current term.

While smearing the left and honoring the right, Norquist seemed to have also forgotten several progressive/libertarian coalitions in which he joined in recent years on a number of agenda items on which he and his left-leaning allies found common ground.

For example, in 2009, Norquist joined a coalition aimed at stopping Ben Bernanke’s confirmation as Federal Reserve chief until the Fed had been audited. Among his progressive allies were Dean Baker, co-director of Center for Economic and Policy Research; Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen; and Jane Hamsher, founder of liberal blog FireDogLake.

Hamsher also noted other instances in which Norquist has aligned himself with progressives on such issues as the Patriot Act, national ID cards, and medical marijuana.

In response to criticism of her seeking Norquist as an ally against the bailout of Fannie/Freddie in 2009, Hamsher wrote, ”The ground is shifting. You can feel it.”

This video is from CSPAN, broadcast Feb. 11, 2011, as snipped by Mediaite.

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  • Anonymous

    Norquist is spreading the biggest load of horseshit I have read in ages. He says “The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone. We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.”

    Except when it comes to getting between a woman and her doctor. Except when it comes to deciding who can marry. Yeah, they want to be left alone to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

  • Anonymous
  • jimbo92107

    It has always been, and shall always be a struggle for money between owners and workers.

    Owners will always want to be “left alone” by government because they have an inordinate amount of money and they want to keep every penny.

    Workers will always want the government to take money away from the rich because the rich refuse to pay livable wages, which is why our society requires social programs to “make ends meet” like food stamps, Welfare, Social Security and Universal Health Care (if we ever get it).

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/btmfdrsheaven rebecca meritt

    They didn’t want to tell the Iraqi people what to do either. These repuggs can crawl back into their snake holes and never come out if that makes them happy,I know it’ll make me happy. I’ve never asked any of them for a f’g thing. Excuse me,I did ask Kay Bailey Hutchinson to vote no on going to war and she sent me an enlightened letter explaining how stupid I was in not wanting to kill those people. So f’k them and f’k the horse they came in on.

  • Anonymous

    I am none of the above. But I am a lefty who wishes righties would leave ME the hell alone. Only problem is, their idea of being “left alone” means “free to exploit and hoard money, with no checks and balances for the working people, for whom they will never pay a living wage if they don’t have to.”

    My idea of being left alone is: being able to have dominion over my body & what goes on in it, not having to fund endless war with my tax dollars, being able to love & marry whoever I choose so long as they are a consenting adult human.

    This goes without saying, but this is really insulting to the wide spectrum of people who are progressive, liberal, lefty, or whatever. We (lefties) encompass so many different kinds of people and so many different reasons for doing what we do. The only people who will believe this caricature are those who are so blinded by ego and their desire to win, win, win, that they see nothing else. Sad and predictable.

  • Anonymous

    The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone,” he said, insisting, “We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.”

    What a load of crap. You don’t want other people’s money. Then how do you explain the I.O.U’s in the Social Security box? The money was borrowed to pay for the tax cuts to the rich. And plans are to default on those I.O.U’s.

    What a load of crap. How often does the Right continue to try and rip off the people in this nation but failed to do so. The U.S Chamber of Commerce and Boehner wanted the tax payers to clean up the Gulf Oil spill, but that idea was dropped fast because the taxpayers would revolt. Nevertheless the right tried to pull it off.

    What a load of crap. In settlements reached in 2000 and 2002, Columbia/HCA plead guilty to 14 felonies and agreed to a $600+ million fine in the largest fraud settlement in US history… Does the name Rick Scott ring a bell?

    What a load of crap. Ronald Reagan the first president to ruin the CIA. He pressured the CIA to lie to Congress about the Soviet Union’s state of economics. The CIA lied and said the Soviet Union was a economic power greater than the U.S. Congress gave the money which was a ripping off of the tax payers.

    What a load of crap. How can you have a process that ends up with more than you started with? The answer for economics is only by sacrificing human lives.

    The above is just on ripping off other people’s money and all the above rip off artists are right wingers.

    The part about you don’t want other people’s time and about other people’s live. Give us a break on that bullshit. The right is the one barging in our doors telling us how to have sex, telling us who gets to marry, telling us how to life the right wing Hell Jesus life.

    The CPAC is the annual bullshit contest. A moment of telling each other feel good stories that require a noseplug to hear it.

  • Guest

    If this guy was anymore full of shit he would be leaving a brown, smelly trail behind him as he walked.

