About As Evil As It Possibly Gets

By Zandar
Friday, June 1, 2012 15:04 EDT
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And the Wall Street Journal goes there, accusing AG Eric Holder’s crusade to combat voter suppression of minorities as being nothing more than “racial incitement”.

The United States of America has a black President whose chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Holder, is also black. They have a lot of political power. So how are they using it? Well, one way is to assert to black audiences that voter ID laws are really attempts to disenfranchise black Americans. And liberals think Donald Trump’s birther fantasies are offensive?

“In my travels across this country, I’ve heard a consistent drumbeat of concern from citizens, who—often for the first time in their lives—now have reason to believe that we are failing to live up to one of our nation’s most noble ideals,” Mr. Holder said Wednesday in a speech to the Council of Black Churches. Voter ID laws and white discrimination, he added, mean that “some of the achievements that defined the civil rights movement now hang in the balance.”

That’s right. The two most powerful men in America are black, two of the last three Secretaries of State were black, numerous corporate CEOs and other executives are black, and minorities of many races now win state-wide elections in states that belonged to the Confederacy, but the AG implies that Jim Crow is on the cusp of a comeback.

Yeah.  You understand that correctly:  the WSJ is publicly saying that black people now are the most powerful people in America, and that the notion of GOP voter suppression of minorities is just as crazy, if not worse, than birther nonsense.

Oh, and black people are racist, too:

The likeliest explanation is economic, as job losses and mortgage foreclosures lead to dislocation and migration to new areas. But it’s also possible that many minorities are as disappointed as everyone else with the lackluster recovery. For all of Mr. Obama’s attempts to portray Mitt Romney as out of touch, no one has suffered more in the Obama economy than minorities. 


Which explains Mr. Holder’s racial incitement strategy. If Mr. Obama is going to win those swing states again, he needs another burst of minority turnout. If hope won’t get them to vote for Mr. Obama again, then how about fear?

And apparently there’s no one more racist and bigoted towards Latinos and African-Americans than Barack Obama and Eric Holder.   Astounding.

You literally cannot find a better example of the concept of projection of the GOP’s own hatreds, fears, and foibles onto their own victims than this piece here.  It’s staggering to see this level of pure, unalloyed inchoate rancor directed at Eric Holder or Barack Obama than the Wall Street Journal putting out a piece comparing voting rights activists to birthers, and accusing the Attorney General of the United States of trying to start a race war.

The implication here, bordering on outright accusation, is that the President, his supporters, and anyone who voted for him in 2008 and plans to vote for him in 2012 are anti-white bigots who couldn’t possibly have any valid reason to support the President other than a burning desire to see white America set on fire with Eric Holder leading the way, because we’re too stupid and savage to see that the President is destroying dumb-ass black folk.

I expect this level of blind vitriol from Newsmax or World Net Daily or VDARE, but to see the Wall Street Journal publish this, well it’s pretty clear what the next five months will bring, won’t it?  They hate him so much that they’re willing to say in a national editorial that Holder, his boss, and the voters who support them are all exactly the kind of vile bigots that they themselves truly are.

This is pretty much the most vile thing I’ve seen so far this campaign season, and we’ve got 20 weeks and change to go.


Zandar is ABLC's Cincinnati-area correspondent, covering Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana politics and all the nearly endless unintentional comedy the Tri-State area brings. He's proprietor of Zandar vs. The Stupid, where he's been blogging since 2008, and you can also find him at Balloon Juice and The Reaction as a contributor, or you can yell at him on Twitter at @ZandarVTS.
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