Republicans attack unions to hurt Democrats: analysts

By Agence France-Presse
Saturday, February 19, 2011 15:36 EDT
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MADISON, Wisconsin — Republican attempts to disband public workers unions in Wisconsin and other key states are part of a broad strategy to undermine US President Barak Obama and his Democrats at the ballot box, analysts said.

Unions have been the biggest sources of financial and grass roots, get-out-the-vote organizational support for Democrats and have long been a target of business-backed Republicans.

But they’ve seen their power and membership rolls shrink as the manufacturing sector declined and shifted to anti-union southern states, and now represent just 12 percent of US workers.

Public workers account for more than half of union rolls, even though a dozen states prohibit state and local government workers from forming unions.

And now Republican governors in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa are looking to curtail or even eliminate collective bargaining rights for state and local government employees.

The move to bust public unions is part of a broader attempt “to bring us closer to a more permanent Republican majority,” said Marjorie Hershey, a political science professor at Indiana University.

Republicans won a major victory last year when the Supreme Court overturned a ban on corporate spending in elections.

The flood of new money — $190 million by conservative groups compared with $94 million from liberals — helped propel Republicans to win back the House of Representatives and make major gains at the state level in November’s mid-term election.

The state-level gains will have far-reaching implications as legislators undertake the once-a-decade task of redrawing political maps in accordance with new census figures, a highly partisan process.

In the winner-take-all, essentially two-party US political system, creating a district where just 55 percent of voters support one party is usually all it takes to guarantee a win.

So politicians seek to pack the support base of opponents in as few constituencies as possible or break it up so that they are in the minority in several districts.

Republicans have total control over the legislature and governor’s mansions in 20 states while Democrats control just 11.

Curtailing collective bargaining rights for public workers unions will essentially cut them off at the knees and that will have significant consequences for Democrats, said John Brehm, a political science professor at the University of Chicago.

Unions were the only liberal groups to make the top 10 list of groups spending money on the 2010 election outside of the more regulated political party system, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

“If the unions are now out of the game, it shifts over heavily for the Republican interests for 2012,” Brehm told AFP.

Unions are also extremely successful at getting voters to the polls — a key factor in the United States where turnout reached just 41.6 percent of eligible voters in the 2010 mid-term election and 62.2 percent in the hotly-contested 2008 presidential election.

The mobilization power of unions was vividly apparent this week as tens of thousands of people flooded Wisconsin’s state capitol to protest a bill aimed at busting public service workers unions.

Newly-elected Republican Governor Scott Walker was unbowed by the days of mass protests and insists that the only way to get his state’s finances “on track” is to eliminate collective bargaining rights so public workers can’t fight pay and benefit cuts.

Fighting unions is “almost an article of faith” for Republicans who see them as “a block in the path of capitalism,” said Ken Janda, emeritus professor of political science at Northwestern University.

And the current budget crisis facing state and local governments gives them political cover and support from anxious taxpayers at a time when nine percent of Americans are unemployed and private sector workers have seen wages fall and benefits slashed.

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  • WaStConcerned

    This is not the removal of the unions only, this is the control of the country by the international corporations which are the contributors of the funds electing the republiCONS. This is the global domination of all governments by the global elite cabal – decimating any governmental restrictions in their profit operation.

    Until the entirety of the populace comes to recognize this, we will continue to play out their fantasy of destruction.

  • ProgressiveInNewYork

    Why do people act like this is something they just discovered?
    Don’t they remember the years when unions were first formed and why?
    The corporate response, from bringing skags to beak the strikes to thugs to beat up the organizers.
    The compliance of the government, from local to national level to demonize the organizers. From the tea baggers, the modern equivalent of the hired goons to the conservative leaders like Boehner who doesn’t have a clue. Hopefully the same thing will happen to them again and they’ll get bitch slapped.

    Wake up workers in america.

  • Anonymous

    This is a war on the American worker by business and they are winning because we as Americans can not afford to bite the hand that feeds us! The sad fact is that the private sector wage scale has not kept up with inflation and after a decade or two the disparity is clearly evident. So, the business commuity who actively works to keep illegal workers here and other measures to keep wages low have choked the hand that feeds them. The American citizen.

  • http://thepoliticalbandit.com/ William Cormier

    The Supreme Court decision orchestrated by the Fascist Five Justices is extremely similar to the SCOTUS ruling of the election of George W. Bush to the Presidency in 2000. Our Supreme Court, by allowing corporations to spend whatever they desire on public elections is just another form of vote rigging and stolen elections. The people of the United States are going broke; all we receive is emails from a variety of Democratic/Progressive and Independent sources constantly asking for money to match the spending of the GOP and their not-so-shadow enablers of fascism – and most of us are now struggling to feed ourselves – so how do we, the people whom have the least supposed to match the spending power of Corporate America??? The sad answer is that we cannot match funds that should never have been approved for public elections – and as each election cycle comes to fruition we will lose even more ground as the Fascists whom are running this country spend enormous amounts to subvert what are supposed to be “fair elections.”