  • Anonymous

    The republicans want to run their lives and have liberty and that is by legally forcing rape and incest victims to carry their fetus’s to term and regulating who can and can’t get married. I think most republican’s just want to be anti anything they deem Democratic or liberal regardless who it effects or how it effects. There are a few republicans that think [not necessarily with clarity] but the rest are content to follow and let others do their thinking for them.

  • enorceht

    and just for security … after they crawl back into their snake holes get the rock ready so we can seal it off

  • Anonymous

    It is such a BS meme that the right doesn’t want money. They SUCK more money up than the left; they just do it via privatization. Who has more power in the US? The individual citizen or industry? How silly we continue to pretend regarding this mischaracterization of the left and right. I’m sure it makes the right feel good but its BS.

  • VJBinCT

    Well, we could just drop these guys off mid-desert, a couple hundred miles from anywhere, and leave them alone. With a suitcase full of ‘their own money’.

  • Anonymous

    What a patheticly warped individual. Wonder what planet he is living on?

  • Guest

    “The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone,” he said, insisting, “We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.”

    “We just want to run our lives and have liberty,”

    Grover Norquist on why taxes suck even if it means bringing a country down to it’s economic knees. Which will then of course, not interrupt a thing.

    ‘Leave us alone, everything is fine…’

    ‘…just keep making those loans from China and Saudi Arabia, so I don’t have to continue to pay no taxes.’

    ‘Can someone haul my garbage away and put out my burning house??’

    “When are they going to plow my streets??’

    ‘When is that social worker due?? My 2 year old son has a speech delay and with all my millions, I can’t seem to find someone to evaluate him or give him speech therapy for free.’

    ‘Call the cops. I think someone stole my Rolls. Leave me alone. I don’t want someone else’s money.’


    When the govt goes into deficit spending because of an insane tax code, YOU DO WANT OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, Grover!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZURVEQCQ2Y3Z4FXOKVGZXEBUUU Clarence Laliberte

    Why is it that the left, continually states that they want big government to leave them alone, but at every opportunity to force their own “moral agenda” on the rest of us they do so by using big government?

  • http://twitter.com/honorablelordk Karim Walker

    Norquist is as crooked as scoliosis. I can’t believe that he’s still being taken seriously.

  • Greg Eckhart

    Hey Look!
    Progressives in America taking a victory lap for doing fuck all?

    So what about women’s reproduction rights and same-sex marriages…jeez seems to be the standard virtually everywhere else?
    How come so-called American Progressives feel so proud accepting SO fucking little from their political system, if they actually believe that stuff instead of just posting it up to feel morally superior to a guy they 9 times out of 10 tend to agree with because he isn’t one of those smelly bigoted media caricatures they love to hate?

    Put up or shut up, ya phonies…you’ve accomplished nothing but complete capitulation on whatever you were told WERE your principles by whatever POS who stole your money.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/KSIB2PGTAXFCPCMQ74NRZ4UUJM Beerman

    Hey Grover, go fuck yourself.

  • otherjerseyguy

    Just another convert to making tons of money as a Reborn Conservative talking head. Like a modern day Judas, he abandoned conscience and values for a big bag of silver.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, it’s the “huge” part that scares me.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t your reference to the right, not the left?

  • tsuki

    The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone,” he said, insisting, “We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.”

    “We just want to run our lives and have liberty,” he added.

    He forgot:

    On the other hand, we want to put women in burqas, enforce Talibornagain Law and put a policeman in every bedroom to enforce the new laws.

  • Anonymous

    The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone,” he said, insisting, “We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.”

    Let’s face it, CPAC is a festering dung heap, but this is the crowning turd in the pile.

    I guess that nobody’s ever told Grover that you can go to Hell foe lying, just the same as you can for stealing – or in his case, both.

  • Guest

    Grover Norquist is still alive?

  • Anonymous

    Another stand up comic visits CPAC to tell a few jokes:

    “The people on right…simply ‘want to be left alone,’ [Norquist] said, insisting, ‘We don’t want other people’s money. We don’t want other people’s time. We don’t want to live other people’s lives for them.’

    No of course not, the right doesn’t want to outlaw abortion, they don’t want to outlaw adoption for gay couples and they don’t ever want to tell you who you can marry! Not them! They are just a bunch of live and let live friendly neighbors who don’t care at all what you do, they just want to leave you alone to live your life: they never barred inter-racial marriages or made sodomy or the use of contraceptives against the law, not them, that was progressives or space aliens who did all that shit!

