The mirror has two faces and all of them are mine

By TBogg
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 15:10 EDT
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We noted the other day that Yuppie Grand Kleagle Tucker Carlson recently hired slut-shaming racist Betsy Rothstein after FishbowlDC decided she was too expensive to keep what with her calling people whores and such and such. The fact that she took her leave from The Bowl within weeks of a libel settlement MEANS NOTHING!, so shut up.

Her new gig at The DC is called The Mirror and, oh look, here is the header for it and it is all about Washington: that “self-obsessed city“:

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.20.35 AM

We are now barely two days into The Daily Caller Rothstein Era Of Manic Perceived Slights and we thought we would check in and see what kind of hard hitting journalmalism Betsy is dishing up about DC (the city, not Tucker’s middle-school burn book) narcissists. In the interest of maintaining context and narrative flow, her posts are listed in chronological order because we and God are watching Betsy grow.

Take it away, Betsy:

  • Here is an interview with me, Betsy Rothstein, conducted by the Daily Caller’s Matt Labash. Key takeaway:

Who are your role models as a human being/journalist? Conversely, what kind of journalism/human behavior do you wish to steer away from?

I’d have to go with Rachel Jeantel (of George Zimmerman trial fame), and going on your fictionalized version of me, Charles Manson, Jodi Arias and Drew Peterson (in no particular order). I wish to steer away from ass kissing. I prefer truth telling even if I don’t get invited to Tammy Haddad’s WHCD garden party.

  • Ron Fournier celebrated the anniversary of  his first date with his wife on Twitter but then spent the day tweeting instead of providing his wife with oral pleasure. He is a sharer, not a carer.
  • This is me, Betsy Rothstein on the Internet! I don’t know what I am doing. Here are some quotes to read while I call the IT guy.
  • Here’s some guy on the Internet talking shit about me, Betsy Rothstein. Watch while I double burn him.
  • I have a logo now for my quotes thing and this guy made me a graphic in MS Word Art and also I haven’t broken the internet. Yet.
  • This GOP guy from San Diego once ate a peanut and all of the sudden he was having trouble pooping. No, for reals! Please contact the DC Caller for syndication rights to this late breaking exclusive story. MUST CREDIT BETSY ROTHSTEIN.
  • Here is some other guy from the internet who was talking shit about me, Betsy Rothstein, in a private email to me, Betsy Rothstein . Watch while I double email-burn him this wicked cool email I sent back to him. I fucking rule!

Good hire, Tucker.

We look forward to future breaking stories from Betsy Rothstein like that time the barista at the Farragut Square Starbucks forgot the whipped cream on her double half-caf venti salted-caramel moccachino probably because he did not know that she was Betsy Rothstein.

Poor bastard. He’ll never see it coming…

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