Obama says Kadhafi must ‘leave now’: White House

By Agence France-Presse
Saturday, February 26, 2011 18:07 EDT
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President Barack Obama said Saturday that Libya’s leader Moamer Kadhafi needs to “leave now,” having lost the legitimacy to rule, a White House statement said.

Obama took the position — his most direct yet — in a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to coordinate efforts in response to the crisis in Libya, the statement said.

“The president stated that when a leader?s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” it said.

Obama’s call for Kadhafi’s departure came as the Libyan leader hunkered down in Tripoli for what many feared would be a bloody showdown with rebels that have taken control of large areas of the oil-rich North African country.

Khadafi’s son, Seif al-Islam Kadhafi, earlier told Al-Arabiya television that the crisis had “opened the doors to a civil war.”

The White House said Obama and Merkel “discussed appropriate and effective ways for the international community to respond.”

“The president welcomed ongoing efforts by our allies and partners, including at the United Nations and by the European Union, to develop and implement strong measures,” the statement read.

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  • Anonymous

    “The president stated that when a leader?s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,”

    Does that include using the IRS and DHS?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6EX2KJ7LSZMDCBZWCH62Q7CABY Sandra

    Experts are saying that Obama’s rhetoric will have the opposite effect, The tribes will get behind Ghadafi if only temporarily because most tribes oppose the US. The tribes that want the return of the monarchy will suck up to the US ,

  • Guest

    I wonder if Obummer would use violence on us?
    Had McCain been elected that would have been a rhetorical question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skornenicholas Nicholas Byrd

    And on the ground, none of the people care what the US opinion is, the revolution is sweeping under. If it were me I’d ride the Liberty train too, gives his presidency some steam for the re-election campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmph, he must have finally turned on CNN.

    You didn’t know there was violence two weeks ago asshole? I’m sure the dead people’s families did.

  • Anonymous

    Who does Obama think he is?

    What happens in Libya is the business of Libya. They don’t need Obama.

    American arrogance and violence show itself once again readying itself to look after “American Interests” and then we wait for the inevitable blow back which nets the USA a big 0 for it’s ridiculous efforts to service the elite American rich.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get that bull? Fox News [sic]?

  • Anonymous

    You betcha… he could’ve invaded like Bush. That’s worked out well. Instead he vocally supports the people over a monster… and you want to know who he thinks he is? He thinks he’s the duly elected President of the United States and he is showing support for the people of Libya demanding democracy. Some people just bitch to fill the air.

  • Anonymous

    What a pathetic comment…on every level.

    Look at you, an American…who can go outside his door without getting shot!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not arguing about innocent people dieing, that was and has been obvious for 42 years. But I don’t suggest the President was complicit by omission or ignorance. I’m very glad he has not chosen to get us involved militarily. What’s your plan?

  • Guest

    My Friend, the U.S. has been “policing” where they don’t belong for decades. This is just the most recent incarnation. If it wasn’t Obummer, it would be whomever else was in D.C. I’m nor apologizing for the Liar-in Chief, just making a deeper observation into the “large nose” of the U.S.

  • Guest

    When is he gonna show some support for the people in his own country? And I’m NOT talking about the super rich and corporations.

  • Anonymous

    The president of this country has so much power, he can change things in one day. He’s fucking around in a hopeless cause in Afghanistan letting Americans die in a bush created debacle.

    Yet he’s too wimpy to speak up about a brutal POS until fighter pilots eject from their planes and let it crash in the desert before they will carry out the orders of this deranged madman.

    He’s late on everything…..Gulf fills up with oil while he’s on his golf vacation. Surprised he didn’t wait on this comment until gas was $50 a gallon.

    Gahhafi needs one cruise missile right between his legs, and the Libyan people could raise a Democratic flag.

  • samhoustonTX

    Translation: Dick Cheney has your hide-way ready for you. Be sure to bring your bank pass books.

  • ghostof911

    “The president stated that when a leader?s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” it said.

    “By leaving now.” Really? Is that just cheap talk for the CNN news cycle, or does the president have a solution in mind for Mr. Kadhafi?

    Word is that Little Georgie has a spare bedroom at his ponderosa in Dallas. Perhaps Little Georgie could be persuaded to let Mr. Kadhafi be his houseguest.