  • Anonymous

    Is this somehow a surprise? Did someone expect that this sort of alliance would have any meaning? Norquist wants to drown our society’s ability to act in the bathtub. Progressives believe society should work for everyone. Was this ever a serious alliance?

  • Anonymous

    I wish Grover would drown himself in his bathtub.

  • Anonymous

    Another very important note Mr. Norquist failed to mention is how so many on the right benefit from government contracts secured “after” they advocate for privatizing everything the government does. OR the many defense contractors who rape the treasury and steal by inflating costs and passing these scams on to the American people. While both parties have their thieves among them the “right” steals more money in a day than most on the left steal all month. Mr. Norquist is famous for saying he wanted to “shrink government down until he could drown it in a bathtub” but he negates the fact that in any civilized society Government is needed for all not just for the rich and powerful. Plus, he left out his entire part in the Abramoff scandal where he stole millions of dollars from Indians while hiding behind his Christianity, under the guise that he would “help get government of their backs”. He’s a garden variety everyday liar and a thief who expects that “HE” and those who think like “HIM” are the only ones who are supposed to benefit from the American people’s tax dollars. Go to hell you hypocrite!

  • Anonymous

    Speak of welfare queens. Norquist has never earned an honest dollar in his freaking life. The low life ass hole takes dollars from whomever will give it to him to rant and rave against taxes. He is a worthless asshole who can be tied to Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, two convicted criminals as well as Ralph Reed who should be in prison. Grover Norquist is a lying sack of sh*t.

  • Anonymous

    Norquist wants to divide and destroy the American fabric and he has been quite successful at it. His dream is a Military Surveillance state of, by and for an elite few. He has his own ditto heads that like his neo-con convictions of ultra-nationalist patriotism and belief in American exceptionalism and empire. He has been on the side of cut and spend authoritarian neo-conservatism since Reagan and left to his and his follower’s own devices, will result in the end of America since he can’t control his ability to limit the overreach of government into the lives of every person on this planet through the state or by war.

  • Anonymous

    a conservative being a two-faced backstabbing liar? That never happens!

    Conservatives are paranoid sociopaths, the sooner they are forbidden from participating in government and gotten the treatment they need for their mental illness the better.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67KINN55N5QI7ADKVMDQQRCTVE Keith King

    What a giant, economy-sized bowl of hot, steaming horse shi-ite! This guy needs to have his ass kicked for insulting us the way he does. Wow, just wow! What a two-faced, lying, manipulating, phoney-baloney fat-boy/pig who really should be beaten to a pulp for this red meat of hate he selfishly spews to feed the beast that is his audience.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67KINN55N5QI7ADKVMDQQRCTVE Keith King

    I think you’ve confused us for the teabaggers, PraxHat! We at least got things done these last 2 yrs, you’re about to find out it’s the teabaggers who are going to find out the hard way they got teabagged by the man they call, ironically, Boehner! Bone THAT, mf-er!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67KINN55N5QI7ADKVMDQQRCTVE Keith King

    EXACTLY! Remember H. Ross Perot? How did he become a multi-millionaire? Government contracts.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67KINN55N5QI7ADKVMDQQRCTVE Keith King

    “The people on right, on the other hand, simply “want to be left alone,” he said”
    >>>> Spoken like a true bank robber/thief. They want to be left alone, too, so they can continue to steal 24/7 from the rest of us.

  • Wyrdless

    Don’t forget foreign wars without end. Can’t have a free society where people are left alone without having bases in over 100 countries and taxing people 15% of all of their earning to do it.

  • Greg Eckhart

    No…You are confused with people taking credit for next to nothing.

    Calling people a teabagger or figuring that THEY are your ONLY audience is cheap and stupid.

    Now when will women get access to medical services including abortion if that’s their choice in America or when when gay people get something OTHER than civil unions?
    How come you are so proud of achieving nothing, yet want to brag about it?
    Oh…I couldn’t be a teabagger or Obama because I was definitely against extending the Bush tax cuts for the very rich, unlike those two?
    Fuck….Progressives couldn’t even kill THAT!

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ Stumptownhero

    Now just exactly whose money the Banksters get?

    And since when did the Corporatist want government to leave them alone? Without the government subsidies, roads, bridges, trade agreements, tax shelters etc.

    And if Grover’s succeeded how could the Plutocrats control the populace?

  • PeterGrfx

    They’d control the people they employ, the politicians and “regulators” they own, the air and water they poison … just off the top of my head.