Rep. Peter King introduces anti-WikiLeaks legislation

By Eric W. Dolan
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 18:48 EDT
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Legislation aimed at helping the United States prosecute WikiLeaks and other sources of leaked information was introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Tuesday.

“Julian Assange and his associates who have operated and supported WikiLeaks not only damaged US national security with their releases of classified documents, but also placed at risk countless lives, including those of our Nation’s intelligence sources around the world,” Rep. King, the chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, said in a statement.

“As international pressure has held back Assange, we now find that his colleagues are planning to spin off a new website called OpenLeaks, dedicated to the same dangerous conduct.”

The bill, known as the the SHIELD Act, would amend the Espionage Act to make publishing classified information “concerning the identity of a classified source or informant of an element of the intelligence community” an act of espionage.

Sens. John Ensign (R-NV), Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Scott Brown (R-MA) introduced similar legislation in the Senate last week.

“These organizations are a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States,” Rep. King continued. “Julian Assange and his compatriots are enemies of the US and should be prosecuted under the Espionage Act. This legislation provides the Attorney General with additional authority to do just that.”

Rep. King sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder in November 2010, demanding that WikiLeaks be deemed a “foreign terrorist organization” and it’s founder declared a terror ringleader.

Applying the Espionage Act to third-party publishers of classified information would violate protected speech rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) warned in December 2010.

“If the Espionage Act were to be applied to publishers, it would have the unconstitutional effect of infringing on the constitutionally protected speech rights of all Americans, and it would have a particularly negative effect on investigative journalism – a necessary and fundamental part of our democracy,” the ACLU said in a statement (.pdf).

“[W]e urge Congress to resist the urge to broaden the Espionage Act’s already overbroad proscriptions and, instead, to narrow the Act’s focus to those responsible for leaking properly classified information to the detriment of our national security,” the ACLU added. “Publishers who are not involved in the leaking of classified information should be praised by our society for their contributions to public discourse, not vilified as the co-conspirators of leakers with whom they have no criminal connection.”

Eric W. Dolan
Eric W. Dolan
Eric W. Dolan has served as an editor for Raw Story since August 2010, and is based out of Sacramento, California. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and received a Bachelor of Science from Bradley University. Eric is also the publisher and editor of PsyPost. You can follow him on Twitter @ewdolan.
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  • ProgressiveInNewYork

    The only people who are threatened by these leaks are those who have violated Federal and international law.
    Every Agency in the US that has had info dump on them has said that there has been minimal effect. And yet Bank of America, Chamber of Commerce and their lackeys in government are determined to undermine our First Amendment rights, our rights to free association. Basically once again the right shows their utter disdain for participation by the people for the people.
    These Fascists have got to go.

  • Anonymous

    Pet King…………………look in his closet about “honest elections”


  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m a terrorist because I believe in disclosing the truth. Come get me Mr King.

  • Guest

    Excellent diagnosis…now…what do we do about it?

  • otherjerseyguy

    When do the book burnings start? So much for freedom of the press and the truth setting us free.

  • http://nyaltnews.com/ Cliff Weathers

    Where was Rep. King’s outrage when Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney were leaking Valerie Plame’s name to the media and jeopardizing her life and our national security. What a partisan hypocrite.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=704091857 David Desorcy

    Those disgusting hypocritical republicans make me puke, they do not like it when they are exposed for the liars that they are

  • Anonymous

    Do you ever feel like you’ve been unwillingly been cast in a very bad movie with a title something like “Fear and Loathing in D.C.”?

  • ProgressiveInNewYork

    find a way to send money to wikileaks
    take your money out of banks
    get involved in change

    simple? no, but to paraphrase
    For evil to flourish the good must remain silent.

  • llkernj

    “Julian Assange and his associates who have operated and supported WikiLeaks not only damaged US national security with their releases of classified documents, but also placed at risk countless lives, including those of our Nation’s intelligence sources around the world,”


  • Anonymous

    GET OVER IT, KING!!! They are news source and all you’re crying isn’t going to change the constitution. And if our government ignores the Constitution I’m gonna be the first one screaming at you, you little b!tch!

  • Anonymous

    “to make publishing classified information ‘concerning the identity of a classified source or informant of an element of the intelligence community’ an act of espionage.”

