Anti-abortion priests demand that Pelosi renounce her Catholicism

By David Ferguson
Thursday, June 20, 2013 14:34 EDT
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A claque of anti-abortion Catholic priests published an angry open letter to House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday demanding that she publicly renounce her Catholic faith. According to The Hill, Father Frank Pavone of the anti-choice group Priests for Life has attacked Pelosi’s Catholicism, saying that it is incompatible with her views on abortion.

“Whatever Catholic faith you claim to respect and practice, it is not the faith that the Catholic Church teaches,” wrote Pavone. “And I speak for countless Catholics when I say that it’s time for you to stop speaking as if it were.”

The angry missive takes exception to various instances to where Pelosi has been put on the spot by being asked questions about abortion. The priest appeared to find particularly objectionable an exchange between the former Speaker of the House and a reporter from conservative news organ the Weekly Standard.

“Last Thursday, June 13, you were asked a question in a press briefing that you declined to answer. The question was, ‘What is the moral difference between what Dr. Gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her moments before birth?‘” wrote Pavone.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was an abortion provider in Philadelphia who grossly mistreated his mostly low-income patients, operated an unsanitary, unsafe clinic and performed a number of dangerous and illegal procedures, including infanticide.

Pelosi told the reporter asking the question, “You obviously have an agenda. You’re not interested in having an answer.”

Pavone wrote in his letter, “Mrs. Pelosi, the problem is that you’re not interested in giving an answer.

“Your refusal to answer this question is consistent with your failure to provide an answer to a similar question from me and the members of my Priests for Life staff,” he fumed. “Several years ago, we visited your office with the diagrams of dismemberment abortion at 23 weeks, and asked the simple question, ‘When you say the word ‘abortion,’ is this what you mean?’ In response, nothing but silence has emanated from your office.”

One can only imagine why Pelosi might decline to address or respond to such a display.

“Mrs. Pelosi,” the irate cleric concluded, “for decades you have gotten away with betraying and misrepresenting the Catholic faith as well as the responsibilities of public office. We have had enough of it. Either exercise your duties as a public servant and a Catholic, or have the honesty to formally renounce them.”

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David Ferguson
David Ferguson
David Ferguson is an editor at Raw Story. He was previously writer and radio producer in Athens, Georgia, hosting two shows for Georgia Public Broadcasting and blogging at Firedoglake.com and elsewhere. He is currently working on a book.
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