Friday Music Thing

By TBogg
Friday, November 1, 2013 20:16 EDT
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Back at my old place we used to do a Friday Random Ten, where I would post the first ten songs that popped up my iPod.  The Good (Stone Roses) The Bad (Limp Bizkit) and  The Relatively Obscure (The Album Leaf). Then we should share music recommendations in the comments and there would be pudding and gay laughter and joy and good will among men. Soon, though, the posts  were overrun with Shakira (Blessed Be Her Ass. Amen.) ass gifs, and then the whole thing kind of ran out of steam. Unlike Shakira’s ass.

Well, since Friday evenings are kind of a down time for blogs and the Internets and such and such, I thought, starting today,  I’d put up a video that I found interesting or caught my attention or whatever every week to take you into the weekend. I’m pretty much all over the board on music, with the exception of whatever passes for country music these days which I find loathsome and horrific and an affront to humanity, so you may find things here to your taste or not.  Whatev’s, it takes all kinds.

Also too: we have retired Shakira’s ass. It belongs to the ages now.

Until today, I’d never heard Miriam by Norah Jones, whose style is usually a bit laid back for me (although I have a wonderful version of I Think It’s Going To Rain Today by her from a Katrina fundraiser), but Miriam made me do a “huh whut?” after the first hearing and I must have played it about twenty times or more today.

Menace and obsession have never been expressed with more loveliness:

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