Hell Hath No Fury Like the Girl Scouts Scorned

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 14:57 EDT
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Girl Scouts (Flickr/Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio)
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Remember Bob Morris?  He’s the guy who called the Girl Scouts the gateway to sluttiness and lesbianism, which led someone I know to purchase an unreasonable quantity of thin mints (which did not make me… er… someone I know gay).

I wrote about it a couple months ago:

This is preposterous:

INDIANAPOLIS – A Fort Wayne lawmaker’s rant against the Girl Scouts went viral Monday after he called them a “radicalized organization” that supports abortion and promotes “homosexual lifestyles.

Rep. Bob Morris, R-Fort Wayne, sent a letter to Indiana House Republicans on Saturday explaining why he was the only member in the chamber not to sign onto a resolution last week celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

The resolution applauded the group “for the strong positive influence it has had on the American woman.”

Morris said he did some Web-based research and found allegations that the Girl Scouts are a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood, that they allow transgender
females to join, “just like any real girl,” and encourage sex.

Morris also said the fact that first lady Michelle Obama is honorary president “should give each of us reason to pause before our individual and collective endorsement of the organization.”

This is the problem with the idiots in the Republican party: they get their news from email chains. The sorts of email chains that show up in your inbox bearing subject headers like “Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: OMG HES BLACK”.  Emails that are passed around in Teabilly back-channels and are not supposed to be seen by the public.  Emails for which Republicans issue “mistakes were made”-type apologies once the public gets their hands on them. E-mails which (former) presidential candidates assume contain facts.

We’re talking emails with photos of Obama with a bone through his nose; photos with a watermelon patch on the White House lawn; birther screeds; screeds about lady sluts using abortion for birth control; and of course, screeds about Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Program turning young people into socialists, and the Girl Scouts turning girls into transgendered lesbians.

This is your Republican party, future lesbian aborters and gentlemen.

Welcome to Crazy. All are welcome.  Just grab a computer, log in to www.republicantalkingpoints.blargh and let your imagination do the rest.

Turns out that people didn’t take too kindly to Mr. Morris’s mind-ramblings, as evidenced by the fact that Morris has received only one donation in two months:

An Indiana lawmaker has only received a single donation in the months since he accused the Girl Scouts of becoming a “radicalized organization” that promotes the “homosexual lifestyle.”

The latest campaign finance report indicates that Republican state Rep. Bob Morris received only one donation after his February remarks, according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. The single $5,000 contribution came from the right-leaning Northeast Indiana PAC for Better Government on April 10.

The only response I have is this:

ABL aka Angry Black Lady aka Imani Gandy is a recovering attorney with a burning love of fire and perfectly-constructed sentences. The “anger” portion of her moniker stems not from her displeasure at the hellscape that American politics has become, but rather is a symptom of the pituitary tumor which has been indefinitely detained in her brain since 2006. When she’s not pointing out that people are wrong on the Internet – or writing for Balloon Juice, The Grio, The Team Uterati Wiki Project, or RH Reality Check -- she likes long sits on the beach. Also, she thinks gravity is a real downer. You can follow her on Twitter at @AngryBlackLady.
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