Wisconsin police officers dispatched to Democratic senators homes

By Eric W. Dolan
Thursday, February 24, 2011 18:42 EDT
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Wisconsin police officer
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Wisconsin patrol officers have been dispatched to the homes of Democratic state senators to pressure the lawmakers to return to the Senate and vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

Last week, 14 state senators left Wisconsin to avoid voting on the bill, which would take away the union rights of public employees. There are 19 Republican senators, but the Senate needs a minimum of 20 members present to debate and vote on the bill.

Police can’t arrest the absent members, according to The Associated Press, but Republicans hope that at least one Democratic senator will be pressured to return.

Republicans in Wisconsin claim the collective bargaining rights for public employees needs to be limited so the state can avoid laying off workers due to a budget gap of $137 million in the current fiscal year.

Democrats countered that Republicans, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, have not been willing to negotiate with them and slow the legislative process down.

In a televised press conference Wednesday, Gov. Walker said that he would be forced to layoff 1,500 state workers if Democratic state senators didn’t return and allow his budget bill to pass.

“I have great respect for our workers both the government and outside of government and I think at a time where our 7.5 percent unemployment rate is still better than the national average, we cannot afford to have anybody laid off,” Gov. Walker said. “But unfortunately we will have little to no choice if those senate Democrats continue to hold out from allowing the Senate to move forward on a vote on this measure.”

Wisconsinites are mostly split on the budget repair bill, according to a recent poll sponsored by WisconsinReporter.com.

Half of those polled had a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of the budget repair bill, while the other half had a “somewhat unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view.

Fifty-six percent of the 500 likely voters polled said that Wisconsin state employees and public employee unions should have collective bargaining powers, with 32 percent disagreeing. Twelve percent were not sure.

Eric W. Dolan
Eric W. Dolan
Eric W. Dolan has served as an editor for Raw Story since August 2010, and is based out of Sacramento, California. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and received a Bachelor of Science from Bradley University. Eric is also the publisher and editor of PsyPost. You can follow him on Twitter @ewdolan.
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  • Anonymous

    Scott Wanker is a schmuck. He needs to resign, yesterday.

  • http://www.rawstory.com/ hounddogg

    Scott Walker belongs in JAIL…

  • Guest

    This is PROOF that people are fucking stupid and will fuck themselves over when given the chance! Are these dumb ass cops NOT unionized?! (If they aren’t, forget the rest of my angry rant) Are they not just saying, “Duh! It’s my jawb”? Why the fuck don’t they just refuse to cooperate with this OBVIOUS and PROVEN union-busting tactic?! Maybe they just want to help make Walmarts out of every employer!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KLF5SUA5RDYXG54WWF5SHMVRAI X

    How do the cops “pressure” the Senators? Do they sound their sirens? Fire their guns in the air? Crap on their lawns?

  • Anonymous

    What in the hell is wrong with the %32 of the people in Wisconsin?Please folks,don’t you understand that your rights and the rights of our children are being compromised by this republican/tea party tyrant.We must say no to these people across the United States of America that are a very real threat to the middle class way of life.Do you want and do you want your children to work at wal-mart until the end of times?Please,please,please,support the union cause in their efforts to support our rights as decent working class individuals!!

  • Anonymous

    “Half of those polled had a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of the budget repair bill, while the other half had a “somewhat unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view

    100% of those polled agreed they have never read the bill and haven’t figured out what they are supposed to think yet.

  • Anonymous

    They could also just give off warning shots at the house and fire tear gas canisters into it. It would not surprise me, we live in a Corporatist Dictatorship.

  • Anonymous

    How much are they paying them to do this? I thought there was some sort of budget crisis.

  • realnewz

    Whats the problem?
    I thought the gop was all about filibusters!

  • Anonymous

    It took decades to create these lemmings. Look at the educational standards for one. And don’t forget the endless bombardment of corporate news and advertising. I am sorry for these people. They don’t understand it unless they are victims of it. And then they are running around asking what the hell is going on.

  • realnewz

    When this protest in WI started it was reported that the police were protesting too.

  • Anonymous

    Play loud rock music maybe?

  • Anonymous

    Obama screwed over his base, we didn’t show up and so we got the fascist.
    Still Obama and the cowardly democrats don’t get it!
    Labor has always been behind the democrats. America needs a strong middle class, we build the greater America.
    Stand up for your base and we will return. If not the wheels will come off.

