No Guns Allowed at the Republican National Convention — Water Guns, That Is

Thursday, May 3, 2012 13:25 EDT
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R). Photo: Creative Commons.
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Here’s a nugget of WTF for you: Florida Governor Rick Scott has refused a request by the city of Tampa to limit guns outside the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has officially rejected a proposal by the city of Tampa to limit firearms outside the Republican National Convention in Florida later this year.

Last week, the Tampa City Council formally asked Scott to use his executive power to temporarily suspend a state law that prevents local governments from regulating guns.

The council has already issued a citywide ban on items like pieces of wood, switchblades, slingshots, containers of bodily fluids and even squirt guns. A so-called “Clean Zone” around the convention area would prohibit string longer than six inches, glass containers, light bulbs, portable shields and gas masks. A smaller protest area would prevent demonstrators from having camping gear, bottles, cans and umbrellas. The Secret Service has said that only law enforcement will be able to carry firearms inside of the convention center.

Council member Lisa Montelione told Scott that a gun ban was necessary to “prevent a potential tragedy.”

“The short answer to your request is found in the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 8 of the Florida Constitution,” Scott said in his letter to the council (PDF). “While the government may enforce longstanding prohibitions on the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, an absolute ban on possession in entire neighborhoods and regions would surely violate the 2nd Amendment.”

“Like you, I share the concern that ‘violent anti-government protests or other civil unrest’ can pose ‘dangers’ and the ‘threat of substantial injury or harm to Florida residents and visitors to the State.’ But it is unclear how disarming law-abiding citizens would better protect them from the dangers and threats posed by those who would flout the law,” he added.

So Florida’s “Guns 4 All” policy will be in effect. Phew! Carry a concealed gun to the festivities if you like; after all, you may need to stand your ground if the shit goes down. Super soakers, however are out of the question. No one wants a stream of water to the face. A bullet to the cranium, however, is A-OK because Second Amendment, that’s why,

It’s too bad, really — the only way one can survive the Convention shenanigans with all brain cells in tact would be to fill up a super soaker with vodka and keep a steady stream flowing into one’s open maw. I wonder if beer can hats are permitted?

This will never make sense, then again there isn’t much about Republicans in Florida that makes sense.

ABL aka Angry Black Lady aka Imani Gandy is a recovering attorney with a burning love of fire and perfectly-constructed sentences. The “anger” portion of her moniker stems not from her displeasure at the hellscape that American politics has become, but rather is a symptom of the pituitary tumor which has been indefinitely detained in her brain since 2006. When she’s not pointing out that people are wrong on the Internet – or writing for Balloon Juice, The Grio, The Team Uterati Wiki Project, or RH Reality Check -- she likes long sits on the beach. Also, she thinks gravity is a real downer. You can follow her on Twitter at @AngryBlackLady.
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