T-Pain slashes homophobia for six straight minutes, calling it ‘weird’

By John Byrne
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:02 EDT
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T-Pain calls homophobes “weird” and “terrible,” jokes about gays eating Nutella, and blasts bigots who fear men hitting on them, saying the proposition is one of narcissism and not reality, according to a detailed interview published late Monday by VladTV.

The interview, which runs slightly longer than six minutes, circles around issues of homophobia and R&B culture, an arena in which gay men have struggled for acceptance. While artist Frank Ocean came out on Tumblr last July, the R&B world hasn’t entirely accepted him — some artists have said they won’t work with him following his announcement of his sexuality.

T-Pain, however, runs in clear opposition to that camp. On more than one occasion, he’s come to the aid of his gay assistant, whose appearance, he says, has drawn dirty looks. In the interview, he notes that his prominence has meant other stars won’t “f*ck” with him.

“People don’t fuck with me because he’s around me,” he says. “People feel like, ‘Oh shit, I wanna go say something to Pain but that gay dude is right there.”

He hits those who worry gays will hit on them. “If he was looking for you…let me tell you about these gay niggas, boy. These gay niggas’ll get on you. These gay niggas bold. If they want you, they gonna tell you before you even know they in there. They gon’ get you for real.

“Why you think this gay dude is gonna like you?” he continues. “Bitches don’t even like you! That’s stupid, bruh!…Even if they did like you, it’s gonna be bottoms, so you would be the one fucking the motherf*cker. You ain’t gonna be the bottom. Ain’t nobody gonna get behind you, ‘Hey big boy.’ No, they don’t do that shit. That’s not how that works. Unless you’re in prison.”

It’s not the first time he’s made comments about his assistant. Last year, on Twitter, he made similar remarks.

The video of the interview appears below. You can find T-Pain’s latest single here.

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