Fox’s Bolling: The Muppets’ liberal bias is ‘brainwashing our kids’

By Andrew Jones
Saturday, December 3, 2011 15:49 EDT
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The Muppets movie scene. Screenshot via Youtube.
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If the topic of discussion is a beloved Jim Henson creation, chances are that Eric Bolling will find something leftist about it.

The Fox Business personality once again lashed out at a Henson creation Friday evening on Follow The Money, claiming along with guest and conservative Media Research Center member Dan Gainor that the new “Muppets” movie has a liberal bias.

Bolling and Gainor took the most umbrage over the movie’s selection of a villain, a powerful oil businessman. And they figured that it supposedly represented the movie industry’s animosity towards corporations.

“I’ll put it out there: Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to kind of brainwash our kids?” Bolling asked.

“Yeah absolutely, and they have been doing it for decades,” Gainor said. “Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry. They hate corporate America. And so, you’ll see all these movies attack it. Whether it’s “Cars 2″ – which was another kids’ movie – the George Clooney movie “Syriana,” “There Will Be Blood.” All these movies attack the oil industry.”

In October, Bolling attacked the other famous Henson creation Sesame Street, angered by a new muppet named Lily being poverty stricken.

Bolling later on brought out The Five co-host Andrea Tantaros, who also bashed both Sesame Street then and “The Muppets” now.

“It’s brainwashing in the most obvious form,” she said. “I wish liberals would leave little kids alone.”

WATCH: Video from Fox Business Channel, which was broadcast on December 2, 2011.

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones is a staff writer/reporter for Raw Story. Besides covering politics, he is also a freelance sports journalist, as well as a slam poetry and music artist. You can follow him on Twitter @sluggahjells.
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