Wingnut PAC grifters tell FEC: “Suck it. You’re not the boss of me” even though they are

By TBogg
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 14:48 EDT
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It is a fact of life that there is no sheep on God’s green earth more willing to be sheared than a god-fearing  flag-waving pocket-Constitution-owning being-kept-down-by-the-black-man middle-aged flyover-country white-American. It is said that, if God didn’t want these good people shorn of their disposable income that would  otherwise be spent on salty fattening high-fuctose-infused snacks  purchased in bulk from large warehouse stores,  He wouldn’t have given them Fox News for free on basic cable.  Add to that, the fact that no one ever went broke telling old folks that the government is sticking its nose in their Medicare in order to buy Obama phones for the New Black Panther Party. In fact, many have enriched themselves doing just that, thankyewverymuch.

Because this donated money is basically free and there is little to no accountability about how or where or upon whom it is spent, competition for these Freedom Dollars can be highly competitive; whether you’re part of the professional grifter class or just a common-sense plain-talkin’ mom who drops her ‘g’s  and who just wants to take the kids to see America on others people’s dimes and nickles . Hell, even CBS couldn’t refuse the Sirens call to make shit up in order to peddle a few books for fun and profit. So how does one rise above the grifting crowd and gain notice in order to reel in some of this sweet sweet cash in return for bulk-emailing out a few dire warnings about Creeping Socialism to your grandparents who will then forward it to you along with a shot of watermelons on the White House lawn that is totally not photo-shopped?

It’s all about the name. Most fake grassroots PAC’s use some variation of words like “freedom”, “patriots”, “America”, and “Tea Party” which is why you end up with names like American Patriots For Freedom and the Bill Of Rights, But Mostly The 2nd Amendment, and God Bless The Troops PAC. You can see how a name like that might be problematic, particularly when printing business cards, or answering the phone in the garage/office/shooting range/masturbation cave headquarters.

Which bring us to these guys who are  cutting to the chase because they do not have time for dilly-dallying around while Nancy Pelosi’s vagina is calling the shots for America:

The conservatives behind the new political action committee called Stop Pelosi PAC launched their campaign against the San Francisco Democrat on Wednesday — despite federal election officials telling them that there was something wrong with their PAC. It uses the name “Pelosi.”

Federal election rules say you can’t use a candidate’s name unless the candidate OKs it. And no, Team Pelosi didn’t green-light this operation.

As we told you a couple of months back, the Federal Election Commission told the folks behind Stop Pelosi PAC that they had to change the name. But they didn’t, and the group’s counsel/treasurer, Dan Backer, told me Thursday that they have no plans to stop Stop Pelosi.

“People have a constitutionally protected right to free speech,” Backer said. “We are going to stick to our guns on this.”

First and second amendments both invoked so, yup, they’re real ‘Muricans.

Unfortunately, for them, Nancy Pelosi is not granting naming rights at this time, so this is kind of a no-no:

In a letter to Stop Pelosi PAC, an Alexandria, Va.-based hybrid political action committee that officially formed Sept. 5, the Federal Election Commission tells the group it must remove the “Pelosi” from its name unless its an authorized committee of the congresswoman herself. It is not.

Stop Pelosi PAC’s “failure to adequately respond” by Oct. 17 could lead to an “audit or enforcement action,” writes Paul Stoetzer, a senior campaign finance analyst for the FEC.


“Americans have a right to expect all political action committees follow the law,” Pelosi spokeswoman Evangeline George said. “Clearly, this effort is in violation of the statute.”

The law governing political committee names states that “no unauthorized committee shall include the name of any candidate in its name.”

Nancy Pelosi is such a selfish bitch for not sharing. Boo, her…

But who are these guy who want to take on THE MAN Nancy Pelosi? I’m glad you asked although there isn’t much to tell you:

It’s not immediately clear who’s behind Stop Pelosi PAC.

Backer, who provides legal and financial services for a number of conservative political groups, says his clients don’t want to publicly reveal their names until later this year, when the PAC intends to launch operations and begin fundraising.

He described Stop Pelosi PAC as a “natural grassroots organization” that would, in part, target Democratic political candidates throughout the country who receive fundraising support from Pelosi.

Stop Pelosi PAC has not taken legal action against the FEC. Backer says no decision has been made on that front. But Backer’s firm, DB Capitol Strategies, has a history of suing the FEC on behalf of clients in attempts to win them new campaign spending and electioneering rights.

So through his firm, DB Capitol Strategies, Dan Backer is pulling off the not-so-rare Double Grift. Well played, Dan Backer, well played.

And to show that Stop Pelosi PAC is not just pissing up a rope for fun and that they are very serious pepople, they have brought onboard  Too Wingnutty Even For Arizona, rageaholic, and future aneurysm victim JD Hayworth as their spokesmodel:

I’m former Congressman JD Hayworth. I have served with Nancy Pelosi in the United States Congress. And I know and have seen first-hand the damage Nancy Pelosi can do as Speaker of the House.

I ALSO KNOW THIS… there is only one thing that will be able to stop her – the American people.

That’s why I helped found Stop Pelosi PAC.

Stop Pelosi PAC is the organization that will unite the American people to defeat Pelosi and ensure she never again becomes Speaker of the House.

I know I don’t have to tell you the damage she will do to America if she once again becomes Speaker of the House with Barack Obama as President.

Hayworth, you may recall, is a former House member who lost his seat to a Democrat in 60% Republican district in Arizona, then went on to lose in a primary against John McCain, then went on to lose several hate radio jobs including his most recent one in San Diego where he was second banana to an over-the-hill broadcaster on a sports talk show so, really, with him on the Stop Pelosi Bandwagon … what could possibly go wrong?

Probably nothing as long as the money rolls in, because that’s what it’s all about…

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