Woman from the ‘White Man March’ wants to know why Raw Story ‘justifies genocide’

By Tony Ortega
Monday, March 17, 2014 11:51 EDT
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On Saturday, a small number of people gathered in several locations for a “White Man March” to demonstrate against diversity efforts and what they label “White Genocide.”

One of those events took place in Knoxville, Tennessee and drew maybe a dozen people. One of them, however, reached out to Raw Story.

Her e-mail address indicates that her name is “Laura Fitz-gerald,” but in her videos, she goes by the name “Minnie Ervia,” and she’s originally from Australia.

Laura sent us a video she shot at Knoxville’s protest. You can see several people behind a large banner that reads “DIVERSITY” = GENOCIDE. A few counter-protesters can be seen laughing and jeering at Laura and her friends, and a few of the counter-protesters posed for photographs in front of the banner.

Laura can be heard shouting that what they were doing was not unlike the people of Japan wanting to keep that country Japanese.

We asked her about that comparison after thanking her for sending the video. We pointed out that keeping America “American” doesn’t really equate to keeping it white. The original inhabitants, after all, were the Native Americans, not white people.

“C’mon man, no other people are told that diversity and multiculturalism is a strength, and that if they don’t accept it they are labeled hate words like ‘racist’,” she replied. “You know as well as I that they only demand All White countries and Only White countries to accept the melting pot! Or are you going to tell me now that melting pots are promoted in all countries?…’Anti-racists’ only demand White countries turn themselves non-White because of their history. Why are you JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE??”

Whew. That’s what we get for asking.

But we are gluttons for punishment. We asked Laura what she wanted done about diversity in the United States. If she thinks this country’s rich mix of ethnicities is somehow “white genocide,” what does she propose be done about it?

“We are a group of dissidents putting out a consistent message to expose the anti-White system,” she e-mailed back. “WE are Samizdat and We are Tearing down this Wall. We are Forcing a conversation on White Genocide. Whether right or wrong, WHAT psychopath tries to stop Freedom of Speech when a group just wants to talk about Genocide. Genocide is a CRIME or is it normal to denounce people when they want to talk about a Crime. If it’s folly then PROVE IT, or just do the usual…. THAT’S HATE, NAZI, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, ETC. Remember, We are charging the anti-White system with criminal charges, We are not having a theoretical debate. You either can assist or lay complicit in your silence.”

Got it. OK.

So here’s the video that Laura sent of Saturday’s demonstration. She’s the one filming and talking about Japan…


And here’s a video Laura/Minnie did last year, explaining her views…


Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega is Raw Story's executive editor. From 2007 to 2012 , he was editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. He also worked at Voice Media Group's other newspapers in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Fort Lauderdale. He lives in New York City and is originally from Los Angeles.
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