    I hope they make that retroactive and slap Cheney with it!

    Notice that they don’t/can’t??? make the law what they really want… Still losers.

    “to make publishing classified information ‘concerning embarrasing truths about the illegal actions of our government’ an act of espionage.”

    All they want to do, obviously, is throw some shit around before the truth comes an bitch-slaps them.

  • Anonymous

    A lie is their only defense!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YHUR5LALBGRBDQ5VAKAL3JDKNU JustinB

    “Rep. King sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder in November 2010, demanding that WikiLeaks be deemed a “foreign terrorist organization” and it’s founder declared a terror ringleader.”

    A little extreme don’t you think? When I think of terrorism I think of it as every normal human being does, as an event like 9/11 and the recent Airport Bombing in Russia… In my opinion, not keeping secrets is almost as common in human nature as breathing air. To me this is just another excuse to distract all of us from the real issue…. How badly our intelligence offices are failing. I am disgusted that we were forced into the Patriot Act with no resistance from our representatives. Our intelligence offices have been run into the ground! They have their hands on everything, leaving a trail of abuse, lawbreaking, and un-ethical practices wherever they go. Since 9/11 the citizens of this country have been more pro-active in thwarting terrorist attacks than our intelligence community. It is unacceptable that we pay so much for little results. I want to know, what happens to all those jobs when the world is safe? We expand their powers at time of war and terror… Why isn’t the opposite true? And if the excuse is, “the world continues to be a more dangerous place” then I say they haven’t been doing their job. What would you do if your A/C repair man wasn’t doing his job but kept inventing reasons why you needed his/her services?

    Anyway I think people like Rep King just want their name attached to a bill so they can say they “did something.” Assange is no terrorist. Ask anyone how they would classify Assange and I doubt terrorist would be it. I have heard statements that Assange/Wikileaks may have lead to the Revolution in Tunisia, that spread to Egypt. If that is the case and what I also heard reported either on here or CNN was that Al Qaeda would be weakend by the movement in the Middle East. If that is the case, wouldn’t that mean that Assange accomplished more than Bush, his admin, the FBI and the whole intelligence community. And I bet he spent far less money than we did.

  • yvonneo

    I bet the US Chamber of Commerce and the various banksters/corporate powers are behind this move. They’re the ones whose security is threatened by Wikileaks. There’s already been statements made by officials within govt that the Wikileaks docs hasn’t caused any deaths or real harm to our national security. Yet, here’s King spewing that same bullshit line. When are the people in this country going to go after these guys in big business? The CofC, the banksters and corporate entities should be introduced to the reality that their future security is at risk when we the people finally do get fed up with their traitorous, criminal bullshit and go after them en masse–their congressional puppets won’t be able to save them when that day arrives (and I do believe it will happen).

    “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Thugs Used ‘Terror Tools’ for Disinfo Scheme Targeting Me, My Family, Other Progressive U.S. Citizens, Groups”

    The plutocrats have declared war and we should be responding accordingly.

  • http://twitter.com/cburrell3 Charles Burrell

    Yet another bill that will go nowhere, and waste time in the process. What about those jobs that the Republicans were supposed to be creating…?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    King is a freedom hating scumbag. If you want freedom and want wikileaks protected, support Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

    That’s right terror freak, go after the truth tellers.

    You send Colin Powell to the United Nations with cartoon drawings that were supposed to be “evidence” of Saddam Hussein’s mobile biological weapons labs even though we have satellites that could read the second-hand on Hussein’s watch.

    But that didn’t bother you did it.

    Wiki Leaks shows evidence of our pilots sitting in a gunship helicopter using innocent human beings for target practice.

    But that didn’t bother you did it. War is great….truth, bad.

  • Lincoln Paradox

    Donate to anonmyous.

    This law will get passed in both houses, and will probably remain unchecked by veto. The government has been wanting to undo the 1st Amendment since Jackson’s administration.