    What little of our democracy that is left is hanging by a thread… Rather than constantly writing about the courage of the Egyptian people it would be more effective if we mirrored their behavior and stood in solidarity for liberty and freedom. Talk is cheap – action speaks much louder and right now, ALL of the American people should “Walk like Egyptians” until liberty, Justice and the rule of law is restored in our own country.

  • Anonymous

    Acorn destroyed, Check.

    Destroy the union, on it’s way.

    Make sure only Big Money will drive the political machine, check. Clarence Thomas and Scalia are owned by the Koch Bros. Clarence Thomas and Scalia the new Judas of the 21st century.

    Basically the United States will no longer be “We the People”.

    Republicans since the comeback, defund EPA, defund Health Care, defund Planned Parenthood. All scores for big money. What has the Republicans done for the People? The answer is zero. That’s right zero.

    Republicans add up to zero and the People refuse to Walk like an Egyptian.

  • Guest

    A sad commentary on politics in general and the Republithugs in particular:

    Damn the economy!
    Damn the RIGHT thing!
    Damn “We the People”!
    Damn the country!

    Our TEAM must win no matter what! This fucking country isn’t even a shadow or shell of what it could be…SHOULD BE!!!


  • Anonymous

    Lose the unions America, and you definitely WILL be in the toilet. So go ahead, be stupid. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

  • kiboshki

    No longer We the People, indeed. I suggest a Republican’ts Preamble for their new order, as they proceed to lay waste to everything that signifies unity, cooperation and the common good:

    ‘ ‘
    Me the Sheeple of the Untied States of Amerika, in Order to form a more partisan Union, disestablish true Justice, insure domestic Tranquilizability, provide for a paranoid defense, promote general Wealthfare, and secure the Blessings of Profitability for our corporate overlords and their Posterity, do ignore and disintegrate our once great Constitution of the United States of America.
    ‘ ‘

  • Guest

    Well said, William! However I only have seen the slightest tremors of unifying to the purpose of claiming OUR government. The Wisconsin protests and the, slightly less noticed, Ohio protests are encouraging BUT there are 2-3 other states faced with the same thing and the silence is palpable.

    Maybe nothing will change until they ban beer, sports, Walmart, McDonald’s and reality T.V.

  • Anonymous

    These fuckers are Satanic and evil. Legion of devils

  • mjcc1987

    I suspect this will have the opposite effect. Over the course of the last3 months baggers have proposed and are attempting to:

    Redefine Rape
    Defund Big Bird
    Defund Planned Parenthood
    Return DADT
    Defund/Curtail/Stop: Food inspections, air quality, dairy, meat, libraries (too many to mention)

    Baggers and Repuglies have discovered the wonders and joy of the civil war and the true cause (Socialism)

    Instituting 50 state currencies

    Encourging State to declare bankruptcy for ideology purposes

    Rejection and modifications of virtually every aspect of the Constitution

    Whoring of SCOTUS and the selling of judicial nominations

    Court system that is fully political

    but where’s the jobs?

    To be a teabagger or republican IS TO BE UNAMERICAN.

  • http://twitter.com/ksecus Keith Miller

    scabs are lower than child molesters on my scale.

  • 7rob7

    I guess I’ll put this in the No Shit, Sherlock file, then go out and organize some new union workers.

    That, or get more serious about emigrating.

  • enorceht

    “Which Side Are You On?”

    Come all you good workers
    Good news to you I’ll tell
    Of how the good old union
    Has come in here to dwell

    Which side are you on boys?
    Which side are you on?

    My daddy was a miner
    He’s now in the air and sun
    He’ll be with you fellow workers
    Until the battle’s won

    Which side are you on boys?
    Which side are you on?

    They say in Harlan County
    There are no neutrals there
    You’ll either be a union man
    Or a thug for J. H. Claire

    Which side are you on boys?
    Which side are you on?

    Oh workers can you stand it?
    Oh tell me how you can
    Will you be a lousy scab
    Or will you be a man?

    Which side are you on boys?
    Which side are you on?

    Don’t scab for the bosses
    Don’t listen to their lies
    Poor folks ain’t got a chance
    Unless they organize

    Which side are you on boys?
    Which side are you on?

    ~natalie merchant
    ~words Florence Patton Reece (UMW 1930′s) UMW (United Mine Workers)
    ~set to the tune of “Jack Monro”
    ~Chords = Dm – F – A7



  • http://twitter.com/jdlynn66 Lynn, Jefferies

    If the ‘Bagging crowd doesn’t like their education, any who receive a diploma or degree from a public school should deem them null and void. They should also refuse to do any business with people who received their education from public schools.

