Obama touts education as path to win global competition

By Agence France-Presse
Saturday, February 19, 2011 9:32 EDT
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WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Barack Obama highlighted Saturday the importance of improving the US education system as a means of maintaining America’s competitive edge in the modern world.

“Over the next 10 years, nearly half of all new jobs will require education beyond high school, many requiring proficiency in math and science,” the president said in his weekly radio address. “And yet today we’ve fallen behind in math, science, and graduation rates.”

A government study on US school children unveiled last month found that just one in three show proficiency in science in middle school and junior high, while that number drops to one in five of those graduating high school.

And even fewer, between one and two percent, showed a grasp of advanced science, said the National Assessment of Educational Progress, issued by the US Department of Education.

To address this problem, Obama said, his administration has introduced a program called “Race to the Top,” which is designed to lifting academic standards.

The government is also making college more affordable and revitalizing community colleges, the president noted.

“If we want to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we’ve got to win the global competition to educate our people,” Obama said. “We’ve got to have the best trained, best skilled workforce in the world. That’s how we’ll ensure that the next Intel, the next Google, or the next Microsoft is created in America, and hires American workers.”

This video is from the White House, broadcast Feb. 19, 2011.

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  • Guest

    Y’know, Big “O”, if you ended the wars, stopped supporting the wealthy and corporations, and instituted a FAIR tax system so Exxon and such actually PAID taxes, THEN there might be some money for education. This country gets dumber and dumber all the time.
    Your priorities are not only disgusting but shameful !!!

  • David R Velasquez

    Honestly… Obama should have been a gameshow host. What’s the point of ‘touting education’ when you’re simultaneously cutting educational funding?

  • Anonymous

    Impossible, especially with an opposition party whose main goals for education are: destroying teacher’s unions, teaching creationism as a viable counterpoint to evolution, mandating that climate change not be taught in schools, and bringing back prayer in public schools.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    We’re also going to “build” and “invent” stuff to get ahead in the world.

    Nothing is going to improve in education until you instill discipline in failing schools. That won’t happen without involved parents.

    It also won’t happen until you realize some kids need to be left behind. The question really is what to do with them.

  • Anonymous

    Bush Jr was the education man. He was the man with the plan that was going to super skyrocket the grades of the kids of his watch. What happened to Bush Jr’s leave every kid behind program?

    Now the Republican governers wants to pay these teachers slave wages. Republican wants schools where kids and teacher suffer from malnutrition.

    Republicans wants to end child labor laws and bring us back to the days when children were worked to death.

    Republicans wants to bring us back to the days when children, women and men perished by the multitude, after brutish and nasty lives shortened by overwork. Penniless even when employed.

    Republicans wants Family life to be totally disrupted with fathers, mothers and children chained to machines, just like in China.

    Obama your rhetoric rings hollow, you continued the failed wars brought on by lies, you continue to burden the working class people with the heavy weight of tax cuts for the wealthy, you continue to threaten hard working people with your compromise over and over with Republicans who want to steal the Social Security money. Republicans who want to wage their war against the hard working people, war against the soldier, war against the woman, war against the disabled.

    You insulted this nation by reading Reagan who hated the working class. Reagan licked the shoes of Goldman Sachs in front of the world. Reagan makes one turn thier head away, it’s hurts to see a world leader like Reagan lower himself to the level of a man who bites chicken heads off to support his drinking addiction. Obama you should have read FDR.

    FDR was a man who said, “there is nothing to fear”. Bush Jr and Reagan screamed, “mommy” and hid under her skirt. FDR said to the bankers, “bring it on”. Bush Jr and Reagan had brown on the tip of their tongue and the banker’s ass was clean.

    Obama you had a chance and you blew it by acting like the Republicans bringing empty rhetoric. Grow some balls. Haven’t you noticed? There isn’t a single Republican male with balls. Every Republican licks Koch balls even Clarence Thomas and Scalia licks Koch balls, Reagan would suck on them if he was still alive.

    Where is the leader like FDR? Where are the people who stood up for themselves like the people in the early America history when they told Conservatives to get lost and Conservatism died with the Federalist Party. When the Federalist Party died America moved forward. When Conservatism died in the 1930′s America moved forward.

    If this country is to recover for the People then the People must reject Conservatism at all cost because Conservatism is nothing more than bread and circus. Conservatism produces no real results in creating jobs, balancing the budget, benefitting all the People. Conservatism has no history of showing real results. They have crashes, collapses, racism, bribery, grafts, schams, anything but good.