  • Anonymous

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Samuel Johnson

  • ProgressiveInNewYork

    as one who has participated in past activities with anonymous there is no way to really ‘donate’ to them as there is no structure. But there are ways to still donate to wikileaks.
    civil disobedience
    force change

  • http://oceanographerschoice.tumblr.com/ oldcollegetry

    Clearly, anything that undermines war is a danger to our nation’s well being. Thank god the peace and freeom loving Democrats in congress are going to vote this down. I mean, it’s not like they’ve worked to escalate overseas wars and to extend the Patriot Act. Right?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N6BJ56PKHQMYMIH3LYCOQC233I Sidd

    “These organizations are a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States,” Rep. King continued.”

    Total B.S.

  • dk504

    Peter King sees scary monsters in every corner he looks into. This freak is so traumatized, he makes McCarthy look tame. Then claims it’s so we can stay free. I love that Rethug logic.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like all these republicans oh sorry and the independent (sorry lieberman) are filing all these crazy bills to distract from how they are robbing us blind. If you listen to CSPAN any morning, you hear all these Americans saying we have to take money from each other (it’s the people on Medicaid! it’s the federal employees!) when it’s really these politicians. They are our true enemy!

  • Anonymous

    Actually since well before the Jackson administration, The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 during John Adams administration. And I’m sure the Washington administration probably made efforts too, probably right before or right after Schays.

  • Guest

    You know, I went to King’s Watchdog.net page looking at the bills he’s introduced, looking for dirt and pork.

    I instead found the Overtime Compensation Protection Act of 2003, Establishing a Select Committee on POW and MIA Affairs., the Returning Soldiers’ Bill of Rights Act, the Telemarketing Victims Protection Act, the Rail Tunnel Safety Act, Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the immediate and unconditional release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi., and so on.

    He’s wrong on this, clearly. But he’s not some Bank of America lapdog like I was thinking. Just wanted to point that out.

  • Anonymous

    Rep King is a liar and clown.
    I can’t believe the maroons in Long Island continue to elect this clod.

  • Anonymous

    all you need to know about rep king:


  • Jaimie11

    “Sens. John Ensign (R-NV), Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Scott Brown (R-MA) introduced similar legislation in the Senate last week.”

    Funny, didn’t that Scott Brown get elected on a promise he was a populist who loved liberty? If this gains traction
    and passes how many Americans will care?

    And remind me never to think of myself as an independent ever again. I’d forgotten Lieberman calls himself by that term.

  • Anonymous

    If you have time to read this article and post, then take the time to WRITE or CALL your representative in Congress and the Senate and stand up for your point of view. We need to take action today and let them know what we feel and how WE want them to vote. Let them know that if they don’t vote the way that you want them to that you will work tirelessly to get them un-elected. Together we are the change that everyone wants.

  • Anonymous

    See my post above.

  • Jaimie11

    Wow. He is human garbage! Uugh!

    Are there any other taped confessions like this, do you know? Of any politician.

  • DesertSun59

    “These organizations are a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States,” Rep. King continued.

    No. King hates the US Constitution with such a passion that he’s drafted LEGISLATION to prevent free speech.

    Rep. King has been a clear and present danger to the nation for quite some time now. Julian Assange is a world hero and King hates that Assange’s power is far greater than his.

  • DesertSun59


  • DesertSun59

    I will not. He’s in league with the Teatards. They are well known to hate cogent thought, science and reality.

  • Anonymous

    “”Julian Assange and his associates who have operated and supported WikiLeaks not only damaged US national security with their releases of classified documents”


    “but also placed at risk countless lives including those of our Nation’s intelligence sources around the world.”


    “These organizations are a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States”


    “Julian Assange and his compatriots are enemies of the US”


    “..and should be prosecuted under the Espionage Act.”

    Then why do we need another law?

  • Jaimie11

    Look at the pure hypocrisy of it – from page 4 line 14 of The Shield Act – a description of what the US government does all over the world.

    “The term “transnational threat” means -

    (A) any transnational activity (including international terrorism, narcotics trafficking, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the delivery systems for such weapons, and organized crime) that threatens the national security of the United States;”


  • Anonymous

    Ummm they keep saying it puts countless lives in danger..being involved in two wars puts lives in danger you fuckberries. Get real.

  • ghostof911

    You can make contributions to Wikileaks through Philadelphia-based xipwire

  • hourglass1

    “Scooter, here boy, here boy …”

  • Anonymous

    King operates in a world which rational thought and the understanding of history is an open void where propagandist crap can be shovelled. The proclivity of these actors to default to fascism is astounding. What confounds and astounds beyond that is the complacent acceptance of the general populace of these historic and horrific assaults on the citizens of this tattered… what? Plutarchy.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they could (should) make it retroactive..