    And if the ‘baggers don’t like unions, they should work 90 hour weeks in factories in China, compete for their jobs with children, work every weekend without any vacation or sick pay, and if they are injured because their workplace is unsafe, they should be docked for lost time and pay for their injury themselves. If they complain their organs should be removed and sold on the open market.

    To accept any of these benefits that workers fought and died for over many centuries, they are hypocrites for being untrue to their “free market” principles. If the state is “broke” like they say, it’s because private sector workers are not making enough money to foot the bill.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Maddow covered this really well here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/#41655758
    Except for her details about the cause of the defecit, which Politifact disagrees with: http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2011/feb/18/rachel-maddow/rachel-maddow-says-wisconsin-track-have-budget-sur
    but that doesn’t change the rest of the facts about union busting and the election fight.

  • Knox

    I’m afraid that most of this country has forgotten, or not learned, why unions have existed in this country in the first place

  • Anonymous

    Do the repugs really think we wouldn’t strike across the nation over this? That we would give up our rights?

  • Anonymous

    Which koch brother becomes king?

  • Guest

    Why is this news? This is a Reagan redux. Conservatives figured out a long time ago that you declaw and defund the Democratic Party by going after the unions.

    Kill the unions, you kill the Party and the Labor Movement. After bringing in scabs for the striking Air Traffic Controllers, Reagan sets a legal precedent by busting the union. 30 years later the private sector workforce is virtually union-free. The cost of labor has gone down and the waves of illegal immigrants keep coming ashore.

    So what’s left of the Left? Public Service Employee Unions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Well it is a lot easier to form a voting bloc to get payoffs from politicians than to convince the people (you know THE BOSS of the public unions) to keep upping your payouts.

  • Guest


    We can’t. We’re broke. Or at least we’re broke compared to those who run for office. You can thank the SCOTUS for that. Also, the Financial Times recently came out with an article saying that the 2012 elections will cost $2 billion dollars. Obama knows this which is why he has surrounded himself recently with corporate types like Dailey and the job czar from GE, in the hopes he can get in on some of that mad corporate money. After all, the People are pissed and broke and won’t be donating to someone who has already turned there back on them.

    This won’t stop and will continue until there is revolution or serious, serious campaign finance reform. We are not truly represented. That’s it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lon-Warneke/1409625620 Lon Warneke

    Budget deficits are a ruse in Wisconsin, where the Governor turned a surplus into a deficit by providing corporate tax breaks, and then used the deficit as a ploy to break the unions, not just in Wisconsin, but seeking to be the first domino in a nationwide conservati­ve movement. Deficits can be addressed by raising revenue, plugging tax loopholes, putting people to work, but deficits are not what really matters to conservati­ves. Conservati­ves really only want to change the basis of American life, to make America run according to their moral worldview in all areas of life.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to. Unfortunately outspoken atheists are more hated than Muslims

    Show me a place I can win national office or the governorship and I’m in.

  • Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood, PBS, Wisconsin…Is it just me, or is this some kind of right-wing offensive that’s caught the Democratic Party flat-footed?

  • http://thepoliticalbandit.com/ William Cormier

    There are two segments of our population right now – those who are unemployed and have had their jobs outsourced to foreign countries, and the rest of our nation whom are employed and fear anything and everything that could place their jobs in jeopardy. Those that are in unions are now speaking out and protesting because they could lose what they have so the need to act is NOW.

    The other ten to fifteen million who are unemployed need to come to their senses and join in with “we the people” and get off their duffs and do something that will help their collective situation(s). Employers in the U.S are refusing to hire anyone who has been out of work longer than six months (This applies to the vast majority of employers.) which equates to those millions of people NEVER being able to find a decent job. Many of those people who no longer have jobs no longer have Internet and many don’t have television – they are now in poverty and their futures are bleak.

    Somehow or other we need to band together and reach those who have lost the most and literally have nothing to lose by protesting and refusing to leave until their situations are addressed and resolved. The momentum is building and if we blow this chance to turn this nation around there very well might not be another chance like this for decades to come.

  • Anonymous

    In Wisconsin, the police and fire unions voted for the Governor…Traitors!!!

  • Eyeball_Kid

    The answer to your questions: The labor policy IQ of US citizens averages around 60. People don’t give a damn when they have TV, Walmart, and fast food. They consider these three items proof positive that they have the highest standard of living in the world. Nothing else matters. They’ll make 60 bucks a week and live in cardboard cubes as long as they have TV, Walmart, and fast food. They have no idea what unions have done for this country and don’t care. They don’t know that FoxNews’ agenda is to usher in Corporate America as a permanent fixture. They have no idea that their children will be slave laborers for corporations, and they’ll be told that slave wages are the only way that they can compete with Pakistan and China.

    But they still won’t care, because they have Walmart, TV, and fast food.

  • Guest

    “Somehow or other we need to band together and reach those who have lost the most and literally have nothing to lose by protesting and refusing to leave until their situations are addressed and resolved.”

