Oklahoma man ‘doing the Lord’s work’ with a hammer and Bible tasered four times in arrest

By Travis Gettys
Friday, January 3, 2014 10:59 EDT
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Mitchell Hummingbird
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Police used a stun gun to subdue an Oklahoma man wielding a hammer and a Bible during a fight with another man.

A judge set bond at $35,000 for Mitchell D. Hummingbird, who authorities said could face charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, assault and battery on an officer, resisting, and public intoxication.

Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies were called to break up a fight Saturday at Butterfly Trailer Park, where they found Hummingbird clutching the weapon, a Bible and another man’s shirt collar.

Deputies pulled Hummingbird outside the trailer home, and Deputy Michael Cates drew his gun and ordered Hummingbird to set down the weapon.

But Hummingbird refused and continued holding onto the other man’s neck, claiming he was “doing the Lord’s work.”

A Cherokee Nation deputy called to the scene shocked Hummingbird with a Taser stun gun, but the first shock apparently had no effect, because he asked if it was “supposed to hurt.”

Hummingbird swung his hammer, striking the deputy on the hand, after a second shock, and he was shocked twice more before authorities were able to take him into custody.

Deputies said Hummingbird, who was under the influence of an unspecified substance, indicated he was trying to save the victim.

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