Colbert: ‘I am in no way encouraging anybody to stab Karl Rove’

By Arturo Garcia
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 8:20 EDT
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Stephen Colbert returned on Monday with a message of reassurance for Republican strategist Karl Rove.

“I am in no way encouraging anybody to stab Karl Rove,” Colbert said, following Rove’s statement that he felt “some anxiety” when he saw Colbert sever his relationship with Ham in November 2012 via knifepoint.

“I have to admit, when he took out the knife and started stabbing it, I think he might need a little bit of professional counseling on his anger management issues,” Rove told interviewer Benjamin Bell. “I don’t know whether that was working out his inner feelings or encouraging maybe somebody to maybe mimic him.”

Colbert made the sharp split while shuttering his super PAC, Americans For A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow, after the presidential election. Ham’s memory will live on, however, thanks to the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a non-profit headed by Trevor Potter, the group’s former lawyer. The CLC recently dubbed a meeting space the “Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room.”

With Easter approaching, though, Colbert asked his viewers to make sure the “pile of lunchmeat” on their tables was not Karl Rove.

“Before you slice into your ham, ask it if it ever put anti-gay marriage legislation in several states to tip the scales in the 2004 presidential election,” Colbert advised. “If it answers yes, that could be Karl Rove. Actually, if it answers at all, better not eat it at all.”

Colbert also suggested that to avoid confusion, Rove should avoid covering his face with pineapple rings for the next week, while extended an “unrelated” invitation to the Fox News contributor.

“If you’re not doing anything this Sunday, why not come over to my house for Easter dinner?” Colbert asked. “It’s a potluck, but there’s no need for you to bring a dish.

Watch Colbert explain the difference between Ham and Karl Rove, aired Monday on Comedy Central, below.

Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia
Arturo R. García is the managing editor at Racialicious.com. He is based in San Diego, California and has written for both print and broadcast media, including contributions to GlobalComment.com, The Root and Comment Is Free. Follow him on Twitter at @ABoyNamedArt
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