Gaddafi blames hallucinogens, Osama bin Laden for insurrection

By Agence France-Presse
Thursday, February 24, 2011 16:13 EDT
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BENGHAZI, Libya – Moamer Kadhafi blamed Al-Qaeda on Thursday for an insurrection wracking Libya as he addressed his divided nation for the second time this week to galvanise support for his crumbling regime.

Speaking on state television, the embattled Kadhafi insisted the uprising against his 41-year rule was not a people’s revolt in the style of Egypt and Tunisia, but driven by “trigger-happy” youths “stoned with drugs” inspired by Osama bin Laden.

“These are the ones who are under Bin Laden’s influence and authority, under the influence of drugs.”

In marked contrast to a 75-minute address from a podium outside his Tripoli home on Tuesday, Kadhafi spoke by telephone from an undisclosed location in an intervention that lasted barely 20 minutes.

His decision to speak by telephone rather than make an on-screen appearance has raised questions about his whereabouts, and indicates that his power base may be shrinking.

Hundreds of people have been killed amid a brutal crackdown by Kadhafi’s forces since the uprising started in the eastern city of Benghazi on February 15, according to human rights groups, while some politicians say the toll could be as high as 1,000.

Amid growing international disgust at the bloodshed, the White House said President Barack Obama would telephone France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron later Thursday to discuss the crisis.

As fighting continued, swathes of the east of Libya have fallen to opposition control and others into lawlessness, residents and reporters said.

World governments have scrambled to evacuate stranded nationals from the oil-rich North African state as world crude prices soared close to $120 a barrel before eventually dropping back to around $114 on positive US economic data.

European defence ministers were expected to discuss the unrest shaking Libya at a meeting Thursday night, Hungary’s defence minister said, amid efforts to evacuate thousands of European citizens fleeing the violence.

Britain said it had landed a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Cumberland, at Behghazi docks to pick up more than 100 nationals fleeing the violence and take them to Malta.

Canada said it ran into problems with its evacuation effort when a private insurance company nixed a charter flight meant to take its citizens out of Libya, stranding 105 Canadians at Tripoli airport.

Other governments were also scrambling to get their citizens out of the country.

Kadhafi, 68, accused residents of Az-Zawiyah, a town 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of the capital hit by fierce fighting between his forces and rebels, of siding with the Al-Qaeda leader.

“You in Zawiyah turn to Bin Laden,” he said. “They give you drugs.”

“It is obvious now that this issue is run by Al-Qaeda,” he said, addressing the towns elders. “Those armed youngsters, our children, are incited by people who are wanted by America and the Western world.

Az-Zawiyah is a middle-class satellite town situated on the Mediterranean that is home to a number of pro-Kadhafi military officers and the site of the country’s largest oil refinery.

“Those inciting are very few in numbers and we have to capture them. Others have to stay at home. They have guns, they feel trigger happy and they shoot especially when they are stoned with drugs.”

The “situation is different from Egypt or Tunisia … Here the authority is in your hands, the people’s hands. You can change authority any way your wish. It’s your call. You are the elderly, the head of the tribes, the professors.”

“They have been brainwashing the kids in this area and tell them to misbehave.”

Meanwhile, a Libyan newspaper said 10 people were killed and dozens more wounded when pro-government forces attacked the town on Thursday.

Quoting its correspondent in Az-Zawiyah, Benghazi-based Quryna added that “the wounded cannot reach the hospitals because of shots being fired in all directions.”

Earlier, state news agency Jana said three “terrorists” attacked a security forces post there and slit the throats of three policemen.

Al-Jazeera television, reporting heavy fighting, also quoted witnesses as saying an army unit led by Kadhafi ally Naji Shifsha blasted the minaret of a mosque being occupied by protesters in Az-Zawiyah.

An AFP reporter who arrived in Benghazi on Thursday found about 1,000 demonstrators outside the local court house, the starting point of the uprising and now restyled as revolutionary headquarters.

Effigies apparently of Kadhafi hung from street lamps and children played on top of an abanadoned tank. Police stations had been gutted by fire but residents said there had been no looting.

In the capital, sustained gunfire was heard in the eastern suburbs during the night. On Thursday morning, the streets were virtually deserted.

In Zouara, towards the Tunisian border, fleeing Egyptian workers said the town was in the control of civilian militias after fierce fighting on Wednesday evening.

