Indiana lawmakers pass immigration curbs like Arizona

By Reuters
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 15:52 EDT
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INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – The Indiana senate passed a sweeping immigration bill that echoes Arizona’s tougher measures on illegal immigrants and despite opposition from some of the largest employers and business groups in the state.

The measure, passed on Tuesday night by a vote of 31-18, would allow state and local police to ask a person stopped for infractions like traffic violations for proof of legal residency if the officer has a “reasonable suspicion” they may be in the country illegally.

Another provision would call for, with some exceptions, the use of English only in public meetings, on Web sites and in documents.

The bill still needs to be adopted by state’s House of Representatives, where opponents say they will now turn.

The vote “was a key step in the legislative process,” the bill’s author Sen. Mike Delph said in a statement, adding that the bill will “send a clear message that Indiana will no longer be a sanctuary for people who are in our state and country illegally because of our federal government’s failure to act on illegal immigration.”

Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce officials say the measure would have a chilling effect on business, particularly convention business.

“It will have a negative economic impact on the state of Indiana,” Chamber Public Policy Director Angela Smith-Jones said, adding that immigration issues should be handled on the federal level.

The Chamber feels it has a good chance of lobbying enough House members to block the bill, Smith-Jones said.

(Reporting by Susan Guyett. Editing by Peter Bohan)

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  • Ma’at

    And …. unconstitutional.

    The last gasp of TeaBagging bigots.

  • WitsEnd66

    We are becomming “ugly Americans” in our own country. What do we expect from one of the states who loved the KKK. I am 30 miles from South Bend, Indiana and do a lot of shopping there. If they pass this, I will drive in the other direction to spend my money. Enjoy you bigotry, Indiana.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3WYAWTN4LJ2TAZGFCL3U4H6AWM TheGuru

    If this bill passes, I wonder how many people will be stopped and questioned during Super Bowl week.

    Incredible, tough talk by legislators and racial profiling will fight illegal immigration. Well I guess they haven’t gotten the memo from the Koch brothers regarding that the new trendy effort to bust unions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FRUANSNVYNZOUUB46KQMSJK7V4 K. Thomas

    The representative of the Indiana General Assembly fled the state on Monday. They are currently in Urbana, IL. They fled because of several bills, but mostly because of a Right to Work law being proposed by right wing extremists (almost everyone else who’s not a Democrat). That bill has since been pulled but they still refuse to come back because of several other bills, including several very radical bills that would destroy our public school system, bills against gay marriage, and my very personal favorite, a bill stating that life begins at conception. Somehow Republicans in this state have figured out what science can’t.

    Don’t worry. I’m sure this immigration bill is on their radar. And until they come back it can’t be passed because it can’t be voted on.

    Mike Delph, who sponsored this bill, is a right wing nut tea bag nut job who if after Richard Lugar’s job. Delph threatened our school system after they instituted a year-round school year to make up for budget cuts. Also pending is a bill he wrote the makes it illegal in Indiana (and I swear to God this is true) to start the school year before Labor Day.

    These people were given the majority because they promised to create jobs. Nice

  • Anonymous

    Let’s back up here a minute: the word “indiana” means “land of Indians”……..

    WHERE ARE THEY???? Use your “immigration” laws to cart your own asses out of there and give the “land” back to the Native Americans. Let them decide who the fuck stays.

    God damn, these tories are the most stupidest sons of bitches I have ever heard of. Shit. And it is happening in real life!!!! Right in front of us. Is there no shame?

  • Stephen Martin

    If it’s gotten to the point in this country that these men have the kind of jobs WE NEED, then that alone in itself is depressing. These people have no health insurance, cannot participate in retirements, know they are here illegally and in exchange for “ALL THIS” work for less than minimum wage. Just what Indiana needs right now, someone who won’t take less that 8.00hr plus bene’s and all those damn rules for small businesses to “suffer” through. Be careful for what you wish for. It’s racial hatred. Get the brown people out, they’d rather go without. I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    Do you wish the FEDS will enforce their own immigration laws? Well, wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which one fills up first.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EHJJXSTSSOCXLTSQBUVIDYUF7M Dave

    Illegal immigrants are scabs.

    They are the tool of the rich man that he uses to drive up unemployment and drive down wages.

  • Anonymous

    All they have to do is go after employers and the entitlement system, this is not necessary.