North Korea threatens military action over South Korea campaign

By Reuters
Sunday, February 27, 2011 1:56 EDT
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Cho Mee-young SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea will fire across a land border with South Korea if Seoul continues its anti-North psychological campaign, the North’s official media said on Sunday ahead of a joint military drill between the United States and South Korea. South Korea’s military has been dropping leaflets into North Korea about democracy protests in Egypt as part of a psychological campaign and the South Korean military also sent food, medicines and radios for residents in a bid to encourage North Koreans to think about change.
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Feb 27, 2011 01:35 EST

“The on-going psychological warfare by the puppet military in the frontline area is a treacherous deed and a wanton challenge to the demand of the times and desire of all the fellow countrymen to bring about a new phase of peaceful reunification and national prosperity through all-round dialogue and negotiations,” KCNA news agency said.

“We officially notify that our army will stage a direct fire at the Rimjin Pavilion and other sources of the anti-DPRK psychological warfare to destroy them on the principle of self-defense, if such actions last despite our repeated warning.”

The Rimjin Pavilion is an area in South Korea near the heavily armed Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which separates the two Koreas.

North Korea will also be on a heightened state of alert for possible provocation during the joint military drill between the United States and South Korea which starts on Monday, KCNA said.

It said North Korea will respond to the planned military drills with “all-out war” if there is any provocation.

Tensions rose on the divided peninsula when 46 sailors were killed in an attack last March on a South Korean naval vessel. North Korea, which has denied responsibility, shelled the southern island of Yeonpyeong last November, killing four people.

Their first attempt at talks broke down earlier in February dealing a setback to plans to resume international disarmament talks with the North.

North Korea has said it wants to return to the broader six-party negotiations, but Seoul and Washington have questioned its sincerity about denuclearizing — pointing to its revelations in November about a uranium-enrichment program.

While the two sides are not talking, analysts have said that the risk of what both sides call a “provocation” increases, and acts of brinkmanship by the North could include military drills or attack, or the testing of a missile or nuclear device.

South Korea’s news agency Yonhap quoted a local analyst as saying: “North Korea reacts very sensitively as it thinks power of psychological leaflets is bigger than that of nuclear bombing.”

North Korea maintains tight control over communications, including the use of telephones and over movement of people, leaving many in the country unaware of world affairs.

South Korea’s military has resumed its campaign of speaking directly to North Korean residents after the North bombarded the southern island of Yeonpyeong near a disputed sea border in November.

The South’s Yonhap news agency said a week ago that North Korea was digging tunnels at a site where it has launched two nuclear tests, suggesting it is preparing a third.

(Editing by Sugita Katyal)

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  • Taleisin

    Please America, stop poking the madman with a stick. You will take someone’s eye out.

  • Anonymous

    What The Heck is doing Obama making WARGAMES at the Other side Of the World?

    Well, in fact he is not who control the Mad Empire, but the Pentagon, CIA and Big Money.

  • http://thepoliticalbandit.com/ William Cormier

    I think there’s a general consensus in the United States that we’re tired of hearing the threats emanating from North Korea. These nutjobs believe that “it thinks power of psychological leaflets is bigger than that of nuclear bombing.”

    In the short term, I believe that North Korea is the most dangerous regime currently threatening our so-called “World Peace.” (China as the long-term threat.) Anytime a nut-job is in control of nuclear weapons the rest of the world needs to deal with and attempt to nullify its threat to the region. People that don’t understand the depth of this threat needs to update their comprehension of how any nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula could easily escalate to WW III.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Zentrails/100001475536421 Bob Zentrails

    Nonsense. What the F do you think N Korea could do to “threaten World Peace”? They can severely damage Seoul, but that would just result in an invasion that result in the “Kim dynasty” losing power. They know that and they will not risk that.

    Meanwhile, China “the long-term threat” is severely polluting the entire region. They will poison themselves out of existence in the long-term and that’s about it. If they do something to correct the problem, it will cost them so much money that they will go broke. It’s a catch 22 situation for them. They are no “long-term threat,” that’s RW Koch Bros type paranoid thinking.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KJJ4KEVT2Z5RDHTIRGJOUWL2EA Paul M

    “Nut jobs” being in control of nuclear weapons. Umm. Really, who is antagonizing who and threatening who Do you know how well psychological weaponry works. It´s viewed as more dangerous than a nuke, due to it’s devastating effects on the human mind, should work well with the DPRK since they have a non Democratic ideology.

    Any country could digress into “nut job” status given the right prodding via “physiological warfare”, it works very well, according to the DOD. North Korea is a threat? To a certain degree, most all countries are a threat in this sense. N.Korea is a nation who doesn´t liked to be “poked”, or provoked. Who´s provoking who? Still doesn´t give them world threat to peace status. Although, some other nation´s are. Their are other nations who should be held in check as well due to their nuclear capabilities.

  • http://thepoliticalbandit.com/ William Cormier

    There is enough written material on the Internet that details this threat. I’ve written a couple of articles on it myself, and until you factor in the Chinese influence and back-room gerrymandering that has driven and supported this regime it’s extremely hard to understand. North Korea by itself DOES NOT (IMO) pose a threat to world peace; in the same breath, if war were to break out between the two Korea’s, the U.S. role of “protecting” South Korea could easily lead to an escalation of hostilities between China and the U.S. and then we would have a “threat” that would indeed threaten peace on a global basis.

    I also understand that “War is a Racket” and do not in any way advocate or promote another war. That said, through my own and the research of others I have learned to comprehend some of the idiosyncrasies of the China/North Korea relationship and sincerely believe that China will eventually use their proxy to advance their own political/military agenda and they won’t have the Western Values (Sic) of attempting to minimize collateral damage.

  • Taleisin

    These war games are clearly a provocation by the USA. North Korea is isolated, paranoid and afraid. Gunships are not the best way to deal with this kind of unstable personality. But, America has always believed bullying others into submission is the right way forward. I think a different set of skills would be more prudent. I don’t believe North Korea would deploy nukes unless it felt it’s survival threatened, and it feels it’s survival is threatened by these war games.

    The USA is still upset with getting it’s ass kicked in Korea and that does not make for clear thinking.
    If you are worried about nukes, I would worry about Pakistan.