Christian radio host: God could smite Bill Maher, but He’s waiting for him to repent

By Travis Gettys
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 9:31 EDT
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Bryan Fischer
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God has every reason to smite comedian Bill Maher for his blasphemous criticism, said the religious-right broadcaster Bryan Fischer, but he’s trying to give the outspoken atheist a chance to repent.

Maher declared God a “psychotic mass murderer” in an anti-religion rant Friday on his “Real Time” HBO program in a segment dedicated to the new, biblically inspired film, “Noah.”

Fischer, who frequently rails against LGBT people and their supporters, if not demons, said Monday during his radio program that God had given Maher the freedom to say whatever he wanted, but He could – and possibly should – smite the comedian, reported Right Wing Watch.

“The only reason that Bill Maher, after a tirade like that, there is absolutely only one reason that Bill Maher draws another single breath, and that is because God is merciful, God is compassionate, He is abounding in steadfast love and loving kindness,” Fischer said. “That’s the only reason Bill Maher gets to draw another breath for saying those kind of things.”

After a commercial break, Fischer thought of another reason why God had chosen not to smite Maher.

“He is waiting for Bill Maher to come to the place of repentance, and He’s continuing to extend to him His grace and His patience and His mercy,” Fischer said. “Now eventually, the clock is going to run out for Bill Maher, and maybe when he reaches the end of his life, if he doesn’t turn before he reaches the end of his life, he’s going to have to face God with those words.”

Fischer cited Matthew 12:36, where Jesus says each person will be judged by every careless word they speak, although those words are described as empty, thoughtless, worthless, or idle in some translations.

“Bill Maher might have thought he was being hip and kind of trendy and kind of cool and all of that,” Fischer said. “But he is going to be judged for those careless words. God hopes it doesn’t come to that. I mean, God could, by all rights, could take him right now, and Bill Maher would have to face judgment by the end of the day. Why doesn’t God do that? Because He is patient with Bill Maher. He doesn’t want to have to do that. He wants to give Bill Maher the time to come to his senses and to come to a place of repentance.”

Watch this video clip posted online by RWW Blog:

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