  • Anonymous

    To Protect and Serve, who are they protecting and serving? Corporate interests, government fascist and in any way they can get over on the American people. In Iowa the police cars are now emblazoned with To enforce the law if we want to, and screw the bill of rights.

  • Guest

    Thanks. Proves my point then, eh? People, generally, are incapable of thinking for themselves and are guided by fear. Where has courage AND sanity gone?

  • Anonymous

    LOL, crap on their lawns – I think that’s what they do.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    They need to send bounty hunters and bring these assholes back hog tied.

    After two years of hearing Progs whine about the GOP engaging in legal obstructionism (Rule 22 Progs, look it up), to now hear cheering for a bunch of lawless bastards engaging in EXTRA-LEGAL obstructionism is enough to make a rational human being vomit.

    Put a tazer to them and drag them back to their job.

  • Anonymous

    ANS: (c) Crap on their lawns

  • Anonymous


    ANS: (c) Crap on their lawns

  • Anonymous

    see above

  • Anonymous

    The senators are in Illinois. This is just nonsensical tactics by Walker to keep his dimwitted bosses happy.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It bears saying this opens the door to occupation of Walker’s residence and the Governor’s mansion.

  • http://thetinfoilhatsociety.com/ Susan

    And what are the state police supposed to do upon arriving at said lawmakers’ homes, since what they did was not illegal…? Harass and threaten the family members…? And how pray tell did Walker tell them to do that???
    This guy is just getting more and more desperate and off the deep end.

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess the entire system has to collapse in order for people to begin to understand that the party they voted into power are insane maniacs who are in fact also sociopaths. These Repubs should be hanged.

  • David R Velasquez

    And the teabaggers whine about the Left creating a dictatorship?!

  • Anonymous

    LOL!! Yeah do they get their fire helmets on with the siren that goes around and around on top of their heads, or do they just SCREAM at them for an hour? What’s the method of intimidation? I think I’d just take off my clothes and sit there naked until they left. And believe me, at my age that would really scare these toadies away!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they are going to throw donuts at their house. :)

  • http://twitter.com/honorablelordk Karim Walker

    This is a waste of the taxpayers’ money

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

    Yet Wilson was CAUGHT talking to what he thought was a Kock brother about plans to INCITE A RIOT and blame it on the protesters. Why the hell aren’t the police visiting HIM???

    I’m pretty sure conspiring to incite a riot is a felony, I’ve had protester friends arrested on that charge.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

    Their JOB is to stand up for their constituents. They are doing that.

    Government only governs legitimately if it has the CONSENT of the governed. That is different from tricking 51% of voters into choosing to trample on the RIGHTS of the other 49%.

    BTW, a taser is a dangerous weapon. If I kidnapped someone with one for political purposes I would be branded a TERRORIST.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

    Maybe the same way they pressure us?
    Threaten them.
    Threaten their families.
    Shoot their dog.
    Taser them.
    Beat them?

  • yvonneo

    If these senators are currently not in Wisconsin, exactly what kind of “pressure” did Walker send these cops out to apply? Are they being sent out to apply gangster-like persuasion such as threatening to harm the senators’ families if they don’t return immediately? Or maybe Walker has sent the cops out to “persuade” that one remaining democratic senator (who was unable to leave the state and has been hiding out in his house) by making him “an offer he can’t refuse.”

    The republican party is led by a bunch of thugs who want to completely destroy the unions in order to realize a larger goal of eliminating substantial support for the democratic party. The republicans have made clear on numerous occasions that they want a one-party system (a republican party only) which IMO, is a euphemism for “dictatorship.” (Recall, Bush stating that it would be easier if our nation were a dictatorship–and that’s because it’s easier to rule with forceful authoritative power over people as subjects than to govern them as citizens under the rules of a democratic society–which dictates that all men are created equal and that the rule of law shall prevail and applies to all equally.)

    The plutocrats (such as the multi-billionaire koch brothers, etc.) hate the very idea of democracy, as well as the rule of law–they consider themselves above the law simply because of their tremendous wealth (that no doubt was predominately acquired through ill-gotten gains). And they have been working diligently behind-the-scenes to undermine our democratic society, and are now openly engaging in a class war against the rest of us. And make no mistake, their attack on the Unions is also an attack on the middle class. Their goal is to destroy the Unions through their foot soldiers, the teabaggers/republicans (which is no doubt why the repubs’ focus is not on creating jobs as they were elected to do, but rather, on eliminating them–which is what they are currently in the process of doing under the guise of reducing the debt).

