Louie Gohmert: Judges who support same-sex marriage need ‘basic plumbing lessons’

By David Edwards
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 14:41 EDT
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Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert (YouTube)
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Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert (TX), Steve King (IA) and Michele Bachmann (MN) teamed up at a Heritage panel on Wednesday to claim — among other things — that President Barack Obama’s legacy would be “lawlessness” in the United States, that Obamacare was like Snapchap and judges who support same-sex marriage need “basic plumbing lessons.”

At the 2014 Heritage Conversations with Conservatives event, the three lawmakers joined “free market and liberty-minded members of Congress” to take questions from bloggers, reporters and voters.

One questioner asked the participants to comment on a federal judge’s ruling this week that an Oklahoma law banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

Gohmert pointed out that some courts had found that there was no biological evidence that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman.

“They need some basic plumbing lessons,” he said. “For one omnipotent, omniscious, ubiquitous federal judge who is wise beyond his education to say — to make such a declaration about the law, I think, requires revisiting by each state and compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Bachmann asserted that refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the grounds that it was unconstitutional was an “example of the lawlessness of this president.”

“The legacy of Barack Obama will be of the establishment of lawlessness in the United States,” she declared, adding that Obama and judges who struck down same-sex marriage bans were like Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, “who all of the sudden declared that his edicts were not appealable to a court.”

Bachmann also blasted the president’s health care reform law as the “health care version of Snapchat. It’s like, now you see it, now you don’t.”

And the retiring Minnesota lawmaker said she knew exactly what Snapchat was because she used it every day.

“I’m on Snapchat,” she volunteered. “That’s how I communicate with all my kids every day.”

During questions about immigration, King found time to discuss the president’s uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama, who was spared deportation back to Kenya after a DUI arrest.

“I think it would be very good for the American people to see drunken uncle Omar testify before the Judiciary Committee,” King opined. “And maybe even Auntie Onyango, who lived on welfare illegally in the United States for a good number of years as well. It looks like if you’re an Obama friend, you’re exempt from the law. And that’s something this Congress should examine.”

Listen to the audio below from the Heritage Foundation, broadcast Jan. 15, 2014.

David Edwards
David Edwards
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