    Ideas? Suggestions?

  • Eyeball_Kid

    There you go. Walmart, fast food, and TV!! We’re on to something! Those will NEVER be taken away, because those are what keeps the US from exploding into open revolt.

  • Eyeball_Kid

    We can chat all we want on the blogs, and it doesn’t matter one wit, because that’s all we do.. chat on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    Like Claude Rains, I’m shocked – SHOCKED, I say!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IU3WYEYZGSU6EUKR35RNYHUX3E eileen schaper

    Wouldn’t this backfire on the Teapublicans? IF Unions are busted, wouldn’t that push the people that were part of them to turn on TeaPublicans and increase their getting out the vote and funding, against them? know I damn sure would go in that direction.

    Beware: Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a Fascist government, labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed.

    Don’t think it will never happen here? Don’t bet on it, it’s already started. My best guess is 2001.

  • Anonymous

    actually, it’s more like the gop attacks unions to attack workers, in the same way that the democrats have (not that american unions as a whole haven’t been completely subservient to the democratic party). you are just obfuscating things by making the conflict that of politics rather than class struggle

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Talk about BS.

    Here’s the JSOnline before the gubernatorial election.


    Next Wisconsin governor faces big deficit
    Candidates promise tax cuts amid $2.7 billion shortfall

    The JSOline is progressive AND a Pulitzer Prize winner. I suppose they were creating a ruse reporting that there would be a deficit.

    What’s that noise? Prog heads exploding. LOL

  • Anonymous

    pass it on.

  • Anonymous

    To bad they don’t mention the short fall was caused by the Governor himself when he gave 140 million in taxs break to corporations a couple of days after he got in office.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    A heartwarming update on the protests from the ANSWER Coalition:

    * * * * *

    Eyewitness report from Wisconsin: Largest day of labor demonstrations yet
    Live eyewitness reports from the Wisconsin Labor Protests


    This eyewitness report was sent today by activists at the center of the labor demonstrations in Madison, Wis.

    Today is the without a doubt the biggest day of demonstrations yet since workers and students took to the streets a week ago to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s assault on the public sector’s collective bargaining rights.

    The streets were filled with chants of “Kill the Bill!” as tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of downtown Madison. Virtually every union from not only the public but also the private sector is present at the demonstration; among them the SEIU, AFSCME, UAW, IBEW, Teamsters, iron workers, plumbers, firefighters, various teachers unions and many more. High school and college students have come out in large numbers to support the workers’ struggle.

    The State Capitol has been completely taken over. Students have been occupying the building around the clock and workers have returned each day to press their demands. Security and police have been largely standing aside while workers and students direct protesters coming in and out of the building. All four floors of the rotunda are presently packed with demonstrators. Banners and signs supporting the workers are hanging throughout the building. A morning rally on the steps of the capitol was followed by a march around the building.

    A strong sentiment of solidarity has been forged between the community, students and workers from various unions. Placards with messages such as “United we bargain, divided we beg” and “Ironworkers support teachers” are seen everywhere. Handwritten signs in support of the workers covered the windows of restaurants, cafes and other small businesses around the capitol. A plane flew overhead with a banner stating, “We support working families.” Similar messages of solidarity were seen all around.

    The Tea Party, which had scheduled for today its first “big rally” in support of Walker and his legislative assault on labor, mustered only enough support for a minuscule demonstration that was completely dwarfed by the mass presence of labor and its supporters.

    The resilience and fighting spirit of the workers have been an inspiration to all who have come out, and given a real-life lesson on the power of organization. Spirits are high in Madison. The fight is not yet over.

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Mostly it’s about destroying what little is left of the middle class, a dream of reslugliCON corporate whores for six or seven decades. But, if the idea of recalling those reslugliCONs catches on in states other than WI, America just might avoid another civil war the teagaggers desperately want.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    The Democrats are willing aiders and abeters.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    An attack on the working class by any other name is still an attack on the working class. Unfortunately for y’all, not everybody confuses as easily as y’all do.

  • Johnny Warbucks


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Take a look at the comments from ‘straw’ above and you’ll find the answer to your question.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    See, that’s what those idiots can’t understand, that the only reason why there are decent work conditions in this country is solely because of the unions. Without them, we would go right back to what you described, 18 hour days, pay of 25 cents a day, child labor, you name it. How can they be so utterly stupid and self-defeatist?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/FPBFO6RC5R2HHIP3VXSFU2RZQA mjj

    The best thing Obama could do right now is use his executive pen and abolish all those anti union laws enacted by the previous administration. Its amazing that in China they have ordered business to recognize unions to the point of WALMART in China is unionized but in this country they can’t get in the door and if they do Wal Mart closes the door. This behavior should be punished in some way severely.