    But people need to remember that it was the creation of the Unions that contributed the most to creating a thriving middle class. It’s also the Unions that have traditionally provided the greatest amount of support and campaign funds to the democratic party. So I think the republicans’ rationale is that since the Unions provide the greatest financial support of the democratic party, eliminate the Unions (pretty much wiping out the middle class) and you eliminate most of the funding to the democrats; you eliminate their funding, you eliminate the democratic party and our nation becomes a one party dictatorship.

    The republican party has revealed itself to be the enemy within that our founding fathers warned us about.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the shill who wrote this report?

    “Republicans in Wisconsin claim the collective bargaining rights for public employees needs to be limited so the state can avoid laying off workers due to a budget gap of $137 million in the current fiscal year.

    Democrats countered that Republicans, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, have not been willing to negotiate with them and slow the legislative process down.”

    How wishy washy does this make the dems sound? Why didn’t the reporter REPORT that the union had agreed to all of Walker’s budgetary demands?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QIJ4LGZX6PZOJSD57QIC3NRAA Straw

    Yes. They stand up for their constituents – IN THE SENATE CHAMBER.

    The Wisconsin state government was duly elected, and now Democrats want to cry foul because they lost their power, so they engage in extra-legal obstructionism.

    Progs had better never utter a word about obstructionism again. Ever.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/fierylocks FieryLocks

    As is everything republicans do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lon-Warneke/1409625620 Lon Warneke

    Plutocrats and their purchased shills, using police to intimidate elected representatives stinks of fascism…If it looks like it and it smells like fascism, it must be fascism…

    “The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, destroy its organizati­ons, and stifle political liberties when the capitalist­s find themselves unable to govern and dominate with the help of democratic machinery. ”

    — Leon Trotsky, Fascism: What it is and how to fight it

  • http://www.zazzle.com/fierylocks FieryLocks


    Dictatorships are okay if you’re a right winger.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/fierylocks FieryLocks

    Spoken like a true nazi asshole. Go fuck yourself punk.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/fierylocks FieryLocks

    And what if they do…what are you going to do about it? Cry about it on your computer, dick?

  • Anonymous

    This sounds as if they have a democrat which is willing to go back.
    Looks like they are trying to give them an out by saying they are pressuring them.

    When will they send the police to the homes of Bush , Cheney , Rumsfeld , Rove , Rice and others which have committed many high crimes against our democracy , laws , treaties , citizens , military soldiers and even torture , treason and other crimes..

  • Anonymous

    The corporate republicans must have paid for Obama’s walking shoes.

    But by the lack of backbone & support from republican Obama , Holder and other Pro-war – Pro corporate democrats the republicans can do any damn thing they please.
    I have been a democrat for many years and this is the sorriest group we have even had in office at the same time.

    We see now that when citizens peacefully demonstrate as our constitution alloys they will be attacks with deceit , lies , hate and possibly beaten and jailed.

    We see now when we have democrats show some backbone and stand up for the middle class and workers the republican (which must be in charge of our police force) will use any illegal means to stop or jail them. And our sorry a… democrats will set on the sidelines and shut their …. mouths.

    We are seeing the destruction of our democracy , constitution , bill of right and the transfer of our wealth , power and elections to these Global Empires which are not mostly foreign now.
    This government is transferring our public jobs and programs to these Global Monopolies which they are employees of.

    So we will now read the phrase “We The People” as “We the Global Empires & Elite”

  • Anonymous

    Same reason they let these teabaggers ramp their lies , hate attacks on the democrats.
    The republican own the police force and Obama & the republican democrats which are running our party.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Zentrails/100001475536421 Bob Zentrails

    If the police officers disobey an order by their superiors, they can be fired.

    If true, sending police officers to DEM senator’s homes just to intimidate them is unethical at best possibly illegal, and without a doubt a really dumb political move, but the cop on the beat has a duty to follow those orders.

    It is the media’s job to shine a light on this, because it makes Walker look really bad.
    I think he has already destroyed his career with these strong arm extremist tactics.

    The polling numbers against this action are raising higher and higher as people start to understand what Walker and other Repub governors are trying to do:

    Bust the unions and take us back to the good ol’ Robber Baron days.

