Palin: Everything I wrote about death panels was true

By Eric W. Dolan
Monday, June 25, 2012 21:41 EDT
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Sarah Palin via Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com
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As the U.S. Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of the Democrat’s health care reform law, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took to Facebook on Monday to resurrect her claim it created “death panels.”

“I stand by everything I wrote in that warning to my fellow Americans because what was true then is true now, and it will remain true as we hear what the Supreme Court has to say,” she wrote.

Three years ago, Palin said on Facebook that health care reform would establish government-run boards to determine whether seniors and the disabled should receive health care. PolitiFact labelled the claim as “the lie of the year.

“Though I was called a liar for calling it like it is, many of these accusers finally saw that Obamacare did in fact create a panel of faceless bureaucrats who have the power to make life and death decisions about health care funding,” Palin added.

In her latest post, Palin claimed she was referring to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a fifteen-member agency that recommends how to achieve Medicare savings. The board does not determine treatment options for individuals.

“Its purpose all along has been to ‘keep costs down’ by actually denying care via price controls and typically inefficient bureaucracy. This subjective rationing of care is what I was writing about in that first post.”

But her original post makes no reference to the board. Instead, it cites Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who quoted conservative writer Betsey McCaughey.

In July 2009, McCaughey had falsely claimed that Ezekiel Emanuel, a respected ­bioethicist who briefly worked for the Obama administration, advocated denying medical care to the disabled. She also falsely claimed the health care reform bill would require people in Medicare to have mandatory counseling sessions “that will tell them how to end their life sooner.”

McCaughey’s claims were quickly picked up by Bachmann, who read portions of McCaughey’s article on the House floor. Palin then cited Bachmann’s speech, coining the term “death panels” in the process.

[Image via Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com]

Eric W. Dolan
Eric W. Dolan
Eric W. Dolan has served as an editor for Raw Story since August 2010, and is based out of Sacramento, California. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and received a Bachelor of Science from Bradley University. Eric is also the publisher and editor of PsyPost. You can follow him on Twitter @ewdolan.
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