  • Anonymous

    So the republicans hate America, Americans, Democracy and apparently the pursuit of happiness. They can’t win elections with their brillant ideas so they have found a way to minimize funds for the Democrats so they will lose. What honorable freakin people! This country would be better off without all of the scum republicans, that stick to the bottom of our feet after walking through the public mens room at the nearest truck stop. This shows once and for all that there is no such thing as a good republican. The gop is made up of slimy degenerates like karl rove who can’t win with honesty and good ideas and their mindless followers who don’t know what a good idea is. The gop sheep will go along and do what they are told even if it is against their own well being. The evil genius’s and their mindless troll’s are all the gop has! They put their party first even if it means the country fails and it will if the gop has anything to say about it. They hate America and Americans! We need to scrape the scum off our shoes and continue on without them. They are hateful, shortsighted beings who are our enemies! We no longer can fight the terrorists overseas, they are here.

  • maritimer

    “Bread and Circuses.” It works- and they know it.

  • maritimer

    They are starting to walk like an Egyptian in Wisconsin- let’s hope it spreads. I’m going to DC on Mar 19. I gotta do something!

  • maritimer

    Hear hear. You will never see me cross a picket line.

  • enorceht

    can you say that 3 times in a row really really fast ?

  • Anonymous

    I do believe the devil is stirring the tea pot.

  • maritimer

    Supposing he faced a shortfall, he made things worse by handing out tax cuts. Who else did this and got the nation into a big pickle? That other idiot Bush who turned a surplus into an enormous deficit.
    Now Walker wants to sic the National Guard on working people- who are willing to take pay cuts mind you- but simply do not want to lose the essential right to collective bargaining.

    If Walker turns guns on the people you right wingers better get your passports and pack your bags because we are going to run you right out of the country.

  • maritimer

    Well-paid sheep.

  • Anonymous

    Be careful what you wish for. Don’t mess with those who actually do the dirty work, never can tell how things may come back and Bite yopu in the ass.

  • ComradeRutherford

    Class war, plain and simple.

    The Dems capitulated to the GOP early in the Reagan – Bush years and the class war by the Obscenely wealthy on the middle class really got into gear.

    Now the the RepubliDems are ready for the final battle to kill of the middle class once and for all.

    I had thought that no one was going to lift a finger to fight them until a couple of people showed up in the WI capitol. Maybe we have a chance.

    The single most important thing we can do make the obscenely wealthy pay their fair share for the cost of having a First World civilization. The GOP has been fighting against civilization – well, forever. They still are sore for losing WWII.

  • Comrade

    There is more to American politics than Republicans and Democrats.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i guess the elephants will be going after the TSA for their recent ability for collective bargaining…….

  • Anonymous

    The republicans are willing to give the country to corporations and yet dont realize once they do, they are no longer needed.

    The Conservative Supreme court had to practically make up a case to allow corps to give to the republicans. These people should be impeached

    We are looking at the end of freedom

  • Lloyd Hart

    Fuck off you narcissistic Democrats, they are not attacking unions to hurt the democratic party. They are attacking unions to hurt the working people of this country. To do away with benefits, to do away with regulation, to do away with the living wage. The bastards want all of us under their thumbs and you fucking democrats have done nothing but to help them get what they want because your fucking cowards. Fuck off you narcissistic Democrats!

  • Anonymous

    Understand this: Not only are Republicans trying to break the backs of Wisconsin’s workers in order to eviscerate the Democratic party, but they have attempted to break Assembly rules in order to do so. They are not just attacking the values that make our nation strong, they are attacking the foundations of America itself. This aggression will not stand, and we will not bend to those who fashion themselves the grand dictators of our time.

  • ThatBostonMan

    They’re coming for your jobs people. Protect yourselves.

  • ThatBostonMan

    Exactly. They want to do away with your job.

  • Guest

    these are rovian tactics to take down democracy and establish a permanent repug fascist majority rule, and much of this is a direct result of Obama who decided to play games by accepting corporate money and turn the page on criminal prosecution of these gangsters. The biggest mistake is giving these criminals a second chance at power.

  • Anonymous

    This was linked earlier today on another thread — http://www.thenation.com/article/158282/how-build-progressive-tea-party Do take the time to read it.

  • Anonymous

    There has been a constant campaign to destroy unions since the imprisonment of Jimmy Hoffa by the Nixon administration. By the 72 election Nixon had effectively broken union solidarity and traditional Democratic supporting unions like the Teamsters and the Building trades were peeled off and their membership was largely responsible together with “the Southern strategy” of electing Nixon to a second term in spite of the albatross of Watergate hanging around the administration’s neck!