“Our goal now is Tripoli,” one protester told a town hall meeting addressed by defecting generals. “If Tripoli cannot liberate itself.”

A dozen army and police commanders came forward in the eastern town of Al-Baida to pronounce their support for the popular revolt, each being wildly applauded by the crowd.

“I have left my job and come to Al-Baida in solidarity with my people,” said police General Salah Mathek. “They say I am a traitor but I have principles.”

General Abdul Aziz al-Busta said he had refused orders to fire on civilians as the uprising erupted last week. “They asked us to confront the people and I refused. We cannot use our weapons on our young,” he said.

On Tuesday, Kadhafi vowed to remain as Libya’s leader, saying he would die as a martyr in the land of his ancestors and fight to the “last drop” of his blood.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. We had a president like that from 2000-2008. Just plead the “Twinkie defense” and go to hell.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone else understand (I see Denny Crane does) that every time American or Western political officials refer to Gaddafi’s allegations that it’s bin Laden’s fault or the youth on drugs who are at fault that this is 100% American domestic policy for literally the past 30 odd years.

    Gaddafi’s mistake is apparently having no charm or charisma and also trying to cram it down people’s throats all in a single speech and a single breath. If he had hundreds of media outlets, lobbyists and PR firms working for him, trust me the international community would be swallowing everything last word.

    Doesn’t anyone else see the irony in Americans mocking Gaddafi as a madman or deranged when they are the same persons who spew the same exact nonsense every single day (I’m looking at you Rush, Bill O’, Bush, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and every other moron) how it’s kids on drugs or al-qaeda that are the cause of every problem that ever existed. I’m afraid to tell you that the war on terra’ is as much a joke on you, but then you won’t believe me again.

  • http://twitter.com/Bootstrapbettys Bootstrap Betty

    If you can’t understand Arabic, you fell for intentional mistranslation. Oldest gag in the book. Google”MEMRI”.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    He phoned in with this drivel – what’s he gonna do next – send a scary email? Maybe he’ll have his cronies dub a new soundtrack on a video and post that on some Israeli run website. The Department of Homeland Stupidity raised the terror alert to Paisley today after Daffy Duck posted a new video on the internet threatening to drop LSD tablets into the coffee at unspecified fast food outlets. Haliburton announced that the company’s new coffee scanners will be deployed at every fast food outlet in the country at a cost of six thousand billion dollars. The Senate, in appropriating this amount said that the amount was off budget and would not subjected to the usual oversight. And now back to Paris Hilton’s knickers….

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6EX2KJ7LSZMDCBZWCH62Q7CABY Sandra

    All of this is happening because a couple of months ago Saif Qaddafi insisted in a Libyan Constitution. Libya’s Premier Mahmoudi, who was only looking out for US interests, said “Hell no!”. So Said Qaddafi’s paper wrote several article criticizing the Premier and Parliament for refusing to make a Constitution. So then Mahmoudi arrests 20 reporters that worked for Qaddafi for daring to criticize him. Said Qaddafi said that absent a Constitution, economic and business laws are unclear and shift around on whims. The idea is to get Muammar Qaddafi to leave thus removing ANY chance of having his reformist son succeed as Premier, the US needs colonial reforn. PS Muammar Qaddafi is a revolutionary figurehead and not really in a state of power, just popularity. Popularity is power, however.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Denny boy, Qaddafi, like his mentor Castro, may be a mad dog and crazy as fox but he’s smart. If you watch the speech, you will see that he’s sending a clear message to the West. He’s telling them to come in an invade. It’s kinda like a self-fulfilling prophecy, one that the other nut “predicted.” Today, he changed his tune and published a diatribe on cubadebate, before Qaddafi went on TV, accusing the Western media (the same ‘western media’ he praised in Egypt and which was not allowed in Libya) of maligning his good friend. He also accused Israel, the MIC, NATO, foreigners, you name it and dismissing it all as “civil war” – Sons of bitches!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    And, of course, YOU understand Arabic so you know this to be a fact, right?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Actually if you watched the first speech a couple of days ago and the one today, you will notice a marked difference. There are experts out there predicting that he’ll go down like Hitler. However he goes down, as long as he goes down. He’s one sick SOB. And, again, if you pay attention to all these speeches, his, his cronies as well as Mubarak’s, all of them are threats. They tell people what they are going to do before they do it. The people under him know this. In these situations, people learn the ‘unspoken’ language of their dictators and interpret what it all means.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    No, it isn’t. All of this happening because his people have been oppressed and repressed for over 40 years. You’ve been told that repeatedly but you choose to continue spewing your drivel all over the board.

