Prospects for Closing Gitmo ‘very, very low’: Gates

By Reuters
Thursday, February 17, 2011 11:43 EDT
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday that prospects for closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp were “very, very low” given broad opposition in Congress.

President Barack Obama has so far not been able to meet his promise to close Guantanamo, but the White House said this week the president remained committed to doing so. Lawmakers have balked at the prospect of bringing terrorism suspects to the United States for trial.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart and Susan Cornwell, editing by Will Dunham)

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  • Anonymous

    Another Obama campaign promise bites the dust.

  • Anonymous

    Closing Gitmo is extraordinarily easy

    You order them in 30 days to provide you with a list of people to be charged with actual crimes

    These people are tried in civillian non-kangaroo courts, and in the meantime moved to jails in those juristictions. If the cities complain, you tell them tough shit. If congressman or senators balk, you call them cowards and closed minded bigots on national television and tell them it’s happening whether you like it or not. “Because I’m commander in chief” was good enough for rubber stamping Gitmo in the first place.

    You sign an order closing gitmo

    Easy. Takes about ten minutes to make a few phone calls. You’re the damn president. You order people to make it happen.

  • Anonymous

    on the eve of his inauguration, obama told us all on 60 Minutes that “we don’t stand for torture!;” would close gitmo in a year and return teh US to rule of law… then on february 1, 2009, obama re-authorized the bush CIA rendition program of globally outsourced torture chambers; gitmo still open for business as usual; bagram AFB prison now holds thousands under torture and even long-tortured teenaged boys ‘confessions’ are still considered ‘valid’ in military kangaroo courts.

    when i was a kid, only nazis tortured. still is that way. swastikas in their evil empire eyes must be overthrown, disarmed and demilitarized. like NOW!

  • Anonymous

    anyone versed in putting on a terrorist or false-flag terror event knows that no more than 50 people are ever needed or wanted for such as 911… and these are often mostly killed to keep the secret from being exposed… zero of those murdered in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, yemen, somalia had anything whatsoever to do with 911. they are all innocent civilians. and who created taliban but the US CIA&state dept under reagan in the afghan war and civil war that tossed the other evil empire, the USSR, into the dust-bin of history. a million dead iraqis and 140,000 afghanis killed for oil and opium under cover of bald-faced lies, as even chair of the joint chiefs of staff under bush says… yet to this day, 20% of america believes hussein, our puppet from 1965-1989, was behind 911…