  • Anonymous

    “Obama says Kadhafi must ‘leave now’: White House”

    Hey, President ASSHOLE, why don’t you go on over there and show your buddy the door and the path out of his palace. I’m sure he’ll thank you by showering you with flowers and chocolates! Maybe you two could go vacation somewhere for the next two years.

  • ghostof911

    Just the same, the US prez should just STFU. Only one thing is certain, when the US butts in, innocent people die. The violence in Libya is inevitable, but if the US interferes in any way, the result for certain will be increased civilian casualties.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KLF5SUA5RDYXG54WWF5SHMVRAI X

    It’s amazing how far the media are willing to go to overlook the fact that Khadaffi is an Obama allly in the fake war on terror.

  • http://myspace.com/johnnyevans1 Wild Willie

    No.I don’t think they’ve come that close since Nixon ordered them to shoot the protesters at Kent State, Now the DHS could be rounding up people, killing them, and listing them as missing persons, but though worthy of discussion it is not the same scenario. If that were to be the case it would be a bad sign of things to come. .

  • http://www.balmorheaprogressive.blogspot.com/ BaileyWuXiang

    “When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now.” –Obama

    Let’s see if he’ll live by that statement when hell breaks out in Wisconsin.

  • Anonymous

    If your plan is to put a US cruise missile down on the monster Gadhafi I’ll gladly buy you a beer… but I’ll vote for the adult in the WH. Blustering rhetoric works great in a bar though.
    I do agree TOTALLY about getting out of the wars… it’s HOW that concerns me. And NO… the President is NOT ALL POWERFUL.

  • Anonymous

    I too am frustrated, but I’m NOT going to throw my vote away to elevate the Talibaptist Rushthuglicons. Look to Wisconsin for that version of the future.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FONW6K3ZWV4BU4ZTCDCSZHHH6E Mick Jagger

    Mariah Carey and Beyonce are just like Hillary when they played private parties for Kadhafi…whores of the dictators…whores for money. China and Saudia Arabia are the model the elite want us to become.

  • Anonymous

    ‘LEAVE NOW’. What a profound statement to make. Where the hell can he go to? There isn’t a country in the world that would let the degenerate in. Will the dippy German Merkel accept him?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Ghadaffi, Obama you worthless cocksucker, what about Scott Walker…?

  • Anonymous

    Poor Zero. His state senate stint as the pawn of Chicago’s hive didn’t prepare him for real life.

    Don’t worry, Bush would be just as bad. Shut down DC – and shut up, DC!!!

  • Anonymous

    I oppose the President involving the country in foreign entanglements. Wisconsin wasn’t what I was thinking… but have you ever been to Nebraska?
    Actually… the President should NOT get directly involved here without further provocation. Frustrating yes… but the best course. It should be the GOBP vs the WORKER not Obama.

  • Anonymous

    TYT Army is too strong

  • kimsarah

    Nice try. Wind must have been blowing in the right direction when he stuck his finger into the air today.

  • kimsarah

    Nice timing for the big guy, once again.

  • Anonymous

    He wouldn’t even need to do it my friend. All he would have to do is threaten to do it.

    Gadhafi is lucky if he still has 3,000 military “protectors.” It’s no Iraq or Afghanistan.

    This guy is mowing people down in the streets and the people are begging for someone to help them. Plus the oil markets all over the world are freaking out. And if you don’t think the president here has that kind of power, maybe you should revisit President John F. Kennedy’s power.

  • Anonymous

    What I will never understand is where Obama thinks he has the right or the authority to tell another nation’s so-called leader what he can and can’t do. Obama should for once figure out that he is the president of America and he should stop pretending that he cares about the people of Libya or has their best interests at heart and start helping the people of America. First order of business is (a) arrest the people who just wrote a letter urging military intervention of Libya (b) fire all his generals (c) arrest the generals he fired (d) enforce the US Constitution’s equality clauses (d) freeze banks from transmitting money overseas and then seize them (e) introduce legislation that all persons who want to work can show up at their choice of any large corporation who made a profit last year and be hired at a living wage (f) declare that Citizens United is void as unconstitutional ans start enforcing the Constitution, which prohibits corporations from interfering with the political process. (g) massively raise taxes on the rich and start recouping not just the money stolen but the hoarded wealth. There are obviously more things for him to be doing, but this is enough for one day.