    A senior Iranian lawmaker says the violent crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Libya will further infuriate its people against long-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

    “The popular revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are not overnight phenomena but are the result of long years of dictatorship in these nations,” IRNA quoted Alaeddin Boroujerdi as saying on Thursday.

    Boroujerdi, who chairs Iran’s Majlis (parliament) Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, reiterated that “threats posed against countries’ Islamic and national ideals and the rulers’ abuse and their disregard for the impoverished masses have ignited people’s outrage in these countries.”

    He added that the dictatorial regimes in the region have no other alternative than agreeing to democratic rule in their countries.

    The lawmaker also noted that the United States has adopted “a policy of silence and double standards” toward recent developments and the pro-democracy uprisings across the Arab world.

    Boroujerdi said the US has taken such vague positions due to their huge military and economic investments in these countries, especially in Libya. However, he added, they will have to modify such policies.

    “The US is losing its bases in the region and this indicates the country’s decline in the international arena,” he added.

    The remarks come amid a global outcry against the bloodshed in Libya, where as many as 1,000 people have reportedly been killed by the forces loyal to Gaddafi.

    A total of 130 soldiers have been executed for refusing to open fire on peaceful protesters.

    Gaddafi, who came to power 41 years ago in a bloodless military coup, vowed on Tuesday to fight his opponents and called on his supporters to take to the streets to confront the pro-democracy protesters.

    He also declared that he has no intention of relinquishing power and referred to the protesters as “rats and cockroaches.”


  • Johnny Warbucks

    The Mad Dog of the ME is well coached by the Mad Dog of the Caribbean. No doubt the latter, being much more experienced on such affairs having brutally quashed his own uprisings and keeping a much larger population under the boot for much longer, told the former what to say. The speech is aimed at the US. It’s an invitation to invade Libya, something that the bearded mad dog has been “prophetizing” for several days now with his diatribes in Granma and cubadebate.

    ‘Gaddafi’s son joins Libyan protesters’


    El plan de la OTAN es ocupar Libia

    22 Febrero 2011


    Danza macabra de cinismo


    24 Febrero 2011

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BN6E3YMRVF2WODTTPKVY3QLRE4 Nersi The God King

    i always taught ahmadinejad and khamenie are the craziest dictators but they are nothing compared to the gaddafi

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    Having watched the speech a couple of days ago, I really can’t take any more. The guy is a babbling loon. Also he is loosing. In a few days he’ll be hanging from a lamp-post — unless he scurries off to some ex-dictator subdivision in Riyadh.

    As to why this is happening now – that’s the result of many things – but the massive increase in the price of food is an important factor. This revolution is worldwide, and its only just beginning.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    If he really had 130 of his own soldiers executed for refusing to fire on their own people he is a dead man.

    According to reports on Al Jazeera he is currently protected by a select group of soldiers with whom he has some tribal connection, and a couple of thousand mercenaries from elsewhere in Africa. These guys must know that, unless they change sides, they are going to die fighting. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people close to Daffy are planning to put a bomb under his desk in the very near future.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    Is there a sane dictator somewhere? Absolute power turns people into cartoon characters. They lose touch with reality because they are surrounded by sycophants who say only what the tater of dick wants to hear.

  • http://www.BaltimoreGreenCurrency.org Shrapnel

    The ACME tater baker has been shipped, and will be delivered shortly.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I do. Again- google “MEMRI”.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    “because they are surrounded by sycophants who say only what the tater of dick wants to hear.”

    My compliment to the “listener”:


  • Johnny Warbucks

    I saw that, it was sickening! You do realize that is proof of war crimes now and if they walk out of that alive, they’re going to The Hague.

    PressTV is an excellent source. They report from the ground and their articles are very short and concise. here are some you may be interested in reading, they touch on what you state in your post:

    Gaddafi ‘will follow Hitler’s footsteps’

    Libyan military brass join protests

    ‘Gaddafi’s son joins Libyan protesters’

  • Johnny Warbucks

    You mean the ones he’s taking or the ones he’s telling people the protesters are taking? Cause, I gotta warn you, according to him, the ones the protesters are taking are bad for the heart. Qaddafi is a swell guy, he doesn’t want anybody dying from a bad heart as a result of drugs. He wants to make sure it’s nice and intact before his mercenaries put a bullet thru it.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    It’s posted on the Al Jazeera blog but it’s a maddening rant. I listened to it while I was working. There were several bits that just hit my funny bone such as the one accusing the protesters of being on drugs and going into a rant about how drugs are bad for the heart. ROFL!

