Sarah Palin on Katie Couric losing her talk show: ‘What goes around comes around’

By Travis Gettys
Monday, January 13, 2014 12:18 EDT
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Sarah Palin talks to Mario Lopez
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Sarah Palin won’t rule out a possible run for elected office, but she insists she won’t appear on “Dancing With The Stars.”

“Oh, my gosh, that is something you don’t want to (see),” Palin told Extra’s Mario Lopez, who had previously appeared on the reality show. “I’m no Mario Lopez and I’m no Bristol Palin, I’d be clomping around and falling down all over the dance floor, man. I wouldn’t make it past the judges (on) Day One.”

The former half-term governor of Alaska and failed vice presidential candidate sat down Friday to discuss her new reality TV show, “Amazing America With Sarah Palin,” with Lopez on the celebrity news program.

“I get to work with the best of the best, a team at Sportsman Channel where these guys aren’t faking it,” Palin said. “They’re out there living the Alaska America lifestyle where everybody is in the outdoors responsibly utilizing it and developing natural resources, and we’re going to showcase people, places and things that kind of encompass all of that and inspire people to get out there, be outdoors and live life vibrantly.”

Lopez introduced a question about Katie Couric, who helped torpedo Palin’s 2008 vice presidential bid by asking her what newspapers and magazines she read, by asking Palin if she believed in karma.

“I certainly believe that what goes around comes around,” Palin said, smiling.

She told Lopez that she couldn’t remember where she was when she heard Couric’s talk show had been canceled, but she heard from several friends about it.

“I remember getting a couple of texts that said things like, ‘Oh, sorry that it didn’t work out there at CBS or ABC,’” Palin said, adding that she wasn’t surprised Couric had stepped down as anchor of CBS News.

“The ratings were going in the tank with her as one of the head honchos there in the newsroom at CBS and then it didn’t surprise me, her other move,” Palin said. “Things weren’t going real well there, either.”

Palin said she believed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would survive the George Washington Bridge shutdown scandal because it wasn’t as serious as the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, or other scandals Republicans have attempted to hang around President Barack Obama’s neck.

“I don’t think this prohibits him from running for higher office,” she said. “What Chris Christie has been engaged in the last couple of days isn’t nearly as significant when you consider lives that have been lost via the scandals and cover-ups that have gone on in the White House.”

Palin declined to speculate on her own political future, but suggested she enjoys her role as a conservative power player.

“You know, I don’t have a crystal ball,” she said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do politically, but certainly want to inspire people to be involved and debate and be competitive in that arena of ideas in order to make this country better, and in order to allow all of us equal opportunity to be productive. I want to help elect people who can be in position to enact some of the policies we need for that exceptionalism again.”

Palin said she thinks she could help accomplish this as the host of daytime talk show, similar to Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres.

“That would probably would be a fun opportunity, as long as I got to pick the subject matter and got to talk to more inspiring people out there to help empower others,” Palin said.

Watch the interview posted online by Extra:

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