    Leave the dark side Obama, it isn’t to late.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Where are the people who stood up for themselves like the people in the early America history when they told Conservatives to get lost and Conservatism died with the Federalist Party. When the Federalist Party died America moved forward. When Conservatism died in the 1930′s America moved forward.

    Even if it had not already, then that rant went right off the rails.

  • hegesias

    More blah blah blah from corporate spokesman I voted for.

    Bernie Sanders for President 2012, whether he runs or not.

  • ghostof911

    Thanks for that, Yavo. FDR is indeed one of the few class acts in American history. Leaders like him appear once in a century, if we’re lucky.

    You’re wasting your time thinking that Obama is going to leave the dark side. He did not blow his chance. On the contrary, after conning his way into the White House, he took advantage of every opportunity to further continue that damage to the middle class that his mentor Ronald Raygun began.

    This hollow talk about “improving the US education system” is a continuation of the con job. He just signed into law the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, giving his fellow Republicans the opening to go after teachers’ unions to “reduce the budget deficit,” caused by the hemorrhage of tax revenue into the pockets of the uber-rich.

    The BS about Obama reading about Ronald Raygun is strictly for public consumption. The president that Obama truly admires is Republican William McKinley, the most deceitful creature ever to enter the White House. He is the one Obama is attempting to outshine.

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t a rant. It’s an historical fact. The Federalist Party did indeed go extinct. The Federalist Party was a party made up of Conservatives. Thomas Paine wrote a letter to the Citizens of the United States warning the citizens that the Conservatives were up to no good. This is what Paine had to say about the Conservatives:

    They were beginning to contemplate government as a profitable monopoly, and the people as hereditary property.It is know wonder that the “Rights of Man” was attacked by that faction.

    Paine wrote much more than what you read above. The people ignored the warnings and voted in the Federalist Party. The people learned their lesson. A hard lesson and they said never again. The Federalist Party went extinct. Unfortunately for America, Conservatism can rear its ugly head like a hydra monster. It has and it has done damage to this country.

    During the 1920′s the Socialist movement was gaining ground. It didn’t gain enough moment to stop the catasrophe that the Conservatives brought on to this nation. That catastrophe is called the stock market crash of 1929. After that crash the People had enough of Conservatism. They voted FDR and kept him in office for four terms. America moved forward, grew and got themselves out of the damage Conservatism has caused.

    The reason we are in this mess is because People forget. If they were to have learned from history, they would have avoided disaster after disaster because they would have steered clear of Conservatism. Just like the early Americans did and the Americans of the 1930s.

  • Anonymous

    It would pay Obama well to consider the revolution in Tunisia. Here the government fostered education as a means of “economic development.” Although producing a significant percentage of college educated population, however, jobs did not follow. Forcing well educated individuals to seek menial employment, resentment occurred. Insofar as governments the world over are pursuing Obama’s “solution” of an ever more highly educated population, resources are expended in a self-defeating enterprise. However well educated a population, other populations are equally well educated, defeating the hoped for comparative advantage. Well educated individuals produced world wide in greater numbers than demand, wages are driven down for the well educated globally. Cheated of the promised employment, the well educated will become resentful, just as in Tunisia. Resentful, they become as angry as public employees in Wisconsin.

    Despite the presupposition of Wisconsin Republicans, education is an intrinsic good as well as an instrumental good. That said, to consider it wholly as instrumental, as does Obama as well as Wisconsin Republicans, is a losing proposition. At root, failure lies in the economic assumption of comparative advantage, everyone chasing the same will-o’-the-wisp. As Karl Marx noted, internationalization of production transforms the worker into a commodity. Pitted against one another in an unconstrained world market, wages are driven to subsistence at best. Avoidance of this state of affairs is a reassertion of political economy, the conception of an economy as domestic, not international. So transformed, the assumed “optimal” production worshiped by modern production oriented economics is supplanted by a political determination of optimal production and distribution within the society which the economist inhabits. It is time economists and politicians take seriously those pronouncements of patriotism emblazoning the magnetic ribbons festooning their personal vehicles.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Historical fact? According to whom? You should ask for you money back from whatever book you read.

    The Federalist were the party of centralized government – you know what Progs want. The Federalist created the Bank of America. Just like that Prog Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve. The Federalists created the Sedition Act. Say that Prog Woodrow Wilson also had no problem jailing people who spoke out against the war in Europe.