    I left you a link on another post to a PressTV article with an interview with one of his top goons who defected. He predicts that he’ll pull a Hitler. He was definitely a different man than he was a couple of days ago. You can tell that he’s running out of time. I’ve been paying very close attention to this entire upheaval as I listen to Al Jazeera while I work and it seems like it’s a domino effect, almost a copy cat but it’s as the result of decades of oppression and repression from all these tinpot dictators who are a carbon copy of each other. Tunisia did it and they were all emboldened. There is a lot of communality among the different peoples and some of the things you hear repeated is that they finally got over their fear, they want their country back (no, not really but that’s what they mean), they want to regain their sense of nationalism and pride, something they all state they have lost and they felt ashamed. Economic hardship can be a catalyst but it’s not the reason, the unhappiness has been brewing for a long, long time.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yes, you do what? You speak Arabic?

  • Anonymous

    So would this be considered taking the Delilah option route?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    This doesn’t mean anything. I’m watching Al Jazeera. Do you get that? When they interview someone in Arabic or they air speeches of the leaders, you are hearing them and their translators. This is straight from the horse’s mouth and unfiltered. The media hasn’t got its hands on it yet. When I get my news from on Cuba, I get them directly from the government propaganda mouthpiece in Spanish. So, you’re not showing me anything that affects me. My opinion reminds unchanged.

    As for articles from Reuters, NYT, AP, etc., noted. And it is a good and valid point. When I read articles in Spanish and then I see the translation in English, a lot is lost so I go along with that completely but not in this particular case because of the source and method.

  • Hassan i Sabbah

    No no no! It’s the Jooz! You just think it’s Castro because he fed you hallucinogens in your free breakfast in Cuban grammar school.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    I’ll have you know, he doesn’t like you jooz, anymore than he likes the Yankees. As hell he shouldn’t, since you sold out murderous and blackmailers are the only ones to vote against the embargo on Cuba every year at the UN.

    As for the hallucinogens, keep talking. A couple more strung out posts and you’ll even be telling which one it is.

  • Hassan i Sabbah

    What I don’t get is why a supposed Cuban exile like you would be so anti-U.S. It has been my experience that most real Cuban exiles tend to be all patriotic and shit and can’t get enough American capitalism. Who are you really, JW? .

  • Hassan i Sabbah

    “There are experts out there predicting that he’ll go down like Hitler.”

    You mean he’s going to commit suicide in a bunker with his mistress? Or did they teach you something else in Cuban Revolutionary School?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    You know, you’re gonna have to learn to differentiate between your brain and your asshole. You’re using them wrong. Thinking with your asshole and shitting with your brain.

    Gaddafi ‘will follow Hitler’s footsteps’


    Former Libyan justice minister predicts that the embattled ruler Muammar Gaddafi will likely follow Hitler’s footsteps in ending his political life by committing suicide.

    “Gaddafi’s time is up. He is going to go like Hitler, he is going to commit suicide,” AFP quoted Mustapha Abdeljalil as telling Stockholm-based Expressen newspaper on Wednesday.

    The leader of Nazi German empire, Adolf Hitler, committed suicide by a gunshot in his bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945.


    Keep on talking and showing what a dumbass you really are. I’m enjoying it. Hopefully others are too.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    That’s not the only thing you don’t seem to get. Apparently, those hallucinogens don’t mix well with your semitic genes. I rather suspect that your experiences with Cubans – real or imagined – are like my experiences with super-models and Hollywood stars. As for who I am, I am anything you want me to be. You name it, that’s me. I aim to please. Would you aim to and go fuck yourself? Go pray to your god, steal some Palestinian land, build an illegal settlement or something and get off my ass already. You’re like a fly on a horse’s ass and no matter how many times you get swatted by the tail, you still keep coming back for more.

  • Hassan i Sabbah

    Yes, he speaks Arabic. Is that not clear from the context? I realize English is your second language, Juan, but this intentional misunderstanding is getting tiresome.

  • Hassan i Sabbah

    I think it’s called blaming Fidel. You see, there’s this international cabal linking Fidel with the Mossad, all operating under the authority of the Lizard People. ;-)

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Apparently, one must be on hallucinogens to see that.

