How Tila Tequila’s warm new embrace of Adolf Hitler is going down at Stormfront

By Tony Ortega
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 10:28 EDT
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Portrait dated 1938 of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (AFP)
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Yesterday, we brought news of reality TV star and marginal rap talent Tila Tequila’s bizarre new turn towards Nazism. Tequila first made a name for herself on a 2007 MTV bisexual dating show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and we also remember her for getting pelted with things at the 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos. Then, in 2012, she announced that she was converting to Judaism, and apparently made a fairly serious effort to learn to read and write Hebrew.

Then, more recently, Tila made a surprising turn to anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories. She declared herself Tilisis, “the Queen who hath come to save you from this dark world filled with NWO parasite invaders!” And then explained at her blog why Adolf Hitler was a misunderstood man.

This week, she declared yet another new name for herself — “Hitila” — and she posted a photo-illustration made by one of her fans which featured Tila in a silvery two-piece outfit, a Nazi armband, and an SS officer’s cap, while she was standing on the railroad tracks leading to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in Nazi-controlled Poland. (She’s since taken the image down, but not before it was copied all over the place…


Tila also has a new song, “It’s Going Down!” that features some of her new ideas…


Here are the lyrics, which she provided at her blog…

Every time you hear my name it’s going down, goin down X 4
Feeding yo mind with GMOs
while givin yo babies flo flo
not flo rida but flo ride
that shit that burns yo third eye

Jewluminati motherfuckers hate me
Oh no they don’t wanna date me
Nor you nor you nor you too
Worldwide Genocide blame it on the jews

So now they call me a nazi
no bitch I’m just good at yhatzee
Espionage is my middle name HA!
I got you good while rolling through yo hood

Hitler no Hi Tila
Hitler no Hit Tila
Hitler No Hi Tila

And some reactions from fans:

“them beats are off da chainz!!! hell yeah It’s going down!!”

“Ur better then 95% of all the rappers out now!!”

“I’ve had bouts of intestinal distress that sounded better than this.”

Anyway, we wondered how Tila’s whiplash conversion from Judaism to Nazism was going down at Stormfront.org, where other Adolf Hitler admirers gather. As we expected, there was some confusion, some encouragement, and a lot of skepticism. A sample of the postings…

“It’s insulting to Adolf Hitler to have that promiscuous, degenerate, mongrel defending him. She makes me want to vomit.”

“The sad part is this no one will listen to her.”

“I congratulate her for finding the truth.”

“Brave woman to throw her career away for truth. Jew Hollywood and media will never hire her again.”

“Very, very strange. Her entry almost seems copied and pasted from this website. I wonder if she wasn’t somehow ‘encouraged’ — either overtly or covertly — to promulgate this information in an attempt to discredit it. I, for one, am quite skeptical.”

“She sounds perfectly lucid to me.”

“She’s not a truther, she’s a plant.”

“We need more people like her spreading this type of message. As long she does not preach racial mixing, has no kids, and eventually commits suicide, it is all good.”

“She’s got 2 million followers. People will listen to her. The Zionist veneer is finally crumbling.”

“I posted a supportive comment on the page. I think we all should to show her that she is not alone in her beliefs.”

And perhaps inevitably…

“Is she of Jewish racial ancestry?”

As many of our commenters pointed out yesterday, perhaps the most interesting part of Tequila’s story is that she suffered a brain aneurysm last year and appeared to have fully recovered. But is her bizarre new behavior related to the after effects of that incident? Here’s hoping she has someone close to her who can get her examined.

Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega is Raw Story's executive editor. From 2007 to 2012 , he was editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. He also worked at Voice Media Group's other newspapers in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Fort Lauderdale. He lives in New York City and is originally from Los Angeles.
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