  • Nickelthrower


    Here are some of my thoughts on this:

    The loss of Egypt is no less than a Berlin Wall moment for the United States. We are watching our empire fall to pieces while bogged down in an unpopular war in Afghanistan. Egypt was our DDR.

    That said, these guys have now witnessed how the internet and social media can spark a revolution and they are quite simply terrified. Given that most of what happens in Washington D.C. is “classified”, printing or reprinting documents that highlight their criminal acts must be stopped at all costs because no one knows what leak or document might set the whole country ablaze.

    These war criminals have finally figured out that the internet is more than a “series of tubes” and will move quickly to shut down everything but the corporate sponsored news propaganda machine.

    If we are smart, we will study how the Egyptians organized themselves after the loss of the internet, txt messaging and twitter. We’re going to need that knowledge and need it very soon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3WVPA4DMRNLJEZLKO4YDYJO72I .

    Rep King needs to be hung.

    Unamerican infiltrator bastard.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul will get right on it as soon as he gets done investigating the Fed, no matter how long that investigation takes, because I have it from a very good [inside] source that he is a “thorn in the side” of the oligarchs. Especially the oil companies and other business interests whose government subsidies he regularly votes to protect. He’s against the minimum wage too but that is only in the interest of bringing down inflation so that soon workers will be able to feed a family of four on $.50 an hour. And once he re-institutes the gold standard all our debt will magically disappear and the country will become an idyllic pastoral paradise where everyone is unequal just as GOD planned it but they are all happy and content for all that–no more class warfare, no class jealousy, just rich and poor living together in perfect harmony!

    And if that isn’t enough for you he also does baby deliveries for free! And refuses some small part of his Government pay because he is already too rich for it to matter!

  • Anonymous

    The time is quickly coming where we will need all resources remaining to patriotically CONSPIRE against our Corporatist Tyrants and their sycophantic Rethuglican and Democ-rat paid lackeys including King.

    I’ve oiled my old Gestetner in the basement.

  • Anonymous

    I expect Peter King to begin claiming that Julian Assange is a Muslim any day now and that Wikileaks is a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    I find most of these stories hilarious. Assange is a terrorist, Obama is a socialist or communist. These are both similar charges and both similarly absurd. Obama has a mindset that is closer to that of a Republican than any Democratic president in my lifetime. Even his signature health care bill is a replica of a similar bill offered in the mid 90s by Republican Bob Dole. As far as Assange goes not only have numerous government officials admitted he hasn’t harmed anyone, there is ample evidence from numerous sources that not much of what his documents have revealed or confirmed was either not known or not suspected. That is not to say that the helicopter incident was not important and revealing but he is certainly no more a terrorist threat to this country than Obama is a communist.

    I’m beginning to think that far too many of these Republicans really are taking some kind of psychotropic drugs that have given them all several different levels of paranoia and they can’t help themselves. I think it is time to investigated what drugs people like Peter King are on, and once that information is know for it to be widely disseminated so that his rich Italian and Jewish constituents in his horribly gerrymandered district in Nassau county can be made aware of just what a freak he really is; not that they will care though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Zentrails/100001475536421 Bob Zentrails

    It’s truly absurd to try to pass legislation trying to make criminals out of foreigners who never even set foot on US soil.

    Launching drone missiles at foreigners IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, though, is perfectly fine according to these same people.

    It’s getting harder and harder to tell which one is actually the terrorist.

  • overdoneputaforkinit

    I’ve noticed politicians who come out with draconian laws are always themselves employing corruption and secrecy in their own lives. Such laws are their expression outlet for projection of their own guilt onto the public, with the law they create meant to deal with the “problem.”

  • Anonymous

    King refuses the message and demands punishment for the messenger.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPGQ7FKENZIWPW26SFH6O3RF2Y A

    Hooray for government takeover of media! I bet we can learn a lot from Iran about this.

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t he pass a bill outlawing gravity, it has a better chance.

  • Anonymous

    I guess that would mean Mr. Cheney would go to jail.

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorites.