  • Elim

    Gaddafi blaming a dead bogeyman? He must be CIA, then.

  • http://twitter.com/btmfdrsheaven rebecca meritt

    no I don’t speak Arabic but if my MEMRI is right Denny Crane is correct we used that excuse for 911 and maybe Gaddafi was trying to tell us we still haven’t got him and our invasions looking for him caused all this crap. I think that’s what I MEMRI. Why, why. why Johnny, do they all hate us?

  • Elim

    The only way they’re going to the Hague is if the US and Israel want them to.

  • Jaimie11

    Here’s what you get when you are a dictator on hallucigens –


  • Stacy Montgomery

    Gaddhafi: the Glen Beck of the Middle East.

  • cannotvote

    What a Tit! – Osama Bin Laden, how funny it’s sad!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    ROFL! I saw that. Those Libyans are the best!

    For as much as I hate to correct you, I have too. He’s not on hallucinogens, he is the queen. I wonder if the Queen of England knows she’s sharing her throne with the Mad Dog of the ME. Big difference, you know?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    You guys are missing one thing which I get only because of the other powers at play here. Yesterday’s speech was an invitation to the US to invade to “fight terrorism/Al Qaeda/Osama bin Laden” (figure that, the US has been looking for the guy in the wrong place for a decade now when all they had to do was invade Libya and he was in Qaddafi’s tent all long…dang!). I’m reading all of the shit that Fidel Castro is putting out and all that Qaddafi is doing is coming from him. You guys are not up on that. At the beginning of the week, he did one of his diatribes “predicting” that NATO/US would invade Lybia. Yesterday, before Qaddafi went on the air, he issued another one which was even more telling. He blamed the US/NATO/Imperialism/the MIC/and, yes, Israel for it all. His tripe mirror-imaged what Qaddafi said. He also said that Qaddafi was being maligned by the “Western media” (the same “western media” that he praised in Egypt but kicked out of his own country). Then, today, Hugo Chavez issues a Twitter statement saying exactly the same thing and backing Qaddafi. Can you people not see this? Instead of the West being the dark force in this one, it’s the other dark force the dictators of South America. You just can’t make this shit up!

    This one didn’t translate right, as you indicate, the original piece in Spanish was much more macabre than the translation in which he actually calls Qaddafi “an honest man” in the translation it didn’t come out that way and you’ll see it at the end:

    Fidel Castro: US ready to order Libya invasion


    This was yesterdays, it hasn’t been disseminated by the Western media yet. This is the one that was published before Qaddafi’s speech:

    Danza macabra de cinismo


    Essentially, these bastards are engineering the invasion of Iraq in Libya all over again. As the POS with the beard so brilliantly says “this is a macabre dance” – him on one side, the empire on the other and the Libyans in the middle. They’re are screwed. Really, really screwed!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    I got news for you. Neither the US nor Israel is playing the cards on this one. Fidel Castro is. And Hugo Chavez is aiding and abetting. I was on the fence with him, I now know that he’s a double-crossing rat just like his other two pals.

  • Anonymous

    AlJazeera IS western propaganda. You might as well watch FOX! BTW, you getting your “translation” from the network. What did you think about the guardian article above? You apparently didn’t read it.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Until I can go there and see things for myself, they will have to do.

    Coincidentally, what is your alternative solution, absent going to Libya and/or any other site of conflict to find the truth?

  • http://twitter.com/btmfdrsheaven rebecca meritt

    I think too that they are slow to give up their power grab for ME oil. The media hype has changed from they hate us and want to kill us to we have to save the people who are being killed by these dictators. This is the 2nd stage. First invasion to anywhere we can control the military response,i.e.Afgh. promote civil war,then rush in to save the people,viola the liberator has arrived. We’ll take your oil and mineral rights and we’ll give you Jesus and yall will be as rich as the evangelicals promised you on their little dishes that brings TBN right into your shack.What more do they want they’re going to heaven,we exchange 72 virgins for a mansion in the sky and GODTV 24/7 complete with an autographed picture of Jesse Duplantis and his jet. As oil peaks it will only get worse but what the US doesn’t count on is someone else wanting control that can actually use the same strategy on us.

  • Anonymous

    Look, war criminals don’t necessarily go to the Hague, we’ve got a number of them here in the US (a large number) that are running around scot-free, collecting huge amounts of money from the US tax payer while laughing all the way to the bank. I’d like to think that all these criminal scum that commit crimes against humanity will go to trial and then prison but it just doesn’t always happen that way. Think Pat Tillman.