    Since then Republicans and businesses have used a three prong attack of union busting and anti-union PR campaigns to reduce union membership and prevent new union membership as well as a regional strategy that is designed to move manufacturing, especially automobiles to the South where union membership is despised and eschewed by the indigenous population on ideological grounds. This tactic and the ideological climate of persistent rugged individualism that has characterized the South since about 1700 freed the companies from facing organizing drives and enabled them to simply close union shops in the North, leaving the union workers with no jobs, disseminating the union membership, and destroying the unions in the process. As a result of these kinds of tactics, the Autoworkers Union which once boasted the exclusive membership of nearly every auto worker in Detroit an the surrounding area now supports and represents public and private university Teaching Assistants. Meanwhile jobs that once paid livable wages in the North have been moved to the South where workers are paid less than half what union workers were paid, have no job security, and few if any benefits.

    That is how crazy the whole union landscape has become in America!

  • Anonymous

    More than a little conflicted aren’t you:

    “The Democrats are willing aiders and abeters [SIC].”

    Who do you think most workers support? Read the article you just posted!

  • Anonymous

    I love it when smart ass teaparty republican/libertarians post articles that say the opposite of what they claim they say. In the first place it says that Walker wouldn’t specify what he was going to do, the Democratic candidate was the most specific about his plans of all the candidates.

    But more important is this sentence: “The [$2.7 Billion] shortfall estimate from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau doesn’t include the expected growth in state tax revenues or the expected growth in state spending on existing programs because of inflation and other factors – that means the final deficit could be less or more.” In other words, the estimate was just that an estimate with mitigating factors that could lessen or increase the number.

    Additionally, this was from projections from August or before by January the state was on target to have a small budget surplus, it was in fact the tax cuts for corporations instituted by Walker and the Republicans in the state legislature that have created the so-called “budget crisis” that they are now trying to solve by dissolving the public employees unions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V5XKDORJ6HIVIZ6V5OTK76KTEY Immortal

    The corporatists can meet and organize at their country clubs and while dining at fine restaurants, but let the common man get together? Hey, isn’t that just communism? Or “something” evilism? Certainly it can’t be us upright and “good for America” as good “ole fashioned” slavery, can it?

  • Anonymous

    As I said before, if the march is in Cairo or Bahrain, it’s a freedom march. If it’s union workers in Madison, WI, it’s a KKK Rally.
    Sorry but if they lose, it is 1 step closer to the Corporate Control of the US and it’s gov’t.
    With the Koch Bros backing the Republicans and the Tea Tards backing the Koch Bros it’s not hard to predict what will happen here.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L46MI6AIDYQVHC7ERWTPQPCGHM Lou

    Well stated. Bravo!

  • Guest

    Well duh. But they also do it because they hate the idea of anything, ANYTHING getting in the way of the rich amassing ever more obscene levels of wealth, far beyond their fair share. We are living in the age of acquisition here in the United States, as evidenced by decades of declining real wages for regular workers, and skyrocketing wealth for a very few. It will get worse before it gets better, most likely.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ODHDTSN5TFE24TZS22LJWXHO6I Rash Lameballs

    Welcome to the Republican USA,Where the rich get richer and the poor and middle class can just curl up and die!

  • Anonymous

    The Wisconsin governor was proposing cutting pensions because everyone needed to share in the sacrifice, that would be understandable. But as the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein points out:

    The Badger State was actually in pretty good shape. It was supposed to end this budget cycle with about $120 million in the bank. Instead, it’s facing a deficit. Why? I’ll let the state’s official fiscal scorekeeper explain (pdf):

    More than half of the lower estimate ($117.2 million) is due to the impact of Special Session Senate Bill 2 (health savings accounts), Assembly Bill 3 (tax deductions/credits for relocated businesses), and Assembly Bill 7 (tax exclusion for new employees).

    In English: The governor called a special session of the legislature and signed two business tax breaks and a conservative health-care policy experiment that lowers overall tax revenues (among other things). The new legislation was not offset, and it helped turn a surplus into a deficit [see update at end of post]. As Brian Beutler writes, “public workers are being asked to pick up the tab for this agenda.”


  • Anonymous

    What the Democrats need to do is do some shareholder activism by presenting shareholder questions for a vote to have corporations remove themselves from the Chamber of Commerce. When the CoC starts losing money they can’t influence elections as much.

  • Guest

    Don’t say, “I am an Aetheist”. Simple….

  • Guest

    TRY! Remember: At this point it would be GREAT to actually win BUT, what I think is MORE important right now, is to get your/our ideas out there NOW! Exposing the corporate overtake of the country is imperative; pointing out TRUTH instead of lies is critical; AWAKENING the brainwashed is the greatest need of all.

    If you don’t TRY you can’t aid the process of recovering the TRUTHSEEKERS from the devastation of “programming”.

  • Anonymous

    When George HW Bush accused Michael Dukakis of being a card carrying member of the ACLU in the 88 election he was dressing the table for the complete dismemberment of all of FDR’s programs. FDR is considered to be one of the greatest presidents because he reconstructed the government to perform a task that is out of fashion today: to serve the people. When Bush made that comment he was drawing the line on what he considered the function of the government to be… either a regulator of a civilized society or simply to be a tool of the oligarchs that would keep the wealth of the nation under the control of only a few family’s.

