The Dance Of Diplomacy

By Zandar
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 8:38 EDT
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The UK’s Guardian asks:

Is Hillary Clinton becoming an embarrassment as Secretary of State?

Because she can cut a rug, she can. Nile Gardiner employs the Full Monocle:

The overwhelmingly liberal US media is treating the story as a bit of fun, with the usually austere Mrs Clinton seen as letting her hair down. But I suspect that a lot of US taxpayers will see it differently – as a senior government official having a jolly time on an official overseas junket at taxpayers’ expense. And this was hardly a display of good judgment at a time when nearly 13 million Americans are unemployed, and US soldiers are laying their lives on the line every day in Afghanistan. In an effortless display of leading from behind, Hillary was partying in Colombia while the Taliban were about to launch a wave of terror attacks in Kabul.

I have no idea what’s more inane, the “overwhelmingly liberal US media” part or the “but people are unemployed!” part or the “Taliban is killing people!” part.

You want to know who was a real embarrassment as Secretary of State, Nile?  Colin Powell’s completely fabricated presentation on Saddam’s mobile gas labs at the UN, or basically anything Condi Rice did in the office at all, justifying what Colin Powell screwed up for the reason that FREEDOM RULES and EAGLES and stuff.

Get back to me when Hillary makes that happen, Nile.  You have no idea what an embarrassment of a Secretary of State means if you’re going after Hillary Clinton dancing.

Zandar is ABLC's Cincinnati-area correspondent, covering Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana politics and all the nearly endless unintentional comedy the Tri-State area brings. He's proprietor of Zandar vs. The Stupid, where he's been blogging since 2008, and you can also find him at Balloon Juice and The Reaction as a contributor, or you can yell at him on Twitter at @ZandarVTS.
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