  • http://twitter.com/MrEthiopian ed smith

    Without WikiLkz we would never know the truth.

    Fuck off Peter, we all know your scared of the truth

  • Guest

    Is This a Private Fight or Can Anyone Get In It?


  • Anonymous

    Peter King seeks to write his own version of reality, unfortunately he has many adherents whom are ready to apply pen to paper in order to facilitate the emergence of this hideous tape worm.

  • 1984

    Lawmaker seeks to be king.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULS5G42UFL6NSTJSTEFAHJM2GA palmetto_returns

    This pathetic example of a representative, Peter Kings is demonstrating his hatred for the constitution and his fascist tendencies again. Has he ever been thoroughly investigated for his previous support for the IRA?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, let’s broaden the espionage act. Pretty soon they’ll be able to arrest you and throw you in the pokey without bond for listening to NPR… oops, I forgot. They’re doing away with NPR too, aren’t they?

  • CozmicSeer

    More proof that many of the Rethugs(and too many Democrats) are psychopaths. They don’t belong in Congress(although it seems to be appropriately named as it is the opposite of Progress), they truly belong in an insane asylum. Every time I see a picture of this guy, he just looks unstable. We ought to have a law testing these people before they’re allowed to even consider running as that would have weeded him out a long, long time ago. One can only hope that a lightning bolt will rid the human race of this idiot.

  • Anonymous

    the only reason I know about this, is bc I saw it at the time and never forgot….he was my rep at the time…another reason I moved!

  • Anonymous


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J4R2P2BMMM5JTCYWGEU4YW6UWQ Dago T

    I saw “Rep. King” in the lede and wondered to myself ‘what has that crazy fucker from my home state done NOW!’ But it was King from NY, not Iowa.


  • http://www.facebook.com/wcooke William Cooke

    Peter King is a terrorist.

  • ce2756

    The real danger to the freedom of America is the US government. From the suppression of liberty domestically to the terroristic attacks on the citizens of sovereign nations, our government is out of control and daily betrays their oaths of office.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny–look at any photo of Peter King, and you can literally see him struggling to make his brain work….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOVPZ67X6XPEXL3RU6Z7GE4QEE Alex Brogan

    What do they got on you King? Dead girl or live boy?

  • Anonymous

    wiki most likely has stuff on those who are pushing against it……………. hummm? they are naming
    themselves……………… lets look at Pete King (elections voting questions bradblog.com) Ensign….
    Lieberman….Brown……….. ok another quiz

    What are the above covering up by trying to cut off WikiLeaks?

  • Anonymous

    Notice how this issue has become more intense after it was found out that wikileaks had the goods on BOA? The corporate masters really have their shorts in a knot thinking that the truth might come out. Truth that would finally force the prosecutions that now are being ignored. King and others are just reacting as they are ordered. The fascist nature of this country is getting harder to hide.

  • Anonymous

    The actions of countrys puts them at greater security risks than Wikileaks does. The actions of countrys are the cause of all our problems today, not Wikileaks.

    Stop trying to defend our actions and straighten the governments and corporations out. Then there will be no need for WIlileaks

  • Guest

    I would revise that to: “For evil to flourish the good must not ACT.”

  • Anonymous

    House of Representatives by Rep. King Dick (iR-oNY) Tory-Town

    How about a bill that stops pyschopaths from running for office?

  • Anonymous

    For this one, I think he was on cocaine.
    All Republicans, to rehab, please.
    No more politicing until AFTER you piss test.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    There ya go. It’s the Christian Brotherhood to the rescue of the homeland. And, btw, how much is this little bill gonna cost me again?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Bailey/1083393808 Peter Bailey

    When you turn over a rock and expose the rotting compost beneath to the sun all kinds of disgusting creatures scuttle around looking to go back in the dark. Rep. King seems to think that sunshine is bad.

  • Anonymous

    A government that operates secretly, that punishes those who expose their crimes, is not a Representative democracy. Our nation is a criminal enterprise. Only when the people take to the streets and tear the government down can we rebuild it back to it’s original charter.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/5OQFBZ26C3VQ5ONGZGDBDY4BUU Mark A

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


  • Anonymous

    Yes sir, the TRUTH is always dangerous, to those who doing wrong.