  • Anonymous

    more than you think. It’s against their constitution to use the police for that.

  • Anonymous

    James Baldwin:

    “If we know, then we must fight for your life as though it were our own…. For if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night.”

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t the job of the police- its the sheeple that should be chasing them down. After all, they “Work For US” right?

  • Anonymous

    A minor misconception. Yes the money may come from us, but its a police state now. The Governor/Dictator now rules without question.

  • Anonymous

    It has been said, “Stand and Fight”. In this case running is fighting, as it is the last thing that can be done. Thank you (seriously) for fighting for what you believe in.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2NPRPRYZC3RF424Y4G4NKPY3FM Anya O

    So the cops can’t even arrest them? What is the point of sending them? Since when it is acceptable for a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL to send cops over to THREATEN (persuade) someone. Must be nice to have them at your disposal like that.

  • Anonymous

    Any one who uses the term “sheeple” is obviously some one who has other people do their thinking for them. I disregard all comments that use this tired trope.

  • realnewz

    I’d say they gone with the wind. lol

    No, but seriously, I’d imagine it would be difficult for cops who vested many years of service to give it all up but if this Anti Union law passes through there will be no Union protections and next they will start going after public employee pensions. Which, is totally unjust because Workers put money into the States pension fund and corrupt govt/Wall St gambles it all away. Its like Enron 2.0.

    Some Unionized public employees may be able to protest off duty but not strike. I believe cops are obliged to this because of the nature of their job. I know this is the case in my state with the Unionized Sheriff dept.

    I’d imagine if a WI cop were to strike they would be terminated for disobeying orders. Since the govonor wants to eliminate jobs anyways, its probably fine with him if some cops quit. After all, they can always find someone else to do the job. And therein lies the dilema. Employers will always have the upper hand because there is always an abundance of people needing work. That is capitalism. Irregardless, Workers Rights need to be protected from greedy politicans/corps.

    WI cops should understand that if they keep working with no right to Bargaining Rights (Union), they will more than likely loose down the line because then a corrupt politician, can fire the whole police dept and hire only his family and friends. This is just an extreme example of how important Bargaining Rights are for Workers in a Union especially in the public sector. IMO every Employer in America should be Unionized. Especially in corrupt corp America.

    This Workers protest for Union rights is really American middle class last hope and this is why this protest in WI is so important. Seriously, I dont know if many people know, the only ones out their lobbying for OUR rights are the Unions!! They even fight for issues that are not work related. For example, the Unions protested govt funded corp bailouts in 2008. So the left needs to support the Unions to keep employers/America fair. Remember only 12% of Americans are apart of a Union. It is this way by design because if every American Worker was apart of a Union, govt/corp corruption would be greatly minimized.

    Unfortunately, the Worker slaves, will always get screwed, and fear is real,
    when you do not know when is your next meal.

  • iRead

    Officially, the USA decried the USSR and other godless commies for refusal to allow collective bargaining. In ALL those years, the Soviets were destitute. Why is the official view from this crackpot GOP sack-of-shit (and all like him) such a different tune now?

    Why do you people hate the working man so much that you’d deny him the means to his own betterment? What of your fellow man? Are you one-a those ‘compassionate conservatives’, or do you just not give a fuck if people have less and less as time goes on?

    Oh, that’s right…corporations, left to their own devices, will do what’s right.

    Go away, Strawman. For the last 40+ years you lot have robbed this country blind.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JMRWCFVTLQRDRXXKUGXZXY4I3I Anthony

    Democratic politicians being spooked gutless have stay cleared away from Wisconsin. Where are the Democrats that once stood proudly side by side with the workers of America.
    You don’t see Republican representatives shy away from Tea Party gatherings ( and they’re highly inappropriate politically).
    Celebrities should step up where representative are missing. There’s a mojo in the works and whom so ever takes the celebrity helm so to speak will be the beloved of the working class; happen what may.
    The GOP is over reaching at every level of government; local, state and national.
    Grassroot organizing nationwide is going to have to depend solely on the people; because there is not one elected Democratic official who has the working Americans family’s back.
    Obama is pulling an Acorn on the Unions.

  • iRead

    Let’s not forget about unions being responsible for a 40 hr. work week (parents can be present in their children’s lives, etc.), over-time pay, vacation time, health insurance, workplace safety, productivity, retirement plans, generations of college educated children, etc.

