Doctor designed penis size ‘Predicktor’ app to educate and entertain

By David Ferguson
Thursday, February 7, 2013 12:09 EDT
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A Toronto doctor has designed a smartphone app that can purports to predict the size of a man’s erect penis. The app, called the Predicktor, uses a number of criteria, including height, shoe size, finger length and sexual orientation to estimate a man’s penis size to the tenth of an inch.

Dr. Chris Culligan told Raw Story in an interview that he hopes to dispel myths about penis size and open up an informed dialogue about sexual health among men and women by way of a fun, interactive program designed for the other device that just about every other person has in their pocket, the smart phone.

According to the app’s website, the Predicktor’s purpose is to help “patients of all ages who express penis-related insecurity, anxiety or dissatisfaction,” to act as “a springboard to discussion” and a way to “relieve anxiety and stop the myths through education.”

“In my practice, I had a couple of teenage kids come in and say, ‘I think my penis is too small,’” Culligan said. Some men suffer from a type of body dysmorphia called Small Penis Syndrome, a belief, often mistaken, that their penis is of less-than-average size. Typically, he said, the phenomenon is observed in patients who were exposed to pornographic images of men at an early age, leading to a distorted notion of what is actually realistic.

“Porn stars,” the Predicktor is careful to state, “are outliers.” They are not average men and should not be taken as such. It’s more common for men to be over 6 feet and three inches tall than to have a penis more than 7 and a half inches long.

Culligan went online to show the patients the medical data showing that they were, in fact, normal. He was surprised, he said, at the volume of data to be found online.

“I realized there’s a lot of literature out there,” he said. “But when I was looking at the actual studies I was sort of surprised about a couple of things, one was that there were a lot of studies and two, that they didn’t actually agree with what most people thought.”

“Race,” he said, “has never been shown to be related to penis size in any reasonable published study.”

He declared that a recent study at Ireland’s Ulster University was not a valid scientific study in that the data was not collected empirically, but rather by men’s declarations of their penis size on the web. “It’s kind of a ridiculous study,” said Culligan.

To determine a man’s penis size, the Predicktor asks for his height, buttock size, age, shoe size, finger length and sexual orientation, then you shake the phone up and down to get the results. While height alone and shoe size are not predictors of penis size, they, along with a man’s buttock size and the ratio of a his index finger and ring finger length, are believed to be determined by a chromosomal cluster called the Hox genes. The Hox genes play a role in penis size and possibly sexual orientation.

Culligan referred to studies, including data gathered by pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsey, that found that gay men have longer, thicker penises than their heterosexual counterparts. On average, Kinsey reported, gay men’s penises were a third of an inch longer.

“Gay pride just got a little prouder,” quipped Culligan.

Culligan’s aim is to take the frank discussion of sexual health “out of the locker room” and de-stigmatize it, and to contribute to people taking better care of their health overall. His other available apps include an Alcohol Abuse Predictor, a Depression Predictor and an Anxiety Predictor. He hopes to develop a divorce predicting app and a parenting app as well.

One of the things he said that he hopes that users will take away from the app is to remember that a reported 85 percent of women are happy with the size of their partner’s penis. Culligan’s father, he said, told him once, “It’s not how long your pencil is, but how you write your name.”

The Predicktor is currently only available for Android. Culligan will release a version for Blackberry later this month and is working with Apple to have the app made available through iTunes.

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David Ferguson
David Ferguson
David Ferguson is an editor at Raw Story. He was previously writer and radio producer in Athens, Georgia, hosting two shows for Georgia Public Broadcasting and blogging at Firedoglake.com and elsewhere. He is currently working on a book.
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