I’m so vain I probably think this president is talking about me

By TBogg
Friday, October 18, 2013 14:50 EDT
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(Update: Sr. Treacher has shown up in comments and is attempting to dazzle everyone with that gold-plated wit of his. You are, of course, free to engage him, but let’s keep it civil and not clutter up the place with the kind of drivel that is the height of hilarity at the kind of finer soirées most often held at a Chuck E. Cheese.  Thank You. – The Management)

(Update #2: It seems Treacher’s comments have been deleted which is almost like the burning of the Library of Alexandria if the library had only been full of tired PeeWee Herman repartee. We lament this loss and hope future generations will forgive us. Having said that, should there be an Update #3, the following will automatically convert to a Glenn Greenwald post.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you. – The Mangement…again.)

The other day, President Obamacareman, who is either completely over his head or is an evil genius bent upon the destruction of the Republican party by getting them to pummel themselves to death, pointed out that certain members of Congress are living in a bubble of their own making and should maybe get with the zeitgeist or GTFO. In his comments the President mentioned ‘bloggers’, by which he probably meant Erick Infinite Playlist of Ericks Erickson at Red State who has an inexplicable amount of influence with Republicans when you consider his track record, to say nothing of his being most notable for once calling retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat fucking child molester“.  Apparently, unbeknownst to us, the Red State Strike Force is still a scary thing, presuming you’re a snail and rock salt scares the snail snot out of you.

Needless to say, some other bloggers on both the far left and the far right were quick to go “OMG! He’s talking about me! I’m a somebody now! Maybe I should go down to Glamour Shots at the mall  and get a head shot followed by a celebratory Sbarro stromboli once this erection goes away…. Okay. It’s gone now….”. However none jumped on the “Hey, mister, that me up on the jukebox” pride parade with greater fervency than “Jim Treacher”  at The Daily Caller.  If you are not familiar with Treacher, he is this guy Tucker Carlson plucked out of Crawfordsville, IN. (population 94.o2% white, represent!) to provide the intentional ‘humor” at the Daily Caller that wasn’t being being provided by unintentional stuff the staff “reporters” were “reporting“. During his tenure at The DC, Treacher has been most notable for being impressively slow-afoot and almost being added to the Hillary Clinton  Bodycount and for being the Super Grande Jokemaster behind the KENYAN OBAMERZ EATZ DOGZ! HARHARHAR!!1! thing that was funny (because… black people eat funny foods) for approximately the same amount of time playing peek-a-boo with a strange child on bus is.

So, obvs, after forcing the Republicans to eat their own in the budget negotiations President Canine Cruncher decided the first order of business was to finally get back at Jim Treacher.

Cue Treacher getting all foot-stampy

This morning, His Majesty magnanimously took some time out of his busy day to perform his most important task as King of America: Condemning the common rabble who resist his will.

I’ll skip past the first few minutes of his lies, blamethrowing, and other nonsense. Here’s where he goes after me and mine:

“And now that the government is reopened, and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do.”

Treacher adds:

And that’s to destroy America.

He should’ve been more specific. He’s just fine with the lobbyists, bloggers, talking heads, and professional activists on his side. Hell, he’s a community organizer by “trade.” No, it’s only the ones who disagree with him who need to shut up.

The only guy angrier than a leftist who just lost is a leftist who just won. It’s not enough that he got what he wanted. He’s seething that anybody has the gall to oppose his decrees.

I love being scolded by an autocrat who just got done calling anybody who disagrees with him a hostage-taker, and then turns around and says $#!+ like, “We don’t have to suggest that the other side doesn’t love this country.” See, it isn’t incredibly ugly, hyperpartisan rhetoric when he says it.

Barack Obama is either completely insane and doesn’t realize he does exactly what he accuses his opponents of doing, or he’s the biggest troll in the history of the world. I guess it could be both?

Seriously, what the $#!+ ! (That last exclamation point was not part of the swear, by the way. Unless, of course you need five letters for your swear of choice).  Why won’t the President let America listen to Jim Treacher?  Mr President :  Jim Treacher is an American and, as such, you should listen to him too. I mean, it’s not as if he hasn’t got a dog in this hunt.

As long as you don’t eat it.


That stuff never gets old…

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