  • Anonymous

    You haven’t got a clue if you think Obama cares about the people of Libya or democracy.

  • Anonymous

    You made me realize something in your quotation from Obama: I wonder if Obama thinks that a leader who uses mass violence against another nation’s people has the legitimacy to tell other nation’s how they should treat their own people.

    By the way, when I heard Obama’s latest rhetorical flourish I realized that he is dumber than he looks if he thinks that people would not be able to parse his words and expose their total nonsense.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMNISF3EQZ5OHWYCENYTXUKELI Carol Johnson

    What I will never understand is how people that disagree with Obama, who would back up people in this world that are trying to stand up for a chance to live like our great nation. There are many who have suffered here, however, we have gotten into the predicament that we are now by lies that have been supplied to us by those who would have possibly put us in the same terrible situation they are in now. Would you like that for our prosperity? Let’s open our eyes and listen carefully and think of the future generations also.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Prez,why don’t you tell that asshole Governor in Wisconsin that.He is as much a threat to decent people in the U.S.as Daffy Duck is to the people of Libya!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gadaffi murders his own citizens who threaten his rule. Obama murders Afghan and Pakistani women and children on a daily basis who are no threat to his rule. One killer is morally no better than another. For Obama to demand Gadaffi must go is absurd.

  • Anonymous

    The situation in Wisconsin,Ohio,Indiana,is intolerable.The very existence of the working man and woman is under attack,yet,the POTUS sits on his hands and keeps his mouth shut while doling out money to Egypt and their citizens.Yes,they were oppressed,but by goddamit,don’t you think the decent people being assaulted by the fascists to take their decency from them is any different.For Christ sake grow a set of balls,and if you don’t know what a set looks like,I’ll take a picture of mine and send them to you!!PLEASE SPEAK UP,AND DEFEND US!!!

  • ghostof911

    The glare from the hypocrisy is blinding.

    Obama: when a leader?s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule

    It was okay for George W Bush to kill over 3,000 Americans when he authorized the 9/11 attacks. When the same thing happens in another country, all of a sudden it’s unacceptable.

    Obama is fully aware that Cheney and Rumsfeld, and to a lesser extent the flunky George W, were the ringleaders of 9/11, and yet he covers up for them.

    In Obama’s oath of office, didn’t he swear that he would uphold the law? Why isn’t he prosecuting Cheney, Rumsfeld, and George W for their attack on America?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6EX2KJ7LSZMDCBZWCH62Q7CABY Sandra

    Or at least that’s what “The News” tells ya. wink wink. Media has told you what to think about everybody. Don’t you even question why the western media depicts EVERY anti US leader as a crackpot? Have you?

  • ghostof911

    No doubt his corporate masters have already instructed him to order units of Blackwater/Xe to take up positions in Wisconsin.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6EX2KJ7LSZMDCBZWCH62Q7CABY Sandra

    That is Saif Qaddafi , you dolt. He’s the dude 80% of Libya want to take over. Some of the tribes and the hired mercenaries from Chad are supported by the US.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6EX2KJ7LSZMDCBZWCH62Q7CABY Sandra

    You can in Libya too. The news is completely fake but is used to get American support to invade another oil producer. Remember the WMD’s in Iraq and other concocted stories to falsely garner support.

  • Anonymous

    That’s Bullshit. He is pro Kaddaffi. He wanted Mubarak and Kaddaffi to stay. He is just saying that to cover his rear when what appears to be inevitable happens.

    I guess the people in Afghanistan and Iraq should thank him for continued American presence based on American lies. He’s used more drones that Bush had ever and Raymond Davis, a dufus appears to possibly have been the man who directed the drone program against wedding parties, herdsman and bakers.

    Obama could not have invaded Egypt or Libya….your kidding. He doesn’t have that option.

    Some people just go on believing in myth to fill the air. Obama, the democrats, the idea that this nation is not completely controlled by a small elite group of corporate fascists is what you believe.

    Obama is pure poison, dressed in liberal vocalese while moving always to the right with Wall Street.

    Has he really come out to support the unions who are fighting the corporate takeover? No. He’s continually ambiguous in his language.

  • Anonymous

    This terrific. Obama is going to lead. I was afraid he wouldn’t be up to it. GO OBAMA!!

