Sunday at the word salad bar with Sarah

By TBogg
Sunday, November 24, 2013 18:33 EDT
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She Who Could Make Turkeys Cover Their Ears With Their Wings Because Of That Horrible Gobbling Noise She Makes was on one of the Fox Sunday cartoon shows this morning, arranging words in interesting patterns in an effort to “say stuff” in a way that wouldn’t cause an ESL instructor to throw up their hands and say “fuck it” and then move to a monastery in the Urals where they would take a vow of silence and scrub toilets from dawn til dusk because it is much more rewarding. And these are some of the things that shot out of Her mouth courtesy of the Raw Storierers who are probably deserving of sainthood, if not a handy, for having to pay attention to this stuff. Because that way lies madness.


Wasilla MethJesus wants Sarah, or someone, to smite-slap the shit out of he who would talk trash about a child or, in this case, one who thinks like a child, speaks like a child, but breaks just like a little girl:

But the former Alaska governor said that she was used to people attacking her and God had given her a platform on Fox News to defend herself.

“I move on and I charge forth,” she explained. “However, if Mr. Bashir or anybody else in this media elite bubble that they put themselves were to attack someone who is defenseless like a vulnerable child who does not have the podium, that microphone that God has blessed me to be able to express my opinion, if they don’t have that type of platform to defend themselves, well, if you want to see a mama grizzly get riled up and slap that person down then you come after a vulnerable child.”

“As for the apologies, well obviously, you know, who am I not to accept an apology? Everyone must humble themselves and accept that offer to — of apology.”

Well, that goes without sayin’. Or understandin’.

Also, too, this week when everyone in America – except for the Cheneys – sits down to Thanksgiving dinner, they will not be discussing that “talking and saying nothing to keep from doing anything” thing that you call a ‘filibuster‘ and Sarah calls “a paycheck at CPAC“. Nope, you’ll be talking about  big gummint and how it is always sticking its nose in our Medicare and disability checks and Hoveround subsidies:

Palin insisted that the president had a lot of “pals” who were “wildly outside the mainstream” and wanted to help him “usher in an agenda to transform America.”

“As for this rule change that some people are calling the nuclear option under Senate rules, you know, I guarantee, this week, Thanksgiving Dinner, people sitting around their tables were not going to be talking about the president blessing this thwarting of a balance of power in Congress with new Senate rules,” she explained. “People are going to be talking about our failed big government policies that will bankrupt this country.”

Also. Too.

“So, this distraction, this new talking point in the media and with Congress and with Senators and with the president blessing this action, it’s a distraction and it’s a lot of, you know, double standard and Democrat hypocrisy because just a few years ago they were so anti, anti-nuclear option.”

Palin added: “So, American people, they don’t care about distractions like that. They’re not in the inside baseball Senate rules stuff. They want government to be back on our side. They want it to get out of our lives… So, this new rule change, it stinks.”

Professor Irwin Corey wept

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