O’Reilly uses video from California to call Wisconsin protesters ‘violent’

By Stephen C. Webster
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 14:34 EDT
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In the wake of one Fox News reporter apparently lying about being “punched” by a “hate filled” protester in Wisconsin, some media outlets appear to have been too quick to label another Fox misappropriation as outright deception.

In a segment broadcast during last night’s O’Reilly Factor, the same reporter who falsely claimed he’d been assaulted sat for an interview with the conservative opinion host, who played various footage from the protests on the wall behind them.

In one of those videos, which were earlier identified as having come from “all over the country,” man wearing a jacket with union references pushes another man twice before police step in between the two. Nobody was injured in the incident, but a tea party protesters said his throat was hurting from one of the shoves.

However, when the clip rolled during the O’Reilly segment, it was not clearly identified as having taken place in Sacramento, California, during Saturday’s mass civil actions against union-busting legislation. The conversation that was taking place at the time, however, was aimed at Wisconsin, which has been remarkably peaceful for such a large, sustained protest.

While it’s not an outright lie as the earlier claim of violence appeared to be, it’s not exactly forthcoming either. Then again, neither are some of today’s rebuttals appearing across the Internet.

The video has been clearly identified on other Fox News programs and across conservative media, which has latched on to the incident to prop up an idea that union workers are violent.

A separate incident, where a man pushed a camera out of his face, was also treated as a significant ordeal by conservative media, claiming that a “violent leftist union thug” had “assaulted” a young girl.

That girl was a volunteer with FreedomWorks, an advocacy group run by former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey and funded by the tea party financiers at Koch Industries, trying to record conversations with demonstrators supportive of union rights.

She claimed to be unharmed.

This video is from Fox News boroadcast Feb. 28, 2011, as snipped by Talking Points Memo.

Stephen C. Webster
Stephen C. Webster
Stephen C. Webster is the senior editor of Raw Story, and is based out of Austin, Texas. He previously worked as the associate editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas, where he covered state politics and the peace movement’s resurgence at the start of the Iraq war. Webster has also contributed to publications such as True/Slant, Austin Monthly, The Dallas Business Journal, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Weekly, The News Connection and others. Follow him on Twitter at @StephenCWebster.
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  • Anonymous

    You can’t really blame O’Reilly for relying on the Fox map of the USA which shows Wisconsin on the Pacific coast between Mexico and Oregon.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3NVQSZZC5IM66JEOCSFJUV7FCE Jacques G

    Well FUX, if you set the standard, of COURSE, the reaction will be: You lied once, you lied a thousand times, you still will lie. Even here you lied. I was at the Sacto rally. It was non-violent. The one incident with the shoving, the union protest people were being guided through a TEAdiot phalanx blocking the crosswalks where the protesters were going. Police were protecting them from the TEAdiots and this man in white had been infiltrating the union protest all along. He broke through the police protection to harass the union protesters. TEAdiots will try to incite violence as even Guv Walker considered. We need to crush the TEA Party like a used teabag.

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking loon! How many progressives here are “professional leftwingers”? Is it a profession now?

    I’d say more but I’m in the middle of laughing attack!

  • Anonymous

    Fox is winning!

    The race into irrelevancy!

    Can’t wait to SNL

  • Guest

    Are LIES-FOR-PROPAGANDA and Freedom of Speech the same? HOW THE FUCK can the FCC or somebody NOT make them STOP THIS SHIT???!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was proof of global warming. Snow last week in Madison had melted and palm trees spouting up in a matter of days.

  • DriveBy

    Mission “The intelligence and the facts will be fixed around the policy” continues.
    Remember: http://downingstreetmemo.com/memos.html ?

    Fox News lies because that’s what they do at Fox News. You didn’t expect anything new from them did you?

  • Anonymous

    Breaking News: And it is finally some good news!

    ” This morning citizens from around [Wisconsin] took the first steps by filing recall papers against key Republican Senators who have stood with Scott Walker and pushed his partisan power grab that will strip thousands of middle class teachers, nurses, librarians and other workers of their right to collective bargaining. And we learned just last night that their disastrous budget that will cut millions from our schools and universities. . . .

    “Make no mistake, these Republican Senators are vulnerable to recall for their radical partisan overreach. Senator Randy Hopper won his last election by just 184 votes. And Alberta Darling won her last race by only 1,007. By recalling just three of the eight Senators [Democrats] are targeting, [Democrats] can regain control of the Senate.”

    “Under Wisconsin law, supporters of this recall effort now have 60 days to collect an amount of signatures ‘equal to at least 25% of the vote cast for the office of governor at the last election within the same district or territory as that of the officeholder being recalled.’ The amount of signatures necessary to trigger a recall will vary from district to district, but will range from about 15,000 to 21,000 signatures per recalled senator.”

    This is from http://thinkprogress.org

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NO4EXXA4CF5SCNMNNV4UX2WK6Y Scott

    The right has a hard time not projecting its own behavior on others. They employ professional rightwingers to go to protests(Koch busses, brooks brothers riots et al), and also to post on message boards etc. They have to pay to poison the collective thought, because they know that they can’t sell their policies on merit to anyone but the top 1% of income ‘earners’. And even then, it only sells to those that don’t understand the implications of said policy or they must not have any sense of empathy and be total sociopaths.

    Projection is a psychological tool used constantly by the right-wing to diffuse any argument against them doing the same thing they accuse the other side of doing…

    Its the type of thing they were doing when they hyperventilated about ACORN registering too many people and committing voter fraud, while at the same time they were kicking people off the voter rolls using illegal or at least somewhat banned techniques(caging),thereby committing election fraud. Another example is that with the house now under GOP control, they gripe that the Democrats are not letting the majority rule, while the GOP has just nearly doubled the record of Filibusters in the Senate since Obama took office, meaning 41% of senators(representing way less than that in population %) ruled the debate and shaped the policy that they voted against anyway the whole time.