Right-wing Christian leader: Antichrist Obama tempting God’s wrath like biblical Nimrod

By Travis Gettys
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 14:15 EDT
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The head of a right-wing Christian advocacy group warned that the United States was risking God’s wrath by backing President Barack Obama – whom he suggested may be the Antichrist.

Rev. Mark Creech, the head of Christian Action League, said the biblical account of the Tower of Babel served as a warning of “government gone awry,” reported Right Wing Watch.

The Book of Genesis describes the destruction of Babel, which historians believe likely referred to Babylon, after its leader Nimrod acquired great power and united humanity following the Great Flood.

“His legacy was his ability to persuade the masses to build a culture where God was not a part of the equation – a society that had ruled God out of its thinking,” Creech wrote in a Christian Post column published Wednesday.

Creech, who heads the North Carolina affiliate of the American Family Association, suggested the Obama administration had refashioned the United States into just such a society.

“We’re seeing it in America,” he warned. “A popular leader rises who is given almost god-like, messianic qualities by the media and others – one who single-handedly seeks to concentrate power – one the Christian Left and proponents of the erroneous doctrine of social justice treat as an anointed one.”

“Our culture has largely abandoned trust in God for the opiate of government provision and hope, while endorsing via legalization abominable acts that God condemns,” Creech continued.

In the Book of Genesis account, God scattered the people of Babel and gave them a multiplicity of languages so they could no longer understand one another.

Creech warned the U.S. risked a similar fate if Americans did not return to the sort of ultraconservative Christianity advocated by the group he heads.

“It’s frightening when true religion or morality is co-opted for some wicked enterprise and denigrated to the point that its objective becomes exactly the opposite of what it was meant to represent,” Creech said. “This is more likely the scenario that occurred in Babel.”

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