  • YeaSayer

    If? Obama’s subjects in Iraq and Afghanistan will tell you what a rhetorical question it is.

  • YeaSayer

    The overwhelming majority of Iraqis and Afghans have been saying America must ‘leave now’ for the last 8 years. Get on it Obomination.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMWRXQIUAB6LCZCVMD56KOLAF4 t

    will they have the same attitude when it’s us in the streets gunning for the new world order, I think not.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMWRXQIUAB6LCZCVMD56KOLAF4 t

    Nixon didn’t order the shooting, and it wasn’t over the war.

    I was there, it was over tree’s on a hill and it just happened, no-one ordered it.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Lead what? The US troops into an invasion to secure Libya’s oil just like the Shrub did in Iraq? If he had an iota of decency, he would keep his mouth shut just like he did in Egypt.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Or Kent State University, Ohio, circa 1970. Also the Amerikan goons are trained by the Israeli goons.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Don’t fool yourself. He ain’t dishing out the money to Egypt because he has a guilty conscience. Psychopaths are devoid of a conscience or any other human emotion for that matter.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    This great nation? Where? How? And, maybe, the reason why all those people are standing up to their dick-taters because they don’t want their countries to be just like “this great nation”

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Obama should for once figure out that he is the president of America…

    Therein the problem. With the presidency of the US comes an implied ownership of the rest of the world. Didn’t they teach you that in pre-school?

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Oh, you’re wrong on that. In fact, the ones coaching Qaddafi will all gladly take him, to witt: Cuba, Venezuela and Russia.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    All of the tribes are against Qaddafi. In fact, it is the tribal leaders that have formed an interim transition government. Watch Al Jazeera, it’s all in there.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    That’s nothing. You wanna see glaring hypocrisy? Look at this:


    “WASHINGTON – The Obama administration froze assets of the Libyan government, leader Moammar Gadhafi and four of his children Friday, just hours after it closed the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and evacuated its remaining staff. U.S. officials said announcements of the steps were withheld until Americans wishing to leave the country had departed as they feared Gadhafi might retaliate amid worsening violence in the North African country.”

    It turns out that Qaddafi has been hiding his loot in the US after all. Oops! Why aren’t the American people outraged and banging at the White House door demanding to know why they’re receiving anal probes at the airports when, Qaddafi (according to the official story) masterminded and ordered the bombing of a commercial airliner in which numerous Americans were killed? Why is the US safekeeping money for such international terrorists when little guys in Washington State (I think?) are sending a few bucks to humanitarian groups in Gaza and go to jail for decades for it? Anybody who is not outraged is not paying attention.

    If nothing more, the one thing that has come out to the bright light of day is the shenanigans and lies of the US and the atrocities it has committed in the ME. Of course, those of us who were paying attention knew that already.

    Now, on an unrelated bit, take a look at this. This adds fuel to the 9/11 inside job movement. Read the article and you’ll see what Davis was really doing in Pakistan:

    Cracks in decade-old US-Pakistan partnership


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Decades? Why don’t you try centuries? They fucked my own country as far back as 1898. Ask the people of the Philippines when they were fucked by the empire. Or the Haitians. Or the Puerto Ricans.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Actually, the Libyans are only asking for humanitarian aid (medical supplies, food, doctors) and specifically telling the international community to stay away, that is their fight and they’re going to finish what they started.

    12:02am – We have received this statement from a group named “The Network of Free Ulema – Libya”, which purports to be a collection of Muslim religious scholars and intellectuals, calling for humanitarian aid – but rejecting international military action.


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yeah, Saddam needed one cruise missile right between his legs too. Look at how well all that worked out for the Iraqi people, Iraq, the taxpayer of the US and the rest of the world. Amerikans are so utterly ignorant and violence. If you want to help, shut up! If anybody deserves to be invaded and liberated and have some democracy spread from sea to shinning sea that would be the US of A.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Read/watch Al Jazeera, PLEASE! All of the tribes joined the revolution over a week ago. Qaddafi is not the god you think he is. He is done! It’s not a matter of if but when and how. Whether he does it himself or the Libyan people do it for him.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Qaddafi says Obama must “leave now” – Maybe they can both leave together.