    Speaking of the Federal Reserve, isn’t it funny that it was created to stop the boom/bust cycle but we’ve had the two worst economic downturns ever AFTER its creation. But the Federal Reserve is a “conservative” idea created by that conservative Wilson.

    The Democratic-Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson was NEVER the activist party the Democrats would become under FDR. Jefferson was conservative. Fiscally – he scrimped, saved, and paid off the national debt. He was a true conservative in terms of our Constitution. Jefferson had no interest in the debate over states allowing women and blacks to vote. He left it to them as he was truly a federalist.

    The reason we are in a mess is because people forgot CIVIC VIRTUE. We live in a society perpetuated by too large of a segment who think they are owed something simply for breathing.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an alternative idea to restoring America’s economic prosperity–one that might actually work: Americans can peacefully revolt against the illegitimate by-the-elite-for-the-elite leadership of Wall Street and its Washington sock puppets. The Egyptians fought Wall Street and the rest of the world’s neoliberal elite financial terrorists and won; Americans can do the same. Here is the blueprint:

    “From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Gene Sharp:


  • Anonymous

    Until higher pay attracts more good teachers, until more schools are built, properly maintained and equipped, until classes have half as many students, until parents are held accountable for their kids’ behavior, and until reslugliCONs, talkingheads and theofascists stop demonizing public school teachers, this is just more hot air.

  • Anonymous

    Per Krugman, global competition isn’t really as important as it seems:

    ‘Race to the top’ is a horror-show as anyone familiar with education will know, there is no real increase in education funding.

    The reason to educate people, isn’t just so we can be competitive, more importantly, it’s because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Ha ha ha! The Spin Master is trying to sell the suckers the privatization of the education system. He will do anything for his corporate masters even sell his people and his country for a campaign contribution. What a salesman he is! What a fucking liar! What a traitor!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    He’s only selling the Amerikan people the privatization of the education system. Rest assured, he does not give a rat’s ass about anything else. He’s just doing the job he was hired to do: to turn over whatever little is left of this country over to Wall Street.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Don’t despair. Washington is trying to buy Egypt back.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    What happened to Bush Jr’s leave every kid behind program?

    Ask yourself “why is our kids not learning?”

  • Johnny Warbucks

    The question really is what to do with them.

    Throw ‘em in jail and use them as slave labor. Works great for the prison industrial complex, the “legal” system, the states, the corporations that profit from their free labor. Truly a win-win situation.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Your boy Obama IS that opposition. He IS trying to destroy education. Open your eyes! He’s trying to sell you privatization of the school system. Because privatizing Amerika has worked so well thus far.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    What he’s really doing is trying to sell the privatization of the school system. He’s been at it since day 1. Now, it’s time to make it happen.

  • hegesias

    I wonder if the countries with the top education systems have some kind of hyper-competitive threat as their incentive for excellence.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad for Washington that the Egyptians organized their rebellion around that book. Dictators and would be dictators like Mubarak and Obama only have a limited bag of tricks, and “From Dictatorship to Democracy” teaches the citizens of the world who love freedom and liberty how to successfully counter all of them.

  • Anonymous

    That’s true education and technology (that the American Technology Corporations don’t sell to China, along with our jobs) will boost our standing in the eyes of the world…but as long as the GOP stops all jobs program the President and the Democrats try to pass (and keeps allowing the jobs to be shipped over-seas) …there won’t be any jobs here to work at, no matter how many Associate, Masters or PHDs you have…….

  • Anonymous

    Were you just as adamant about stopping the Wars…when Bush lied us into them….? Or just now, because Obama’s in office….? I agree with you, of course…but, I am curious about whether you were this negative about the Wars when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld first started them

  • Anonymous

    I agree but why not belly ache at the GOP for stopping all jobs programs and NOT stopping the tax cuts for the wealthy the billion dollar subsidies to Corporations and the shipping of 40,000 (pklus) factories to other parts of the world…since the late 90′s…?

  • Anonymous

    Well, if ‘lack of civic virtue’ includes deregulation of business, elimination of restraints on corporate power, cutting taxes for wealthy, corporate control of media, removal of our ability to help each other through the instrument of government, and runaway predatory capitalism, then yeah, you’ve got a point..

    Of course, I don’t think that’s what you mean at all. I suppose it would be nice if one day we didn’t have to take people’s money by force. The majority could agree on a tax rate for everyone and everyone would gladly pay their share, some even beyond. We are a long way from that world, so we must force people to pay through the tax system.