    We now take these things for granted. Our grandparents generation literally bled and died for these things. My grandfather was a farm boy in Indiana. He never went to college. He raised a family and sent three daughters to college, because he made union wages.
    My grandfather worked in the steel mills before, during, and after unionization. He said all of the workers wanted to organize, because wages were low, and conditions unsafe. The deaths and injuries he saw at the mill were almost beyond description. (Hot steel cauterizes as it amputates.) During the struggle to organize, unions would have picnics for the workers, and the mgmt. would send thugs with ax handles. But the workers persevered, mostly peacefully, and gradually, even management saw the benefit of the new arrangement. (A content, healthy, happy workforce has loyalty, is productive, and profits increase.) The new workforce also had disposable incomes, and contributed to building the economy.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXTnYCg8v8o Bamboo_Harvester

    Is there any doubt left that scott walker is a Fucking Nazi left now ?

  • Anonymous

    40 minutes ago… the Wisconsin House just passed the Walker Bill! The GOP should be so proud. The middle class is nearly extinct and who cares about those unwashed poor. Now the rich are one step closer to total domination. It’s a thrilling moment in history for all of the goobers out there who keep dropping bricks on their own foot by supporting the reincarnation of Jay Gould and the Gilded Age.

  • Anonymous

    The only “union” that criminal and culture of corruption Republicans recognize is the union between a man and a woman. No other “unions” are allowed, at least not in a religious fundamentalist, multimillionaire-multibillionaire Republican “utopia.” All other “unions” will be cold-Koch’ed.

  • surgethis

    This whole thing is a scam / conspiracy to break Unions by the right wing corporate backers. Walker is a all out liar and he was caught doing it. But like all conservative thugs he will never admit it.

  • YeaSayer

    He’s obvoiusly been studying Gaddafi.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1046573071 Matt Mosley

    You know it will pass and you know what will happen then.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ODHDTSN5TFE24TZS22LJWXHO6I Rash Lameballs

    This saturday,in every state capitol in these United States, will hold solidarity rallies for the people of Wisconsin,but it will also be for the middle class as a whole.Nothing you are doing this saturday will be more important then going to one of these rallies in support of your fellow man. Go to moveon web site and register to be there.Then call all your friends and families and make them go with you.It is time for ALL of us to get up stand up,stand up for our rights.
    If you are making a living wage,get benefits,sick days,vacation days,weekends off,have a pension plan…Thank the UNIONS!

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t help but wonder why they aren’t hammering home the fact that the corporate tax breaks he pushed through immediately after taking office are the main reason for most of the still manageable deficit they have . You hardly hear that mentioned , they should be repeating it like a mantra . The fact the public can’t figure out this is an attack on the working class in general is rather disheartening also .Not to mention that they caught this jerk on tape pretty much laying out what he’s up to , yet it still seemed to have little or no effect on public opinion .

  • Anonymous

    Only when THEY do it.

  • Anonymous

    ..and it’s over.

    Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill Stripping Union Rights From Public Workers

  • Anonymous

    Great article ALERT !

    “Accepting Gov. Walker’ s assertions as fact, and failing to check, created the impression that somehow the workers are getting something extra, a gift from taxpayers. They are not.

    Out of every dollar that funds Wisconsin’ s pension and health insurance plans for state workers, 100 cents comes from the state workers.

    How can that be? Because… ”

    more at http://www.tax.com/taxcom/taxblog.nsf/Permalink/UBEN-8EDJYS?OpenDocument

  • Anonymous

    Blah Blah Blah – I do my own thinking & choose my own path thank you. I could care less what you disregard. The word/term Sheeple perfectly describes the majority of the asleep population.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how no one can get past this Left vs. Right illusion. The Democraps and Republocraps are just 2 wings of the same bird head in the same direction. And that direction that few seem to grasp is total control.

    The powers that be control both “sides” of the isle. The faces you see and bitch about are just the pupets who do what they are told to do.

  • Anonymous

    Only over the benefits for working people.

  • Anonymous

    Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  • cannotvote

    Quite so – we live in a Fascist state that masquerades as a democracy. This has been so at least since the assassination of Abe, if not before. What is the significance of those bundles of wood that Abe’s hands rest on, in that memorial of his?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    The power station sell off isn’t being talked about in the news here, much (I’ve not seen it at all yet). And the local FOX stations are running ads painting this as “unions are greedy fucks! they should suffer just like us!”, while there’s no real mention of any facts.. like the fact that the unions agreed to the cost cuts, or that this isn’t about the budget since Walker broke it in Jan., no one is really mentioning all that much about the “strip unions of virtually all their power, hence their reason for being”.