    And the corporate media reports this:

    US freezes Gadhafi assets, closes Libya embassy

    WASHINGTON – The Obama administration froze assets of the Libyan government, leader Moammar Gadhafi and four of his children Friday, just hours after it closed the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and evacuated its remaining staff. U.S. officials said announcements of the steps were withheld until Americans wishing to leave the country had departed as they feared Gadhafi might retaliate amid worsening violence in the North African country.


    So, the cat is out of the bag. Look at that and WikiLeaks didn’t do it this time. It turns out that Qaddafi has been in bed with the US all along and that Wall Street has been good and kind enough to safekeep the loot for him. Now, nice, eh? In the mean time, we sheep have to lower our pants, bend over and allow the TSA to perform an anal exam at the airports because gasp! “terrorists” may carry firecrackers in their rectum. The facade is peeling off real fast. With every ME country that fights back, a piece of the US mask of hypocrisy and double dealing comes off exposing the ugly face of imperialism. The American people should be protesting in front of the White House demanding explanations, a refund all their money wasted on this criminal charade, the prosecution of Dickless Cheney and Bushless George for war crimes and, above and beyond, the repeal of that Fascist abomination known as “the [un]Patriot Act.”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yes, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    It’s easy to say that sitting behind a desk.

  • ghostof911

    Nice. They wait until all the embassy staff is out of the country before they freeze the assests of the guy responsible for blowing up a jetliner with US passangers.

    I read the story about Davis a couple of days ago in a report from India. So an agent for the US working in Pakistan is recruiting terrorists for Al-Qaeda. But isn’t that old news? Haven’t they been doing that since at least 2001?

    The South Asian news agency ANI reported that — according to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service — Davis was giving nuclear and biowarfare materials to Al-Qaeda,

  • ghostof911

    Someone at the Lake posted this link. Check it out. The two speakers are brutally on target.


  • Johnny Warbucks

    I’m bookmarking it so I can listen to it later. I’m listening to Al Jazeera. They just announced that Shillary The Mouth Clinton is on her way to Geneva. Why the fuck? Why? Don’t this people get it that all of this is as much about them as it is about the dictators they back? Sheesh…get the hell out!

    On a different note, here are some bits that I’m sure you’ll be interested in:



  • Johnny Warbucks

    Right! Is that fucking unbelievable or what? That “embassy” personnel were probably all CIA. Not only that but the recruiting had a specific purpose: another false flag. See, we’re ripe for another one, I keep saying that. And all the unrest in the ME is only going to precipitate that. The boys in Wall Street/MIC are getting desperate. Not to mention our only “ally” in the ME. You can smell the diarrhea from here.

    Sorry, I doubled up the link down on the next post.

  • ghostof911

    Hillary’s in Geneva to deliver the letter from PNAC — the Israeli lobbyist group feels it’s time to bomb, bomb, bomb Libya for its oil.


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Oh, yes. I told you the Chosen People™ have been beating the drums of war for a while now. While they wait for Big Daddy to do it for them, they’ve been practicing on the poor Palestinians in Gaza, sharpening their skills:

    Palestinians say two wounded in IDF strikes on Gaza
    IDF confirms that IAF planes bombed Gaza targets after rocket originating from the strip hit a Be’er Sheva home on Wednesday.


    “Israel Air Force planes bombed at least three targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, medics in the coastal territory said. As a result of the strike, a Palestinian man and a seven-month-old girl were wounded, the medics said.”

    If you read the article over there, make sure and check the comments and you’ll see them blaming the parents for what they did to the baby. Imagine if the opposite had happened. They utterly make me sick to my stomach! And every time they do something like this, they lose a little more sympathy from me.

  • ghostof911

    The commenters at haaretz were simply following the lead of War Criminal Petraeus.

    One would think that the effort to downplay the killings of as many as 64 civilians, including a large number of children, would be enough to spark considerable anti-US outrage, but apparently Gen. David Petraeus saw an opportunity to make things even worse, and took it.

    In a closed door meeting aimed at explaining why they had killed so many civilians, Gen. Petraeus actually accused parents in the region of burning their own children in an attempt to raise the death count and make the US look bad.


  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yes, I saw that. It made my stomach turn! But Israel doesn’t need to take their peas and queues from anyone, in fact, they were the ones who invented ‘the blame the victim’ game. Of course, they went back into Gaza today again and killed another civilians…I mean “militant” of course. But here’s a different yet the same story that plays out in that hellish place on a daily basis. Notice the similarities?

