By TBogg
Thursday, December 12, 2013 15:14 EDT
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The overwhelmingly male Michigan legislature yesterday passed a bill that would ban insurers from offering basic health plans that would include coverage for abortion, telling women that, if they want to kill their babies for the “purpose of sexual convenience” or because they don’t understand that rape culture is more about guys getting together  to watch the game over a few beers than, you know, viciously assaulting women because the bitch actually ‘wanted the D’, well, you ladies are going to have to pony up for some separate rape insurance because we already paid for dinner and drinks:

Michigan lawmakers passed a controversial measure on Wednesday that will ban all insurance plans in the state from covering abortion unless the woman’s life is in danger. The law, which takes effect in March, will force women and employers to purchase a separate abortion rider if they would like the procedure covered, even in cases of rape and incest.

Supporters of the “Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act” argue that it allows people who are opposed to abortion to avoid paying into a plan that covers it. Opponents have nicknamed it the “rape insurance” initiative, because it would force some women to anticipate the possibility of being raped by purchasing the extra abortion insurance ahead of time.

As a super special bonus, the same lawmakers have decided that, should you be raped, even by a family member,  you are deemed ineligible to  purchase the insurance after the fact because, c’mon, you should have seen it coming:

…the law, which takes effect in early 2014, will also ban women from purchasing the policy after becoming pregnant under any circumstances, including rape and incest, causing opponents to refer to it as a policy on “rape insurance.”

This means that “having a rape baby” is now a pre-existing condition so, sorry babe,  you’re shit out of luck. Again.

Here, in what is an extraordinary but probably futile attempt to shame the the shameless misogynistic Michigan lawmakers, is State Senator Gretchen Whitmer putting a face to the damage that they will do:


It is already an issue  for women in American when it comes to using their existing health insurance to cover what is a a legitimate and perfectly legal medical procedure with over half of women not using their insurance because they think it isn’t covered to say nothing of the 10% who don’t use it because of the stigma that has been attached to it by our nation’s tireless panty sniffers:

Most women who have abortions have health insurance, but most still pay out-of-pocket for abortion services, according to “At What Cost? Payment for Abortion Care by U.S. Women,” by Rachel Jones of the Guttmacher Institute et al., published online in the journal Women’s Health Issues. This is true for women with both public and private health insurance. The most common reason women reported not using their insurance was that they believed their plan didn’t cover it (46%)—either because they were told abortion was not covered or more often assumed it was not. About one in 10 women indicated that they did not want to use their insurance, presumably because of stigma or concerns about confidentiality.

So the vagina-phobic Michigan lawmakers have decided to add yet another roadblock and an additional financial burden and an extra  layer of shame upon the women of their state because… well, it’ll probably teach them a lesson or two about who really wears the pants in the state.

I’m not as eloquent as Senator Whitmer, but I would have to add that this is seriously fucked up and bullshit…

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