  • Anonymous

    I am not a violent person,nor do I have the propensity towards violence,but it appears that these republican thugs are pressing the issue.I don,t know when or if people will get their head out of their asses,however,it looks like we’re going to have to do something to bring this situation to the attention of other democratic countries.I would like to see President Obama make an appearance in Madison,Wisconsin.Then,and only then will he truly become a spokesperson for the individuals being victimized by a dictatorial style of governing in Wisconsin.

  • D.Crockett

    YAHOO The people are speaking out!!! its about time! these assholes are trying to suppress the labor unions in this country . Why? so they can pay you less and keep you in poverty. They have already accomplished this by sending the good paying manufacturing jobs overseas for the cheap labor while they fill there pockets with profits.
    these corporations are going to put this country out of business and the government is supporting it by subsidizing these pigs. its all about controlling the masses folks? they want to keep us in fear and in poverty.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing that in America, the one who wins the elections are the ones who have the most money.

  • cannotvote

    The left and the right wing are on the same bird! I think we should change the bird to a Parrot, from the eagle! At least it would repeat what we would ask of it, as opposed to pulling out our liver in a Promethean manner – as it does presently! That would be change we could all believe in – as opposed to the lip service we all get now!

  • Guest

    It all starts and ends with Public Campaign Finance Reform. I think this is part of the problem as to why people don’t understand how horrific the ‘Citizen’s United’ SCOTUS decision was.

    There is an infinite tsunami of corporate money waiting to flood the 2012 elections. After reading how Clarence Thomas and Anton Scalia is so in bed with the Teabaggers, is it any wonder of this quid pro quo?? The Koch Bros. are laughing and wetting themselves all the way to the bank, as they have cleverly re-branded one of the pinnacle moments in US history!

    The Boston Tea Party was a protest against the yokes of corporate power!!!! As things are now, I don’t see now how JOE BLOW, who may have the best ideas and not the biggest bank account, goes up against Goliath.

    Public Campaign Finance Reform

  • cannotvote

    Call for a National strike! make threats of civil unrest and stretch the government and their thugs, when finally laws are made to inhibit public meetings march on DC and strip the white wash off the walls and paint the town red! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3EEk2LRqv8

  • ghostof911

    Excellent rant. Thanks.

  • ghostof911

    You left out that the business community has been actively working for years to export American jobs overseas where they can get away with paying slave wages.

  • D.Crockett

    wow what a concept? the rich run the country!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They may have been duped initially, but they are actually demonstrating against walker and his plan to get rid of unions now. We all make mistakes, even though this was a huge one they are trying to make amends now.

  • Anonymous

    You really can’t separate the two. The four top contributors to the Democratic party were the unions. By limiting union power or destroying the union they accomplish both. The bottom line is the gop believe their party comes first. Then themselves. Then the country. If the country fails while getting a win for their party…….so be it. The gop=un American activities and failure.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the great “compromiser” Obama. The teapublicans spit in his face and call him “fereiner”, a non American, and all he want to do is compromise…He threw money at the feet of the corporations and dirty banks and they in turn tossed bag full of money to the republicans to destroy the democratic party. Check your dictionary folks…where you see useful idiot, you will also see a picture of Obama.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    The Demorats shouldn’t flatter themselves so much. This is not about them. This is war on the working class. This is about quashing the unions and putting the US worker back to where they were back in the early 1900s, in par with today’s Chinese and Indian workers. If the succeed, then, jobs will start coming back to Amerika. We will all have to work 18 hours, 7 days a week and get paid 25 cents a day. This has nothing to do with politics, although politics is the vehicle being used to reach the final destination. This is all about greed, the unfettered greed of 1% of the population exploiting the other 99%.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Oh, yeah. That ought to take care of the problem. While they’re at it, they may also want to send the Republicons some roses and chocolates.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    The Wisconsin governor was proposing cutting pensions because everyone needed to share in the sacrifice, that would be understandable.

    Actually no. That is not understandable. If he really thought everybody should share the sacrifice, he should have raise the taxes on the rich. You know, the bastards that caused this mess in the first place? That would have been understandable. The rest is all a cop out and a good excuse to screw the working people even more.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Hmmm… actually no, Cairo and Bahrain are not about freedom. Their dictators were good old boys in the US Club. Protests in Libya and Iran…now, those are about freedom. Those tinpot dictators never made it into the US pocket.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    What jobs?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Hear, hear!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    The Democrats are the same as the Republicans.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Impeached? Impeached? Whatever happened to the gallows? You can’t let these bastards continue walking around in freedom after all the criminal havoc they’ve created.