    So, it’s worse than you note.. it’s not that they haven’t read the bill, it’s that they (the corporatists) haven’t been able to lie good enough or spin it well enough to dupe more people. But they’re working on it!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    Nice false equivalency.. so the Dems do it once on a major rights issue, and you equate that to 2 years of the most filibustering Senate of all time? over expansion of rights issues?

    I knew you were stupid, I just didn’t realize how vile.

  • Anonymous

    Well first off – this country; the united States of America was not founded as a Democracy. It was founded as a Republic (not the same as Republican). The only place that is a Democracy is Washington DC, as CONgress has full control over this swamp.

    Now have we been subverted into a Democracy – i would say yes. That was done with “The New Deal” under that traitor FDR. That is when this country turned into a Socialist nation – DEMOCRACY. Rule by the masses no mater what the rest want or need.

    So if you look deep -you will see we have evolved into a Fascist/Socialist Empire. Far Far Far from what we are supposed to be or the masses think we are.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    Or point out the absolute idiocy and illogical nature of the right-wing “assertion”. The claim doesn’t stand up to the light of day, but it’s not being called out very well here.

    And all of this attention on the Unions (and the attempt to destroy the rights of those members to stand united against their employers) is ignoring some other major aspects of the bill.. like selling off public power companies to the Koch brothers. Assets built with tax payer dollars that will be sold “no bid”, and likely for pennies on the dollar (oh, the bill includes language that says no oversight of the sales will happen).

    This is not only seeking to destroy the opposition party and their financial support systems as well as shit on the working class, it is also another arm of the looting of the Commons by the billionaire class.

  • http://www.tommyjonestheband.com RantingTommy

    that’s not the Senate

    please do try to keep up

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    All tin despots need their hired goons if they are to apply their tyranny. It’s just sad that we have those willing to prop up little dictators in the United States.

  • http://www.tommyjonestheband.com RantingTommy

    fascism and socialism are opposites

    please do at least TRY to educate yourself

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    I’m guessing, more “nothing” will happen. We’ll have to wait until 2012 to see if the general public (62% at this point) holds the abusers accountable.

    Remember, some 32% of Wisconsinites don’t see a problem with crushing the middle class. And 90% of that group is IN the middle class. We’re dealing with the terminally stupid here.

  • Anonymous

    Well let see – Bush is a Fascist. Right? Or at least that is the direction that he was directed to point the country. Am i doing ok so far RT?

    Now we have Obama – He is a Socialist. He has done nothing to change the direction that Bush drug us into (or has he changed anything of notice from past Socialist/Fascist leaders). We are still in illegal wars, he is forcing “Health Care” or Prison, etc. Continuing to enable the Banksters with there looting of this country/world.

    We have become a combination of the 2 – They may be opposites, but they are both in the same direction.

    Go Edumacate yourself.

  • https://twitter.com/DrMatthew Dr. Matt

    Using police to retrieve political enemies….Hitler would be proud.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    I’m guessing you don’t know the definition of Socialist. Obama is neither a Socialist, nor does he actually support a Welfare State. He’s cutting social programs (welfare state) to allow for the tax cuts to the rich and failure to close loopholes on corporations (to the tune of 10s of billions a year in lost taxes).

    Obama is a Corporatist who spewed a little Welfare State rhetoric to court some of the left-wing in this country. He paid lip service to things like “we’ll let the tax cuts expire” and “single payer” (which was never actually discussed or proposed during the health care reform debates). He promised a more transparent government, but defends the Bush secrets in court..

    There is _nothing_ Socialist about Obama, period. He’s a right-leaning centrist who talked a good game during a campaign and fed on the frustrations of 8 years of rampant abuses by the opposition, nothing more.

  • Anonymous

    Another example of controlling people through heavy policing (harrassing the families of Dem senators) with economic cronyism (Koch Brothers et al).
    Walker has been shown to be a liar, he never once mentioned denying unions collective bargaining during his campaign. Classic bait and switch! Wisconsinites should challenge Walker and the republican congress to allow a vote on repeal before the allotted year is over, then he can see where the people really stand. I’m sure Walker and the republican congress can find the power to make it happen if they really wanted to show he has Wisconsin behind him!

