Republican 2012 primaries may be a ‘demolition derby,’ Huckabee predicts

By Sahil Kapur
Monday, February 21, 2011 10:46 EDT
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WASHINGTON – Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a leading GOP presidential hopeful, predicted the 2012 primaries would be a bloodbath for his party and could gift reelection to President Barack Obama on a silver plate.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Washington Post, Huckabee revealed his concerns about running again in 2012 and offered a strikingly pessimistic take on his party’s prospects for capturing the White House.

Obama “is going to be much tougher to beat than people in our party think,” Huckabee said. “He’s going to have a clear ride through to the Democratic nomination, because no one is going to oppose him or challenge him.

“He’s going to start out with a billion dollars, no opponent, so he can save his money to the last four months. He’s got a huge social network and he has the power of the incumbency. People underestimate how sweet it is flying on Air Force One with all the trappings of the presidency.”

Meanwhile, Republicans “could in fact end up with a demolition derby,” he lamented. “Whoever emerges will come out bloody, bruised and broke.”

If polling is any indication, Huckabee is a top-three candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, sharing the stage with former governors Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. The clear frontrunner for the Iowa caucuses, which he won in 2008, Huckabee has built a loyal nationwide following among religious conservatives, a critical portion of the Republican base.

In remarks that may irk the party faithful, Huckabee questioned whether the tea party — which he praised for bringing disenfranchised voters into the political process — would permit the nomination of a candidate who’s more interested in governing than feeding red meat to the base.

“What I don’t know is, does this translate into a party of such ultraorthodoxy that no one with a record of actually governing can get through the mire?” he said.

Huckabee was so vocal to the Post regarding his concerns about running in 2012 — money, preparation, health, and his general dislike of the process — that the ensuing headline was, “Does Mike Huckabee still want to be president?”

The former governor’s misgivings could keep him away from the contest, of course, but his comments to the Post could also simply be part of a media strategy that involves lower expectations in the early stages.

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  • Anonymous

    Will Mike Huckabee be taking his 20th. freebie round trip to Israel before the derby?

  • Anonymous

    I can hardly wait to see cute little guppies like Bachman, Palin, and Santorum thrown into the shark tank with the likes of Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich and Pawlenty.
    I’ll be popping corn for the bloodbath.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NPVHTN2KMSTUHKEKTMTPSNOAU4 Thomas

    Perhaps what Huckabee means to say is that he’s going to try to make it a demolition derby? How can he compete against Mitt Romney when there are 4 dead cops in Washington State with Huckabee’s name on their death warrants?

    Romney was extremely tough on Crime. Romney balanced more budgets than Huckabee, turned around more deficits than Huckabee, and kept more criminals in prison than Huckabee.

    Huckabee has a show on FoxNews and he’s a Christian Pastor. For white evangelicals in Iowa this means everything. So, Huck, you get the defacto Iowa vote. For some Americans this means more to them than competency. But this didn’t work out too well for the 4 slain officers in Washington did it? What failed those 4 slain officers was Huckabee’s spiritual and administrative intuition.

    Why give Huckabee another glimpse when he can’t measure up to Romney?

    Romney’s accomplishments:
    * Earned over 260 million in the private sector – 25 years

    * Successful Romney companies: Dominos Pizza, Staples, Accuride, Brookstone, Sealy Corp, Sports Authority, and Artisan Entertainment, Monsato Company, Outboard Main Corporation, Burlington Industries, Corning Incorporated
    * Romney’s companies have created over 10,000 jobs

    * Took 2002 Utah Winter Olympics’ 300 million deficit and turned it into a 100 million dollar surplus – the most successful games on record.

    * Took Massachusetts 1.5 BILLION dollar deficit and turned it into a 600 million dollar surplus withOUT raising income and other taxes (he did raise some “fees” on other services – about 2 million worth.)
    * Balanced the budget every year he was in office without raising income taxes and adding to state debt.
    * 80,000 new jobs created under his watch in MA

    Newt Gingrinch responded to the critical view of Romneycare:

    • Romney is firmly committed to repeal of Obamacare
    • It’s not accurate or fair to compare Obamacare and Romneycare
    • Romney vetoed many provisions of the Mass bill and Romney was overridden by Democrats
    • The original Romney bill was better and practical than what the liberal Democrats did to it
    • The Democrats overrode Romney’s original bill on a whole series of items
    • The issue is not as clear cut as Tea Partiers think or the liberal media has made the issue out to be


    Conservative Think-tank = the Heritage Foundation responded to Romneycare:

    – Heritage On Romney’s Individual Mandate: “Not an unreasonable position, and one that is clearly consistent with conservative values.” [Heritage, 1/28/06]

    – Heritage On Romney’s Insurance Exchange: An “innovative mechanism to promote real consumer choice.” [Heritage, 4/20/06]

    – Heritage On Romney’s Medicaid Expansion: Reduced “the total cost to taxpayers” by taking people out of the “uncompensated care pool.” [Heritage, 1/28/06]

  • http://twitter.com/btmfdrsheaven rebecca meritt

    It’s always somebody else’s fault for these shitasses. Let’s hope we can demolish the repuggs before they finish what they started by demolishing us and the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping it’s closer to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, myself.

    Either way, this is all the doing of your own party. And the further to the loony right you guys go, the more you marginalize yourselves. Do you think that if there were an election in WI today that Walker would win? Not a chance. And the same with the republicans in their senate. The people are finding their voice, FINALLY. May it be a LOUD one.

  • Anonymous

    Amen to all you said. I do think Wisconsin will be the extreme right’s Waterloo. Thank you, Wisconsin union workers!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EZ4W5CDCIVXKIIKESYBN2EP6VE brian

    That’s good because the short list here scares the ever living shit out of me. Sure, I hate Obusha and I will never vote for the lesser of two evils, but Romney and Huckabee are possibly more evil than Bush, and smarter for sure. That is frighting.

    The only good thing to come out of this would be a ridiculous surprise nomination of Ron Paul. And if he reached across the aisle and picked a Nader or Kuchinich for VP, just incredible. It settles the whole too old criticism, wouldn’t you say? I know a lot of you are as scared of a truly libertarian nation as you are a fundamentalist christian neocon nation, but Paul couldn’t get us anywhere close to that with congress the way it would be, a nice check on his power. He WOULD be able to dismantle the empire and end the drug war with a stroke of the pen. And if you read Paul’s books, even he himself promises if he were ever to win, he couldn’t possibly do anything too drastic, because we have to ease off the corrupt system we are in to prevent collapse. He did promise to end the wars, end the fed, and end the drug war and describes how he would do it. Then this sets up his VP for a nice bid for presidency in 2016: Nader or Kuchinich.

    A wicked pipe dream, I know.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSCKXQ7NIC23VUL7GDUYTSJMVE patrickb

    I don’t see the Republican Primaries as much of a “bloodbath”. I see it more as a “shitstorm”, in which the candidates try to “out-asshole” each other pandering to the vile troglodyte base.

  • gypski®

    GOP is a dying breed, especially after this HOR GOP revolt proves to be the train wreck it is.

  • Anonymous

    Me thinks they’re chum.

  • Anonymous

    You pretend Palin is a top contender. You ignore Ron Paul. Nice fact-free hatchet job there.