  • Anonymous

    My recommendation would be that all those Republicans who seek or are not holding public office must spend a week (it could end up being less) holding targets at military shooting ranges! And that includes Joe Lieberman types.

  • Anonymous

    As these smae eople have said in the past: if you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of?

  • Anonymous

    The shredding of the constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights continues unabated. Here’s a tip of the hat to the forces of fascism working daily to make out lives an unmitigated corporate hell.

  • Anonymous

    “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  • Anonymous

    Hey King! What the hell does this have to do with creating jobs?

  • Anonymous

    Or when Curveball’s made up horror stories of WMD’s were being used to justify an invasion of Iraq that has cost the taxpayers $2,000,000,000,000.00 (enough to fund social security for 75 years) and 1,000,000 Iraqi lives.

    And thanks to Obama and Holder for not prosecuting the war criminals.

  • Anonymous

    More disgusting shit from the US government, the leaks never put anyone in Danger other than the credibility of these crooks.

  • Anonymous

    Where were was this clown when we were trying to find out who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the press?

  • Anonymous

    the new age is a threat to the status quo.. it freaks them out because things that were once easy to manipulate for the profit of the few are being reviled. “of and for the people” is where the battle is playing out. Knowledge is freedom… Like Ron Paul says…I am for a strong defense, its the wars mongering that is the problem..

  • Anonymous

    Is there anything there that people in our government have not done?

  • Anonymous

    Gosh – that level of outrage woulda been useful when Valerie Plame’s name was leaked.

  • http://twitter.com/Howieisright Howieisright

    All the more reason to vote for Ron Paul in 2012. Unlike Obama he believes in transparency and has openly supported Wikileaks. Only tyrants and liars have to hide the truth.

    at 4:12

  • Anonymous

    Why not just come out of the closet Pete and announce what you are? – a fascist. Creating laws that require the press to be the censors is a great first step.

    If you just admit the truth I’m sure it will do wonders at consolidating your base.

  • Guest

    Man, you are a dick. I bet you haven’t been laid in years.

  • Guest

    Yeah, and a couple of suits like the one you have.

  • Jaimie11

    None at all – if anything there is a much longer list that applies to government, ours and others.

  • Guest

    Our government wants to be a constabulary force the world over. Didn’t you read kristol’s garbage manifesto. They talk about khomeini and his ilk hijacking Iran. Well, they would know all about hijacking… it’s what they have done to this country.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ Stumptownhero

    Excuse me Rep King but the GOP Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee disclosed more information in 2009 and 2010 that placed the lives of American service and intelligence members at risk than ANY Wiki leak to date!

    Are you ready to censor or expel him? Of course not because it’s ok if Republicans do it…silly me I forgot

  • http://wintersoldier.org Walter F. Wouk

    It’s obvious that Peter King has no intention of honoring his oath to defend the Constitution. In fact he is now on record as opponent of the Bill of Rights.

  • Anonymous

    What part of ‘free press’ doesn’t this wad understand?

  • frigar

    The Wikileaks people are hero’s to anyone who believes in open government.

  • http://twitter.com/Master_Synaps Master-Synaps

    It’s a crazy world, and once again the US leads the way.
    Is it the power that has led them into their paranoid delusion?
    Why is the giant so terrified ? Could it be guilt?


  • http://twitter.com/Master_Synaps Master-Synaps

    How come the US is now, once again, encourageing the overthrow of their previously favoured dictators, whilst actively squashing disent at home? Don’t they realise the hypocracy of this?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QHCYYGYR2W7Y2DKWIUOBQVUQTY The Blackbird

    Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QHCYYGYR2W7Y2DKWIUOBQVUQTY The Blackbird

    “Two successive US administrations and their associates who have operated and supported the war in Iraq not only killed more than 100,000 civilians with their war machine, but also killed another couple of hundred thousand civilians, including those who died in Afghanistan and concurrent secret wars around the world.”


  • llkernj

    Exactly. I say we fund Wikileaks with some of that 700BN request from Gates that’s to be used for our security from an enemy that doesn’t and never will exist.

  • Anonymous

    If you have nothing (damaging) to hide, you have nothing to fear… from Wikileaks.

