Televangelist: Second Civil War inevitable over Obamacare ‘rat poison’

By Travis Gettys
Thursday, February 6, 2014 15:13 EDT
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Morning Star TV's Rick Joyner
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A North Carolina televangelist warns that it won’t take a majority to launch a second civil war in the United States over Obamacare.

“Signs are strong that if we are not soon drawn back together as a nation, we will be torn apart,” wrote Rick Joyner, executive director of MorningStar Ministries.

Citing Karl Marx, the dominionist preacher argued that a passionate minority could rule over an indifferent majority – just as during the American and Bolshevik revolutions and the American Civil War.

“The basic issue dividing us continues to be slavery,” Joyner argued. “This is not about a single people group being enslaved, but whether we will all become slaves of the state or remain a free people.”

He argued that American slavery was “inhumane and diabolical,” and possibly worse than any found elsewhere in history. That’s why he’s so worried about the direction President Barack Obama has taken the country.

“Neither Hitler nor Stalin had the technology for the kind of totalitarian control apparatus that is now in the hands of the U.S. government,” Joyner warned. “In the hands of the wrong people, whether from the right or the left, the kind of totalitarian control that could be imposed on America would be worse than has ever been known before.”

He cited the alleged politically motivated IRS harassment of conservative groups as one example of this totalitarian control, and his own misunderstanding of a Supreme Court ruling.

“The Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional on the basis of a decisive vote by Chief Justice Roberts, that it was in fact a tax which no one could understand, and which Roberts could not even explain,” Joyner wrote, suspecting sinister motives. “How could we not believe that someone had gotten to him? Was he threatened with the revelation of something about himself or a family member that is now being used to control him? Nothing else seems to make sense of Judge Roberts’ decision.”

In fact, Roberts’ majority opinion opened a loophole to allow states to opt out of Medicaid expansion called for in the legislation that was passed, and 23 states have turned down federal funding to do this.

Joyner argued that Obamacare “is the single biggest power grab in American history, and if fully implemented, could result in the worst tyranny ever. Just as rat poison is 98 percent food and only 2 percent poison, ObamaCare is filled with elements intended to appeal to almost everyone, but a most deadly poison is sown throughout it.”

He warned that the law can’t possibly work as intended because the federal health exchange websites didn’t initially work. Americans will pay higher costs for less coverage, he added – and will eventually lead to the confiscation of assets from the dead.

Joyner, who has called for a military takeover of the U.S. government and believes Christians should rule over a religious society, suggests extreme measures to stop Obamacare from eroding freedom any further.

“We no longer have a government that is of the people, for the people, or by the people,” he wrote. “Totalitarian control is reaching its tentacles deeper into our lives each passing day. Will we change our course, or will we end up where we are headed?”

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