Tea Party group suggests ‘dictator’ Obama staged Sandy Hook massacre to ‘get your guns’

By Travis Gettys
Thursday, April 3, 2014 11:53 EDT
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A notoriously credulous Tea Party group made a pair of Facebook posts questioning whether a Connecticut school massacre was staged by President Barack Obama.

The Florida-based National Liberty Foundation posted a photo Wednesday showing the aftermath of the school’s demolition, with the caption, “Destroying the evidence: What’s left of Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

In fact, residents of Newtown voted in November to raze the school, which had not held classes since a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six educators in December 2012, and demolition was begun in January – a week after state police issued their final report on the investigation and long after all evidence was collected from the site.

“This my dear friends was all staged,” the conservative group posted. “We didn’t believe it at the time, but this is how far your president went to get your guns…. Don’t let anything he does surprise you… He wants to be a dictator, he doesn’t want to get out of the White House and he loves spending your money… Hmmm, I wonder where their off to next?”

NLF Sandy Hook 1

Someone posting under the group’s Facebook account described his or her conspiracy theory.

“Oh, it happened… but like I said it was staged… No one was killed, but there were a hell of a lot of people crying,” the post read.

Another post questioned whether a woman photographed as she learns her sister had shot and killed had also been seen at two other recent mass killings, at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and the Boston Marathon.

NLF Sandy Hook 2

All three of those women have, in fact, been identified as separate individuals, although conspiracy theorists note their similar looks as dark-haired young white women to claim these tragedies were staged or carried out by the government.

The National Liberty Federation is probably best known for posting a photo in December from a video game that was actually making fun of the group’s political leanings.

The image was taken from the video game Bioshock Infinite and depicts George Washington holding the Liberty Bell and Ten Commandments while caricatures of “immigrants” hover at his sides, with the words, “It is our holy duty to guard against the foreign hordes” at the bottom.

White supremacists have criticized the game as a “white-person-killing simulator,” and the Tea Party group said it had “removed” the member who posted the image and took it down from its social media page.

The group also questioned whether Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked and taken to a “secret U.S. military base on a remote island in the Indian Ocean.”

While the Diego Garcia atoll is indeed remote, its Naval air and support base is not secret, but perhaps isn’t widely known.

[Image: Man in tinfoil hat via Shutterstock]

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