US view of Pakistan, Afghanistan at new low

By Agence France-Presse
Sunday, February 13, 2011 15:14 EDT
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WASHINGTON — US public perceptions of Pakistan and Afghanistan have sunk to new lows as the war campaign against Islamic extremism approaches its 10th year, a poll said Friday.

Some 14 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Afghanistan and 82 percent hold a negative review, the Gallup poll said. For Pakistan, 18 percent saw the country favorably and 76 percent viewed it unfavorably.

The views were the most negative since Gallup began asking the question. Opinion about the two nations peaked in 2005, when upwards of 40 percent of Americans saw both Afghanistan and Pakistan in a positive light.

The United States has had uneasy partnerships with the two nations, with US officials increasingly questioning the reliability of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and elements of the Pakistani establishment.

Separate polls have shown low US support for the war in Afghanistan, as well as strongly unfavorable views of the United States in Pakistan.

The Gallup poll, which surveyed 1,015 US adults, also found that US opinion of South Korea has reached a new high, with 65 percent seeing the Asian ally favorably.

US relations with South Korea have improved markedly since conservative President Lee Myung-Bak took office in 2008. The United States and South Korea have finalized a free trade deal first negotiated by earlier administrations.

The most popular Asian nation among the US public remained Japan, with 80 percent of Americans holding a favorable view, in line with findings in recent years.

Americans had higher opinions only of Canada, which 92 percent saw favorably, along with Britain and Germany.

Despite a year of friction with China on trade and other issues, US perceptions rose slightly, with 47 percent of Americans seeing the rising Asian power favorably, compared with 42 percent a year earlier.

The worst-viewed nations were North Korea and Iran, with only 11 percent of Americans seeing each country in a favorable light.

The poll had a margin of error of four percentage points.

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  • http://twitter.com/btmfdrsheaven rebecca meritt

    I hope this isn’t gonna make them change their minds about loving us.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    These are the wars that keep on giving. The MIC’s wet dream. Imagine waging war on something intangible that allows the US to invade one natural-resource rich country after another while making a few select mega corporations more money than their greedy CEOs ever dreamed possible.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Pretty soon, they’ll be invading us since we’ll hate them for their freedoms.

  • Anonymous

    Call me stupid, but what do you mean by 14% of the US see Afganistan or Pakistan favorably?
    The war? Their Culture? Their opium, music, fasion? What does this exactly mean?
    “Well, we been in there kicking ass and they still dont wear Levi’s, eat McDonalds or listen to Lady Gaga, fuck them ragheads” Please explain. And yes, Canada we LOVE, it makes us look cooler. The Japs we like because we all want to fuck their women, and the Koreans, well, their women look close enough to the Japs not to matter much. As for the Brits and Krauts, they licked the native american ass, so we cant be too against them? What is this horseshit of an article? Raw, have you just been bought by Huffington post?

  • Anonymous

    Considering that most Americans could not locate Canada on a map this is pretty damning news for Obama and his generals, not to mention the 100,000 plus contractor personnel still siphoning off the wealth of the country to maintain the corruption and failed military strategy in Afghanistan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N6BJ56PKHQMYMIH3LYCOQC233I Sidd

    Blame Canada!

  • Anonymous

    The russians sunk every damn bullet they had in afghanstan, plus 500,000 and got zilch. We will make the bullets until the last standing soldier fires them, but the 35% unemployment from a “retreat” of the soldiers and construction workers will be worse than what the ruskies faced. And a Pakistan “occupation” would put people in their streets like what we saw in Egypt. The Middle East is tired of our bullshit and so are we.

  • Anonymous

    Another trillion dollar boondoggle that was purported to make us (feel) safer because we were fighting them there so we didn’t have to fight them here. Karzai is flying as much money out of Afghanistan as any other US supported leader has ever done. The US got punked again, and there wasn’t anyone not even Ron Paul who had the gumption and intestinal fortitude to stand up against this ridiculous demonstration of American mass stupidity. Meanwhile those of us who did question this war an stand up against it had our phones tapped, our patriotism questioned and were followed and monitored for our antiwar activities.

    Now after billions of dollars in waste no one has any better idea about how ot get out of this morass than they did the day Bush decided that someone had to pay for 9-11 no matter how much it cost America or how stupid that revenge was. Over ten years later, the stupidity continues unabated and most Americans don’t have a clue what happened on 9-11 or what has happened since. But the war continues because there are still terrorists somewhere in the world and the MIC won’t let the 535 people in charge of procurement forget how important our military fanaticism an fetishism is!

  • Anonymous

    Americans would be even more disturbed to know that these destructive, useless, illegal wars of choice have cost each and every American approximately 10,000. Such a deal.

  • Anonymous

    The media hasnt helped this lack of favorable opinion, they have totally dropped both country’s as newsworthy a long time ago.

    I say stop putting good money after bad. Heck, we are the biggest military in the universe and we cant stop the heroin industry there

  • Anonymous

    With all that money spent on drones, we still haven’t turned these countries into a place to like? It must be Americans reacting to the ungratefulness of the Afghanis and Pakistanis.