  • Johnny Warbucks


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Naw, they’re trying to privatize those. That’ll take care of that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M5FLH5JI4ZXJM422NAD6M5SS7U wc fields

    and where are the democrats. i’ve seen ed schultz there pitching for the workers. has anyone seen reid, obama, pelosi, feinstein, kerry? of course not. they are too busy wooing the likes of imelt, the GE outsourcer. they know they’ll need the corporate dough in ’12, so they are awol. it’s a fucking disgrace. while they fawn over the revolutions in egypt, bahriain, etc, they have turned their backs on their own people.

  • Anonymous

    which is exactly why the democrats only are fixated on collective bargaining rather than concessions, such as merit pay for milwaukee teachers (brought to you by the WEAC). where were the crocodile tears when doyle oversaw $100 million in concessions paid for by state workers? and the only reason collective bargaining is getting any attention is because it was legislated along with the no-strike clause, which is the real fear

  • Johnny Warbucks

    The Democrats are the same as the Republicans. They too have their hand out and are lining their pockets with the corporate money being thrown their way to sell out the people of the US

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3ETFGMQ3B7VD4AAMILBBEVMCWE JasonA

    This just occurred to you??

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3ETFGMQ3B7VD4AAMILBBEVMCWE JasonA

    It will get worse until the people tear power from the hands of the corporatists and the corrupt political parties. Power is never given up voluntarily.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3ETFGMQ3B7VD4AAMILBBEVMCWE JasonA

    I wish you were right, but I think that the average stupid American will just yawn, because they have no clue that both their economic and political well being is at state, and turn on a dumb ass football game. enuf said.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LM54MKJEKQEP6GMWROBABKCTOI Larry M

    The public has to absorb the consequences of every thought-less, venality-based decision members of each party make. And these same members are the ones responsible for this trashed out economy. Think of Bernie Madoff. He lasted 15 years. That was in 1996. That was the year of “irrational exuberance”. So Bernie probably wasn’t even noticed. But I digress. I’m saying our sacrifice is do to their greed and selling out.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that alternative suggestion. You are extremely helpful. It’s amazing they don’t put you in charge with all the brilliant ideas you’ve suggested.

  • dk504

    The more the Koch Brothers and their ilk keep up their effort to bust unions and completely bust up democracy the more pissed off Americans are going to get. We are hopefully waking up to their bullshit tactics and will do something about it.
    Wall St. has to be next. It’s past time we took care of them.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    That’s why they pay me the big bucks, to advice you, Mr. Obama, how to handle the Republicons. Drop, roll, play dead… Repeat.

  • Anonymous

    In other words you’re just another whiny troll who is part of the problem. Gotcha. The Republicans are probably happy with the support you give them.

  • Anonymous

    Lets see…the public service employees union gives to the democrats so they can screw the taxpayer into giving them more money, less work, more benefits. And in return, the leave the children of Wisconsin in the cold, out of school with nothing to do but sit and watch. And this teaches them what??? Want to know whats happening to jobs…the government (democrats in this case) raise the corporate taxes to the second highest on this planet, invent global warming and the EPA and force any kind of plant that might use coal as a source of energy overseas. Get rid of the EPA, allow more factories to be build, build nuclear power plants, reduce the corporate tax rate, control the borders, and you will see what America can be. BTW, the need for unions has long been gone. We now have OSHA, MSHA, and many other government agencies that protect the worker. You want unions to twist the arm of the employers to pay you more and more and more, driving up the costs of goods and services. And anyone who believes any differently just can’t see the forest for the trees.
    I await the deluge of responses.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yep. Unlike you, who’s just a kindergartener learning how to type on his mommy’s computer and annoying people on adult forums.

  • Anonymous

    It’s more complicated than simply busting the unions. The idea is create a wedge issue to divide the Democratic base and independent, nonunion voters.

  • Anonymous

    oooo……..that’s right…………a new business venture for blackwater/xe/m-o-u-s-e-…….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JETED5IFXLBHDCPATGS3JUS5HU Dip Stick

    Progressive, they are waking up, more everyday. We’re mad as hell, and we aren’t gonna take it anymore.

    The reporters are the ones still asleep. Rather they are paid to help lull us to sleep with their so called “objective” news. Reporters are like that person in the elevator who farts and then tries to blame another person in the elevator for it with a series of looks. They divide us up and then watch the carnage with some popcorn.

  • oldswede

    In case anyone is wondering why the MSM isn’t exposing the Koch Brothers machinations, you can look up the Koch Industries, Inc. products. Advertising revenue is the sweet honey of broadcasting and Koch has some major consumer brands:
    Georgia Pacific:
    Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Brawny, Sparkle, Soft’n Gentle, Mardi Gras, Vanity Fair & Dixe.
    Lycra & Coolmax fiber, Stainmaster carpets, Cordura fabric & Comforel fiberfill.
    And more you can find on their website: Koch Industries, Inc – Industry Areas
    You probably know most of these brands from the huge volume of advertising on TV for them. Would the corporate media owners risk this revenue for something as idealistic as democracy? Not likely.