Stewart mocks horse-race media for ‘attention span of a concussed goldfish’

By Arturo Garcia
Friday, May 17, 2013 0:12 EDT
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As President Barack Obama fights himself on a three-and-a-half-year long “race up shit’s creek,” Jon Stewart pointed out, his best hope would be the fact that Beltway media, cursed by “the attention span of a concussed goldfish,” was already laying out predictions for the 2016 elections, despite the fact that there’s still 1000 days until the first primary vote is cast.

“With zero states reporting or caring, I feel very comfortable calling the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton,” Stewart observed after playing clips of various news pundits at work.

Of course, he also pointed out that Clinton had been in this same position in another “ridiculously premature Democratic primary,” before going to a clip of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough dismissing then-candidate Obama, “Just sit it out. It’s gonna be ugly. You heard it here first.”

But, Stewart pointed out in another series of clips, Obama’s election did open the door not just for a future black president, but possibly a woman, Latino or Latina, or a gay president — “Well, openly gay,” he qualified, before motioning to a display of five randomly-picked former presidents.

“Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore agreed with Stewart’s assessment, while adding a note of caution: the black community wasn’t done with holding the Oval Office yet.

“A black Latino would be fine,” Wilmore said.

“So I imagine you’d also be fine with a black woman,” Stewart responded.

“Yeah, but a strong black woman with a strong black woman name,” Wilmore qualified. “You know, like Condolezza or Quvenzhané.”

When John Oliver takes over as a substitute for Stewart on June 10, Wilmore warned, he would know what he meant.

“He’s just here ’til I get back,” Stewart said, nervously.

“The internet’s right — you are funny, Jon,” Wilmore replied after a laugh.

Watch video, via Comedy Central below.

Part One:

Part Two:

Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia
Arturo R. García is the managing editor at Racialicious.com. He is based in San Diego, California and has written for both print and broadcast media, including contributions to GlobalComment.com, The Root and Comment Is Free. Follow him on Twitter at @ABoyNamedArt
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