    Meanwhile, some people just have no interest in helping others. I’m sure Ebeneezer Scrooge will complain about taxes and claim that few have as much ‘civic virtue’ as he does…or what’s that new reich-wing buzzword? oh yeah… ‘nanny government’.

    I think it’s quite dishonest to equate Federalists with Progressives.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Oh spare me. The dichotomy you tried to create has been shown to be the BS that it is.

    People would gladly pay their share? In 2008, the top 1% paid 38% of the federal income taxes in this country.

    Tell me, how much more do they need to pay to pay their share?

  • Anonymous

    “People would gladly pay their share? In 2008, the top 1% paid 38% of the federal income taxes in this country.” Bullshit. They are the ones bitching the most about paying. Monopoly of wealth is as bad as or worse than monopoly of production and markets.

  • Anonymous

    Lets start a write in campaign for Bernie.

  • Anonymous

    But if the U.S. does better how will the GOP take back the Senate and White House?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Let’s hope so. For their sake and ours.

  • Anonymous

    Have you not noticed the insane concentration of wealth coinciding with the destruction of the middle class? These things go hand in hand for a reason. I would like to see us return to the tax rates that we had when the last somewhat reasonable repiglican held the white house – eisenhower. In todays dollars, it would be 90%+ tax for anyone making over 5 million a year. That’s what we need.

    Also, there is much more to paying taxes than federal taxes, which you leave out of your statement. Also dishonest…

  • Johnny Warbucks

    In order to ‘boost your standing in the eyes of the world’ you will need a miracle not education and technology. You’ve pushed your luck for too long and way too many times. The time for rhetoric is over. The world has seen your ugly face. The gig is up! Down with the empire!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Steal it, by force, by fraud, coup d’tat. They’re resourceful.

  • Anonymous

    You are rewriting history.

    As for Jefferson being Conservative. You are wrong. This Democratic-Republican party you mentioned. Well you forgot to mention that the party split into two, becoming the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The lie the current Republicans tell the people is that Jefferson is the party of Republicans, without mentioning the fact that the Republican Party in Jefferson’s day is the complete opposite of the Republican Party today.

    The Federalist Party was the Conservative Party of John Adams and Alexander Hamiliton. Jefferson wanted no part of them. In 1798 the Conservatives passed bills to outlaw any criticism of Conservatism. This created the Jefferson Revolution. This Jefferson Revolution is a Revolution against Conservatism. The People wised up and if they had only listened to Thomas Paine, the People could have avoided a lot of grief. Note: The Conservatives back then were slick talkers, aka forked tongue.

    The Federalists aka Conservatives signed their own death warrant when they passed bills threatening the very personal liberties essential to a democracy.

    Jefferson won simply by pointing out the Federalist Party’s record aka Conservatism.

    As for your claim Jefferson had no interest in states rights you are wrong. He wrote letters to President Washington. Jefferson who was not a Federalist attacked Hamiliton who was a Federalist on the issues of state rights and the Constitution. Hamiliton was a Conservative and his party went extinct. Note: the debate regarding state rights still rage today.

    The reason we are in this mess is because Conservatives cuts the People of the United States out of the political process. Conservatives are only in it as a power grab and for no other reason. I’ll repeat Paine’s warning:

    They were beginning to contemplate government as a profitable monopoly, and the people as hereditary property.It is know wonder that the “Rights of Man” was attacked by that faction.

    Conservatives did indeed hate, “The Rights of Man”.

    There is no historical moment when the People benefitted under Conservatism. Only when the People rejected Conservatism did the benefi to the People show.

  • Anonymous

    Education is the key to all great societies. We had it all too well? That was before, corporations got to vote! All men created equal, just don’t deserve an education if you’re a minority? Move charter schools outside school districts to take money from districts that need it more for all the kids? This is a partisan issue, that want it their way. I say educate all the children!

  • David R Velasquez

    “Belly ache”???…if you agree then it wouldn’t be coming off as bellyaching to you.
    What,… is Obama above reproach?
    Besidesl, it’s not as if we …or I… NEVER try to communicate to them and their supporters the hypocrisy and ludicrousness of their actions.

    Obama is trying to play too wide a field to be counted on at his word.
    Blame his advisors if you want, but he’s the one choosing his ‘centrist’ positioning and even ridiculing the progressive platforms of those who probably worked hard to get him elected.
    The key to economic rebound viability for the US would be to end the wars which are draining us…and drastically slashing the Pentagon’s budget so that they don’t have any discretionary funds for ‘multiple robo-cyber personae’ (for their online propaganda war) The dragging out of this mission is about Obama not wanting to be the dem who ‘cut and run’…i.e., his legacy. Meanwhile funding is being drastically cut for veterans’ health services……. it’s all a cycle and Obama doing pr for issues that his actions’ have undermined just make him look ridiculous.

