Coulter: Republicans should nuke ‘selfish swine’ Todd Akin

By Stephen C. Webster
Thursday, August 23, 2012 9:39 EDT
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Right-wing author Ann Coulter, appearing on the Fox News Channel's Republican talk show "Hannity." Photo: Screenshot via FoxNews.com.
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The fallout from Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) comments on “legitimate rape” is so severe that right-wing author Ann Coulter thinks conservatives have no choice but to drop an electoral “nuclear bomb” on him in the form of a write-in campaign.

“This is a problem,” Coulter said during an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Republican talk show “Hannity.” “This is why I think the Republicans need to stage a write-in campaign of a well know, popular Missouri Republican, someone like Kit Bond, because this selfish swine Todd Akin is going to hurt the Republican Party. We’re not only going to lose a guaranteed Republican pick up seat, unless we stage a write-in campaign.”

Later in the interview she claimed that Akin was in fact not even really a Republican but was “chosen by the Democrats” who she claimed “spent millions of dollars to get him elected because he’s the candidate they wanted.”

While that’s not true, it’s also not too far off either: A super PAC run by allies of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) did buy ads attacking Republican frontrunners in several GOP senate primaries, including ads targeting John Brunner, Akin’s former Republican opponent. But it was Missouri Republcians who elected Akin as their candidate to face Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

Akin has become a radioactive property for Republicans after telling a journalist that women can somehow fight off a pregnancy if it’s caused by “legitimate rape” — comments Democrats have been eager to hang around the Republican Party’s presidential ticket due to Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) endorsement of Akin’s attempt to restrict federal assistance to rape victims by creating a new legal subcategory called “forcible rape.”

“What he cares about is his own ego,” Coulter concluded. “He was showing off, fancy footwork and what he knows about the medical impact of rape on a woman’s body. He has harmed the Republican Party, and this is not a time to be fooling around. I don’t care if he’s a nice man. This isn’t touch football, this is the NFL. Republicans have got to pull out a nuclear bomb at this point.”

This video was broadcast by the Fox News Channel on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.


Photo: Screenshot via FoxNews.com.

Stephen C. Webster
Stephen C. Webster
Stephen C. Webster is the senior editor of Raw Story, and is based out of Austin, Texas. He previously worked as the associate editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas, where he covered state politics and the peace movement’s resurgence at the start of the Iraq war. Webster has also contributed to publications such as True/Slant, Austin Monthly, The Dallas Business Journal, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Weekly, The News Connection and others. Follow him on Twitter at @StephenCWebster.
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