    Or Anonymous.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J3J7C5UWCBPOMPQJUJ6FLAF4NA Currawong

    What nonsense. WikiLeaks is interested in the truthfulness of society not some idiotic self serving country. Where is Democracy? Where is thr Fair Trial here? This giult by association fron a country that violates other countries and citizens rights whenever it pleases, and there is always an excuse. If this is so important to the US, perhaps he should be tried where other war criminals are tried, In the Hague, At least there he may get some resemblance of a fair trial.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QHCYYGYR2W7Y2DKWIUOBQVUQTY The Blackbird

    Mr. Assange may wish to consider adding a third condition under which he would find it necessary to release the password for WikiLeaks’ insurance file: the passing of the SHIELD bill into law. It’s the legal bulwark the American establishment believes it needs now that it has found no link between him and PFC Manning to file for extradition from Europe. The UK judge’s decision is a week away and if justice is served, Mr. Assange should be freed on his own recognizance pending appeal. He has shown, in his words and deeds, that he respects the rule of law. This is why the US government has been forced to create a new law. The password should be released at the same moment the final vote is held. You can bet the President won’t veto it.

    Freedom’s future rests with the British Prime Minister’s Office. As a citizen of a Commonwealth member nation, I implore that small circle of people to stand tall and defend democracy as she lays wounded on the battlefield of western politics. Let’s work toward the day when there will be no need for an organization like WikiLeaks, when all governments and corporations appreciate the value of health, peace and prosperity for people everywhere and develop policy and strategy that takes values such as openness and transparency seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Nah, nothing to fear from Anonymous… well maybe… :)

    I’ve just been reading this:

    This is a call to arms. This is a call for the the freedom fighters. For the outliers. For the forgotten. This is a call for intellectuals. A call for journalists. This is a call for free thinkers. A call for the intelligentsia. This is a call for poets. A call for the strong. And a call for the weak. This is a call to the youth. To the wise. To the clever.”


    An escalation of their efforts?

    I’m just wondering whether it relates to this, the US CoC conspiracy revelations or operations in Bahrain?!?

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly. In fact, this is what he said:

    “In 2005, during the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, King said the crosshairs ought to be set on the news media, which weren’t tough enough on her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, rather than Karl Rove. King also suggested that the media “be shot” for pursuing the story and identifying White House aide Karl Rove as the alleged leaker.”

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on Powel, you knew you were lying back then.

    “These organizations are a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States,” Rep. King continued. What he really means is it is a danger to Poppy bu$h’s “Amerikkkan Intristsss”.

  • lyris

    Ah yes another way to cover up what chimpy bush and shooter cheney did back in the days.

    I’m not surprised that the former Cosmo centerfold hitched his wagon to that star, the gop want to get rid of him. But hopefully we in MA will do the job and get another Democratic senator for our state.

  • lyris

    How about all of us calling our senators in D.C. as well as our representatives? That’s what I do. I have speed dial to brown’s office, of course one of his staffers hung up on me and I was very polite to them.

  • lyris

    Make that call!!!

  • lyris

    Especially lieberman, and the former Cosmo Centerfold.

  • lyris

    I’ve said that most of my life. But I spell better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mejsmith Michael Smith

    One step closer to Fascism. The republicans should find some vapid wind bag to spew out meaningless patriotic racist speeches to mind fuck their ignorant and semi-illiterate support base. Wait, they already have a bunch of those.

  • Anonymous

    Someone ought to tell this asshole, Rep. Peter King, what Karl Rove did to Valerie Plame in revenge for what her husband, Joe Wilson, did to expose the false claim that Saddam Husein had purchased “Yellow Cake” uranium from Nigeria in preparation to make a nuclear bomb. The Bush administration was trying to build a case to invade Iraq and the “Yellow Cake” story was just one of many false reports that were floating around “Intel” circles. If anyone should be in jail it should be Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld and a few others I don’t care to vomit out.

    This country has been taken over by a bunch of hoods hell bent on world domination. You talk about the Anti-Christ? There they are in all there inglorious bastard selves. May they burn in Hell…all of them. When they get there they will meet their “Patron Saint”, Adolph Hitler.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XFLOQ3GN42W4LUDLY3TS4C4HTE Ralph

    Wait… didn’t our government previously promote and reward whistleblowing? I guess, it doen’t apply when they are the target.