  • Guest

    I DESPISE(!) the motherfuckers (Of which you only name a few) who started the whole mess first and foremost! This new asshole, by letting the carnage and waste continue, has earned every angry comment he gets! PERIOD! I didn’t vote for him last “Liar’s Performance” in 2008 and I won’t vote for him next time either.

    (Apparently, by your comment, you don’t know much about my postings or my hatred of war. Been there, done that!)

  • Anonymous

    Pell grants cut and interest on higher education to start accumulating earlier, part of his “education” plan.

  • Anonymous

    If education is so great why are we letting Republican states try to take benefits and pensions away from our teachers??? Stay strong, Wisconsin. You’re an inspiration to states like Ohio where they’re also trying to strip our public employees of their rights, pay and pensions.

  • Guest


  • Anonymous
  • Guest

    A Democratic Socialist in the White House would be a dream for American working people! I’m just sorry that most don’t know it.


  • Guest

    “Leaders like him appear once in a century, if we’re lucky.”

    Kucinich for this lifetime but the corporate media and other “shadows” made damned sure he was marginalized, trivialized, and shunned.

  • Guest

    Go away Wealthy apologist troll. Your words are bullshit straight from the gutter mouths of those you learned it from.

  • YeaSayer

    The same point as touting innovation while building a surveillance state.

  • parrots_abound

    Education is great as a long term investment.

    But the immediate need is JOBS and TRAINING in specialized fields. And investment of infrastructure.

    People can’t eat books or degrees.

  • ghostof911

    Heard Kucinich speak at an anti-war rally across from the White House about a year ago. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man. I do not believe we’ve heard the last from him.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, the last thing elites want is public education. They want workers, not smart people. Well, a few smart people (but not too smart), and only a limited number of those…

  • piltdown

    No, he’s too busy doing the work of the bankers to give a crap about education. He’s letting other special interests shred that on their own. He’s too busy lining up deals for Goldman Sachs to really care.

  • piltdown

    “In 2008, the top 1% paid 38% of the federal income taxes in this country.”

    And they should have paid 90%. They gained 90% of the benefits from the system that was built, plus own 90% of the holdings of the nation. Why do you make apologies for them getting away with less than half of that, and STILL calling it too much?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yep. Saleman extraordinaire for Wall Street. That’s all he is.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    They don’t want workers either. Those cost money. They want serfs, slaves.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SN4MGOHXTG2XVUWT2H75KHCDME Bill

    You have to give credit to Obama- he can talk such a good game. I’d love to see Obama spend time and money on education, but this is, of course, only talk. We’ve heard this before and by now we know the talk is just that. After fighting for the patriot act, escalating and promoting foreign wars, and spending just as much, if not more, than his predecessor, what makes anyone think he is going to put REAL effort into the most important sector in our country- education. If people in America WERE smart, we wouldn’t be as bad off today as we are.

  • Anonymous

    Conservatives are scared of that learning. If they can wreck the education system they will. Then they will turn around and claim the system doesn’t work, then they will say government should get out of education. Then look at the money the Conservatives get to pocket. A few cents at least.

    Conservatives never wanted public school. So why shouldn’t they do everything to destroy it.

    I know a kid whose parents are hard core Conservative. His parents are professional bullshitters and they will raise bullshitters such as this kid was. This kid’s father called an investment firm and asked the firm if it’s okay for his boy to show up just one day, that’s it one day. Now here’s the catch. The father wanted the firm to write it down that the son spent the whole summer doing internship. The firm did it because the father had a large account with the firm. Conservatives gets through life doing pure bullshit and that is why we get into stupid wars via bullshit, economic meltdown via bullshit.

    So the Conservatives repsonse to you is, Why Learn when you can bullshit?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SN4MGOHXTG2XVUWT2H75KHCDME Bill

    I don’t think the founders envisioned such a small group of people controlling all the wealth. Sure, there was some elitism back then, but what we have today PALES in comparison. Ask Jefferson, or another, if anyone should be taxed 90% and I don’t think he’d answer yes or no. While it’s not what this country was founded on, I don’t think we intended to have such an informal ruling class either, if you will, that can buy up elections to forward a personal, greedy agenda, all in the pursuit of profit at the expense of others.

