Dude choosing college based on babe/dude ratio worried about the future of education

By TBogg
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 16:40 EDT
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Religion dabbler and petty grievance sniveler Rod Dreher recently received a letter from someone who reads him and needed validation for a stupid idea that they had and felt Rod was just the man for that kind of job. Well chosen, writer person.

The, blessedly, unnamed Concerned Parent explained that they had read an article in Forbes stating that more women are attending college than men these days. With a son currently in the process of choosing a college, this was a cause of great concern for some reason or another.  According to Concerned Parent:

I mentioned it [to my son] and he, of course, said he wants to go to a school with the highest percentage of females. Not the best criteria for picking a school, but I certainly understand the sentiment.

We’ll stop here and point out that, if your son is primarily using the ratio of men to women on campus as their criteria for which college best offers him a chance at an education in his chosen field, maybe you’d be better off enrolling him in online courses, getting him a credit line at BevMo,  and showing him all the best porn sites. It would certainly be cheaper. We’re also  going to have to go with ‘Dad’  as Concerned Parent since Dreher gives off a distinct ‘whiny petulant first husband’ vibe to the ladies, and besides: “I certainly understand the sentiment.” Wink wink, nudge nudge, get some for me, Junior.

But lest we think this young man is getting lovingly mocked by Concerned Parent  for being an aspiring bro-slut, Junior suddenly becomes deeply concerned with What This Disparity Says About America:

He also wondered how society would react if the ratio was reversed.  Yes, indeed. Imagine the howls from certain quarters of our society if significantly more men than women were attending college. I suspect it would be an ongoing top story: why is it happening?  what are we going to do about it?  and on and on. What strikes me is how very little is being said about this. It just underscores what I’ve observed –  that more and more young men in the 16 – 25 age range are simply checking out and not many people really give a damn about it.

Yes, it’s almost as if this topic has never been brought ever ever ever ever ever before.

Oh course, Junior is filling in as a sock puppet for Concerned Parent who is not in the least interested in  things like the fact that the culture has changed and more women are seeing college as something important  as career opportunities for women have expanded requiring a college degree. Or that more more minorities, with females in the lead, are attending college.  Or just that women are better at recognizing that college is the pathway to economic security as an alternative to being married to a man who used the babe ratio as the criteria for choosing a school. Nope, it’s all about:  “Won’t somebody think about our precious disadvantaged white boys?”

Dreher, as is his habit, responds by playing the ‘kidding, not kidding’ card:

Why should society care about what happens to oppressors?

I’m snarking here, but you know that has something to do with it. The overclass doesn’t care, because hey, males aren’t an approved victim class. Maybe we could get all the men to move to Appalachia, where they’ll be out of sight, out of mind. If only those men would decide to change their genders, the media would fall all over itself dramatizing their plight.

Because white men are the most oppressed class in America. Gotcha.

Bless Rod Dreher’s heart. Always the martyr, even when he has to use his head to pound that third nail in…

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