  • Anonymous

    It does seem that most “revolutionaries” end up being the dictator when it’s all said and done.

  • http://twitter.com/oldivory OLD IVORY

    Qaddafi has been secluded for far too long in his cave. A good example of all politicians world wide who become wrapped in their false sense of power.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYVXVW2OZBHLFJR5D4AISU73WE Juan

    I know about Blaming Fidel. In Miami, that’s all we do. Everything is Fidel’s fault!!

  • Johnny Warbucks

    They’re all the same, whether communist, capitalist of zionist. They all want the same thing and they all use the people in the same way. The only thing that changes is the lingo in the rhetoric which is adjusted to appeal to the particular populace they wish to woe and then enslave. The communist boys it’s all about the anti-imperialist rhetoric, while they do the same thing themselves but on a smaller scale, because they are not after all, the empire they so envy.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Don’t I know. ~sigh~ I’ve offered to drive them there myself many times to no avail. They should all be paying attention to the ME and seeing more than a potential to jack up prices on oil to put even more money in their pocket. Look at the Libyans. Their first demand is that Qaddafi and his goons be brought to justice. And don’t really mean The Hague. They mean justice by them. If they don’t lynch them when they take Tripoli, you can rest assured that he will be hung. Either way, he is dead. Our elite boyz should watch that one on Al Jazeera.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    It’s not as if it hasn’t happened before and half the world from Latin America to Africa can attest to that. However, this is not the 19th Century anymore. How well all that working out for the lot in Afghanistan and Iraq? And I realize all too well what the human toll and suffrage has been. But where are they today? If anything, they have stabbed themselves right in the heart with two wards that have bankrupted the country. The US is done. And that is a fact. Right now, what we’re witnessing is just the damage from the dust that’s being kicked by the fall. The end is all but here.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Gaddafi is an avid viewer of FOX and tunes in the Rush Limbaugh radio show in his free time

  • Anonymous

    Kadhafi is a dead man, he just doesn’t know it yet. The noose keeps getting tighter and tighter, and he will be swinging from it before long. The people of the Middle East are sick and tired of being lectured to by those who have everything, while they themselves have nothing.

    Kadhafi’s call about Bin Laden isn’t going to work in that neck of the woods, either, and in fact, it’s laughable. What does he think will happen, the US is going to fly in and save HIS ass? yeah,m like THAT is going to happen ANY time soon.

    And then there is the idea that all these people are on drugs. Where and HOW did they get them if you’re such a great leader? And in fact, if you were so great, then WHY would they NEED drugs? Sounds to me like you have a serous smuggling problem, since virtually NO drugs from from Libya.

    Kadhafi is a dead man, but his arrogance and selfishness keep him from seeing it. May it happen soon, and there be less bloodshed among the people. May the only blood that flows there be Kadhafi’s own.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    That may be the cabal you belong to (along with many others, of course). The cabal I belong to, however, had Cuban citizens going to Libya to train the military there (and I should know that from very personal experience). You, being a dumbass paid troll wouldn’t know that. In fact, if you weren’t such an idiot, you would know that Fidel and the jews are natural born enemies. And the reason is not only because he squeezed the money, the Torah and the balls out of them from 1959 to the 1990s but also because you cocksuckers vote in favor of the blockade in the UN every year. 1 out of 2 votes against Cuba. The US, your big sugar daddy being the other (something I have already explained to you but since you’re mentally retarded, you can’t recall).

    Again, if you weren’t such dimbwitted kosher shit, you’d also know that it is your pal Fidel who is blaming you jews for being behind it. See, these boys throw everything out there, including the kitchen sink just to see what sticks. If you weren’t such an illiterate ass, you could read all about it here:

    Danza macabra de cinismo


    El Complejo Militar Industrial de Estados Unidos suministró decenas de miles de millones de dólares cada año a Israel y a los propios estados árabes sometidos y humillados por éste.

    Now, go have some matzo ball soup or something.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Aaaaah, poor, poor, little dick tater. He’s so misunderstood.

  • Anonymous

    He deserves justice by them. That would be not so instant karma but karma none the less. There are just too many creepy, creepy dictators in this world. Beam me up Scotty cause I’ve had enough of this war mongering planet.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Can that transporter handle one more?

  • Anonymous

    We’ll summon the mother ship.