  • Anonymous


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Conservatives are scared of that learning.

    It’s that enlarged amygdala, remember? They’re scared of everything that’s what makes them such good and willing pawns.

    It’s not “if” it’s when. They will. It’s a slam dunk, Obama has been trying to do it since the day he got into office. He got distracted for a while, now, he’s back at it.

    Still, I have an idiot somewhere in here arguing with me that Republicans shouldn’t be banned and thrown in jail like the Muslim Brotherhood was in Egypt. ha!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

    Well why the fuck doesn’t he do something about out of control tuitiion increases, the cutting of Pell grants and raised interest rates on student loans (when the Fed rate approaches ZERO).

    Once again he is speaking pretty words while doing the opposite.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dorothy-Banks/100001470098554 Dorothy Banks

    If America is to climb back to the top of the education ladder, a quality, well-rounded education is key. Facebook, Texting and Tweeting are not a source of education. These are limited information tools, not classrooms, where is an education is acquired.

    The public school system is failing students, with the help of indifferent, enabling parents. President Obama is endeavoring to rebuild, not the physical structures, but the minds within the classrooms, starting with weeding out poor teachers, principals and superintendents. He understands the importance of a global education.

    The unionization of teachers has stifled creativity, competition and excellence in the classroom. Not all unions are bad, but it’s blindingly clear that its on the wrong side of education. The union’s responsibility and allegiance is one dimensional. Its devoted to protecting inadequate teachers, who commits fraud in classrooms five days a week. A school system that graduates incompetent students is criminal. Just as bad are parents who focus more on extracurricular activities and the socialization of the children.

    An ABC News 20/20 documentary titled “Stupid in America: How We Cheat Our Kids” with John Stossel– was a revealing, indicting report on the public schools system in America. He said in conclusion: “Competition inspires people to do what we didn’t think we could do. If people got to choose their kids’ school, education options would be endless.
    “There could soon be technology schools, science schools, virtual schools where you learn at home on your computer, sports schools, music schools, schools that go all year, schools with uniforms, schools that open early and keep kids later, and, who knows what else. If there were competition, all kinds of new ideas would bloom.”

    Unfortunately, redlining of students depends on the kind of education a they earn. For thousands of kids these deficient schools are all they have. They are trapped behind the eight ball. They never get the chance to run the table of educational opportunities.
    The eight ball trap leads to failure, and that leads to hopelessness and that leads to disaster and that leads to …..You fill in the blank.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty funny. Obama trying to intervene in Wisconsin, saying that the removal of the right of collective bargaining for public employees on all issues EXCEPT salaries is an attack on labor. Obama should know his own government…NO FEDERAL EMPLOYEE UNION HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE COLLECTIVE BARGAINING ON ANY ISSUE AT ALL.

  • maritimer

    And they want to fire 16,000 teachers in Wisconsin for daring to stand up for their rights. Maybe it’s time to lay aside the notion of peaceful protest.

  • maritimer

    They (the rich and the powerful) WANT the population to be uneducated, or just educated enough to perform menial service jobs and not be curious about the world and domestic affairs. An illiterate/ignorant population is easy to scare and easy to control.

  • maritimer

    I’ll speak for myself– I marched in anti-war protests throughout the war, starting in 2003. At great risk to my security clearance and job- you realize that anyone with a clearance of any kind “should not” criticize the government that pays them. Many others were out there with me. War is wrong no matter who the war monger claims to be- conservative or liberal.

  • maritimer

    Because he is a phony liberal and a paid corporate whore. He got his- screw the rest of us.

  • maritimer

    Yep. And wait till we see the tuition bill. Glad my kids are grown.

  • Anonymous

    As always in this disgusting country –

    There’s always unlimited money to kill people, but NEVER enough to help people.

    Obama’s a fraud.

  • Guest

    Barry, you just lowered funding for college graduate students and gave the military more funding for war, you, pal, need to go see a psychologist, beause you keep saying the right thing, but then you go and do the wrong thing. What are you, an idiot? There is something wrong with this man …

  • Anonymous

    You are aware that the US spends more on education than any other country other than Switzerland and comes in @27 out of 34 in terms of performance?

    Throwing more money into this pit sounds like a real smart idea.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Double bill. Taxes to pay off the contractors and a tuition bill. And still a substandard education not worth shit. You’ve got that right. It will be like high education is right now. Same rip off, same joke.