Thursday Night Once In A Full Moon Basset Blogging

By TBogg
Thursday, January 16, 2014 21:41 EDT
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As has been pointed out many times in comments, there has been a dearth of hot-basset-doing-nothing-action on the blog. Yes, it is true. I stopped posting pictures mainly because it had reached the point where every picture of Fenway & Wembley looked like a similar picture that had already been posted. For me it had become more something I did out of habit than because of anything interesting like Fenway  getting on the roof again or climbing inside the upholstery of the couch.

These days it’s all sunbathing, sleeping, eating, and pooping. That also goes for the dogs.

So, BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOU GUYS, here is Fenway sunbathing:


Both guys are fine. Wembley still has his occasional seizure but it’s nothing that isn’t manageable … life goes on, passage of time,  sundown, sunset, etc.

Happy now?

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