    ‘Israel’s 2002 hit of Hamas leader was justified, despite civilian casualties’

    While criticizing decision makers for underestimating the risk of civilian injuries, probe panel says Israel’s Gaza assassination of Salah Shehadeh was a necessary part of its war on ‘deadly terrorism.’


    As always, read the comments which are, sometimes, more telling than the actual article.

  • Anonymous

    You’re not serious. Do you keep up at all?

  • Anonymous

    This is a different scenario entirely. You’re not seriously saying Libya is an equivalent of Iraq?

    Iraquis didn’t even want us there. These people are throwing stones at mercenaries that are using Ak-47′s and getting slaughtered in the streets. Sometimes even in their homes. And pleading for some assistance.

    All the great messiah would have to do is threaten one of our smart bombs in his coffee and Gadhafi would be racing toward Saudi Arabia.

    I’m surprised you don’t see the difference here.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    You can’t possibly be that naive. This is the same exact scenario as Iraq for purposes of what the US Empire wants and is doing its darnest to do. You’re not seriously saying that the Libyans want you there?

    You are very ill-informed, my friend. Watch Al Jazeera and you will see what is really happening. The Egyptians threw rocks. The Libyans even have anti-aircraft artillery. Please, please, you sound like you’re coming here straight from Yahoo. And your post hurts my eyes. Go away now, okay, go away!

    You Amerikans need to keep your hands of the ME and the rest of the world. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do the people of the world fighting for their freedom and shedding the shackles of oppression to which you Amerikans have the key. US out of the ME now! Out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of Pakistan, out of Yemen! Don’t you dare touch Libya!



  • Anonymous

    They don’t have anti-aircraft artillery in Tripoli. This sub human propped up American mole is ordering the killing of anybody that moves. Hiring them like from a temp agency.

    This is totally different than Iraq and to have this president (I choke when I have to say the word) is not only ignoring what could be taken care of in ten minutes for humanitarian reasons, he is letting the oil interests go biserk.

    I absolutely love Al Jazeera. But watch a little CNN too and hear some actual people who have been hiding in their homes for 7 days in the middle of a room afraid to go their windows.

    Actually all they’re asking for is a sky patrol so they can’t be shot like fish in a barrel.

    Would you feel the same about Palestine if the Jews make target practice out of them? P-lease. You of all people from the background you have given about yourself should be able to separate the difference here.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Rather than dismissing that which you obviously don’t know, why don’t you go on that blog I linked for you so that you can see the pictures yourself and read what is going on? It doesn’t take take long. About an hour should acquaint you with the entire uprising from the day 1 till right now. And Al Jazeera is constantly interviewing people inside Libya so what CNN is doing is hardly unique. And FYI, I watch CNN too.

    This man is mad. The US wants their oil. Israel wants them to invade them. The people of Libya are fighting the good fight and Qaddafi is finished. Any intervention at this point would be a gratuitous and de facto illegal invasion just like Iraq. The rebels have won the entire country except for a small area of, maybe, 30 km around Tripoli. He’s done! The people have won. Yes, there will be more loses and more blood spilled but they know that and accept it as the price the have to pay for their freedom. You, on the other hand, would have the US invade them and massacre another million instead of few thousands that have perished thus far. STAY AWAY! LEAVE THEM ALONE! This is as much about keeping the US out our their lives as it is about deposing their dictators. What part of that don’t you people get?

    And they ARE NOT asking for a sky patrol, they are asking for a NO FLY zone so that Qaddafi can’t fly out and can’t fly more mercenaries in. Please, watch or read Al Jazeera, in spite your good intentions, you are spreading misinformation.

    I got news for you: the jews made target practice out of the Palestinians in 1947. Would you care to hear what the death toll has been this week alone, including a 7-year old baby? Do you see the world doing anything about it? Better yet, who is behind all that? Who is providing the planes, the weapons, the airplanes, the billions of dollars to Israel so that they can commit those horrible war crimes on a daily basis if not the US? Hypocrisy by any other name is still hypocrisy. And what do you think Arabs are, stupid? As to wanna bring themselves that monster upon themselves? The only ones who seem to be blind to the horror are Amerikans. Arabs know! Imperial occupation by any other name is still imperial occupation.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Libyan protesters control western cities


    Libyan pro-democracy protesters have taken control of several western cities while they are trying to seize the capital city of Tripoli.

