Self-described ‘prophet’: Prayers help me uncover terrorist plots

By Jonathan Terbush
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 21:01 EDT
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Cindy Jacobs, screengrab from Power For Life With Matt Sorger
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Cindy Jacobs, who claims to be a twenty-first century “respected prophet” and who co-founded a group that seeks to intercede on God’s behalf to, “[reform] the nations of the world back to a biblical worldview,” said in an appearance on a Christian TV show that she and her followers have stopped terrorist attacks with their prayers.

Not only that, but Jacobs also claims to have uncovered many developing terrorist plots with God’s help and then cued in local authorities to then go foil those very plots.

In an appearance on Power For Life With Matt Sorger that was first flagged by Right Wing Watch, Jacobs said she and fellow members of her group, Generals International, sometimes receive vivid dreams of destruction and carnage. Those dreams, she said, are signs from God about where future terrorist attacks are going to take place and what they will result in if no one stops them.

“Time and time again we have set our prayer network a certain place, and terrorists were exposed after that,” she said.

“We’ll call that state or whatever, ‘Get over to this place,’ she continued. “We cant tell you, but we’ve been able to avert a number of potential bombings.”

Citing one specific incident, Jacobs said an accountant with her organization had a vision about a building being bombed in Dallas. After consulting with other members, Jacobs said God informed them of the time and location—down to the very which floor where the bomb was going to be placed—of a future attack, information they then relayed on to police.

“It was exposed the next day, yeah, so we know, we know that God used that prayer,” she said.

Jacobs made headlines a year and a half ago when she blamed the repeal of Don’t As Don’t Tell for the mysterious death of thousands of birds in Arkansas in January 2011. The National Wildlife Health Center later determined that the birds died of blunt force trauma, hypothesizing that they were startled by New Years fireworks and, because they don’t fly well at night to begin with, rammed into each other in panic.

Watch video of Jacobs’ claim below:

Jonathan Terbush
Jonathan Terbush
Jon Terbush is a Boston-based writer whose work has appeared in Talking Points Memo, Business Insider, the New Haven Register, and elsewhere. He tweets about politics, cats, and baseball via @jonterbush.
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