Fox Business reporter: Zuccotti Park is the ‘Marxist epicenter’

By David Edwards
Monday, October 17, 2011 13:54 EDT
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Appearing on Fox News Monday, Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charles Gasparino explained why he sees “Zuccotti Park as New York’s Marxist epicenter.”

“I did some reporting,” Gasparino told Fox News anchor Jenna Lee. “All you have to do is walk through there to see that there is an underlying ideology and it’s handed out in pamphlets and newspapers.”

To make his point, he presented what he called a “propaganda sheet” that he had gotten during his visit to Zuccotti Park over the weekend.

“It says, ‘Marx Was Right,’” Gasparino noted. “And they’re not talking about Groucho Marx, by the way.”

“What we’re talking about here is a way where the government controls the economy. That’s the underlying message that’s coming from this protest… That’s one of the problems here. They are using what is obviously an outrage that everybody agrees with. Wall Street got bailed out, we have a horrible economy and they are using that to promote a philosophy that is quite — is basically anti-American. We’re talking about Marxists here.”

He added: “It’s not just protest Wall Sreet. It’s protest Wall Street and it’s an embrace of communism and there is no doubt about it.”

Gasparino had first compared the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Marxist revolution in his New York Post column Sunday.

“I don’t advise going down to Zuccotti Park to have a serious conversation with the protesters, given their growing propensity toward violence and the growing revolutionary tone of the movement,” he wrote.

“If [President Barack Obama] keeps saying nice things about the protesters, the debate among business types and voters won’t be whether the president has some socialist leanings, but how much virtue he sees in the thoughts of Karl Marx.”

Watch this video from Fox News’ Happening Now, broadcast Oct. 17, 2011.

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Andrew Jones contributed to this report

David Edwards
David Edwards
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