Video compiles all of Aaron Sorkin’s recycled lines into one clip

By David Ferguson
Tuesday, June 26, 2012 10:53 EDT
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Writer and producer Aaron Sorkin is known for his way with clever, snappy dialogue. The “West Wing” and, now, “Newsroom” auteur is known and loved for his distinctive way of capturing the rhythms and immediacy of casual speech and yet managing to convey big ideas in conversations that his characters have on the fly. Sometimes, however, among all of those thousands of paragraphs of dialogue, it’s apparently easy to get lost and start walking in circles, as is shown in the video below, which strings together instance after instance where Sorkin has repeated himself or fallen back on well-worn cliches.

It’s worth noting when critical reaction to Sorkin’s new show, “Newsroom,” have been so decidedly mixed. Some critics, like Esquire‘s Charles Pierce say that the show is good, but sinks in “up to its wheel wells” in Sorkin’s grandiosity and nostalgia for a golden age that probably never existed.

Sorkin isn’t helping matters with his surly public persona. An interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail went disastrously awry when the author saw fit to condescend wildly to writer Sarah Nicole Prickett, calling her “Internet girl” and all but patting her on the head.

“’Listen here, Internet girl,’ he says, getting up. ‘It wouldn’t kill you to watch a film or pick up a newspaper once in a while.’” wrote Prickett, noting, “I’m not sure how he’s forgotten that I am writing for a newspaper.”

Love Sorkin or hate him, it is worth mentioning that one of the hazards of being a prolific writer can be a tendency, as we said earlier, to repeat oneself. In the clip below, characters from “The West Wing,” “Studio 60,” “A Few Good Men,” “Malice,” “The Social Network” and more deliver their lines with crispness and conviction, apparently blissfully unaware that sometime, some place, all of this may have been said and done before.

Watch the clip, embedded via YouTube, below:

David Ferguson
David Ferguson
David Ferguson is an editor at Raw Story. He was previously writer and radio producer in Athens, Georgia, hosting two shows for Georgia Public Broadcasting and blogging at Firedoglake.com and elsewhere. He is currently working on a book.
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