    Main cities, including Zawiyah, some 50 kilometers (31miles) west of Tripoli, were seized on Sunday following the liberation of a number of eastern towns, AFP reported.

    Forces and foreign mercenaries loyal to defiant ruler Muammar Gaddafi have left Nalut, a town 235 kilometers (145 miles) west of Tripoli, according to reports.

    Protesters are now planning to march on Tripoli where Gaddafi is holed up after they liberated most eastern parts of the country.

    Protest leaders have set up a “national council” in the liberated east and urged the Libyan army to help them take control of Tripoli. They are calling for an end to the long-time rule of Colonel Gaddafi.

    However, the forces loyal to Gaddafi continue the violent suppression of peaceful protesters and reportedly bombarded them again.

    Former Justice Minister Mustafa Mohamed Abud Al Jeleil, who recently resigned in protest to the atrocity of Gaddafi forces, has said a transitional government will be formed before an election.

    In an effort to pressure Gaddafi to stop the killing of civilians, the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on Gaddafi and his cronies and referred him to the International Criminal Court.

    Two thousand people have been reportedly killed in the violence so far despite the regime’s denial that any kind of force has been used against the people.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t say “invade.” In many ways you made my point for me.

    We disagree. But at least you equally hate Obama. We certainly don’t disagree on that.

    Over and out.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Obama is the same as Bush. One of the saddest things about your culture is that you people only know the word “hate” to describe that which you can’t understand to label anyone or everyone that doesn’t agree with you. But not to worry, your reign of terror is coming to an end. Sooner rather than later, you’ll have no choice that you have a reality check and learn to play nice with others. Maybe then, you’ll learn other words like “dislike” or “disagree” or “abhor” instead of “hate” to label everything you don’t like or agree with.

  • Anonymous

    Hate is a mild word for my sentiments about Obama.

    He’s one of the most scheming two faced pricks we ever had in the White House. If you want to find milder words, that’s up to you.

    I put him on the list right below Rumsfeld and grudgingly right above Bush.

    Nobody could be a worse slug than bush.

  • http://twitter.com/MrEthiopian ed smith

    people in glass mansions should just keep quite because of the shat that has been going on in this country since 2000.

    FYI Pres Obama: America is no longer the pillar of freedom, in case you have been asleep for the last 12 years.

  • risa bear

    I am not the young ones in the streets. I am an old woman, sitting at home. Tomorrow, I will go and water a few seeds, and maybe dig in the earth a little bit. Maybe a little. As I turn over soil with my spade, I will think: here is the earth. We are all people on this same earth. Wherever we are, it is this earth. And I will touch the soil, and say to it: Libya, Libya, Libya.

  • http://snd.sc/XTO3LX HIStory Indeed

    So now we’re telling another guy we supported for decades that he has to leave. Why the change of heart?

    Why after giving millions to some and billions to others in support of these dictators via foreign aid is our government now suddenly for the people, democracy and freedom in these slave farms over in the middle east?

    Is Muammar not effectively keeping his people out of the way so the multinationals can pillage the resources?

    Do not be fooled by these made for TV revolutions, or the canned reactions by our so called leaders, that fly in the face of their actions.

    For those paying attention to the story behind the lies, note that we’re up to the part where the middle east gets turned upside down again in order to start world war 3 as Albert Pike stated so long ago.

    All the world is a stage alright, and the players are following the script to the letter.

    You don’t have to believe it at all, just know that the string pullers do.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Yeap. That addressed my comment.

  • Johnny Warbucks

    Can’t disagree with you there. Obama is second only to Bush if…

  • http://theelvesattic.blogspot.com JOHN SCOTT RIDGWAY

    I believe this a good chance for the Obama administration to repair its reputation with Progressives and Liberals a bit… I would like to see him tell people to protest across the states to stop Republican actions. A US president leading revolts — that I would like to see.

  • Anonymous

    So, has Obummer found the next puppet for that country yet?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that sounds reasonable. So, it’s just the typical rhetoric of Obummer. Gee, what a surprise.