Alex Jones to James O’Keefe: Liberal bloggers laugh at us because they’re ‘Gestapo gangsters’

By Travis Gettys
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 14:58 EDT
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Conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones explains how he believes the mafia wants to kill him. Photo: Screenshot via YouTube.
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Talk show host Alex Jones and conservative activist James O’Keefe complained Monday on the InfoWars radio program that their work had not sufficiently crossed over into the mainstream.

O’Keefe was promoting his latest video exposé, which relies on hidden camera footage shot by associates who have infiltrated the Battleground Texas political action committee working to elect State Sen. Wendy Davis as governor.

The short video shows one of the Democratic activists saying she “didn’t hear” a comment about ballot fraud and another laugh when someone asks how the slogan “stand with Wendy” sounds to the Republican gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Greg Abbott, who uses a wheelchair.

The video was promoted on Fox News and other outlets, and Davis has condemned the insulting remarks, but O’Keefe complained that his video hadn’t inspired Democrats to abandon the popular lawmaker and candidate.

“I think the way to do it is to not talk about policy or economics,” O’Keefe said. “These people don’t care about that that type of thing because they’re fascists.”

The self-styled guerilla journalist has been the target of an investigation in New York, where his Project Veritas organization was founded and headquartered, into possible hiring and employment violations – which O’Keefe claims is politically motivated.

“The way to do it is to talk about, do you know what it feels like – this is what I say to people on the left – do you know what it feels like to have a federal judge destroy your evidence?” O’Keefe continued. “To have the attorney general come after your journalists and try to leak that information to the press in New York? Do you know what it to be in a wheelchair and be called cripple? Because that’s what these people are saying, and I think if you take it from that perspective, the emotions, and if you connect with people like this Wendy Davis clip where she makes fun of handicapped people? That’s how we can cross over. I think that’s the way to go, not talk about tax policy and the like, but to appeal to people’s emotions.”

Jones said President Barack Obama, the media, liberal bloggers and commenters on liberal web sites had conspired to shut out viewpoints like O’Keefe and his own.

“They’re so scared of the moral authority – forget left-right – it’s right and wrong, coming together and defending the First Amendment,” Jones said. “I mean, look how they’re arresting journalists in China and Russia; I’m against that.”

“Now it’s happening here, and the Democrat sides are laughing at us, and the commenters are like, ‘Good, we’re going to arrest you all,’ and it’s like, these people, I guarantee you, are wimps, No. 1, I mean, they’ve never really sat there and arrested anybody,” Jones said. “They’ve never falsely charged someone, most of these people. They’ve never been in, like, a serious situation. They’re just sitting back, playing the part of, like, Gestapo gangsters, literally not understanding they’re destroying their own future.”

The host asked O’Keefe if he held out any hope that the liberal agenda could be defeated.

“Who do you think the Democrats really are, and what is their end game?” Jones asked. “Can they be stopped or are they just too criminally powerful and too cunningly evil to be stopped?”

O’Keefe cited his own mixed success in bringing down political enemies such as ACORN, although he later settled a lawsuit filed by an employee of the community activist group for $100,000.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s remarkable how much impact our little nonprofit is having compared to, say, the Republican party, political action committees across the country,” O’Keefe said. “I mean, we’re quite literally putting them in a state of fear and paralysis.”

The conservative activist said Americans lacked hope, but he trusted they would do the right thing if they were presented with “facts” like those presented in his own reporting work.

Jones then returned to the topic that had opened his segment, a rant against what he saw as Satanic and immoral musical performances during Sunday’s Grammy telecast.

“Hollywood is putting out this psychological bilge as a disabling mental virus because if you are virtuous — and I’m not saying I’m perfect, but somewhat virtuous — you don’t like corruption,” Jones said.

“You don’t like thugs, you don’t like bullies, you don’t like fraud, you’re discerning, reality rules your life, and you just absolutely will reject the collectivist dependency squalor that these people create and that’s why they’re trying to sexualize 5-year-olds, and that’s why they’re having Satanic rituals at the Super Bowl and at the Grammys,” Jones said. “That’s why they’re doing this is to screw us up.”

Watch video below.

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