  • Anonymous

    Seems like some people posting do not know that the police, firefighters., and state troopers are unionized, thier unions are exempted from the bill and will be allowed to keep their collective bargaining rights. The reason for that is those Unions endorsed Walker during the campaign. Quid Pro Quo! Unions that did not support Walker are being stripped of their right to collectively bargain because they did not support Walker. Plain and simple as ever. And why was it again that Don Siegleman is in prison?

  • Anonymous

    “There is _nothing_ Socialist about Obama, period. He’s a right-leaning centrist”

    HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA! are you fucking serious? Right Leaning.

    Wow, must be some good cool-aid your drinking.

  • Anonymous

    Heil Obergruppenfuehrer Walker! See you at the bunker in five years.

  • Anonymous

    Ma! Get out the irn! Them shets ned irning! Ma! Whrs mah shtn arn? Onli wite dudes wil remains stndn! Ma! Wrs mah sistuh? Ah nid hr fr confurtin!

    Wite Std ridin tal!

  • cannotvote

    Obama is no more a Socialist than you have understanding of what McCarthy-ism was. Can you answer to the significance of the bundles of wood under Abe’s hands – I doubt that very much – mikrat go back to school and do your country a favour.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    We’re a Representative Democratic Republic. It’s always been that way, there’s been elections (democratic process) for leadership (representative) picked from the general population (republic) since Washington (the first President) was in office.

    We’ve been expanding the membership of the voting public over our existence as a country to the point where every adult is allowed to vote. That’s generally described as a Democracy, and even Communism had a flavor of Democracy, but it wasn’t a Republic since only “the party” (and the only party) picked who they wanted you to vote for. So it didn’t matter who the dirty masses voted for, all candidates were the same and would follow the same ideology.

    And Socialism is an economic model, not a governance model. Since “the people” don’t collectively own any means of production in this country, since private interests own all the factories and corporations, we’re not even a glint of a Socialism. .. you’re referring to a Welfare State, one where the public cares for everyone through publicly funded programs. Granted, a lot of people conflate “Socialist” with “Welfare State”, but not many people care about definitions or accuracy in this day and age.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMPOO3PZFN7XV2XZKCGSXXR3WM Joe Somebody

    Let’s see.. he stated in his campaign trail that he did NOT support same sex marriage.. he’s pro-war.. he gave tax cuts to the rich.. he failed to insist we move away from private health insurance.. he supported the bailouts of banks without demanding regulations to prevent another melt down.. he’s defunding public programs.. he won’t come out for legalizing drugs..

    Just what “left-leaning” policies has he pushed through? Now he’s talking about cutting Social Security and he worked on hitting Medicare for waste without demanding Part D be repealed (the part that prevents the government from negotiating drug prices or importing drugs from Canada)..

    I doubt you’re drinking kool-aid.. more like gasoline.

  • http://bigdanblogger.blogspot.com/ Big Dan

    Isn’t this what CONSERVATIVES want: politicians actually fighting for people??? I’ve never seen politicians fighting for people and risk getting arrested for them.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J2BKVG44GLNRGIAYKD7UO4O27E Arthur Young

    you really should take a look at some of the definitions that are being tossed around. The current President and for that matter the previous Democrat in that office were both Centrists beholden to the same crooks as the Republicans and pushing the same Corporate agenda. As Humans are flawed..so are these philosophies, but some at least have a pretense of forward thinking. Socialism allows the pursuit of personal gain but ensures a LCD in regards to Health Care, Social Services, and an address to those less fortunate, true it may not be top of the line but it addresses those without the extra cash and wherewithal. Because The USA was still a manufacturing Giant before..during..WW2 there was plenty of jobs that pulled people out of joblessness…FDR for all his faults tried to get people trained and working towards a future, while many would have gladly let them rot ( I am in my 50s so I really don’t know too much about it….but it was a positive move to get people into the work force ). Communism addressed the poor, but it failed to address man’s ambitions and personal Drive and was hijacked by dictators that bestowed goodies on some and death and fear for the masses. Fascists swear to be patriots, upright, and make promises of security and taking care of the trash ( as we know fascists no matter their color, religion, ethnicity can even look at other humans as TRASH ), they want conformity they need obedience and they need cheerleaders to prop up their strength ( note racist skins who always travel in Packs..they are insecure and scared of difference/change ).